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London, Oct 7: Stany Mendonca from Cascia, Mangalore, now residing at Sunderland, UK will be presenting 'Stan Nite' in London at Copeland School, Cecil Avenue, Wembly, Middlesex, HA9 7DU, UK on June 23, 2013.

Though the musical nite is nine months away, to host a rare and full-fledged Konkani musical nite, Stany wants support and blessings from Konkani speaking people of the United Kingdom.

Stany has presented about five musical nites so far in the past in Mangalore which have been very successful, and this will be his first musical nite abroad. 

Stany has composed more than 200 songs and has so far released two CD albums under his own personal banner of 'Stan's Melodies Vol 1 Chintnam, Bhognam, Bhavana' (2006) and 'Stan Melodies Vol 2 Yego Pisolya' (2010).

"I will be releasing many more CD albums in the future, featuring lyrics and songs sung by budding and emerging singers," says Stany who is excited about hosting his musical nite far away from Mangalore.

"In my first 'CD Stan's Melodies Vol 1 Chintnam, Bhognam, Bhavana (2006) I  composed and dedicated the song 'Hazaarom Podaanso Shilpi Konkan Kogull Wilfy' to the great composer and singer the late Wilfy Rebimbus and by that I was greatly honoured to be appreciated by the great legend, who said that I was the only one to compose a song on him. Nivedita, Nil Nil Gaganar, Mai, Bijjami, Nide Bala, Raav Muja Mona and Mogora are the most popular compositions in Vol 1," he says

His second CD 'Vol 2 Yego Pisolya' was also popular and appreciated by many Konkani lovers. Heart touching songs “Tho ani na”, a tribute to Konkani Kogull Wilfy Rebimbus, and 'Air India' which depicted the tragedy of Air India flight at Mangalore were appreciated by many Konkani lovers. The songs Yego Pisolya, Jeevan Hem, Maggie, Fulellem Ful, Mai, Vishall Dariya have also been hit numbers of this CD.

After arriving in the UK, he kept himself active singing for Konkani programmes, organizing choir for Konkani mass and also compering programmes.

"When I expressed my desire to present a musical nite with some business entrepreneurs in London, they happily  came forward  to extend their support and make it a grand success. I am sure with the blessings of all Konkani loving people of London this Nite will creat a record in  history among Konkani speaking people in theUK,  and  I will put in all my efforts to give mind-blowing entertainment to all my supporters. High class comedy  will tickle the audience and professional dance will win the hearts of Konkani people. There are also plans to get guest artistes to increase the beauty and add flavour to the show," Stany says.
Readers will be updated on the event from time to time.

For enquiries please contact

Stany Mendonca  (Sunderland) – 0044 07577993416 – stanm-uk@yahoo.com
Melvyn Rodrigues (London)       - 0044 07949196188
Glen                          (London)      - 0044 07773719279
Helen                        (London)      - 0044 07966475148
Ceazar                      (London)      - 0044 07956538503
Alwyn Dantis      (Nottingham)   - 0044 07955582706
Santhosh Pinto  (Manchester)   - 0044 07774323648