Jacintha Attempted Suicide More than Once, Blamed RJs for her Death: Reports

Jacintha Attempted Suicide More than Once, Blamed RJs for her Death: Reports

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London, Dec 16: The British media on Sunday December 16 reported that Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse from Mangalore who allegedly committed suicide following a prank call from Australian radio presenters earlier this month, had tried to end her life more than once.

The Daily Mail quoted a friend of Jacintha's family who revealed that Jacintha may have tried to commit suicide more than once in the 72 hours between the prank and the moment her body was discovered by a colleague on December 7.

The nurse may have attempted to slash her wrists before she died as a result of hanging herself with a scarf. The paper quoted the friend as saying, "She (Jacintha) may have tried to kill herself more than once - that's why there are three (suicide) notes."

The autospy had revealed that there were injury marks on her wrists, which indicated that she might have tried to slash them before she hanged herself.

In one of the three suicide notes, she is said to have held the Australian RJs Michael Christian and Mel Greig who made the prank call responsible for her death, the Daily Mail reported.

"In one of three apparent suicide notes, Jacintha Saldanha wrote a short letter in which she expressed her deep anger at the Australian radio presenters and blamed them for her tragic death," the report stated.

The Australian radio presenters had made the call to King Edward VII hospital, where Jacintha worked as nurse, on early December 6, pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles. Jacintha who received the call fell victim to their prank and transferred the call to another nurse who revealed personal information about duchess Kate Middleton's health.

The radio presenters called back Jacintha an hour later and told her that they had played a prank and would broadcast it on their network. The revelation is believed to have left Jacintha feeling confused and agitated.

In another, one-page letter, Saldanha criticised the hospital staff, and particularly blamed two individuals.

Although the hospital said no senior member of staff blamed Saldanha for falling victim to the prank, the daily said she may have been reprimanded by colleagues by email.

In her final letter, Jacintha wanted her burial to be in Shirva, Udupi near Mangalore. As per her wish, the funeral will be held at Our Lady of Health Church, Shirva on Monday December 17.

The Daily Mail also quoted Jacintha's sister in Mangalore Mabel Saldanha as saying that Jacintha always kept in close touch with her husband and children at home in Bristol.

"She would keep busy with her work, but she only stayed there for convenience and she called them all the time," she said.

Jacintha also telephoned relatives in Mangalore regularly. "She was always asking about our health. We were all very close and loving," Mabel said.

Mabel told the Daily Mail that the family had been so terrified of breaking the news to their frail 70-year-old mother Carmine, who has a heart condition, that they decided to tell her only that Jacintha had been taken ill and had then died peacefully.

"My mother needs her very much because she was a most loving daughter," said Mabel. "It was very difficult to break the news. She couldn't take it. She was in shock and was just staring at us and then she started crying. Even today she is crying continuously."

Mabel said their younger sister, 44-year-old Gladys, a beautician, was also 'totally broken' by the news. 'Jacintha stood by her after her husband died,' she explained.

Jacintha even agreed to adopt Gladys's daughter, Lisha, and brought her up as her own to ease the burden on her sister, the Daily Mail reported.

"Gladys was financially weak so Jacintha adopted Lisha and raised her as her own," added Mabel. The 14-year-old posted her own tribute to her adoptive mother on Facebook last week. 'I miss you. I loveee you,' she wrote.


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  • jessy, uae

    Tue, Dec 18 2012

    we request the management of all the organisations do not trouble your dedicated staff who has worked for you sincerely for one single mistake. of course you have the right to ask but in a gentle way. especially the ladies are very fragile handle them in gentle way

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  • Derick Rego, Mumbai

    Tue, Dec 18 2012

    Jacintha is now in Heaven and in the arms of Jesus Christ.May her Soul Rest in peace.May the Holy Spirit guide the family in the future.AMEN

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  • Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA

    Tue, Dec 18 2012

    This news is disgusting as many things has to come out in the open. Jacintha must have taken this drastic step for several reasons which was beyond her control due to the prank call by the RJs. Otherwise there was no reason for her to take such a drastic step when she had a wonderful husband and respectful children. RIP JACINTHA and God is by your side who will comfort your husband and children and all your loved family.

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  • Anthony, Mangalore/USA

    Tue, Dec 18 2012

    The suicide is done in UK and the finger is pointed out towards royal family and one of the reputed hospital. They have to cover any future legal proceedings and Jacintha or anyone would never have thought they would get this much publicity. It was a matter of time, place and people. In India, it is a different story. Humans and animals have no value, money and power has value. For example, a hotel worker in New York could file a case against IMF Official and police arrested him. Later, it is different story, money and power prevails. Can this happen in India where a petty politician or public official do now and then. There is no account of all.

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  • Shashi Shetty, Santhoor

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Well Said Vincent.. and it was a suicide and not a murder. Here in India a girl was raped in the bus yesterday and this news is slowly dying towards the dusk. I just don't understand why this News have attracted so much attention? What ever the problem is Jacinta taking her life did not agree with me.. and the reasons shown does not look right for a mother of 2. cute children to end her life like this - she could have quit the job as every one of us might have done in sometime in our life. And now - media runs behind and politicians run behind and public run behind - everyone are trying to take a free publicity over Jacinta's mortal remains. there will be many more mad people in the world - who will try to emulate Jacinta for want of publicity and money her family get. I am afriad with this episode the future aspiring generations applying for job visa in western countries may have to undergo extra psychological test.

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  • Vincent, Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    With all due respect to the bereaved family I would still like to ask this question of so many commentators on this forum. In a country where thousands die every day as a result of the inequality and lack of empathy we have for our own country men, In a country where so many do not even have the dignity of last rites, why are we so eager to voice our indignity at the death of one lady just because it was tragically at the hands of non-Indians?

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  • Rekha, Madikeri

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    I am still thinking why she commited suicide being so matured. How can a mother do this when she has 2 kids who look upto her for everything?

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    Mon, Dec 17 2012


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  • Lingappa, Kuppepadavu

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Why are the revelations pouring in bit by bit after a week of her death? Were were they all this time, For sure the Scotland Yard is concealing something. There is more to it .Why on earth would a mom of 2 end her life cowardly, for just transferring a crank call. If its so the RJs have to be severely punished & even those bxxxxxds at the hospital as well.

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  • Browny - Kuwait, Kuwait

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Jacintha, either forced to commit suicide or someone killed her. British wanted to show the world, if anyone make joke of Royals this is the consequence. Why they are not disclosing about the second nurse who omitted everything to those Australians. The second nurse was stupid. Those Australians using the words in their conversation "I'm the Queen you know" "oh Prince Charles". Anyone could make out this is a prank. But, the second nurse just kept on telling them everything.

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  • Harold D'cunha, Mangalore, India

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Few more controversial statements will arise in order to divert the real cause of this mysterious death. Powerful can twist the real issue in their own favour in order to protect their skin.

    How come DJ knew that Jascintha had tried to commit suicide more than once. This statement itself is a big lie.

    King Edward VII hospital which was treating Pricess Kate, has committed big blunder, by not assigning the receptionist job to professionals especially while Pricess Kate is under medical check up and Jescintha had paid the price.

    Nobody knows under what circumstances she had lost her life, but her death is under mysterious circumstances. Pray that her children and her adopted daughter will be under proper care and guidance.

    RIP Jescintha.

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  • steve, Pakshikere

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    All these time to time Morchas led people into deep distress and made insecure in their life. We hold government, Human resource department and other social media responsible of these similar acts in my country. Bring our something where our young and old can hold on into their future please.

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  • secure, mangalore

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    RIP Dear Jessy.
    1. we Indians love to suicide cos we can't handle the stress and humiliations....
    2. We should stand straight and fight...no suicide.
    3. Think 10 - 100 times before committing such crime... suicide is a sin and crime.
    4. Having faith with Almighty God is main solution to your stress.

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  • jerome william, Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Are we sure Jacintha really committed suicide? Can we believe what is being fed to us is the truth?
    ONLY God Almighty knows the truth... I still do not believe Jacintha ended her own life... just in case it is true that she did end her life whatever be the provocation then I would also say that she should have found some other way of tackling the issue...

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  • steve, sharjah

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Why she made herself as a scapegoat? She was so so weak in her mind that she has not spoke to her husband either or husband too blamed her and the senior hospital management has really blamed as much and must have fired her and this could made her to take this non sense step.This could be the TRUTH of this case.

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  • Juliet Mascarenhas, Bejai/Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    " When my eyes grow dim and I cannot see,When the chance is slim of a friend for me ,you be my friend O Lord and lead me on".Oh how beautiful the words are. I keep singing when I am dejected and this gives me lots of relief.
    Jacintha had a loving , caring husband,children and many well wishers who many of us do not have.She could have shared her feelings with any of them before committing such a cowardly act.The prank call is an event which shaped her destiny.
    " O Lord forgive her sins.Save her from the fire of hell and take her soul to heaven."

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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Dear Jacintha Madam, I feel that you took decision too early to end your valuable life leaving behind your lovely family. Today we can only pray with GOD to give eternal peace to your soul. But had you stood firmly on ground, your case against prank calls might have made big difference for the rest of the World. We would have come to know how British Royal Family could have reacted for this issue. Had they pursued the case against you or your employer Hospital or could have made official complaint with AUS Government for this? We want to settle many scores with AUS Government for Indian Students racial attacks too. But you departed from this beautiful earth too early and we miss you Sister. Some time I feel though we do not want that any Jacintha from Australia died due to prank call made by any Indian, what would have been the reaction of whole World against Indians?

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  • VINCENT MIRANDA, mangalore

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    May the soul rest in peace, may Almighty Bless the family to overcome the shock.
    Mr. Prakash we are proud of you, all your good, social works. May God Bless you abundantly. "a friend in need is a friend indeed"

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  • Rajesh, Dharmasthala,Abudhabi.

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    May god grant strength to her family to accept their big loss of loving,caring,dedicating member.Heartfelt condolences to her family members,dear &near.may her soul rest in peace.

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  • Denis Cutinha, Merlapadavu, via Adyar,Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    A good lesson to all of us not to play pranks. We may never know the outcome from the other person.We never know the psychology of the other person.

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  • Sunil D'Souza, Mangalore / Mumbai

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Simply looking at all the photographs published , I presume that she was a very sensitive and reserved sort of personality. I have not seen her smile in any of the photos published.

    It may have been very difficult for her to come to terms with such an incident. I wonder if it was possible to stop the DJ's from Airing such a prank call when they called Jacintha back to inform her that it was a prank call

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  • Ted, Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    A simple search on Google Videos with Prank as the Keyword generates 23, 10, 00,000 results. Does it mean that those 231 Million people on whom someone staged a prank have committed suicide coz they felt humiliated and cheated and are no more, Of course a Big No, they are alive and happily living every second of their precious life. Suicide is never a solution to end life's problems. The rate of suicide deaths among Indians is extremely high than Westerners. Indians need to be emotionally strong to cope life's problems.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [35] Reply Report Abuse

  • joegonsalves, Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Whatever may be said now regarding the attempts made by Jacintha to end her life, the fact remains that the cause for suicide was one and the same namely the Ausie radio and the two who tired to play the prank on this young lady.

    By all accounts Jacintha was a fine young lady as stated by her former teachers and the institution - Father Muller's Nursing College.

    The people responsible for this incident may pay compensation but nothing can bring Jacintha back to life. This is a bitter lesson for all.

    Jacintha's past history reveals that she was an exemplary student and had given a good account of herself all along. She was kind and generous too as can be perceived by her gesture to adopt her niece.

    May her soul rest in peace.

    Joe Gonsalves

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  • Francis(Joe) Martis, Barkur/USA

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    May Jacintha's Soul Rest in Peace.
    Condolences to her hear family members, near and dear ones.
    From the very first day I know, she came under extreme pressure from Hospital Authorities as well as Royal Palace. All of them are tight lipped right now but above all, the DJ's play major part. It is called workplace harassment. It is unacceptable in USA, must be enforced all over the World.

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  • Prasad, Mangalore/W.Africa

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Why there are so many speculations???
    Only god knows the truth. May her soul RIP.

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  • jesse , mangalore/kuwait

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    Very sorry to hear about Jecintha.If Jecintha found guilty they would have punished her as per the law.In this world at the most they can take out her life. But there is one thing imperishable that is soul. Committing suicide will never never solve anybodys problems rather increases. For every problem there is a solution in this world.. We should not lose heart for anything. I hope If Jecintha would have knelt down in front of the crucifix of Jesus and cried out for help defenitely Jesus would have intervened Mother Mary would have intercied for her problems. She has not committed a big crime. She was innocent. Jesus is still alive in this earth. Many times we donot understand how devil enters in our life,and try to distroy our soul.we should not give him chance, Here devil entered in Jecinthas life through her coleagues. They must have threatened her and badly treated, If they would have given courrage to her and supported her she would have saved. For that we must go to retreats and experience the love of God. Now a days many people committing suicide. I believe we need proper counselling and daily prayers so that God protects us in such fatal circumstances and he cares for us and he will never allow the devil to take part in our life and keep us from the tendency of suicide etc. a few years back I had a problem and I dont want to mention here. I had a tendency to commit suicide. I didnt tell my problem to anyone. I sielently prayed to Jesus. Answer to my prayer was instant.No human can solve our problems.Only Jesus is the answer. If we Believe in him we and our families will be saved. Now everything is over. let us all remember our sister Jecintha in our daily prayers let her soul rest in peace.I hope she is enjoying with angels and saints. RIP jecintha.

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  • santhosh, mangalore (i.d)

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    so sad to hear i my self went into similar incident last week it happened to my wife we also shattered most of the time hospital management does not support we both went to church we told to Jesus give us peace in mind and the incident went like virus covered whole hospital but Jesus did not left us he gave the comfort and peace so suicide is not the solution

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  • Natasha, Mangalore/chandigarh

    Mon, Dec 17 2012

    It is very unfortunate that Jacintha decided to end her precious life over some prank call. This happens when people do not know what failures are or have never learnt to accept failures or try to live a perfect life. we all should remember life is all about up's and down's,there is no person on this earth who has only joys or only sorrows in their lives. everyone is given their share of happiness and sorrows, and this balance is very important to help us realize the greatest gift each one of us have is 'the gift of life'.failure is always a stepping stone to success,and it should never ever be a reason for anyone to end their life. edison failed miserably several times during his process of inventing the bulb,but he never gave up until he succeeded, and today we have eletricity because of him. jacintha has left behind so many loved ones who loved her dearly, took her life over a prank played by some RJ's whom she never knew, neither mattered to her in any way. I personally feel she should have handled the situation with dignity, because it was not her fault, Iam sure she would have found a solution over time and the whole episode would have been forgotten,because time heals almost everything.

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  • Blaan Mendonca, USA

    Sun, Dec 16 2012

    2Day FM presenters Michael Christian and Mel Greig, The radio presenters called back Jacintha an hour later and told her that they had played a prank and would broadcast it on their network. The revelation is believed to have left Jacintha feeling confused and agitated.

    Michael Christian and Mel Greig, are very cruel human being. First they make a hoax call and laugh at the nurses and then they record it and then they publish it. Two DJs make a prank call, pretending to be royals, which leads to the suicide of a nurse Jacintha Saldanha. The DJs were very proud of themselves. It is just awful.It is deeply saddening that a simple human error due to a cruel hoax could lead to the death of a dedicated and caring member of the nursing profession.'

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