Aug 11: As it has been reported by industry sources, the Jeep brand will finally enter into Indian market on 1 st September, 2016. Owned by Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, this vintage automobile manufacturing brand has been planning to enter Indian market for a long time, but due to various reasons they had to delay the event.

Earlier to this year, at Auto Expo 2016, Jeep showcased some of its products for the Indian market. So, it has been revealed that it start the journey in highly potential Indian automobile market with two interesting products. The first one is Wrangler, and the other one is Grand Cherokee.

Jeep will start its operations in India from two dealership areas; they are Ahmadabad and Delhi. Later, it will have two more dealership centers. The probable regions will be Kochi and Mumbai. Concept Motors, which also owns Hyundai dealership, will take the dealership responsibility for Jeep in the city of Ahmadabad. On the other hand, Pinnacle Motors will run the dealership of Kochi.

In Delhi, ban on diesel run cars is a problem. Diesel powered engines more than 2000 CC capacity will not be allowed to be sold. This is why Delhi dealership of Jeep will only be able to showcase Grand Cherokee SRT model.

Wrangler model from Jeep comes with 2.8 liter diesel engine, having long wheel based with ‘unlimited’ guise. The price of the car will be around 40 lakh in Indian currency. On the other hand, the Grand Cherokee model features an engine with 3 liter capacity, and it will be priced around 75 lakh.