Must Read: Dr Edward's New Book on Health for Seniors

Stan Ageira
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

Mangalore, Nov 30: The number five is famous for Biblical reasons. Old Testament contains five books on Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers). The Old Testament also unfolds the five books written in the form of poetry; from Job to the Song of Solomon.

Dr Edward, a doctor for all seasons of human life, too has completed the series of famous five by presenting his fifth book on health with the title ‘Malgadyanchi Balaiki' (Health for Seniors). The book was unveiled at a function held in Dubai recently. Written and published by Dr Edward Nazareth, the valuable book of 275 pages costs only Rs 250.
He has already written four other books on health, ‘Bhurgyanchi Jatan’ (Child Care) being the first of the series, followed by ‘Yuvazanank Laingik Shikshan’, (Sex Education for Youth), ‘Kazaari Laingik Zivit’ (Marital Sex Relationship) and ‘Madhyam Prayer Balaiki Jatan’ (Health for Middle Aged). And now by touching the topic of health of seniors (Malgadyanchi Bolaiki), Dr Edward seem to have completed the entire cycle of human life from infancy to elderly stage.

According to a recently published report, rising longevity marks growing life expectancy in all parts of the world. The higher level of ageing population is triumph of humanity but also a challenge to society. Worldwide, the number of persons over 60 years is growing faster than any other age group. The number of people in this age group was estimated to be 688 million in 2006, projected to grow to almost two billion by 2050. By that time, the population of older people will be much larger than that of children under the age of 14 years for the first time in human history. Moreover, the oldest segment of population aged 80 and over, particularly prone to all kinds of illness and its consequences, is the fastest growing within older population, expected to represent 20% of the older population by 2050.
However long you live, life remains at ease only when one is blessed with good health. Being imprudent on health issues at young age would lead to health problems through the later part of life. Indiscipline in lifestyle increases health risks. That’s why they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A healthy life is always a reflection of the precautions you take in making it delightful. Dr Edward Nazareth’s new book ‘Malgadyanchi Balaiki’ covers all such critical issues that bother mankind while crossing over from middle age to senior stage.
Medical information is not easy to understand. At times, it’s misleading and causes confusion. The gifted writer in Konkani, Dr Edward has the artistic ability of conveying convoluted topics in most simple way. That’s how he has become popular in Daijiworld for his ‘Ask Doctor’ column for close to a decade. All his past four books on health have been bestsellers and his fifth book ‘Malgadyanchi Balaiki’ is potentially strong to surpass the preceding record. The book makes life simple for the seniors and aged. Medical topics are complex in nature. Dr Edward explains technical points and suggests therapeutic measures for any common man to understand.


The initial chapters of the book cover areas of food, diet, workouts, relaxation and sleeping habits. The tips are not only helpful for the seniors, nevertheless also should be beneficial to ones are on crossroads. He strikes hard with his memorable quote, “People don’t become old within a day”. The essential factors related to the changes and transformations that take place in eyes, ears, digestive system, bones, joints and sexual organs are informatively explained. There is advice on revitalizing the energy level and to maintain the youthfulness at older age. The book tells us about preparation involved in having a fit mind & body beyond the age of fifty. It enlightens on how the aged can take of them selves by staying healthy and provides also useful information for caretakers in looking after the aged. The book could be worthwhile friend for both elderly persons and the custodians as well.
The valuable health tips on common illness and disorders such as high cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and heart connected ailments are highly informative. Dr Edward goes deep into the complaints related to vision, audible range, orthopedics, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer's disease. Remedial measures have been suggested to these disorders and several other old age related frailty. Practically it brings us back to the age old saying ‘prevention is better than cure.’
Present teens and young ones are bold enough to solve their problems on sex related issues. However the aged ones feel embarrassed about raising these ordeals. Some basic information on old age sex is provided in this book. It is a complex area that involves your physical make-up, how you think about yourself, and how you feel about others and the society you live in. The requirement of sex at old age, the difficulties, the challenges and answers are explained in best possible way. There is an all important critical chapter on symptoms of Cancer, prevention, early detection and treatment.
Famed writer Dolphy Cassia, advices in his preface, ‘Don’t ignore the symptoms of any kind of illness. We get into bigger ailments while neglecting the alerting signals of curable conditions. This book is a guiding manual for every person above 45. One has to learn and revise the contents on daily basis. The book should be treated as a friend and the alliance will help in having a longer and healthy life. Fr Francis Rodrigues, the editor of Raknno in his introduction categorizes Dr Edward’s book as ‘the must doctor in living room.’ He further elaborates, ‘having the complete series of 5 books of Dr Edward is as good as owning multi specialty hospital at the cheapest possible cost.’ ‘Malgadyanchi Balaiki’ is truly friend in need and a friend in deed for every senior citizen.


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  • Jim Dsouza, U.A E

    Wed, Jul 24 2013

    I would like to pruchase the book on health issuse . Please let me know how to go about it for the prucahse . i am based in dubai

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  • Russell, Vancouver

    Sun, Dec 11 2011

    Congrats on such a big achievement. Hope to get my hands on the complete series of the books.

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  • Dr. Cajetan Coelho, Goa, India

    Sat, Dec 10 2011

    Malgadyanchi Bolaiki is a precious contribution. Health is wealth. Methods and techniques for the prevention of health-related disabilities has been placed in the hands of our senior and yet to be senior citizens. Congratulations to the prolific author.

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  • Nadeem, Uppala/Dubai

    Thu, Dec 08 2011

    Dr.Fatima Sheikh/Harsha Malhotra,
    Excellent. Befitting reply for our un-known people who still depend upon books instead of faith in ALLAH

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  • m r kamath, shirva

    Wed, Dec 07 2011

    expecting more and more informatic books from you respected dr edward.
    thank u

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  • alphonse mendonsa, Pangla/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Dec 06 2011

    Thanks Dr. Edward for this valuable book on Health. yes, we must have good health and as we know health is wealth. Thanks Stan for your reveiw. Also knowledge on health is always good to keep ourselves fit and I think we must read this book and there is no doubt about it.

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  • Simon Crasta, Damaskatte

    Tue, Dec 06 2011

    Mr.Harsha Malhotra/Mangalore/New Delhi

    Really I appreciated your comment. Good Work and your comment justifable as per I am concerned. Keep it up. Don't ever think if more than 700 dislikes will change your point of view. Please strict to it. My sincere advise. It will turn to truth one day.

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  • Parveen Kumar, Belthangady/Qatar

    Mon, Dec 05 2011

    Ha Ha Ha. One person defending himself with 600 plus people. Court is adjourned for next session. Yet to receive correct judgement in due course. It looks like even Harsha's comment is having weight from all angles. Bravo.

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  • Dr.Fathima Sheikh, Kottyam

    Mon, Dec 05 2011

    Mr.jasun, Mangalore, UAE

    You are right. Book is only useful for short period and not for long run. Everything we depend upon none other than only one almighty 'ALLAH'.

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  • jasun, Mangalore, UAE

    Mon, Dec 05 2011

    I think Harsha said nothing wrong. People trust GOD even doctor says we try our best then leave it on god. If this is accptable then what is wrong ih harsha's comment.

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  • jagdish, Mumbai, UAE

    Mon, Dec 05 2011

    Can any one tell this book is in Konkani language or in english or Knnada. because respected Dr. Edward is answering all question related to health is in englidh and it is very useful and i personally aapreciate. I hope this book would help lot of people in order to take preventive measures in life.

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  • Wilson, Udupi, Muscat

    Sun, Dec 04 2011

    People please stop commenting on Harsha Malhotra - Shameless guy, inspite of getting so many dislikes he is still defending himself. He needs very badly the book of Dr Edward which is for Youth.
    @ Harsha: y did u study or go to school you can live or die if you are illiterate also. what the use after all in the hands of god..and not with doctor or teacher or....

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  • Wilson, Udupi, Muscat

    Sun, Dec 04 2011

    Congratulations Dr. Edward on the release of your new book. May the Almighty bless you a long healthy life and you write many more books which will lead an individual to a good and healthy life.

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  • Shridhar Shetty, Katpadi

    Fri, Dec 02 2011

    It looks like 508 dislike on Mr.Harsh's comment remind me of 'kauravs' and 17 of 'pandavs'. Result every body knows well.

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  • Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi

    Fri, Dec 02 2011

    Mr.Vivek, Bondel,Mangalore..marlo kasle saiba..make gothu aasa.. if reading books people's health will improve..than everybody will be there in library..not in hospital..

    Earlier time people use to live up to 1000 years and a days its decrease to less than 100.. it will come down to half.. by end of kaliyug!!! go on reading books in midst of polluted environment and keep yourself healthy.. As and when humankind reach to development..gradually people will also diminish... It's happen many times in the past.. for which we do not have any record..

    One more solar system exists..!!! can people's mind reach over childhood we have learned planet pluto..all of sudden it's vanished from system...strange...Take precaution.. it's good..

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  • Vivek, Bondel,Mangalore

    Fri, Dec 02 2011

    I am happy to note that Harsha Malhotra(HM)reading Konkani books also.Very intersing comments from him.If our lives are in God's hands then why should we go to hospital for our physical and mental check up? If this book is not meant for you,atleast its useful to your parents in New Delhi.!

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  • Dre Irshad Ahmed Waheedd, Abudhabi

    Fri, Dec 02 2011

    Congrats well done .Another feather in the cap.

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    Thu, Dec 01 2011


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  • Roshan Tauro, Kudupu, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 01 2011

    Dear Harsha Malhotra
    Its true that we are puppets in God's hand that does not mean to live irresponsibly and get diseases and suffer. One has to know how to live healthy and live happily, live long. For those the advice on health helps. Have you gone through the 'ASK DOCTOR' column in this website? You may read how people are eager to solve their health problems by doctors' advice? If they were pessimistic and say,,its "God given' why they try to solve the problems?
    You have probably not read what Dr Edward has written in his books, so you think negatively.

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  • James, Bantwal

    Thu, Dec 01 2011

    Congratulations Dr. Edward Nazareth for your new book and thanks to Stan Ageira for the excellent review.
    I have all the books of Dr. Edward Nazareth. They are a real guide to live a happy and healthy life. They are not for time pass reading.
    His earlier book 'Yuvazonank Liengik Shixon' is a guide for teens and youth to understand the dynamics of sexual development, love relationship. It has helped thousands of youth to live a responsible life. His next book 'Kazari leingik Shixon' is a guide to married couple to have healthy sexual relationship. The book 'Madhyam Prayer Bholayki' is a beautiful hand book for all to prevent the ailments of middle age and live healthy even when there are common diseases of middle age.
    I am sure his new book will guide and help people to age graciously. I salute this doctor who has reached millions of people with helpful tips to live healthy.

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  • CGS, Mangalore

    Thu, Dec 01 2011

    Thanks to Stan Ageira for his brilliant review of Dr.Edward Nazareth's latest book on health-
    Malghoddeanchi Bholaiki.I am sure that this unique book will be the Best Seller of the year.Its a very useful guide for the elderly people. I wish Dr.Edward Nazareth all the very best and hope he would carry on his tireless mission in full spirit and strength for the health,peace  and allround development of our  community.

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  • Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi

    Thu, Dec 01 2011

    Mr.jacobnelson, mangalore/mumbai...
    Mr.Langoolacharya., Belman/USA.

    even though you ride up above camel... dog will jump and bite you.. what you are going to do..!! after all everything in the hands of god..we are just 'katputli''s okay reading will be good pastime for senior keep them busy..before reading any books..keep our environment will be some what advantage....

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  • Olga D'souza, Evershind Nagar, Malad

    Thu, Dec 01 2011

    jacobnelson, mangalore/mumbai
    Whatever it may what's malhotra told absolutely right. After all 'Life and Death' itself in the hands of God. Nobody can ever overtake it. By reading books only able to take perecaution.

    DisAgree [437] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Priya Das, Karkala / Mumbai

    Thu, Dec 01 2011

    Respected Dr. Edward,
    Congratulations to you and thanks a lot for your such dedicated efforts. In fact Doctors rarely give the full knowledge or advice about healthy living to the patients. You are entirely different in nature with your dedicated service to the humanity. Almighty God bless you and your family abundantly and give you the grace and strength to continue with the good work.
    Respected Stan Agera, thanks a lot for such a great and valuable introduction of this great work of Dr. Edward Nazareth.

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  • Tony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Congratulations Dr. Edward on the release of your new book. I have been following your medical advice through the Daiji network for a while now, which has been quite informative and useful, and now I look forward to reading this book which is especially devoted to the health of senior citizens like myself. Thanks for your excellent contribution to the betterment of the society in general.

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  • jacobnelson, mangalore/mumbai

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Harsha Malhotra!
    Don't you see people are living longer life(extended) due medication and timely treatment?

    Din't you know olden age women's were dying while giving childbirth lack of medical facility and now due to the knowledge and facily like Cesarean section many lives saved!
    If you keep on seeing  there are many examples and wittnesses so blindly don't comment please

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  • Ancy DSouza, Paladka / Vasai

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    I salute the dedication and hardwork of Dr. Edward Nazareth to contribute medical literature in Konkani. I feel proud that I played important role in his first medical book 'Yuvazanank Laingik Shikshan' by writing forward to the book and also for popularising the book among the youth. Dr. Edward is a great blessing to our community and I pray that he may do much more significant contribution to the Konkani literature.

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  • paul d`souza, balakunje

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Being a bussy doctor, some time i wonder how he manage to write so much & for so many papers....! great dedication & great konkani lover. Most of the things we desire are expensive. But the truth is, the things that really satisfy us are,joy. good luck & thank you so much for giving so much to the community.

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  • Langoolacharya., Belman/USA.

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi,

    Agreed, humans die with or without doctors care....but better know how our system works and prevent deseases than going for cure later on....

    I advise everybody to read the book and understand our body well....



    DisAgree [9] Agree [430] Reply Report Abuse


    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Congratulation on the release of new book. I read all previous books and found very much helpful for the life to follow. I hope this book also help all of us specially aged. Congratulation once again. URBAN, JANET - SHIRVA-KUWAIT

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  • Rudolf Rodrigues, Loretto/Mumbai

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Congrats Dr. Edward on the release of this valuable book for the lay persons. Today medicine is broken to pieces, each individual organ has a specialist unlike the olden day GP who used to treat patients holistically. I am sure this publication will be a great success!!

    DisAgree [2] Agree [157] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sneha H, Udupi

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Good work sir.. Congrats..

    DisAgree [3] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse


    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Congratulations Dr. Edward Nazreth. Thank you very much for your valueable gift to the society. God bless you to release many more books like this.

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  • John Leslie D'souza, Mangalore

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Congratulations Dr. Edward. Keep up your good work.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [45] Reply Report Abuse

  • vicky,, israel/mangalore

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Congragulation Dr,edward sir,good work

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  • Donald Pereira, Belthangady/Mangalore

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Congratulations Dr Edward. You are a real gem of Konkani as well as Mangalorean Catholic Community. Samajecho kharo husko, javabdari aschya bov aproop vyaktim poiki tum ek. Tuje book vachun lokachi bhalaiki bori javchyak kumok janvdi. Pidestank ek doctor matr nai astana ek consultant, advisor javn tuvem korchi seva vorthi. God bless you

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  • Vincent E. Fernandes, Kulshekar, Dubai

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    Dear Dr. Edward,
    Congratulations on the release of your book. Doctors rarely diagonise and give the full storey of a patient instead treat the same as the patch work done to the roads in Mangalore. But your book which will give the necessary insight will be helping tool for rich and poor for thier future. Let Almighty lord bless and your family and give you the grace to continue the good work.

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  • Harsha Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi

    Wed, Nov 30 2011

    even though you read book..people will die..if not..also will die..what the's after all in the hands of god..and not with doctor..!!

    if daiji world wants to promote the's well and good...good initiative..for community member..

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