Mangaluru: Exclusive - If Congress dies, there will be no India, says Sasikanth Senthil

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Mangaluru, Jan 24: Former IAS officer Sasikanth Senthil had last served as deputy commissioner of Dakshina Kannada district. A 2009 batch officer, he had resigned in 2019 alleging that that it would be ‘unethical’ for him to continue as a civil servant in the government 'when the fundamental building blocks of our diverse democracy are being compromised in an unprecedented manner’.

Senthil then participated in protests against the government over the Citizenship Amendment Act and other issues. He joined Tamil Nadu Congress in 2020 saying he has always worked for the welfare of the people and will continue to do so.

In an in-depth interview with Daijiworld editor-in-chief Walter Nandalike on Daijiworld 24x7 channel's 'Rough and Right' programme, Senthil spoke on his political career and answered questions on his party's ideology and what drove him to join politics.


DW: You are a 2009 batch IAS officer. Your dream of serving the country through administrative services was fulfilled. You served as deputy commissioner at Chitradurga, Raichur and Dakshina Kannada. All of sudden you decided to quit. When exactly did you realise that there was a problem in our system and that you should quit service?

Senthil: Before joining civil services, I had made one decision in life. That is, my life should not be private, but public. Hence, I have no children or property. I wanted to be in public life and that was my decision. When I joined civil service, I was very happy with the work that I was doing. In service, I could mingle with people and also serve them. I was completely dedicated to my work. I was enjoying this service. I had an idea of India in my mind due to which I came to this service. As a person speaking a different language, coming here, travelling to different places, learning their language and mingling with them is my idea of India. Some forces question this idea of India. When those forces come to power, they want to establish a different India than the India that I believe in. Hence, I cannot sit silently and watch. Also, I have a responsibility for the next generation. When we watch these forces closely, in history, there are a lot of similar examples. I felt like questioning this. I also felt that India cannot be easily controlled. From 2014 till 2019, I was not expecting it in India. But in 2019, I was here and when I saw the election results, I was pretty sure that we were going in the wrong direction. Then I almost made up my mind that I have to fight it out.


DW: So 2019 election result was the turning point?

Senthil: Yes. And, I need to fight it. In our service, and when we occupy the chair, we need to be neutral. I felt that I have to come out of the service and fight it. Then they abrogated Article 370. It was the final nail in the coffin. Thinking that we should do something, I resigned.

DW: When you resigned suddenly, everyone was shocked. It was a surprise for people close to you and your fans, and even they could not guess that you were entering politics. A few people even hurled allegations of corruption at you and later everything became clear. My question here is that you have joined a party (Congress) which a few call 'sinking boat'. Their ten years of administration was full of corruption. Even in Karnataka their MLAs aspired to become ministers and later the government collapsed. Why did you choose this party?

Senthil: First of all, I define politics in a different way. When you are involved in people's struggles, you are already political. I see politics from that point of view. Only electoral politics is not politics. Secondly, we are fighting against a huge system today. That system is in power. I believe, after the Delhi riots, it was carried out in Mangaluru. I felt that we should bring a political solution, before people's protests. Hence, the primary opposition to these forces is the Congress party. If you choose a party, there should be three things. First is an organisation, and second is leadership and ideology. I believe in Congress’ ideology. Congress’ ideology is nothing but the idea of India. The concept of India was started by the Congress. Till date, the ideology has not died. The party organisation and people may be spoilt, but I see a big hope in the leader that is Rahul Gandhi. I feel that he has understood the system well. When I read his resignation letter, I came to know that this person has a clear cut idea of the existing problem. And he is somebody who is not going to budge under pressure from these forces. So I thought that there should be a national party to fight. If I want to join politics in Tamil Nadu, I should choose a party, and Congress is the right party there. I want to take this fight all over India and to be with a good leader who will not succumb. So, I chose Congress. I agree with your allegation but I will not defend it. But I am inside the party for the purpose of organisation and ideology.


DW: You have gained fame in Karnataka state, you made fame as a sincere officer in various districts, but why did you choose Tamil Nadu ?

Senthil: It is really a good question. After the Delhi riots I thought of entering politics. Tamil Nadu is slightly different. Communal forces have not entered Tamil Nadu. There was a great thinker called Periyar there, who drove these people (communal forces) from there. I always felt that the Tamil Nadu was safe. However, in the background of these elections, these forces have started a huge attack on Tamil thinking. Then I thought that being a Tamilian, when attack was happening on my place, I cannot simply sit and watch. I should do what I can. But I will not restrict myself to Tamil Nadu. I want to keep working against these communal forces throughout the country.


DW: So you want to be in national politics ?

Senthil: No, I want to be in grassroots-level politics, I want to be involved in people's struggles.


DW: Soon after you tendered your resignation, you got involved in some of the people's struggles. For example, during the protest against CAA and NRC, people identified you as a Communist. People also predicted that you may join a Left party, and felt that you are a follower of the Left ideology. What is your opinion on this?

Senthil: I should be proud of that. Yes, I am a Leftist, Ambedkarite and a Congressman. You can brand me as anything, as long as it is good. To me, even BJP is not a problem if they give up their hate politics. They are using hate for politics, and I cannot accept it, because this country is not like that. The only problem with the BJP is this.


DW: You were vocal in expressing your opinions during the protests against CAA and NRC protests. What point has it all reached to now?

Senthil: We managed to push back the government. There was ego in the government that they could do anything for the sake of power.


DW: Still, the government has not withdrawn CAA and NRC.

Senthil: No, but they (government) were pushed back.


DW: Don't you think it was because of Covid-19?

Senthil: Maybe, but they have still not started the process. They were supposed to start the census last February, but lockdown due to Covid-19 was announced in March. They were pushed back. People pushed back the government. That is what India is.


DW: Will you then continue your struggle?

Senthil: Yes, of course. Now the farmers are on streets to protest. Tomorrow the labourers will hit the streets. Until you (government) stop disrupting the idea of India, till then we will keep hitting the streets.


DW: In Karnataka state, in the same year two officers, one IAS (Senthil) and another IPS (Annamalai), entered politics, but have joined parties with different ideologies. Will you and Annamalai face each other in Lok Sabha or Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu?

Senthil: Annamalai is a good friend. He was my junior and probationary in Shivamogga. We have an ideological war, but other than that we do not have any personal issues. But wherever his ideology emerges, I will oppose it.


DW: Have you noticed it (ideology) within civil service?

Senthil: No, I did not. In our work, we protect the people. Annamalai has now completely turned to the other side. It will be opposed by many others and we will fight it.


DW: Can we expect to see Sasikanth Senthil as MLA in Tamil Nadu ?

Senthil: As of now, I have no such thoughts. Right now I want to contribute to all places. But in case I feel that this is the way I should go, I will never step back.


DW: There is not enough time for elections in Tamil Nadu...

Senthil: My strength is in grassroots politics. I will engage in people politics. Even as an officer I did the same. Now I am in an organisation, still, I am not in the game of electoral politics.


DW: Currently, how is politics in Tamil Nadu?

Senthil: What is exciting to me is that the whole of Tamil Nadu is standing against these forces, irrespective of who they are. This gives me a sense of happiness and pride. We will continue to fight.


DW: Since tendering your resignation, to what extent have you achieved your goals?

Senthil: To a great extent. When I quit, I had a question about how to face this. There was a lot of silence in society. Nobody came forward to speak out, they were living in fear. Within three months, after I came out of service, a movement opposing NRC and CAA emerged, and it was a big, proud movement. As many as 170 people sacrificed their lives, including two in Mangaluru. Taking part in this massive people's movement, I felt it was a great thing. Later, I met some of the best human beings in my life, who have dedicated their life in service of the country. I have started believing that India is still strong.


DW: If the government you favour comes to power in the centre, will you consider coming back to civil service?

Senthil: I don't think so. I am saying, it may be a favourable government, but this hatred should go away. Forces that spread hate should not be in power. Secondly, my generation has become apolitical, we have not been into politics. Our generation has not contributed anything (to politics), we simply bothered about our own lives. So the next thing I want to do is to completely work with people, with the party in the background. I have my own identity. I believe in this ideology of bringing everyone together and taking everyone together. And there is no question of me coming back to administrative service.


DW: Has your family not objected to your decision in this matter ?

Senthil: They have supported me completely. They believe in what I think is right. My wife was teasing me, saying now you have become Babu, while earlier in college days you were idealistic.


DW: Please tell me honestly, does Congress have a future in this country, or will Rahul Gandhi grow as a leader?

Senthil: Rahul Gandhi is a great human being. I believe all leaders are great human beings. Today there might be a big propaganda against him. His genuineness and goodness cannot be wiped away for a long time. He will become the very best of leaders we have. If you see the history of Congress, there were many ups and downs. Congress as an ideology will never die. If Congress dies, there is no India. It will revive. As long as India is there, Congress as an ideology will remain. That is my strong belief.


DW: Why did you choose Congress when there were many other options?

Senthil: Congress is present in every nook and corner of the country. Secondly, it has a good leader who understands well, and a good ideology. Congress is a people's movement and I am proud of what it has done. It is suffering now because of what we did wrong. I think this deology can never die. If you believe in secularism, harmony, ahimsa, you are already a Congressman.


DW: When you resigned from service, did anyone contact you from the government's side to convince you to stay?

Senthil: On the first day I tendered my resignation, my seniors and the chief minister tried to convince me. The government was very kind to me, it did not pressure me or made me feel bad in Karnataka. They don't relieve officers so easily. They have not relieved me or Kannan Gopinathan.


DW: Tomorrow if you are contesting elections, will you not face problems?

Senthil: Problems may come, but I will leave it to the government.


DW: What is your message to youngsters, especially those who want to take civil service exams like IPS and IAS?

Senthil: It is a complete lie that I quit service because of pressure. According to me, one of the best jobs in the country is civil service. No other job can give such complete satisfaction. So I encourage youngsters to aspire for it. Let them be part of the preparation. They will learn a lot of things. Secondly, to the youngsters, I will say, you are living in a very difficult time. Somebody worked for us and we sailed through. In this time you have to work for yourself and the society, and protect the society. There may be corruption and economic slowdown which can be corrected, but there should not be discord among communities in the society. Live peacefully and safely, and think of the society. Completely neglect these forces, they are not protecting any religion or opposing any religion, they just want votes. To gain votes there should be some logic - some try it with money and some others through hate.


DW: You have worked in Mangaluru for two years. What is your opinion of the people of Mangaluru and your message to them?

Senthil: Mangaluru has the best people, the best culture, and best nature. It is a well-endowed place. But there is a sphere of silence. People are afraid to speak out. When there is silence, it seems that what somebody is doing is right. Hence, my request to Mangalureans is that when you see a wrong happening, speak up. If you remain silent, your children and the next generation will have to bear the brunt. Very few are showing their communal front, but many are not communal. Only a handful of people are in the limelight and gaining political mileage out of it. So a cosmopolitan culture like Mangaluru has to suffer this. Tourism has completely collapsed. It says a lot about what we are developing into. Understand the idea of India. Protect this idea of India.



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  • Clifford, Mangalore

    Thu, Feb 11 2021

    In any good democracy, you need good opposition. There is no opposition party in India. All the corrupt politicians from opposition are purchased by BJP. BJP has highest number of criminal as its law makers in India more than the Congress. BJP can only seek vote in the name of religion. There are no real achievements . Look at the state of economy and has come to a stage to ask for donations from public. They have sold all national institutions. People are fed on fake news like international conspiracy against Assam tea which BJP is spreading in Assam.

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  • Ruben Pinto, Mangalore/Australia

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    He is still in Indira Gandi era. It started to die son after her death.

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  • Vijay Benedict, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    you need a safe constituency

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    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    after independence dissolve congress....

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  • richard, sharjah/shirva

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    these cowards, communal as sure responsible

    DisAgree [5] Agree [8] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ruthvik B, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    No sir, the end of the Vadra Congress is imminent. Those will safe Muslim constituencies may win.

    DisAgree [15] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • H. Almeida., Bendur/Andheri

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    has made tons of money !! Securely invested abroad

    DisAgree [8] Agree [11] Report Abuse

  • myna, mysuru

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Very true. Mr Senthil should inform this to all the electorate in the States that are going to polls shortly commencing from Tamilnadu and Puducherry. Congress should fund his travel and arrange public meetings for him.

    DisAgree [8] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse

  • Shashi, Manglore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    And these people calls others as "Bhakths"? LOL

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  • Shankar, Mangaluru

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    No party is indispensable. If Congress dies, nothing will happen to India.
    But the fact is India needs a strong opposition party. Otherwise, there is no difference between an Autocracy and a democracy of no opposition and ruling party with absolute majority!

    Senthil Sir, don't be so pessimistic and talk about the death of Congress. You have joined that party to revive it. Do you think you did a mistake?

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  • H. Almeida., Bendur/Andheri

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Shankar bhai !!! The nation is Supreme !!!!

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  • H. Almeida., Bendur/Andheri

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    There are indications, of a small, but growing bandwagon of bureaucrats

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  • sense_Shetty, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    IF congress dies ..Real India will emerge ..

    DisAgree [19] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse

  • N D Shetty, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021


    DisAgree [15] Agree [10] Reply Report Abuse

  • N.M, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    BJP led by Modi is clueless and visionless. Modi survives on PR and advertisements. Our economy has collapsed and will not revive as long as Modi's BJP is in power.

    DisAgree [18] Agree [19] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rajesh, Manglore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Oh really ? er Bhayankara Marrey ....

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  • Hussain, Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    "To me, even BJP is not a problem if they give up their hate politics. They are using hate for politics, and I cannot accept it, because this country is not like that. The only problem with the BJP is this. " Unquote

    100% true. Won over 300 seats but still indulge in hate politics and further dividing the country. BJP serves less and complains more

    DisAgree [12] Agree [18] Reply Report Abuse

  • abdul munim, UDUPI

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Dear senthil sir,

    morons and andh bhakts will never agree with your views, though they are 100% correct.

    what is funny is that the foolish blind bhakts are attributing the progress and achivement of this country to the worst rule of chaiwala, who does not know abcd of economics..

    neither chaiwala nor his team is worth ruling. They are fit for only growing beard and dividing society

    DisAgree [26] Agree [23] Reply Report Abuse

  • j.anata, Mangaluru / Bengaluru

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    At times I pity the die-hard CONgress supporters

    DisAgree [7] Agree [22] Reply Report Abuse

  • Nice, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021


    Most of the time realization happens only after death.


    DisAgree [3] Agree [17] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rajesh, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Mr Senthil one question to you. Was not article 370 discriminatory?. Why were you against removal of article 370

    DisAgree [5] Agree [19] Reply Report Abuse

  • Jd, Mlr

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Read the comments, "you are good sir but your idealogy is bad". He is his idealogy, and he is good because of his idealogy.

    Don't name party, but his idealogy that india needs to be inclusive, progressive, accomodative, home for all is the best idealogy. As of today, pan india, only congress speaks this idealogy. BJP pan India primary agenda is ram mandir, go shala, corporate development, coercive electoral politics, vendetta based competition, venom spewing on national or international challenges, deriding past sixty years rule. Our children have become so negative, 13 year old also rapes, holds a knife and so on. We are closing our eyes only for a congress mukth bharath, not for a strong bharath. History has shown how ill placed agendas have destroyed their nation.

    DisAgree [20] Agree [12] Reply Report Abuse

  • N.M, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Excellent point

    DisAgree [5] Agree [6] Report Abuse

  • R.L., Udupi/USA

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Good move Senthil joined educated party, make the country BJP Mukth they are robbing the country.

    DisAgree [25] Agree [26] Reply Report Abuse

  • Kishore Kumar, Mangaluru

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    the day this fellow spoke against the removal of Article 370 and our army in Kashmir, I lost respect to this chap !!!

    DisAgree [18] Agree [29] Reply Report Abuse

  • JP, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Perhaps Arnab goswami and his whatsapp chat woul please you, wait it out soon will find out who played for fool.

    DisAgree [13] Agree [9] Report Abuse

  • Kishore Kumar, Mangaluru

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    ... jaypeeee,
    .. what is the link between Article 370 and Arnab ?

    DisAgree [4] Agree [10] Report Abuse

  • JP, Mangalore

    Tue, Jan 26 2021

    U would know if ur not blind, u certainly not have any disrespect towards Arnab as he celebrated pulwama attack. .

    DisAgree [1] Agree Report Abuse

  • H. Almeida., Bendur/Andheri

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Sasikanth Senthil, must share his views about the concept of Dynastical rule, within the precincts of a Democratic state..

    DisAgree [5] Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse

  • Peter, Belman

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Mr Senthil,

    Even great GK Moopanar could not get Cong to power on its own in TN.
    What are trying to do? Back door entry.
    Sorry it's a wrong choice.

    DisAgree [7] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mohan Prabhu,, Mangalore (Kankanady)/Ottawa, Canada

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    With all due respect to Senthil, I do not subscribe to his view that Congress is India and India is Congress. Congress should "reincarnate" itself but this will not happen so long as the Gandhi dynasty hangs on to top leadership..

    DisAgree [20] Agree [48] Reply Report Abuse

  • Anil, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    True - The day of dynasts and family rule is over

    DisAgree [3] Agree [9] Report Abuse

  • Francis, Shirva/UK

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Mr Senthil is a right person in right party at right time, TN upcoming assembly election winner will be DMK and Congress alliance.
    Good luck to our honest officer

    DisAgree [47] Agree [38] Reply Report Abuse

  • Alwin, Mangaluru

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    BJP is telling lies. It is not congress problem but it's people from om congress are problem to the country and they are in BJP.Infavt BJP mukt india is need of the hour for common good

    DisAgree [13] Agree [6] Report Abuse

  • j.anata, Mangaluru / Bengaluru

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    CONgress last ruled till1
    1) Tamil Nadu till 1968
    2) Bihar in 1981
    3) UP till 1985
    4) Gujarat till 1988
    And now extinct in WB, Odisha, AP and Telengana

    Rest is music to ears and magic to eyes....CONgress Multh Bharat

    DisAgree [47] Agree [40] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sunil K, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Tomorrow a different, new and stronger party will come and say BJP mukth Bharat and you will all support it.

    DisAgree [9] Agree [7] Report Abuse

  • Mohan, Kudla kattada kori

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Evm elected govt bjp in 2018. Fake pm. Adani Ambanis pm.
    Jumlaa maan.

    DisAgree [21] Agree [12] Report Abuse

  • Manohar, Udupi

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    No one can replace the works of congress party specially during freedom struggle.
    Congress was the need of the hour to maintain unity in diversity soon after independence. Just imagine what RSS would have done if they had the power then.
    Its the congress rule made India 3rd largest economy in the world.
    Currently congress has to set up internal democracy just like US.

    Achievements of congress rule are being translated into lies by fanatics and even educated with lack of critical thinking fall for it. This is the shame of modern Indian youths.

    DisAgree [48] Agree [82] Reply Report Abuse

  • Francis, Shirva/UK

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Well said, because of dedication and hard work from Congress, today India is standing in world map, also India is united because of Congress policies.

    DisAgree [22] Agree [46] Report Abuse

  • Mohan Prabhu,, Mangalore (Kankanady)/Ottawa, Canada

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Congress came into prominence after eliminating rivals such as Subhas Chandra Bose and the socialist leader of the time; the splinter groups who have come up were the result of its dynasty rule over decades, stifling internal dissent. Now they have to face the music.

    DisAgree [12] Agree [10] Report Abuse

  • KS Mayya, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    It was ironic that yesterday my daughter was reading her textbook on democracy in India. Although, I tried to intervene to explain, but decided to give up, because she was not ready and reading to get good marks.

    Democracy, freedom, universal adult franchise, etc., these are nice words that kids memorize to get good marks and that is the extent of it and to be fair, the textbook matter sometimes feels like propaganda.

    Democracy in India is no different than the democracy that existed in pre-British era. Kings depended on the community leaders (and benefited from difference of opinion amongst different community) and showered wealth on the selected few to motivate them to hold on to the territory whilst deriving absolute loyalty. Today's democracy in India is also similar, Lingayats, Vokkaligas, Bunts, Poojaries, Muslims Christians, and you call it. Political parties depend on these community leaders to maintain control over the populace. Underlying principle remains viz., our DEMOCRACY BELONGS TO FEW. Congress party institutionalized this fact and has become perfect and absolutely dynastic just like the Kings in the past when it comes to its functionality and operation even when it is in power. It is a different matter that Chai-wala is now PM, but functioning at local level even in BJP is dynastic. Do not look far way....Yeddy is a shining example. British only used it because, this worked very well here.

    Sorry Mr. S Senthil, I agree to not only differ, but have diagonally opposite view of Indian democracy and its shining example called Congress that continues to be wishful on an agenda of control that is several centuries old. This party needs to die and fast - and serve as an example to all other parties with dynastic ambitions (JDS, DMK, NCP, even Mamta's TMC). It's biz model cannot be sustained in the 21st Century.

    DisAgree [41] Agree [33] Reply Report Abuse

  • Melroy C.F.Fernandes, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Perfect analysis. See Swarna Bharat Party manifesto for an India based on the ideals of liberty and a free market system.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [6] Report Abuse

  • Shreyas Kamath, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    I appreciate your ideology. But you have to believe that congress is running without a proper leader. It still believe in Monarch system. People of India want a real democracy but congress have no answer with them.

    DisAgree [20] Agree [63] Reply Report Abuse

  • Shreyas Kamath, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    I appreciate your ideology. But you have to believe that congress is running without a proper leader. It still believe in Monarch system. People of India want a real democracy but congress have no answer with them.

    DisAgree [11] Agree [27] Reply Report Abuse

  • Pili, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Rahulji..this guy may become your captain of the boat. Give a chance to these well educated to be in your team to speead your messsage..gain support in nook n corner of our country for next election. Days of your serving as PM are not far but no EVM .

    DisAgree [20] Agree [42] Reply Report Abuse

  • SB, MLore

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Congress is already dead since 2014 and India is still survining.

    DisAgree [49] Agree [53] Reply Report Abuse

  • dk shetty, mangalore

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Honest and upright former IAS officer.
    What he said in his interview that certain parties makes us Hindus feel that they are protecting .
    which is true, sadly even educated tend to support the communal minded and show one more community as scape goats. all these politicians and their parties have only one thing in site Votes.
    At least congress wont stoop down to the level of my old party BJP.
    I loved and voted BJP when Vajpayee jee was PM, he built india and united all communities, these days my old party has filled with people of hatred.

    He is right that unless secular minded people protest the short-sightedness of these political parties.
    India wont progress.

    DisAgree [25] Agree [57] Reply Report Abuse

  • AD, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    All inclusive BJPof Vajpayee is just pipe dream these days. The BJP these days is a election winning machine whatever the cost the nation might entail.

    DisAgree [17] Agree [30] Report Abuse

  • Francis, Shirva:UK

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Rightly said, people cross the party borders to support Vajapayi ji
    Very unfortunate that, many well educated trapped into BJP s crazy tactics today.

    DisAgree [12] Agree [18] Report Abuse

  • Sathish JM, Kumpala

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Good that you resigned from the IAS. Now you are fit to be in politics. Each of your replies are of a typical politician's.

    DisAgree [11] Agree [54] Reply Report Abuse

  • Shanthi, Dubai

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Bold Officer...Great thoughts..Wish you all the best Sir! Loved his every word..impressed by his idealogy

    DisAgree [29] Agree [65] Reply Report Abuse

  • Moshu, Mangaluru

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    I wont be surprised if the prediction come true because Congress is already on suicidal path. The atmosphere seems at this moment is to finish opposition parties by inducement, coercion and prosecution..

    DisAgree [15] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse

  • Shanthi, Dubai

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Bold Officer...Great thoughts..Wish you all the best Sir!Loved his each words

    DisAgree [24] Agree [47] Reply Report Abuse

  • Ramesh, Udupi

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Congress is India, who protected India from enemies and build this country. BJP is just a party which sponsored by the rich corporators to increase their wealth.

    DisAgree [29] Agree [75] Reply Report Abuse

  • Charan, Mangalore

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    India would have one giant undivided country if Congress would have been not existed during the time of freedom, with having of vast land mass including Pakistan, Afghanistan , Bangladesh with India

    DisAgree [55] Agree [41] Reply Report Abuse

  • Veer, Nagpur

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    if that was the case then britishers would have been still ruling over us and you would have been still boot licking slaves of britishers in this undivided one big giant country.

    DisAgree [28] Agree [45] Report Abuse

  • Evans C Sumitra, Udupi/ New York, USA

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    Charan, Mangalore, I fully don't agree with your comments as your knowledge as far as politics and history of past and present is nil or rather ZEEERO.

    DisAgree [26] Agree [28] Report Abuse

  • SAN SHETTY, Mangaluru

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    where was India when congress was there? 😂

    DisAgree [36] Agree [38] Reply Report Abuse

  • Veer, Nagpur

    Sun, Jan 24 2021

    You could not see because you were hiding behind your British masters and busy serving them.

    DisAgree [30] Agree [35] Report Abuse

  • Clara, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    No one was hiding under British . It was Ghandi ji who said get dissolved the Congress then . Hence you were the slave that's why Congress party is not in exestience now .

    DisAgree [11] Agree [9] Report Abuse

  • Veer, Nagpur

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    And you changed your name to English name because you worshipped the britishers so much and ready to please them whatever way possible.

    DisAgree [9] Agree [6] Report Abuse

  • Rishab, Mangalore

    Mon, Jan 25 2021

    Where was India when congress was there...........good question. India came into being in 2014 and it is because of Modi the country got established. Ask your parents to confirm this and see what reply you will get.

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Title: Mangaluru: Exclusive - If Congress dies, there will be no India, says Sasikanth Senthil

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