Media Release

Bengaluru, Sep 9: KCWA (Konkani Catholic Welfare Association), RT Nagar Bengaluru, celebrated feast of Nativity of Mary, on Friday September 8, at St Jude’s Church, located at RT Nagar, Bengaluru.

Fr Stany Fernandes, professor at St Peter’s Theological Seminary, Bengaluru offered prayers to Infant Mary and blessed the paddy sheaves, during the Eucharistic celebrations. During his homily he preached about how this feast of nativity was originated and also stressed on how important it is for a family to stay and pray together in today’s world.

Association president Peter Pinto welcomed the gathering. He congratulated the community on the occasion of 19th year anniversary of KCWA association and expressed his gratitude to all the members of KCWA for their dedication and commitment towards the Association activities.

It was a real treat to watch those beautiful children during the flowers strewing ceremony at the Grotto. The choir uplifted the mood with their beautiful hymns and magical voices..At the end of the ceremony, as a traditional practice sugarcane and sweets were distributed to all the people who had gathered for the celebration.

Sunitha Pinto who is the Association secretary proposed vote of thanks and expressed her gratitude to all the associates of KCWA , RT Nagar community who made this event a meaningful and a blessed one.