Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru (PMD)

Mangaluru, May 18: Marking yet another milestone in its journey of 17 years, Daijiworld is all set to launch its 5th venture, RADIO daijiworld, that will cater to music afficianados of coastal Karnataka spread across the globe. And it's no ordinary FM channel - the app based online radio is meticulously curated to suit the tastes of Konkani and Tulu music lovers.

RADIO daijiworld, the free android and iOS based internet radio app, will be launched on Friday, May 19 at Hotel Deepa Comforts here. The radio will be inaugurated by philanthropist and NRI entrepreneur Ronald Colaco. IGP (western range) P Harishekaran and managing director of Hyssna International LLC, Abu Dhabi, Ronald Pinto will be the guests of honour.

RADIO daijiworld is a subsidiary of Daijiworld Audio Visual Pvt Ltd, and will be the fifth of the Daijiworld group's ventures, after daijiworld.com web portal, Daijiworld Weekly, Daijiworld Television and Daijiworld Audio-Visual studio. It is a state of art technology internet-radio running on a cloud platform providing finely curated music to its global audience. The medium of communication will be predominantly Konkani and Tulu, with a flexible infusion of Kannada and English for the multilingual audience.

The online radio can be enjoyed while commuting, walking, or during relaxed routines. All one needs is the app installed in the mobile or tab with an active internet connection, and an AUX or Bluetooth connection to enhance the pleasure of driving. Daijiworld's audial add-on offers amazing back-to-back playlists and more at the touch of a button through its meticulously designed app.

That's not all. The radio also features interviews with music and movie directors and artistes, trivia on albums and artistes, and updates on upcoming movies. The radio will also broadcast popular programmes of Daijiworld 24x7 television like 'Ami Dogi Sezara' and 'Do Re Mi Fa'. Also, news bulletins will be updated from Daijiworld 24x7 on an hourly basis.

The App

RADIO daijiworld is primarily an app-based medium. The app's user-friendliness brings in no hurdles for internet newbies either. The simple app can be downloaded from the app store both by iOS and android users. It is customised for all internet users, offering a high quality radio with crystal clear sound, accessible even on 2G internet. Other utilities are available on the app, such as links to the radio's social media pages, push notifications, and regular utilities like alarm, weather and news updates. The app also has a built-in recording facility.

Listeners can share the link to the app through the 'share' option therin. Songs can be rated with the star-like option on the app, and top-rated songs will appear in a distinct list. Twenty high-rated songs will feature in the monthly top-20 Radio Show.

The radio is also accessible on the RADIO daijiworld website (www.radiodaijiworld.com

Audience Interaction

The audience can interact with RADIO daijiworld primarily through the Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, details of which are given below. Its Facebook page will be the face of the station with routine updates of radio events. As it is not a live station yet, the radio will welcome voice messages and song requests on Whatsapp voice messages only. The name of the sender, city of residence, song dedicated, and well wishes, if any, are welcome in the WhatsApp voice message. The Twitter handle will display live updates of songs playing.

The app also provides YouTube links to top rated songs.


Arun D'Almeida

Music Portal

Konkani and Tulu music industry which has a rich history was somewhere lagging behind when the realm of music went Cloud. RADIO daijiworld bridges that digital gap. About 80% of its broadcast content will be dedicated to Konkani and Tulu music.

Apart from expanding the platform for Konkani and Tulu songs, RADIO daijiworld opens to its listeners, a world of vernacular music across generations.

"Earlier, everyone knew that P B Srinivas sang Mog Tuzo Kitlo Ashelo, and Wilfy Rebimbus provided the lyrics. But these days, one may know the song but not the artiste. Here, with the radio, recognition is given to artistes across time," said Arun D'Almeida, the station director of RADIO daijiworld.

Producers and independent artistes can send their songs or albums to radio@daijiworld.com for broadcasting.

The app is available for free download in Google PlayStore and Apple store (search for RADIO daijiworld).

WhatsApp number for traditional voice messaging and other phone interactions: +91-984-53-53-253

Facebook page link for regular event and other updates: https://www.facebook.com/RADIOdaijiworld 

Live Twitter #NOWPLAYING updates: https://twitter.com/RADIOdaijiworld