GVOM finale : Countdown begins as panel of judges announced

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Muscat, Oct 26: Muscat, the capital of Sultanate of Oman which is regarded as one of the finest Gulf countries where a sizeable number of Indians reside, is all set to host the mega finale of Gulf Voice of Mangalore, Season 4.

After three successful events in the past (Kuwait 2008, Dubai 2010, Doha 2012), Gulf Voice of Mangalore, the brainchild of two veteran Konkani activists and organisers from Kuwait Lawrence Pinto and Louis Rodrigues, has become a household name in every Konkani speaking home in the Gulf and all over the world.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, UAE and Oman, all of which have a good number of Konkani speaking community members from Mangalore, are the participating countries in the event.

Louis Rodrigues and Lawrence Pinto (Founders of GVOM)

All the six semi-finals have been completed and now one male and one female contestant from each country have emerged winner to represent their respective country. To add spark to the show, recorded videos of all semi-finals are being telecast in the local Daijiworld 24x7 TV channel, quickly touching the hearts of Konkani music lovers residing in the coastal cities of Karnataka.

Now the final host Muscat, under the chairmanship of Stany Fernandes, popularly known as 'Dattu' in Oman, is all set present the historic event on Friday, November 7.

Stany Fernandes - Chairman, organising committee, MCCP, Muscat

"We have tremendous pressure to make this show a memorable one, as there are huge expectations from all corners. With six Gulf countries involved in this event, the show is truly going to be an international one. We have well-known judges coming from India, also master compere and musicians coming from Mangalore. We want to ensure that it is a transparent and sincere contest so that real talents shine," says Stany Fernandes speaking to daijiworld.

"We are grateful to founders of the show Lawrence Pinto and Louis Rodrigues for giving us an opportunity to host the show in Muscat. We have a good number of Konkani speaking community members here, and we expect people beyond language barrier to attend the show. Undoubtedly, the show is going to be one of the biggest hosted by MCCP in its history," says Fernandes, who is also a senior member and past president of MCCP which is doing yeoman service to the community in Oman from the last couple of decades.

MCCP announces panel of judges for GVOM finale

GVOM finale organiser MCCP has officially announced the panel of judges for the final event.

Fr Valerian Mendonca

Poet, composer and director of music, Fr Valerian has brought out 35 audio CDs of devotional music along with Fr Clement Mascarenhas - 24 in Konkani, 6 in Hindi, 4 in Kannada and 1 in English. He has served as the director of Sandesha Foundation for Culture and Education, Mangalore. Besides singing, he plays the accordion, keyboard and guitar, and is an enthusiast of poetry, music, art and dance.

He has composed Konkani lyrics for hymns and bhajans of Dr Fr Charles Vas, SVD, Mumbai. He has also composed lyrics and music of a number of anthems for institutions like St Joseph Engineering College, Vamanjoor, Milagres College, Mangalore, Sacred Heart College, Madanthyar, St Mary’s College, Shirva, and many others. He was awarded the Sandesha Award for Konkani Music in 2013.

Presently, he is the chancellor of the diocese of Udupi and parish priest of St Peter Church, Barkur.

Babitha D'Sa

A well-known face in the Wilfy Rebimbus musical nites for decades, Babitha D'Sa has rendered her voice to Wilfy audio albums as well. 

Babitha has sung in 33 CDs of Wilfy Rebimbus and in a few CDs of Stany Mendonca and Claud Bendur. She has sung devotional songs in another 6 CDs of Wilfy, Fr Walter Albuquerque, Fr Rony Serrao. Babitha has also sung a duet song with Prem for Konkani film “Bogsane”. She has also acted in the musical drama “Ali Baba and 40 Chors”. In 1977, HMV the giant music company had recorded 2 of her songs for their disc.

Recently KarnatakaKonkaniSahithyaAcademy honoured her in recognition of her contributions to Konkani music. In 1995 Konkan Kogul Wilfy and Meena had hounoured her with gold medal for her long standing contribution to Konkani music and for her association with Wilfy’s Troupe United Youngsters.

She was among the panel of judges for season 3 of Gulf Voice of Mangalore semi-finals in Kuwait.

Ivan A Sequeira

Ivan A Sequeira from Valencia, Mangalore is currently residing in Mumbai. Ivan, who started singing at the age of 7, won prizes in singing contest right from a tender age. He has been an active member of Wilfy Rebimbus group from the first Wilfy Nite. He has 44 years of association with the Wilfy Rebimbus family.

Ivan has performed in Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other countries. He has also rendered his voice for 7 devotional albums. He has performed for musical nites of MickMax, Claude D’Souza, Prem Kumar, Henry D’Souza, Victor Concessco and Charles D’Cunha.
He was the judge for Kuwait semi-finals of Gulf Voice of Mangalore, season 3.

Currently, he is actively associated with the Wilfy Rebimbus group and performs for all its albums and Wilfy Nites. Settled in Mumbai, he is actively involved in Bhayandar church choir.


Alwin Arun Noronha

Alwin is currently incharge headmaster at St Joseph’s PU College (high school section), Bajpe. As choir master for Bajpe parish, he has trained many emerging singing talents in Konkani music.

He was among the panel of judges for the Gulf Voice of Mangalore semi-finals in Doha-Qatar, and has also conducted voice training workshops in Mangalore and one in Doha-Qatar.

He has two Konkani music albums to his credit, "Bhangramani" and "Bhogthiponi". He has already presented seven of his own musical nites around Mangalore. Apart from his own albums, he has rendered voice to many Konkani audio albums and musical nites. Presently he runs a one-man band called 'Micro Band'.


Compere Leslie Rego

Leslie Rego will host the finals of GVOM for the fourth consecutive time. He has been an integral part of the show right from 2008, and during the first two seasons he had travelled across all the six Gulf countries for hosting the semi-finals and the finals. A prolific speaker, actor, compere and a successful event organiser, Leslie has compered a number of events in India and abroad.

He is currently running a Konkani talk show 'Amchi Maati, Amchim Monsham' on the recently launched Daijiworld 24x7 TV channel, which has grown into a popular programme among the people of coastal districts within a short span of time.


Musicians for GVOM finale :


Theo, Richard, Melwin and Ashit


Joswin Pinto, music director and lead guitarist, has been playing for a number of Wilfy Nites in India, Gulf and Canada from the past many years. He has composed and directed music for a number of albums and shows. Currently, he is the lead guitarist in 'Cosmic Rays', one of Mangalore's popular bands.

Joswin will lead the team of musicians for the finale. He will be supported by Richard Monteiro, Melwyn Fernandes, Theo Alvares and Ashit Pinto.

More exciting details on GVOM finale will be updated in the coming days..keep watching this space..Daijiworld.com is exclusive media partner for  the event

Exclusive coverage of Semi-final rounds :



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    Mon, Oct 27 2014

    Congratulations to the organisers for their efforts for arranging
    this event, thanking the panel of judges and the musicians for their love and devoting their valuable time.

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  • Rohan, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 27 2014

    Like Gulf Voice of Mangalore, we want Voice of  Mangalore in Mangalore too

    DisAgree [5] Agree [12] Reply Report Abuse

  • Olympia, India

    Mon, Oct 27 2014

    Loelo Boliye. It looks like you have already done the fixing! Is it? anyways good luck for your dream. People comment just for the sake of commenting. Without attending the shows and without understanding the true meaning of music and singing, how come anyone can simply comment? Standing like a statue and screaming on a loud voice, missing notes, scale, tempo etc. is not called good singing. Only the Professional singers and musicians can judge them. Who are we who do not know the ABCD of music? Almighty knows and he has decided already who is the winner! So guys, please respect our community and to all those people who are working day and night to do some good job to our Society. At least have some God fear before playing on others sentiments. If you cant appreciate, then please do not discourage others who are doing good. Wishing all the 12 Finalists good luck. You all are winners already! Give your best, that's it. Rest leave it to God.

    DisAgree [12] Agree [32] Reply Report Abuse

  • nelson, mangalore/kuwait

    Mon, Oct 27 2014

    Your comments on Loelo comments are really needless. Loelo has just voted for his favorites and you mention of fixing. Don't give it a bad color pls. Every contest has its own favorites and winners.

    DisAgree [11] Agree [7] Reply Report Abuse

  • Lourdes D'Sa, Mumbai

    Mon, Oct 27 2014

    All the best to all the finalist and the judges. May you be guided by the Holy Spirit to choose the right one!!

    DisAgree [8] Agree [6] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mark Dsouza, Dubai

    Mon, Oct 27 2014

    Very good panel of judges...good job MCCP

    Also Leslie is best and leading MC in Konkani...
    all the best

    DisAgree [2] Agree [6] Reply Report Abuse

  • Priya, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 27 2014

    All The Best to all the contestants...Judges will choose who is The Best Gulf Voices of Mangalore..

    DisAgree [6] Agree [6] Reply Report Abuse

  • Fr. Richard Mascarenhas SJ, Puttur/FRH Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 27 2014

    It's really a great panel of judges. GREAT because they are a top class musicians and have contributed a lot to the world of Konkani Music. Good luck to you Fr. Vally, Ms Babita, Mr Alwyn and Mr Ivan. May you have a GREAT EXPERIENCE at the venue.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • joe Gonsalves, Mangalore

    Mon, Oct 27 2014

    It is a matter of legitimate pride to the Mangalorean community to observe that some of our talented men are making waves in Middle East.

    I have known Stany Fernandes for the past several decades as a hard working, sincere, talented and out-going gentleman with great qualities of heart and mind. Under his guidance H.V.O.M. should indeed rise to greater heights.

    Joe Gonsalves

    DisAgree [5] Agree [12] Reply Report Abuse

  • John, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Oct 27 2014

    This time no competitors for Kuwait singers...Dubai just show off...Its easy to sing playback in studios with repeated re-takes..but live singing needs guts and confidence...

    DisAgree [20] Agree [10] Reply Report Abuse

  • Lidwin Pinto, Dubai

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    Good luck all.
    Judges be impartial. Do not give any feedback during competition. MC please do not announce any comments those influence judges rating. 

    DisAgree [13] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • loelo, boliye

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    GVOM Male goes to Kuwait, Female UAE :) Mark my words !!

    DisAgree [25] Agree [26] Reply Report Abuse

  • Lancy Henry Moras (Lhm), Moushmi Creations, Bajjodi

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    I'm singing because it's the best emotion in the world, coz my soul sings anthems of love. Triumph doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square – my fair N lovely advice to 12 grand finale best of best picked singers.

    I energetically believe that the self-trust is the most first clandestine of success. Good luck to the penal of wonderful judges, organizers and for sure the GVOM – 4 finishing awesome talented singers. May God be with you all throughout your performance.

    DisAgree [22] Agree [13] Reply Report Abuse

  • Henry Lewis, Sastan/Kuwait

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    Wish you all the best wishes to the finalists of GVOM and congrats to the organizers. It is an great opportunity to show ones talents.

    DisAgree [7] Agree [10] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jeevan, Riyadh

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    This time Saudi has good chance....atleast runner-up...jai ho

    DisAgree [9] Agree [13] Reply Report Abuse

  • Albert, Dubai.

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    Should Judges consider marks from previous auditions and semifinals?!!!!!!. If we everyone become a judges then this is the issue.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • arun, pangla

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    Dear,Fr, Vall...all the very best

    DisAgree [6] Agree [1] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    All the best to all the participants. Congrats to all the judges & musicians. It is sad that 'DARLING OF MASSES' Ronald Olivera is not part of this GVOM finale.

    DisAgree [24] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jossie Mascarenhas, Bajpe / Dubai

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    Great panel of judges. All four are top class musicians in their own field. It is indeed nice to see Alwyn Noronha in the panel to judge the best of the Mangalorean voices.

    Looking forward to their expert comments in minute detail after each performance similar to those on Soad 4 which will surely enhance the quality of the show.

    DisAgree [14] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • Gretta Rebello, Bejai

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    Congrats dear Rev Fr Valerian, Babitha Ivan and Alwyn and also to Leslie Rego n team ....all the best and enjoy your trip

    DisAgree [14] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ivan Mathias, Karambar / AbuDhabi

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    This time Winner Girl from UAE, Boy from Kuwait

    DisAgree [28] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • K.Fernandes, Dubai

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    Dear Music director and team, Give suffcient time to practise to all participants before the final.Also request,Audio team, to arrange suffcient number of cord-less and corded mic with sufficient length of cable (Still remember prevous Final, audio person struggle to keep the mic at centre of stage). due to short lenght of cable) on stage as standby. All the best to all participants. Good Luck

    DisAgree [5] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse

  • Clement Lobo, Bahrain / Chikmaglore

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    Mr. Vijith..............

    DisAgree [25] Agree [2] Reply Report Abuse

  • Denzil Menezes, Dubai

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    Thank you Daijiworld for the details on GVOM Finale. It is surprising to know that Sangeeth Guru Joel Pereira is not part of judges panel who has been the back bone of the GVOM Finales since the beginning.
    However, good luck for the finale.

    DisAgree [29] Agree [10] Reply Report Abuse

  • Alwyn Dsouza, Permude

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    All the best to all the contestants. It would have been better if there was a musician as a judge too. Missing Joel Pereira big time. He is a genius and deserves a place in GVOM judges category. Somewhere down the line, i feel there was a better combination of judges in the semifinals. All the best to all.

    DisAgree [26] Agree [17] Reply Report Abuse

  • Roshan Dsouza, Kuwait

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    This time both winners from KUWAIT.....Yallaaa....go get it...

    DisAgree [59] Agree [12] Reply Report Abuse

  • Deepak, Paladka

    Sun, Oct 26 2014

    UAE r u listening????? Joshal, Vincent go get it.

    DisAgree [51] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse

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