Family Suspects 'foul play' in Jacintha's Death in London

Mangalore, Dec 12 (IANS): British authorities will conduct a post-mortem and an inquest into the mysterious death of Indian nurse Jacintha Saldhana in London, but her family in Karnataka suspects "foul play" and wants an independent inquiry into the tragic episode.

"Jacintha's grieving family is anxiously waiting for the postmortem report and the outcome of the inquest by the Scotland Yard, because they suspect foul play in her tragic death as she was a strong woman and would not have resorted to such an act (suicide)," her family's close friend Ivan D'Souza told IANS Tuesday from Mangalore, about 350 km from Bangalore.

In the absence of details or more information on the incident from Jacintha's husband Benedict Barboza from London, members of both the families have been avoiding media as they are in a state of mourning.

"They are too shocked to say anything to the media and are more worried on how Benedict and his two kids are coping with the tragedy in Bristol, where they reside.
"Am told Benedict was allowed to see Jacintha's body Monday at the King Edward VII Hospital in central London," said D'Souza, general secretary of the opposition Congress in the state and a neighbour of Jacintha's family in Mangalore.

Barboza's family, however, lives at Shirva, about 60 km from Mangalore and 400 km from Bangalore.

D'Souza met Barboza's family members at Shirva along with former party MP Vinay Kumar Sorake to condole Jacintha's death and enquire about their welfare.

According to Jacintha's brother Naveen Saldhana, the family is waiting for the arrival of the body in Mangalore, with Benedict and his two children Junal, 16, and Lisha, 14, for the last rites that will be performed at Shirva as per the Catholic tradition.

"The family is expecting the British authorities to hand over Jacintha's body to Benedict either Tuesday or Wednesday so that he could fly to Mangalore via Mumbai on the same day or Thursday for the last rites Friday.

"It depends on how long the postmortem and inquest would take and when Benedict would get the flight to Mumbai and a connecting flight to Mangalore," D'Souza noted.

The family members are also mulling over seeking a second postmortem in India if they and Benedict are not satisfied with the inquest outcome in London.

"As Indian laws are applicable even in Britain, the family members are thinking of asking for a second postmortem under section 154 of the Indian Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 if they are not convinced about the exact cause of Jacintha's death, being investigated by the Scotland Yard," D'Souza asserted.

Saldhana was found unconscious Dec 7 in the quarters of the hospital in central London where she was working as a senior nurse, and was pronounced dead when wheeled into the hospital in an ambulance.

"I have known and seen Jacintha when ever she visited Mangalore over the years as her family members, including mother, a sister and a brother reside next door. She was a pleasant lady and warm with friends and relatives," D'Souza recalled.

Jacintha, 46, who graduated from Father Muller College of Nursing in Mangalore in the mid-1980s, first worked at Muscat (Oman) for a few years and went to London after marriage 15 years ago to live with Barboza, an accountant in the British National Health Service at Bristol, 190 km from London.

"We didn't even know that Jacintha got unwittingly involved in the hoax call though we read something about it in newspapers last week that there was a prank call to the hospital from a radio station in Australia, whose jockeys tried to know about the princess's (Kate Middleton) health by imitating the voice of the queen (Elizabeth) and prince (Charles)," Jacintha's nephew said but declined to be named.

Royal hoax: Nurse Left Suicide Note, Family wants to Know ‘full’ Facts

London, Dec 12 (PTI):  The Indian-origin nurse who apparently took her life after being duped by a prank call from two Australian radio hosts, had left a note for her family members, but they still believe there are “unexplained” circumstances behind her death, Labour MP Keith Vaz has said.

Jacintha's family (husband and kids) meets British MP Vaz

“What the family needs are the full facts. There are unexplained circumstances. The family want to know everything,” Vaz said, without revealing content of the note. “The hospital needs to be more proactive, a full inquiry is needed and the family needs to be included in that,” he added.

Saldanha, 46, died after a suspected suicide last Friday after she was fooled by the radio hosts, who made a hoax call to the King Edward VII Hospital in Marylebone, central London.

She was the senior nurse on duty when the phone call was made.

In this video screengrab from “A Current Affair” program by Australia’s Channel Nine, radio DJs Michael Christian, left, and Mel Greig appear during an interview. APAlthough the Marylebone hospital authorities have said they will conduct internal probe into the matter, the family says this is not enough, and demands answers from them over the circumstances that led to her death.
Vaz, who is representing the family, yesterday met the hospital chairman Lord Glenarthur to demand a full probe into her death.

“What the family needs are full facts. What the chairman of the hospital said to me was that there are inquiries going on in the hospital. That is not sufficient for the family. There are unexplained circumstances. The family want to know everything. All the facts, fully and clearly,” Vaz said.

“They were in the dark about the hoax call. They hadn’t watched the news or seen anything about it,” he said, seeking support for victim’s family.

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    Thu, Dec 13 2012

    please accept our heartfelt condolences. may her soul rest in peace and give her children courage to stand up with all these difficulties. we are very saddened of her lost life.

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  • Thomas, Dubai

    Thu, Dec 13 2012

    Even I feel that Jacintha has been murdered by forcing her to commit suicide otherise, being a caring wife and mother she would have atleast called her husband or children over phone before her death [I think hospital authorities or her colleauges are involved in this foul play]. The truth will definitely come out by God's grace.
    This is one of the example what is happening in our work place or schools because of bossing, jelous, position, ego racism and pround. We must always think what will happen to us next, after puting pressure or stress or scielently killing.

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  • Lingappa, Kuppepadavu

    Thu, Dec 13 2012

    Its definitely planned murder. We Indians have always been very gullible & slaves of the white skin from generations.We will eventually accept what ever they say. Its apparent that the investigation is heading towards a dead end. Esp when the royal family is involved. My heart goes out to Ms, Saldanha & her family.

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  • Blaan Mendonca, USA

    Thu, Dec 13 2012

    There are unexplained circumstances. The family want to know everything. All the facts, fully and clearly,” the Mail report quoted Vaz as saying. He added: “The hospital needs to be more pro-active, a full inquiry is needed and the family need to be included in that.”The result of a post-mortem on Jacintha Saldanha will be announced Thursday. Scotland Yard was unable to confirm reports that Saldanha hanged herself in the nurses' accommodation in London.
    This is my opinion that Jacintha Saldanha was forced to write a suicide note before she was hanged. There may be some persons involved to hang her to make it look like suicide. The hospital management was quick and keen enough to that she was found dead and had committed suicide. This could be possible. The hospital called her a "first-class nurse" and "a well-respected and popular member of the staff" and extended "deepest sympathies" to family and friends, saying that "everyone is shocked" at this "tragic event."
    "It is with deep sadness as I can confirm the tragic death of a member of our nursing staff, Jacintha Saldanha," said John Lofthouse, chief utive of the hospital, said in a statement. "Jacintha has worked at the King Edward VII Hospital for over four years. She was an excellent nurse and well-respected and popular with all of her colleagues. We can confirm that Jacintha was recently the victim of a hoax call to the hospital. The hospital had been supporting her through this very difficult time. Jacintha was a first-class nurse who cared diligently for hundreds of patients during her time with us. Everyone is shocked by the loss of a much loved and valued colleague. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with her family and her friends. Thank you."

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  • jesse , mangalore/kuwait

    Thu, Dec 13 2012

    A few days back I read an Indian lady died in Norway, A few months back Students in Australia, beating and herrassing indian students, and today The death of Jecintha?..... After happening all this we Indians crazy in settling in Canada or U.S. or U.k or any part of europe. We are ready to pay a lot and some sell their property for thie europe job. Why? Our India is far better than europe. Here atleast we have freedom. After working in europe we may get citizenship but in europeans eyes of view we are Indians we are black. Because of these bloody royals our sister lost her precious life. RIP Jecintha.let us pray to god forgive them. and give them good mind not to happen this again to any lady.

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  • Rita/omzoor, omzoor/Germany

    Thu, Dec 13 2012

    Its strange.all of a sudden there seems to be a letter written by the deceased.where was it till now Why was not mentioed tillnow?and who got it and where it is now?thats why all of a sudden Aussies are ready to pay compansation to family.and think everything is washed away.Iam really anxious what they have to publish.sure it will be a second event happenend in Royal family after Lady dianas death that almost all world takes interest. still it is unrevealed. I think she became a offer of fine english art and had to go away.then she wont be getting a better job once its known everywhere.that must have caused her to take this step.everything is mysterious.may her soul rest in peace.tomorrow we know more.

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  • Blaan Mendonca, USA

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    Thomas, Dubai
    It is strange to hear from many nurses that hospital authorities are retaining their all original certificates from the candidates after taking up the new job even after signing the bond. I do not understand are they slaves of hospitals.
    The agents who do the emigration paper work process take your certificates and submit them to the emigration government department and are held them by the emigration department for verification until the entire process is completed and once the entry visa is stamped at the embassy they return to you all the original documents at the embassy in the country from where you have applied.
    Your above statements are not true in United Kingdom and United States. The hospital does not keep any certificates of any employee in their custody and there is no bond but a contract when you are on a visa. If you are a Permanent Resident or a Citizen there are no Bonds, you can resign and change your job and apply for another job at any time. Jacintha Saldanha should have resigned and applied for another job instead of staying at that hospital and committing suicide. I believe she became lonely and was ashamed because the whole episode was published on media. She was not a celebrity to take all these things. She was just a simple sincere intelligent hard working nurse and she could not take it all from the Media, Hospital, and from the Royal family. It was like applying maximum pressure than what anyone could tolerate and traumatizing her to death.

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  • Joyce Pinto, Mangalore/Dubai

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    While this is all happening, why isn't the identity of the nurse who actually gave the details has been hidden? Who is she? Jacintha has not made any mistake, has only transfered the call as part of her job. So, why will she commit suidcide?

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  • Alwyn, Jeppu / Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    Nothing will happen. Salman Khurshid may go on a free trip to London and be back. UK police will say it was suicide and close the case. Indian police will take bribes and drag the case.

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  • mohanmoodbidri, mangalore

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    may her soul rest in peace. my doubt is why she did like that? as per media report, she just transferred the call from r.j. to the concerned department, for that reason why she simply surrendered to death? everything is in mystery! without any threat from a influence full person/s, she could not do so. we are Indian, moreover kannadigas, let not away the matter simply.

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  • Paul D Souza, Bondel\Sharjah

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    Heratfelt condolences to Jacinth's family. May her soul rest in peace.

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  • Alban D' Souza, Udyavara Mumbai Doha Qatar

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    Heartfelt condolences to Jacintha's family. May her soul rest in peace.

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  • Thomas, Dubai

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    Heart-felt condolences for Jacintha' family. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

    It is strange to hear from many nurses that hospital authorities are retaining their all original certificates from the candidates after taking up the new job even after signing the bond. I do not understand are they slaves of hospitals....?

    People should protest regarding this.

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  • Merlyn Sequeira, Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    May Jacintha's soul rest in peace. Jacintha did her schooling at St. Jerosa High School, Jeppoo, Mangalore in the year 1981and was a very smart student. Later she joined Fr. Muller College of Nursingt. May God give courage to her family to bear this loss.

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  • annonymous, bangalore

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    Heartfelt condolences to jacinthas family..We all want 100% justice in this case and hope this will happen.To all those who blame other countries or governments learn that what had happened in india. A year back 22-year-old nurse from the Asian Heart Hospital Mumbai committed suicide because she was continuously harassed by the hospital authorities and they retained her certificates when she got a good offer frm abroad.So what do u say guys strict action is required first in our country.So its better government start focusing on indian nurses welfare.

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  • nagesh nayak, bangalore

    Wed, Dec 12 2012



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  • Blaan Mendonca, USA

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    Naveen Dsouza please understand that Jacintha was not Indian Citizen but a British Citizen of Indian Origin.

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  • Naveen D'souza, Valencia-Kuwait

    Wed, Dec 12 2012


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  • Pp- Muscat, Mangalore-Mct

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    What the family is thinking & asking to do is 100% needed. I too am feeling the same & praying for the truth to come out soon. Nothing is impossible for GOD. Dear Benna, Junal, Lisha & all you family Members, just trust in God & have courage. I understand your agony, grief, shock, by loosing Jessy, even the same with me. She was a good friend of mine when she was at Sohar, Muscat. Really a mystry! What a shock! God alone knows the real cause for her death. Hope & pray that the exact cause to be known by all at the earliest. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

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  • Naveen D'souza, Valencia-Kuwait

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    we are INDIANS Romo Pinto, Mangalore if its happen to EUROPE OR AMERICANS they will take stright way action. main problem is our INDIA govt is not takeing strong action.

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  • Dinesh Salian, Kudroli ,Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    It could be a case of " forced suicide ". Do not trust the British investigating team. They will try to hush up the matter since it is an Indian ( colour of the skin ). Moreover when the person who is about to commit suicide would not think of POSTING a letter. If at all the note will be in the room or in the victims pocket.

    Is the Scotland Yard trying to fool the smart Indians ? Justice Katju, are you too reading this ?

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  • Alwyb, kUDLA

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    Whoever has done this will have the worst career ahead. Poor lady has to die for no reasons. for godsake don't fool us you Royal family. To save your royal name people has to die. Time is up and stop bullying anymore otherwise you will have same life as Egypt, Syria. People are very smart and they don't need kings, queens anymore. We ourself are great kings and queens. There are few rotten kings in Middle east and few in UK.

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  • Romo Pinto, Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    After 5th day of her death, suicide note appeared to them. Very Strange! What they want to fool Indians?

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