Media Release

Ajman, Feb 12: The UAE is home to a series of influential and rich Indians who have, in their own inimitable style, shaped the way they live, work and do business in this country. Whether these are big businessmen or wedding planners, banking professionals, or sports stars, the individuals on our pages have woven a few threads of their own into the multicultural tapestry of the UAE, each bringing a little bit of India to the way things work here.

There were stories of struggle of two or three years, sometimes even more. With the advantage of hindsight, they are now corporate lore, but for those now in the throes of personal struggles, sans foreknowledge, they are inspirational.

Earlier after being featured amongst the 100 most powerful Indians in the Gulf for two consecutive years 2011 and 2012, this year Thumbay Moideen, founder president of Thumbay Group has been featured in the first ever listing of 50 richest Indians in the GCC which was exclusively compiled and published by Arabian Business on February 10, 2013.

Moideen believes that the best way to learn is through travel and by meeting people. “Visiting new places, dealing with different cultures, understanding their way of doing business and lifestyle adds to one’s personality,” he explains.

The list of 50 richest Indians in the GCC also shows that Indians are playing a vital role in boardrooms of both International and local banking and retail sectors operating in the region.  But, if anything, the Arabian Business Rich List shows just how far the Indian diaspora has become enmeshed in Gulf Society with the region’s 2.5 million expatriates working in every sector imaginable.

The vision of Thumbay Group is to be one of the biggest corporates with a global presence in the next seven years.