Mangalore: Telugu Actor Suman Talwar's Heart Beats for Tulunadu

Brijesh Garodi
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore (BG)

Mangalore, Oct 24: Suman Talwar, popular south Indian actor, is a unique blend - born and brought up in Chennai, he is a noted actor in Telugu, but his heart beats for Tulunadu, where he basically has his origins.

Daijiworld caught up with actor during his visit to the city to witness the Dasara festivities.

“Wherever one might live, one shouldn’t forget the culture and tradition of his motherland,” says Suman.

Suman visits Manglore often, especially for religious rituals. This year, he took time off to enjoy the Dasara festival in his native. He has planned and committed himself to visit the major temples in Mangalore.

Suman has acted in 99 Telugu films as a hero. In all, he has done almost 300 movies, including films in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. After his film ‘Annamaya’, he has been in high demand, especially to play devotional characters.

He believes that in order to succeed in any field, be it cinema, business or politics, fate and destiny play a very important role.

He also openly expresses his pride in having the privilege of watching a movie with former President Shankar Dayal Sharma in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

He entered the film industry mainly because of his martial art skills. While he was a student, he was impressed by the martial arts skills by one of his friend. He developed an interest in it and finally that is what helped him surge ahead in his career.

"Karnataka is the only state that has five languages - Kannada, Coorgi, Tulu, Mapla and Konkani. But in spite of being so rich, the Kannada film industry is facing a lot of problems," feels Suman.

"Business will increase and develop if the cinema board allows the dubbing of Karnataka regional language movies to Kannada. Other languages outside Karnataka can be dubbed to Kannada, but Tulu, Konkani, Coorgi or Mapla languages cannot be dubbed to Kannada. Dubbing will automatically increase the potential and hence create a lot of scope and encouragement for Tulu, Konkani and Coorgi movie makers. If their movie is dubbed, they can set markets in other parts of Karnataka as well, rather than being confined to one language or region," he says.

"Dr Rajkumar is the King of Kannada film industry. Likewise in Tamil, it is MGR, in Telugu it is NTR and Prem Nazir in Malayalam. These people are legends and their inspiration is a gift to the youngsters and blooming young artistes. They are all legends and well-known for their unique styles," he says, adding that no one has touched Rajkumar's aura in Kannada so far.

Suman waxes eloquent about megastar Rajnikanth and says he is 'a legend who is a mixture of all the legends of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam'.

According to Suman, there are two mass and class actors in the movie industry - Ranjnikanth and Kamal Hassan. "As far as acting is concerned, Rajnikanth is the best in the whole world," he says.

Suman wishes to act in Kannada, Tulu, Konkani and Coorgi movies as well, provided he is offered an interesting role and script.

Suman practices Yoga daily for half an hour and if free, for an hour.

"Yoga is very important to keep oneself healthy. Diet is another major factor that needs to be controlled," he says.

“Meditation helps in releasing mental stress. Too much desire leads to tension in body. Also, balance the mind to welcome failures in life and take it as a challenge and achieve success," he advises.

He believes in the motto ‘Every day is a new day’.

Suman is not all about movies, but has a soft corner for farmers too. "Farmers are the backbone of our nation; hence there is a need to support them. The government needs to take proper action to preserve cultivable lands and set aside a certain amount for the insurance of their farms and lives. When there is drought or fall in price, this money can be utilized for their recovery," he says.