Movie Review: 'Desi Boyz' - Impressive, Decent Entertainer 

By Veekshitha Arasa
Daijiworld Media Network – Entertainment 
Rating: 3/5

Mangalore, Nov 26: Looking at John-Akshay duo back again in the Desi Boyz trailers, if you were under the impression that this one's again a ‘Garam Masala’ sort of movie, let me tell you it’s not. Desi Boyz is much more different, much more entertaining and much more polished. 

Being the directorial debut of Rohit Dhawan, son of well-known director David Dhawan, the movie keeps you engaged till the end with a good blend of entertainment and emotions. 


The movie opens with the bold news headlines about ‘Recession’ in UK. Out of the many hit by recession are our Desi Boyz too, of whom Nick (John Abraham) is an honest, hard-worker, graduated from the London University and his best friend Jerry (Akshay Kumar), though he does not complete his graduation, manages to have a decent living, thanks to his earning Indian friend Nick. 

Nick has a fiancé Radhika (Deepika Padukone) who dreams of a perfect wedding, with a perfect gown, perfect honeymoon and what not. Jerry’s emotions are all connected with his orphan nephew Veer (extremely adorable) whom he loves more than his life.

When Nick loses his Job, both the friends are at a loss, as there is no way to pay Veer’s school fee and fulfill Radhika’s pricey dreams. Then comes the creator of ‘Desi Boyz’ Sanjay Dutt (with the background tune of ‘Nayak nahin khalnayak hoon main’). He introduces the two boys to a different world of making women happy as ‘men escorts’, the only place which doesn’t and cannot get hit by recession according to him (and pays well at the same time). Though Nick’s super-ego doesn’t permit him to agree for the ethically low job, to keep his dear friend happy he goes for it. But then this job turns their already disrupted lives upside down. Nick gets caught by Radhika while making the women happy in a dance bar and Jerry’s Veer too is sent to a foster home, away from him. So the two Desi Boyz set out to get their lives back on track.


For a debutant director, this was truly a commendable effort. Full marks to Rohit Dhawan as he certainly seems promising with Desi Boyz. The film looks better on the production values front, than any recent David Dhawan films (if you've watched Rascals, you will agree). 

The friendship between the two Desi Boyz is well portrayed, the Desi way, going to any extent, doing all the good and weird  things just for that one person called a friend. 

The editing by Nitin Rokade and cinematography by N Natarajan Subramnaniam are flawless. The lighting and the choreography can be termed without a doubt first-rate. The narration is smooth and script too is written wonderfully. The one-liners used in the movie are catchy and brilliant. 

But once out of the theatre one might wonder why the movie was given ‘A’ certificate by the censor board as it hardly has any intimate or raunchy scenes.


The two Desi Boys – John Abraham and Akshay Kumar are at their best, both appearance and acting wise. The presentation of comedy as well as emotions by both is praiseworthy. Akshay after a long time has managed to choose a perfect role for him and after Force John seems like getting even better. The dance of the duo in the title track is rocking. Deepika Padukone has not much to do, and Chitrangda even less but both are delighting in their own ways. Sanjay Dutt, Anupam Kher and Omi Vaidya too play their parts well. 


Pritam's music is captivating and peps up the mood of the film. Songs - Subha Hone Na De, Allah Maaf Kare, Make Some Noise For The Desi Boyz and Jhak Maar Ke are foot tapping. 


For the commendable performances by the two Desi Boyz and a fine first attempt by the promising director I would go with three stars. 

The movie is a decent entertainer. Though it may not make you laugh aloud, it certainly makes you smile most of the while. So guys why wait. ‘Make some time for the Desi Boyz’. 


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