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Mangalore: Mescom faces protestors' wrath over frequent power cuts

Mangalore: Mescom faces protestors' wrath over frequent power cuts

Pics: Spoorthi Ullal
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore (VM)

Mangalore, Apr 8: The members of Karnataka Rajya Raita Sangha on Monday April 8 staged a protest against Mescom over unscheduled power cuts near its office at A B Shetty cicle here.

The protestors claimed that the power generated at Jog Falls and UPCL is diverted to places like Bangalore and Hassan, while people in the coastal region are suffering because of frequent and unscheduled power cuts.

They also pointed out that as exams are going on, students are finding it tough to study, especially with power cuts after evening hours. The farmers too are facing difficulties, they said.

State vice-president of the Sangha Vijay Hegde said that when Jog and UPCL power plants were set, the people of the coastal region were promised better power supply, but later other districts benefited. "Give power generated by Jog station to us and take UPCL for others," he said.

He demanded that MD of Mescom Sumanth meet the protestors on the spot. Instead, Mescom vigilant SP Ravi Narayan arrived and spoke to the protestors.

Arguments erupted between the protestors and Mescom officials, with the protestors stating that Mescom services were not good and that their problems had remained unsolved despite several appeals.

When the MD did not come even after repeated demands, the protestors began remove their clothes. Finally he arrived and discussions between the two groups continued for another 45 minutes or so.

The protestors also alleged that Mescom Uppinangady joint engineer Sheshappa Poojary has created problems for the farmers by removing their water pump sets and even sent one of the farmers to jail for four days. They demanded immediate dismissal of Poojary.

To this, MD Sumanth replied that the officials will carry out an enquiry and further action will be taken based on their report.

A memorandum was also submitted to the MD, who promised to consider their demands, after which the protestors dispersed.

Speaking to media persons later, Vijay Hegde said that though several protests have been staged in the past, the MD had never met them and this was the first time. "The MD told us that there is shortage of coal in UPCL and hence there is frequent power cut. Let the Mescom at least go for systematic and scheduled load shedding so that we do not suffer so much. The Mescom has been careless about everything," he said.

On demand to dismiss Sheshappa Poojary, he said they gave have Mescom a deadline of 24 hours, failing which the protest would be intensified on Tuesday April 9 with the participation of students also. "The MD has assured that he would look into the matter," Hegde said.


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  • Edward R. Monteiro, Kulshekar, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 10 2013

    To all the Daijiworld Readers: It is natural to protests when there is power cut and it affects everybody including me. But in Karnataka, there are five distribution companies only and MESCOM jurisdiction covers the four districts: DK, Udupi, Shiomoga and Chickmagalur.

    It is the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. Bangalore (KPTCL)is the Company in Karnataka to evacuate the power generated and transmit to the respective Distribution Companies like MESCOM. It is they who decide and allot the available power. This is done by the KPTCL Load Despatch Centre at Bangalore. For your information and as per the recent newspapers reports, one fact is: out of 1200 Mega Watts of power generated at Nandikur, Udupi by UPCL, Mescom gets only 8.3% power from the grid and rest of the power is evacuated through newly commissioned 400 KV power line from UPCL to Hassan and then onwards to other four Distribution Companies and other consumers. BESCOM which includes Bangalore gets 42% power generated from UPCL and rest goes to others. There is one more generation plant at Varahi Hydro Electric Project, in Kundapur Taluk, Udupi District besides mini hydro elctric projects in DK. The twin districts of DK and Udupi need huge power requirement. The meagre power allotted by KPTCL to Mescom is not sufficient to meet the requirement and hence it results in load shedding to maintain Power Grid balance to avoid Power Grid Collapse. Let us understand this.
    It is like asking a person to carry more load than what he is capable of carrying and if he carries, he will not carry and results = he will collapse.
    Our protests against power cuts should be with our politicians, and Energy Department and KPTCL. These are the planners of the energy generation and distribution.

    I am also a general public like you all and gets affected by power cuts. Let us protests with the right people. Jai Hind and Jai Karnataka.

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  • mariam, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 9 2013











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  • Diana Lobo, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 9 2013

    Although I suffered with the power cuts, I am happy that my domestic power bill is down 20%.

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  • Bharat, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 9 2013

    Instead of making protests I think we need to do what the people from egypt did. Gherao the Govt. Officials, bureaucrats and ministers residences and offices where they enjoy the Lavish facilities with multiple Air Conditioners and backup generators make them suffer ( or to realize what it means to stay without the luxury of Power). Where a common man who pays un-reasonable taxes and suffers these people enjoy on the common mans money.
    Look at the inflation, my expense during college days was 5 rupees a day which included bus ticket, lunch, karmbu juice. (just 15 years ago). what can you do with 5 Rupees now?
    My house electricity bill used to be 65 rupees and now it crosses 900 !
    We need some major changes in India.
    Maybe I am wrong, but this seems interesting and deserves a chance (what is the harm anyway)
    If they achieve even 20%, India will shine again.

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  • Ramesh, mangalore

    Tue, Apr 9 2013

    I meant the lights are on morning time when service goes on in churches eg at 9 am in the morning or say 5 pm in the evening .. when service goes on . I didnt mean when service is not going on...

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  • jolvin, mumbai

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    KAR NATAKA......

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  • Raymond Cardoza, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    In Karnataka it is better to have more than one Power supply company so that people can choose Power Supply like a mobile service provider.

    Oops while commenting also power gone.. Mescom is going worst nowadays....

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  • antony arun d'souza, dubai

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    MESCOM is world famous for introducing new bill payment machines without giving good sevice to people.

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  • V.Shetty, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    Exept Gujarath all state have power cut problem during summer, mostly in April and may.India ia far behind in power sector and infrastructure compare to other country.Every year population,flat,building and malls are increasing.From Where we can get the power.India is depend only on coal.I have experience in Hariyana panipat.I was there for 20 month.During summer it was horrible.Some time whole night no power.This state is ruled by the congress and also close to capital city.India will never become a super power if we support and elect these corupt politicians.we are fighting within the relgion,if like this we will remain as a cattle and sheep for 100 years.

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  • Bulsam, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    The BJP ministers are busy in either dividing the community for vote bank or defending their own leaders from crossing over to KJP.
    The Govt is no more functioning and the people of the state are suffering from various Govt responsibilities and duties.

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  • gerald, modankap

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    guys !! where is our own lady shobakka hiding now !!!!?????

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    Gift of BJP to Karnataka. No power minister for a long time. There was one earlier but was not of much use.

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  • DYLAN , Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    Ramesh I have not seen lights on in any church during when there is no service or no mass. What about the malls, high rise buildings, the street lights are on early in the evenings, when it is bright. Why do we need so many motor cars in a place like Mangalore. Only one motor car should be allowed per house or family in Mangalore.

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  • Need more support for such kind of PROTEST, Ceds

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    Has Mangalore really developed? If it is in what way? Its still sad the protestors can be numbered, as the whole of MANGALORE is still in dark for most of the time. It doesn't matter whether the PROTEST takes place in front of MESCOM or in front of any concerned office. ITS IN THIS HOUR, WE ALL CONCERNED PEOPLE SHOULD GET IN UNIT TO RAISE OUR VOICE AND PROTEST.

    If there is no self sufficiency in POWER PRODUCTION, than why do we need more developments as constructions it in todays world every device or gadget needs power either to recharge or run it.(From Mobile to you name it....?????)

    SO DO WE NEED DEVELOPMENT.. HIGH RISES....AND AT WHAT COST??? In todays world, can we survive without POWER???? Mangalore should be self sufficient in POWER, can we all MANGALOREANS MAKE A REQUEST WITH ANY CANDIDATE WHEN HE OR SHE VISITS EACH HOME FOR AN VOTE APPEAL????? We all know the elections are getting closer... so shall we??

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  • Edison, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    Ms Jacintha.. I agree with what u say when u consider the environmental and logical issue but if we follow it we are encouraging our politicians and corrupt officials. Its like they will enjoy with out tax money paid and we will roam about with tourch lights... for what?.. its my right to get all this basic necessities for street light. When in case of emergencies its these street light you would thank for.. hence switching off the lights in the night isnt a good idea... what we can do is protest harder against mescom since mescom is a middle person between us and the state govt.. since bescom and hescom are doing a better job we are suffering here because of the failure of mescom getting us enough power this summer and earlier once...

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  • Arun, Hubli

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    Jacintha .. well said .. your views are upto the mark. May be I am vying a bit differently from focus .. can you tell me whether Mangalore observed the Earth Hour to Save the Planet. Were the lights switched off on Saturday 23rd March at 8:30pm as a part of the world's largest voluntary action for the environment. If this was done, then hats off to you. Is there a sense of awakening on the part of every individual to save precious resources .. be it power, water etc. The whole world is serious ... unfortunately, not our country. How much of awareness is required to drill this message into the minds of the masses?

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  • Mark, Udyavara

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    MESCOM is a wrong place to go & protest. Recall the Dharna conducted for the Cogentrix project?

    Go to those activist houses and protest. Trouble them out of their houses. Let them feel the heat of your frustration.

    Yesterdays born middle east countries can give you UN-interupted steady 220w power through out.

    Should we say we are "incapable" lots either to innovate, provide or facilitate!

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  • Gananath B Shetty, Nandikur/Mumbai

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    First Govt. forcefully acquired farmers land in the pretext of Power,development, job etc. Our peoples who have sacrificed their land for the controversial UPCL coal power plant has even not been provided full compensation are cheated by corrupt politicians & officials. Udupi dist. has already suffered extensive destruction of natural resources due to UPCL pollution. Now at our cost Banglore, Hasan & other states will get power, we get only pollution.

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  • Ramesh, mangalore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    Like Jacintha said .. we should switch off the lights of the hoardings... they consume so much power.
    In churchs even during daytime all the lighs are on i think its a waste ... this should be avoided.
    the restruants use lights even during daytime like KFC etc kindly ask the to use bare minimum,..
    street lights are a must but the street lights are on at 6 when there is enough daylight n off at seven again there is enough daylight kindly ensure the lights are on at 7 pm n off at 5 am strictly.
    At home kindly all of us should make sure we use less lights as possible n consume less electriciy as possible even water... Hotels should serve water only if asked , people who wash hands n face in th hotel should remember to close the tap while washing the face or let minimum water out of the tap...
    at my place every one hr we are facing power cuts .. wht the..... of course i am having a invertor which makes sure my tv n fan runs but stilll y should power be cut so frequently...
    b'lore city should also have power cuts esp the industries... iT esp..
    this power should be given to farmers wht use is it we sell software but no food to eat???
    The solution is not power cuts or switching off street lights the solution is increase water levels n power generation..

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    Jacintha M'am.
    Very much inspired. Also everybody
    being fully clothed saying 'Seko Seko' No ? What nonsense! Everybody should wear minimum clothes. Then no sweat. No much 'Fan' use. Correct? I've become your staunch 'Fan' anyway.
    We'll tackle Air-Conditioners, Cooler's and other Richie Rich equipments next time. Okay?

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  • jacintha, mangalore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    I don't think MESCOM is the culprit. It is us. The amount of power used to light our streets and lanes is enormous. there ought to be a cut-off time for smaller lanes.

    We have mobiles now, torches in them. People who have to find their way home on narrow lanes beyond 10pm, can surely use their torch.

    Should the street /lane lamps be burning in expectation, whole night, 365 nights? have we arrested crime because of this?

    Where should MESCOM get additional power from?

    let us get practical. Should public places be lit beyond certain time or not? In gram panchyat limits, the drama is even more.

    It is a prestige issue to have lights on our lane, so even if there isn't anybody utilising the road beyond 8pm, we still have lights on all roads - mud roads to ascertain our equality.

    The elected members of panchayat, they worry for their next election, so who ever submits an application, gets lights on their lanes, which is switched on when there is still sunlight, and switched off as it suits them. MESCOM SO says, they do not even have the power to control it.

    Progressive and thinking India.

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  • R.Bhandarkar, M'Lore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    I think this same Sangha was protesting against UPCL...
    Oondek Panpuni
    Yernaag Onji Pirnaaga Onji.....
    In any case this shows what 'channelisation' of energy for a good cause can do! 24x7 Power is our right! Nobody can deny it....

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  • N.M, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    The Karnataka Rajya Raita Sangha is POWERFUL lobby in rural KA and has the capability to influence farming community across KA and swing votes.

    I feel BJP is going to face the wrath of Raithara sangha and its people this elections because BJP in KA has let down farmers right from the start (remember shooting dead farmers in '08 who were asking for release of fertilizers??!!)and mishandling of drought situation in KA.

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  • Allen, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    I was wondering why there was no load shedding today!

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  • sree, mangalore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    which place there is no power failure? Mangalore or Bangalore?
    in our place there is no power since 10.00 am till 2.00pm

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  • Aadil Khan, Kasaragod, Saudi Arabia

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    This is the good move by people. If Mescom wants restrict the energy consumption, put up a load-shedding schedule on a systematic way, by which the customers would have an idea of when the power will be off and on.

    The present practice of frequent power failure is a headache and Mescom should stop it immediately.

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