Oct 5: All of us are aware how India-bound cars fare, when it comes to crash tests. Typifying the trend once again, the Global NCAP has released the results of the crash tests of cars made in India. These are the fourth round of crash tests conducted by the testing organization.

The cars tested in the fourth round were the now successful Renault Kwid and the Honda Mobilio. Renault India tested the new improved version with the driver airbag, with its top-spec variant, as it scored poorly in the previous round, when it was subjected to the test earlier in May 2016.

During the previous round, only the base variant was subjected to the test, which scored a zero rating, as it didn’t have an airbag. Renault later said that it was a pre-production model. Meanwhile, it also began working on a stronger and safer version of the Kwid.

So, Global NCAP tested the reworked, top-spec trim of the Renault Kwid and subjected it to the frontal collision test. With a driver airbag, it still scored only one star for both adult and child occupant protection. It also had seat belts along with the driver airbag.

Along with the Renault Kwid, Honda Mobilio also took the test in its fourth round. In the results, the structure came across as strong, sound and stable, while the lack of airbags left it with a zero rating for the base variant of the model.

Finally, when the airbags-equipped variant was tested, it turned out better results with a 3 star rating for the adult occupant and a 2 star rating for the child occupant. This rating is considered much better than the actual state of affairs in India, when it comes to vehicle safety.