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Mangalore: The Forum - City's largest mall opens at Pandeshwar

Pics: Dayanand Kukkaje
Daijiworld Media Network – Mangalore (NM)

Mangalore, May 28: The city of Mangalore got a new shopping destination on Wednesday May 28 with the opening of The Forum Fiza Mall at Pandeshwar here. The mall, comprising showrooms of indigenous and international products, is a joint venture of Prestige Group, Fiza Group and Capital Mall.

District incharge minister Ramanath Rai, mayor Mahabala Maarla, P M Farooq of Fiza Group, Irfan Razaq of Prestige Group and Vincent Wong of Capital Mall were part of the inaugural ceremony. Mohammed Ali gave a bird’s eye view of the new mall.

Presently, Forum Mall is the biggest in the city with a gross leasable area (GLA) of 6,50,000 sq ft. The Lotus Mall, which is coming up in Kulshekar is going to be the biggest in the coastal region with a GLA 8,25,000 sq ft.

The mall will have everything from apparels and accessories to exercise equipment, home furnishings, electronic goods, books and video games. In addition to it, brands such as PVR, Auchan, Mangalore Central, FCUK, Max, SportXS, Manchester United, Inmark, Cafe Coffee Day, FabIndia, Hijab Store, Global Desi, Bata, Mobile Care, Splash, SVM Bowling, SVM Gaming, Via South Food Court, Reebok, Adidas, Crossword, Peora, Stylite, Ci Gusta!, Vasudev Adiga's (fast food), Megamart, Reem Dates, Poorvika Mobile World, Recharge, Favourite Shop, Maple, Hidesign, Calvin Klein, Pizzahut Express, Dominos, Optic Gallery, Metro, Pantaloons, Reliance Trends, Just Bake, Arrow, Metro, Body Shop, Mochi, Levi's, Nike, Basics Life,VIP, Raymonds, Shoppers Stop, UCB, Nautica, Manyavar, Indian Terrain, Soch, Portico, Celio, US Polo and Tommy Hilfiger are expected to open.

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  • Gerald, Australia

    Thu, Dec 4 2014

    Malls are claimed to be a sign of progress and development but I see that is not what happens. They are proposed by developers and it they who make the money by the rents they charge. The shops have to cover the rent which is all too often exorbitant before the cover wages before they make any profit. The resulting affect of these developments is the closure of freehold shops, competition (since mall developers can control which shops are present), high prices and fewer jobs.
    Whilst mall shopping does attract shoppers to pass the time of day, wandering around and window gazing I wonder if it promotes any form of real integration with shop owners. I wonder which store owners in a mall actually knows my name any of his customers. They did when shops were small and depended upon their regulars, They knew likes and dislikes, those that paid on time and those that were on hard times. There was charity and a degree of friendship. If one saw a shop owner in the street we would recognise him and say hello. In a Mall they are called stores, the store has a manager and he or she is seldom seen
    But then there is a price to pay for progress

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  • mohammed shakeel, mangalore

    Mon, Aug 4 2014

    Mangalore will become popular across the world
    when the real work is done by building i- tec roads and we have beaches like tanirbavi someswara etc making it beautiful will make tourism improve in manglre like goa and building local train we make people to transfer easier And people building mall and making Mangalore marvelous and the above words when it will be done so please do as fast as u can and make Mangalore beautiful and joyful Tk u

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  • avyaya, pavanje

    Fri, May 30 2014

    Oye!! what about City center and Big Bazar. More than that mangalore is not much populous city. If we go on build malls , then sure all malls will turn into loss state. For mangalore one mall is enough. Its better to invest in bangalore or other metropolitan cities.

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  • denzil, mangalore

    Fri, May 30 2014

    malls malls dahh!!! we want development in our country look at the roads no one even cares for the people who walk the vehicles dont even let us cross the streets the ZEBRA CROSSING doesn't even make sense here and they are comparing malls to international standard when there is a traffic block bloody two wheelers sart drive on the side walk and some vehicles even go on the wrong side just get a fast turn india will neva improve for the next million years because no one has committed vision.

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  • Rajendra, Mangalore

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Mangalore is becoming Mall ooru!

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  • mohammad.n, mangalore

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Teresa, Why not order a home delivery. It will save your walking as well.

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  • SM, Bangalore

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Malls will prosper but the shops on the road side will get affected .MG Road and Brigade road in Bangalore are feeling the pinch . By 9.00 PM MG Road is empty .People prefer the malls because they can shop in the cool Central AC . One stop shopping can be done here . Anyways Congrats ! to the Forum group . Cheers!

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  • Sadiq, Mangalore / Dubai

    Thu, May 29 2014

    It's good to know lot of malls are coming up in D.K. But unless and until D.K do not attract tourists, malls & business will never proper. Tenants will keep changing like how we see in other malls. In D.K there are nice places where Govt. can improve & develop which would attract lot of tourists. Bangalore is one example. Business runs there due to floating population..

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  • Rudolf, Mumbai

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Dear Eric out of the 5 lakhs of population how many can really afford shopping one of these malls??

    I think 75% of the population is struggling or actually below the poverty line feeling the heat of the sky high inflation!!!

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    Thu, May 29 2014

    Opposite my house........... happy ... now going on holiday will be autos..just walk.. I hope there is a good food court, then no need of cooking

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  • Mohammad, Mnagalore

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Make home delivery. It wil save ur walking as well

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  • Aadil Khan, Kasaragod/Saudi Arabia

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Good malls, luxurious shopping experiences are all good. But have anyone taken note of the pathetic condition of cash register operations hypermarket like Auchan? The cashiers are damn slow and appear to be not interested to work. Verifying and punching prices to completing the payment process are terrible. Poor customers have no choice but to wait, if you need the stuffs.

    The most fastest cashiers I have seen in foreign countries are Filipinos and Koreans. We are far and far behind them.

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Mumbai

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Bro, do you know their pay scales???

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  • chethan, mangalore

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Mangaloreans are richer. People working in abroad r not that rich n enjoying as much as the people working here :-). Almost 90% mangalorean wudnt be paying tax.. Especially the ones who r running business

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  • Aadil Khan, Kasaragod/Saudi Arabia

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Sad part is that no international brands like, Banana Republic, Gap, Pramod, Marks & Spencer,Gucci, Pepe, and so on.......

    Now, BJP has put a cap on FDI retail, don't hope for any international brands in India.

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  • readerwriter007, pune

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Lets not bother so much on whether this will hit smaller malls or whether population is enough for running the mall. I am sure the investors must have studied everything before spending on such major projects. It's a cycle, then these smaller malls came, did they bother whether smaller vendors or shops will get impacte dor not. No right... so no it's pay back time. who has the money power wins the race. So, we being the spectators or people who are going to enjoy the facility... let's just wish the investers a bright success and may this be a place where our family enjoy to the care.

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  • Ryan, Kuwait

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Whatever the mall, people are going to Ideal and Pabbas for icecreams and Hampankatta for traditional shopping. Mangalore is very need big malls, better open in BC Road.

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  • gabriel, sagar

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Better Shopping experience in a free zone from climate change. I purchase therefore I exist is the attitude of a Mall-Complex. Expiry dates to be noted before the purchase. Happy Shopping!

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  • Sir Lancelot, Manglore

    Thu, May 29 2014

    Sundar, Athi Sundar, specially centre point decorated with colourful umbrellas.

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  • Rajesh , Mangalore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    The bigger malls will make smaller malls uneconomical and drive them out of business. I have read about many malls closing down in the US because of stiff competition from online market. With high internet penetration and good images online market will grow exponentially. a decade from now world would be a virtual world. The brick and mortar business will definitely get affected. the rising costs will make even big malls feel the pinch. So investors please be intelligent enough to extrapolate the situation a few years from now.

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  • Allen Vas, mangalore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Well done Mangalore......Job opportunities will increase.... but let not the smaller malls in Mangalore suffer.... the development should be in relation to the population or else bigger ones will close the smaller ones....

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  • Clarence, Mangalore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Acche maal aanewaale hain -NAMO

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  • avinash, ksd/blore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    The existing malls in m'lore are facing lack of business. Dont know how this mall will perform? But since it belongs to Prestige group it may last long

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  • Sundari Ashoknagar, Mangalore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Yenk Bhandaqrkar mamuna angadida saman kanayere edde apund. EE mall escalater enk apuji. Saakapund.

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  • For Justice, Abu Dhabi / Ubar

    Wed, May 28 2014

    In our Mangalore malls are more than enough n God only can save the investors bcoz most of the mall visitors are just roaming for time pass with free A C N not for shopping.
    ಮಳೆಯಲಿ ನೆಂದಾಗ
    ಮರದಡಿಯಲಿ ನಿಂತಾಗ
    ಬಿಸಿಲಲಿ ಬೆಂದಾಗ
    ಮಾಲೊಳಗೆ ಹೊಕ್ಕಾಗ ...

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  • FATE, mangalore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Sad part is ther is money to spend in such Malls. Rs 500 for Pizza in that rs 100 is tax... when my wife and child requests me to take them out in such Malls I get nightmare...atlast have to break my month end saving. After all happiness of family is more important than money.

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  • master, mlore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Best way for ppl to beat heat....whether they buy or not is secondary...Another mall to come up with much greater capacity in kulshekar ...lotus mall....Mangalore will soon beat blore in mall culture...mangalore always looks at west except some stone age fanatics who wants to bring bad name to mangalore

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  • vinod, mangalore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    malls like empire, bharat mall are already empty. even city centre business is dull. people here not attracted much towards mall culture. so i don't think another mall will gain much

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  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    I don't understand the meaning of having another mall for a permanent population of just 5 Lakhs in Mangalore. First we had Empire (EM) hall which was full and when Big Bazar (BB) came 25% of the shops closed in EM and moved to BB. Thereafter City centre came and EM was further reduced by 80% and BB was reduced by 50% making CC 80% full. Now with Forum Mall the brands which are there in CC will also be there in FM within a distance of 1 KM. It is disgusting. Those who want to get some cool air in this heat visiting FM and CC will be a good idea. When are we going to have clean Veg., Meat and Fish Markets. When are we going to have foot paths, parking slots, good roads and high quality infrastructure. Who the hell is interested in Malls. If people are happy with this new mall, then good for mangalore.

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    Wed, May 28 2014

    Good news. Today, we enjoy everything from shopping to dining & etc, under one roof. Seems Mangalore is really progressing but The prices here are too high, whether for clothes, food or movie tickets. The only time you can try limited buying, is when they offer off-season sale.

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  • Francis Lobo, Bejai, MANGALORE

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Recently I read in a article that the smaller malls are closing down and bigger once are appearing. Bharat Mall was the first one to start.But once the city center came, I found that there are less people at Bharat mall. Then there was Ezz mall which opened to a big crowd and then started dwindling. The new one opened at Kankanady also almost shut shop. As new malls are coming the space is becoming bigger and the smaller ones are dying. The price of goods and services is also increasing. But Mangalore is still a small corporation and will it be able to have so much customer base to make the bigger malls lucrative is a big questions. Even Mangalore does not have a Sat-Sun crowd like Bangalore as most the customers are students compared to working professionals at Bangalore

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  • Lester Pinto, Mangalore-Chennai

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Opening such a big mall in the heart of the city and no publicity or advertisements in any of the local newspapers!! Very strange! Very funny!

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  • Donald, Mangaldevi Mangalore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    You are correct.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [10] Reply Report Abuse

  • mohammed , manglore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Masha Allha Very good to see.

    DisAgree [28] Agree [27] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Very soon Mangalore is going to be No.1 city in India...

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  • Raymond Cardoza, Mangalore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    All thanks to Public Private Ventures, who are making their best afford to make mangalore city a No1 City in INDIA

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  • vincent, mangalore

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Did you book your ticket jossey. or waiting for bullet? train ?of DVS

    DisAgree [6] Agree [27] Reply Report Abuse

  • j.anata, Mangaluru / Bengaluru

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Acche din aane waale hain!

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  • Suleman Beary, Udupi

    Wed, May 28 2014

    Good to see many such malls coming in Mangalore. Business and Job opportunities will increase for the locals from such ventures. Window shoppers, school bunkers will be thrilled.
    Suffocation at city mall will be reduced to some extent also.
    Time pass...hi Time pass...

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