Oh Belur - What Kind of Politics is This!

Narayana Swamy
Daijiworld Media Network

Bangalore, Nov 14: Sagar constituency's BJP MLA is a live example of how some of our politicians change their colours overnight ! An ardent follower of former Karnataka CM B S Yeddyurappa, the MLA has shown his true political colour by giving the statements against BSY's Karnataka Janatha Party !

Those who followed TV news channels during Yeddyurappa's 'political crisis' time may well be aware of the personality Belur Gopalakrishna. The handsome, flamboyant, and posh MLA once rebelled against B S Yeddyurappa by joining Janardhana Reddy camp in the year 2010. Later, he reportedly fell to BSY's feet and shifted his loyalty back Yeddyurappa.

When Yeddyurappa's political career was in crisis,  Belur along with his friend Renukacharya stood by him and pledged their support unconditionally. "Come what may, I will remain with Yeddyurappa until my last breath," had been Belur's words.

Even after Yeddurappa lost his CM seat, Belur continued to back his 'guru', perhaps expecting at least a ministerial berth or a chairman's post of any board. When he realised both were not coming his way, he maintained silence for sometime.

Now, Belur is suddenly in the news again, and this time it seems he has quietly shifted his loyalty from Yeddyurappa to Shettar. Below is his statement given on Tuesday November 13 at Hassan in a press conference.

"If Yeddyurappa leaves BJP, there is no loss for party. If he wants to go, let him go, BJP is a national party and here no one is permanent. Building a new party and succeeding is not an easy job. If Yeddyurappa goes out, BJP has other game plans to keep the government alive and win the next elections. Look at Bangarappa - he was a popular leader among the backward community, but when he left the party he became a big failure."

By the way, while giving the above statement he did not forget to mention, "If Renukacharya and other supporters of Yeddyurappa go with him, it will benefit me as I might get a chance in the cabinet for the last few months."

This sudden change in attitude of Belur has surprised thousands of Yedyyurappa supporters, as it was reported that Belur was one of the MLAs instrumental in creating KJP!

Let's wait and watch which politician goes which way.