Mangalore: Sonia Gandhi Inaugurates Kudroli Temple Centenary Celebrations

Mangalore: Sonia Gandhi Inaugurates Kudroli Temple Centenary Celebrations

Pics: Spoorthi Ullal
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore (DV)

Mangalore, Oct 18: The centenary celebrations of Kudroli Shri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple and Dasara festivities were inaugurated by Congress national president Sonia Gandhi at the Temple premises here on Thursday October 18.

Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the celebrations first by unveiling the plaque and then by symbolically handing over the Billawa community flag to Kudroli Temple committee president H S Sairam.

Addressing the gathering, Sonia said, "I am previleged to be in this most sacred place. I am also happy because my late husband (Rajiv Gandhi) was here before to inaugurate the renovated Kudroli Temple years ago."

Extolling the teachings of Sri Narayana Guru, she said, "Sri Narayana Guru was a great philosopher and social reformer whose thoughts had influenced Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru and Rabindranath Tagore. He constructed many temples in Kerala and Mangalore too is influenced by his teachings."

She further said, "He was also a social reformer whose ideology eradicated discrimination and brought people of all walks of life to the mainstream.

"His philosophy of 'one caste, one religion and one god' is still present amongst us, and Kudroli Temple has preserved this philosophy with great sanctity, which attracts people from all corners. Kudroli Temple is the symbol of social harmony," she said.

"Ours is a great country, which respects all cultures, castes and religions. There is social unity. Dakshina Kannada district is famous for being multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-caste. It is our sacred duty to preserve this tolerance," she added.

Sonia further spoke on Sri Narayana Guru and said that he established many educational institutions and that people of all faiths follow him.

"Let us re-dedicate ourselves to this place," she declared.

Addressing the gathering, an elated Janardhan Poojary, managing trustee of the Temple, said, "I am the luckiest person today, being here with Madam Gandhi. I have no words to express my joy."

Recalling the Temple's connection with the Gandhi family he said, "Earlier Rajiv Gandhi had visited Kudroli Temple to inaugurate it on February 8, 1991, after its renovation. Now we have Sonia Gandhi inaugurating the centenary celebrations. We are obliged to the Gandhi family."

Showering praises on the Gandhi-Nehru family, he said, "Rajiv Gandhi was a great man. He dedicated his entire life to the nation. We are obliged to the Gandhi-Nehru family because they have sacrificed a lot for the nation."

"Today is a great day in the history of Kudroli Temple, a day I can never forget," he declared, adding that the country needs the services of the Gandhi family.

Sonia Gandhi was presented with an idol of Radha-Krishna by Poojary on the occasion.

Earlier, Sonia offered puja in the Temple and inaugurated the Dasara festivities in the hall where the Navadurge idols are installed. She was honoured with a shawl.

Rajya Sabha MP Oscar Fernandes and his wife Blossom, union railway minister K H Muniyappa, state opposition leader Siddaramaiah, J P Suvarna, Urmila Ramesh Kumar and others were present.

Tight security was deployed in the Temple premises. Though 2,000 passes were issued to the public, only those with VIP passes, around 200-300, were allowed inside the Temple.



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    Fri, Nov 2 2012

    When I see these pictures of temple and the hosting leaders, I remember two dates = 10.4.1988 and 27.11.1989/90. Both were very powerfull dates that shaped the history of institution, individuals and community.

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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 22 2012

    Dear Mr. avani, mlore/uae
    I am asking you, are you a corrupt, are you a sinner, are you a liar???!!!
    If so had you been to/entered the temple/s
    Tell me YES OR NO.

    Now once again don’t jump to ask the same question to me as you jumped in defense to the comments of fake name George, Dubai.

    DisAgree Agree [6] Reply Report Abuse

  • avani, mlore/uae

    Mon, Oct 22 2012

    Dear Joseph! Why to ask about single human, single man and single person(Tom, Dik and Harry)? George is talking about Soniaji which is true.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [2] Reply Report Abuse

  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 22 2012

    Dear Mr. George, Dubai,
    Those who have entered the temple before Soniaji were all clean, sanctified, purified and holy people?

    Is there a single human who was not corrupt, is there a single man who has not sinned, is there a single person who has not lied? Can you answer?

    DisAgree [3] Agree [8] Reply Report Abuse

  • George, Dubai

    Sun, Oct 21 2012

    Soniaji,(mother of all scams)dirtied the temple by entering. How dare you.
    First clean up your self & your gang of corrupt politicians and then enter any holy place, you shameless woman.

    DisAgree [11] Agree [6] Reply Report Abuse

  • alban lewis, Kallianpur/bangalore

    Sat, Oct 20 2012

    From the pictures above, of the assembly inside the temple, I think
    Oscar was not allowed to enter!!
    He is around outside the temple everywhere.
    Wonder why he was not allowed or was he afraid to enter a Hindu Temple, with his wife - not secular at all!!!

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    Sat, Oct 20 2012


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  • sbk, Mangalore/Muscat

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Blossom Akka

    Ellellu Nodali Nimmanne Kanuve

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  • Leena Saldanha, Bondel/Mangalore

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    it is great of Smt Sonia Gandhi to come to Mangalore during this festive season. Mr. Poojary has done a good job. Well arranged and planned program. A good event. it is difficult to satisfy mass.

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  • Chandrashekar , Mangalore

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Admire the ability of Shri Poojary, criticising instead,in conducting all the functions in the Temple in a smooth and disciplined manner involving all the community. Criticism is natural when a self styled person like Poojary does something innovative. His attitude excels

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    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    After this Big Show in the name of Kudroli Temple ,Who will get the Ticket for the next Gen Election ?Any body know the Answer?.

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  • KRPrabhu, Kudla/Bangalore

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    @Prathheesh Kumar,Mumbai
    Believe me Mr.Pratheesh,inspite of advancement in our life style,intelegence,technology development,changes taken place in the field of education etc., also whole soceity is in utter confusion.
    This was so since time immemorial and also will continue.....

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    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Shri Janardhana Poojary ki JAI...

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  • Amin Bhoja, Patte / Riyadh

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    'One Caste One religion and One God' A great thought to the mankind. A good effort from Janardhan Poojary in this occassion too.My wish to Madam Soniaji and Janardhan poojary a good health and success to thier life ,a journey ahead.

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  • Ramesh, Kinnigoli

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Kota Srinivas poojari is also a billawa. I being positive think that Janardhan poojari & others forgot in the busy schedule!!!

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  • JRAO,

    Fri, Oct 19 2012


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  • R.Bhandarkar., M

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Please for once have a look at Sonia Gandhiji- the person- For those who saw clearly she was overwhelmed with emotion and could not hold her tears back when Mr. Poojary mentioned about Rajiv coming here to inaugurate the renovated temple. It was in Feb 1991. He was killed in May 1991. Mr Poojary showing the plaque to Mrs Gandhi should move anybody ! Felt for Mrs Gandhi deeply at that moment myself. Glory be to the Lord and spiritual master- Sri Narayana Guru...

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  • Riyaz, Mangalore

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    A REVOLUTIONARY AND A FAR-SIGHTED leader is Mr.Janardhan Poojary.
    Example of his revolutionary step :Two years back, he invited few widows to Kudroli Temple to inaugurate an auspicious programme, thereby shocking the Hindu clergy.
    Example of his far-sightedness: The above revolutionary step made it easy for him to get the centenary programme inaugurated by Soniyaji.

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  • kvprabhu, mangalore

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    I respect H.H sri narayana guru swamy his teachings still i follow...but one think i dint like was politicians are misutilising the name of GOD brahmashree narayana guru...none other vote bank in temple..please stop this. brahmashree narayana guru save us all from this evil...

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  • sharad shetty, udupi

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Another clear example of vote bank politics played out by the congress party.

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  • j.suverna, doha - udupi-bannajje

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Heartily welcome ..Mrs.Soniaji to our M'lore... all the Mangalorean should be proud of her.. ...really she is great women i am always proud of her... Nice to see her in Mangalore... my great salam to daijiworld' team .. because given us nice best wishes for all of them...

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  • Rima , Mangalore/Riyadh

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Congratulations and all credit goes to Mr.Janardhan Poojary, for his great efforts to make possible this historic visit and rousing welcome to Mrs Gandhi in Mangalore.

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  •, Calgary, Canada

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Our country is truely secular. Long live India !

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  • Arjun, India

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Sonia is blessed, by god's grace let she prevail in active politics and work for goodness of our country.....She makes a perfect ambassador for India's one caste, one religion, one god for all philosophy.

    DisAgree [19] Agree [52] Reply Report Abuse

  • Prasad, Udupi

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Well I do have questions about this celebrations. They talk about one caste, one community etc all. However the temple ceremony resembles braminical rituals with priests wearing sacred thread etc. I don't see janardhana poojary involving the downtrodden community like Harijans, adivasis etc. money is simply being spent on enhancing the beauty of the temple. It would have been good if they had built a hospital or school with the funds.

    DisAgree [29] Agree [30] Reply Report Abuse

  • Santhosh, Udupi

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    Clearly shows the blending of Hindu-Muslim-Christian limited to their Congress party only, since we cannot see/invited others.

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  • mudartha l, kankanady,mangalore.

    Fri, Oct 19 2012

    today sonia received treat like godess.

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  • Prasheesh Kumar. S., Mumbai

    Thu, Oct 18 2012

    When the highly learned Original Priests of this Temple were there to Perform Pooja for Sonia Gandhi, Why a Brahmin Priest from Acharya Mutt had to be called to Perform Pooja or Utter Mantra.
    Surely this is an insult to Brahmashri Narayana Gurusri, who founded this temple as a challenge to Brahmin Purohitshahi 100 years ago !.
    Even today, though Brahmin Devotees visit this temple to see its beauty, still they avoid taking Theertha Prasada from the Billava Priests of this Temple.
    So Why a Brahmin Priest was required during the visit of Soniaji ?.

    DisAgree [8] Agree [43] Reply Report Abuse

  • Patric, Jeppu, Mangalore

    Thu, Oct 18 2012

    Kudroli is the Icon for secularism.

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  • Evans Christopher Sumitra, Udupi/New York, USA

    Thu, Oct 18 2012

    Great pictures by Spoorthi Ullal. I was in India with my family and I missed all the pictures and up-to-date news. We are all glad that Sonia Gandhi and her team were for inauguration of KUDROLI TEMPLE CENTENARY CELEBRATIONS. My best wishes to on and all.

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  • Sandesh Shetty, Bangalore/Kudla

    Thu, Oct 18 2012

    Tripti, Brahmavar/Dubai because Mr Abdul Kalam sir is a very clean person that's why.

    DisAgree [18] Agree [35] Reply Report Abuse

  • Tripti, Brahmavar/Dubai

    Thu, Oct 18 2012

    Why Mr Poojary did't bring Dr. Abdul Kalam along with Sonia Gandhi?

    DisAgree [86] Agree [76] Reply Report Abuse

  • santosh shetty, mangalore/mumbai

    Thu, Oct 18 2012

    Its Mr.poojary show all the way.. Jai Ho

    DisAgree [10] Agree [27] Reply Report Abuse

  • Praveen , Mangalore

    Thu, Oct 18 2012

    Everything is fine! Great effort of Janardhan Poojary!

    DisAgree [24] Agree [77] Reply Report Abuse

  • Arun Sanil, Canada

    Thu, Oct 18 2012


    DisAgree [23] Agree [69] Reply Report Abuse


    Thu, Oct 18 2012


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    Thu, Oct 18 2012

    Soniaji welcome to M'lore. This temple is one of the largest temple in M'lore. The Gorkarnatheshwara temple otherwise known as kudroli Sri. Gokarnatheshwara Khestra. Former Minister of state for finance govt of India Janardhan Poojary is the architect of renovation and reconstruction of this glorious temple.

    DisAgree [46] Agree [111] Reply Report Abuse

  • KRPrabhu, Kudla/Bangalore

    Thu, Oct 18 2012

    It is nice to see Sri Pandit Narasimhacharya,a great vedic scholar,Acharya mutt,Sri Venkataramana temple at the function.

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Title : Mangalore: Sonia Gandhi Inaugurates Kudroli Temple Centenary Celebrations


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