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By Dr Edward Nazareth

May 31: With the easing of lockdown measures leading to opening of several business establishments, public transport and places of worship, the danger of acquiring COVID 19 infection is high. People have to learn to protect themselves from the deadly virus and also take care that they do not spread infection and harm someone vulnerable. When a person has the symptoms of the infection now, he or she is isolated from others and the spread of infection is avoided. However, there are two other categories that are of real concern -asymptomatic carriers and people in pre-symptomatic period after being infected with the COVID 19 virus.

(Meantime, it has to be remembered that several new issues are surfacing regarding COVID 19 infections and we may have to keep updating ourselves.)

Asymptomatic: The real concern

The numbers of positive cases of COVID 19 virus infection have alarmingly increased in Karnataka after the return of people from neighbouring states. They were quarantined and tested and found infected. Most of these people were tested before they boarded the transport, their thermal screening was negative and they were not sick. Almost all of them have not developed any symptoms of viral infection even in quarantine facility. The infection was detected only because their throat swabs were subjected to tests. These are ‘asymptomatic’ people. Their immune system produces antibodies and eliminates the viruses after a definitive period (believed to be 14 days). Once the viruses are eliminated they do not spread the viruses to others. Their body has antibodies which protects them from getting infected by the same virus again for certain time.(Again, it is not sure how long the antibodies protect them from re-infection).

In simple terms, asymptomatic means a person who doesn’t show any symptoms of the disease. So, a person could be infected with COVID-19 but may not show any symptoms of the disease such as cough, cold, fever and others. It is a worry because a patient who has COVID-19 and is asymptomatic could unknowingly spread the infection, because even though there are no visible symptoms, the person is still infectious and has the potential to spread the virus to others. If the people who had returned from neighbouring states were freely allowed to go to their families here, they would have spread the infection to many people. As per a study from China, 44% of those who had contracted the COVID 19 disease had caught it from an asymptomatic person.

Asymptomatic people are the biggest risk of spreading COVID 19 infection now. As the persons are asymptomatic, they do not qualify for immediate testing and may slip detection till the scope and reach of coronavirus testing are widened. This is humanly impossible in a country like ours.

The asymptomatic people are also known as "silent spreaders" who unknowingly infect others and they have sparked concerns. “Among the total coronavirus tests conducted so far in India, 69% were asymptomatic and 31% were symptomatic. Which means for one positive patient when we initiated contact tracing, on average we found two asymptomatic patients," ICMR’s head of epidemiology and communicable diseases Raman Gangakhedkar said recently.

Pre-symptomatic period

The unfortunate people who develop the symptoms of the infection are the real patients of COVID 19 infection. The time taken for developing the symptoms is known as incubation period. This period is also known as pre-symptomatic period. Symptoms may develop 2 days to 2 weeks following exposure to the virus. The average incubation period is around 5.1 days and 97.5% of individuals developed symptoms within 11.5 days of infection. Many of these people can spread the infection 2 to 3 days before they develop the symptoms. It is believed that before the onset of symptoms they have greater viral load and can be highly infectious. Identification of such people again is a big challenge.

Not only cough or sneeze, even normal breath

Initially it was informed that the coronavirus spread only through a person’s cough or sneeze. Now it is believed that virus also spreads through normal exhalation that carries tiny droplets containing viruses. A regular breath may spread the viruses several feet.

The viruses that are fallen can remain infective on the surfaces, such as a doorknob or a grocery cart handle, a seat in a public transport, on the floor or on furniture in a place of worship.

It is not certain how long COVID-19 virus survives on surfaces, but it seems to behave like other coronaviruses. Studies suggest that coronaviruses may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. This may vary under different conditions (e.g. type of surface, temperature or humidity of the environment). For example, on wood, the virus may remain active for 4 days, on cardboard up to 24 hours and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces.

This information is important as the places of worship will be open soon. If an asymptomatic person has spent time on a kneeler for few minutes, he can deposit the viruses as he prays. Singing and praying loudly can deposit more viruses and on a larger surface. Unless the area and the furniture are disinfected, the people who pray at the same place for the next 4 days can get infected by the COVID 19 viruses which are highly infectious. This is same for any other common places like public transport, shopping malls, gymnasiums or cinema halls.

Vulnerable are to be protected

While researchers are still trying to figure out how COVID-19 affects different people, elderly persons and persons with pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, certain cardiac diseases, improperly controlled diabetes and other immune deficiency status) appear to develop serious illness more often than others. Pregnant ladies and children below the age of 10 also are at higher risk of developing disease if they contact the viruses.

It is not enough if such people are totally confined to home, all at that home have to be careful that they do not get infected and transmit it to these vulnerable as asymptomatic spreaders. The vulnerable people have to take care and they have to be protected till the severity of the infection subsides.

Basics of self protection

Though several issues related to infection, disease and medication have changed, the basic principles of protection from COVID 19 infection have not changed.

Washing hands often

• Washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after visiting a public place like market, mall or place of worship.
• If soap and water are not readily available, a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol may be used. All the surfaces of the hands are to be rubbed together with sanitizer until they feel dry.
• Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Avoiding close contact

Always remember to maintain at least one meter (3 feet) distance between the persons in public places. The person next to you can be an asymptomatic spreader or may be in the pre-symptomatic stage. Protect yourself by maintaining social distance. This is especially important if more time is spent with such people such as at meetings or places of worship.


Always using a face mask

Cover your mouth and nose with a proper mask when around others. This is important because you could spread COVID-19 to others even if you do not feel sick.

Disinfecting the office spaces

The office spaces should be cleaned every evening after office hours or early in the morning before the rooms are occupied. After routine cleaning, the areas should be mopped with a disinfectant such as 1% sodium hypochlorite solution. Commercially available bleaching powder (70% chlorine) can be used to prepare the hypochlorite solution. About 7 grams of bleaching powder per one liter of water may be used to prepare the solution.(If liquid bleach is used, the preparation of solution depends on the percentage of available chlorine. 3.5% liquid bleach 1 part bleach to 2.5 parts water; 5% liquid bleach 1 part bleach to 4 parts water.)

High contact surfaces such elevator buttons, handrails / handles and call buttons, public counters, intercom systems, equipment like telephone, printers/scanners, and other office machines, frequently touched areas like table tops, chair handles, keyboards, mouse, mouse pads should be cleaned twice daily by mopping with a linen/ absorbable cloth soaked in 1% sodium hypochlorite. Solution containing 70% alcohol can be used to clean the metallic surfaces like door handles, security locks, keys etc.

Using the public transport

The transport hubs are regarded as infection hotspots, with virus transmission rates up to six times higher for those using public transport systems. Planes, trains and buses (and the stations and airports) can transmit droplet-spread diseases such as COVID 19. Those commuters who take long journeys or use busy interchange stations/airports are at high risk as they come into contact with more shared surfaces and people.

The security checks are thought to be the highest risk areas in airports. The plastic luggage trays at security checks which are hardly cleaned can spread the virus to many.

Hand rails on escalators, arm rest on waiting area, seats and the constant passing of tickets and passports to airline and security staff is also likely to present risk. The door handles, side handles, grab handles, seats, windows, partitions etc. in buses or trains can spread the infection to many. It is not always easy to travel without touching these.

Only way to avoid infection is to travel during non-peak hours and to be aware that the viruses might be spread on all the available surfaces. Most of the public transport operators are following the norms of social distancing and hygiene.

However the traveler has to take extra precautions:

• Always try to stay at least one meter away from other passengers.
• Good quality hand sanitizer (containing at least 60% alcohol) should be carried with and should be used as soon as boarding the public transport.
• A face mask and goggles has to be used during the journey. (If traveling by flight, it may be ideal to use a good quality N 95 surgical mask throughout the journey.)
• Maximum care has to be taken not to touch the face.

If journey is long, frequent use of hand sanitizer is ideal. If facilities are available (such as in trains) washing the hands using soap is better than using hand sanitizers



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Comment on this article

  • Rajesh, Karkala

    Tue, Jun 02 2020

    Thank you Doctor for sharing your valuable knowledge with common people in very simple words. Good informative article, which is to be followed by each & every person in their routine. Being a Doctor & Prof. too, you are not only spreading awareness but also educating people through this article.. Keep up your good work always.. 👏👏

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  • Melita, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    Very informative article and well written. This article is specifically important at a time when public transport has been opened up and religious places are opening up as well. Just for your information, 100 people became infected from a church in Germany. This incident in Frankfurt happened post the lockdown phase. Another point to note is churches in Germany aren't crowded as they are in Mangalore. I hope authorities take note and learn from other countries dealing with such difficulties.

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  • Eric Dsouza, Mangalore, Bendore

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    One of the best articles on Covid 19 from among hundreds of articles, videos, TikTok, fb etc etc.
    Dr Edward's article gives us the correct picture and being an d doctor, has lucidly explained everything properly and correctly.
    Made very interesting and educational reading and everybody must sincerely follow his advise.
    Thank you doctor for your article.

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    The first phase by Moderna proved to be a dud, their owners made a windfall by selling their shares when they reached extraordinary high. They had tested their vaccine on 45 people & out of it only 8 were mentioned to have got antibodies which is a very bad performance for this hyped up vaccine. The second trial is on but no guarantee as the first one as the guinea pig used in this experiment died prematurely too. Pharma industries are known to claim success while hiding their failures.
    In UK too a vaccine was developed & found their tests too failed with their tested animals died with harmful effect of vaccine.
    For corona like viruses no vaccine can succeed as they mutate faster & vaccines have proven to be failure all through the history of vaccine industry. Best method is improve our immune system as our ancestors have done thousands of year without vaccines, hand wash, masks or social distancing as solution.
    Vietnam implemented lock down in January itself as it had past experience of Chinese epidemics coming to their country despite WHO insisting no need to that as human to human transmission is not there or ban international travel. Result zero deaths in this country & very few infections which is great achievement by a decades war ravaged poor country.
    Tanzania tested the test kits with one goat & one fruit as humans & found they were positive, which made them to break the WHO protocol & they instead created their traditional herbal extract drink with their President drinking & canvassing people to drink. The result they had only 7 deaths before the herbal drink was introduced, they didn't had lock down, no foreign tourism ban, no flight ban. no school shut down then or now too.
    If the above 2 countries can do this We Too Can Do It. Our rich herbal legacy can't be neglected for long.

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  • Dan M, Dubai / Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    Jesus on Corona Virus, 5G and Vaccination

    Message to John Leary

    Wednesday, April 22, 2020:
    Jesus said: “My people, your latest innovation in cell towers is called 5G, and it sends out much stronger radiation than your previous 4G cell towers. This stronger radiation will have a much more harmful effect on your bodies that will weaken your immune systems. In light of your recent corona virus epidemic, this 5G radiation would make you more susceptible to contract this virus with people’s weakened immune systems. It would be better not to own a 5G cell phone, especially when you hold it to your ear. It is very likely that you will see a corona virus in the fall that will be a hundred times more deadly. The plan of the deep state, that Satan has given them, is to spread such a virus all over the world in order to reduce the population. You can imagine if you have another lock down for several months, that your economy would fail. By giving out vaccines, the deep state could lower people’s immune systems even further. So refuse to take any vaccines. If a lot of people start dying from the virus, you will be called by Me to My refuges to be healed and protected by My angels. The evil ones will hide in their tunnels while a martial law will occur to control the chaos. The evil ones will have a cure for their evil virus, and after a while, they will move to take over the world, and give control over to the Antichrist. I will bring an end to the tribulation with My destruction and victory over the evil ones, and they will be cast into hell. I will renew the earth and bring My faithful into My Era of Peace which will be your reward for remaining faithful to Me. Have no fear because I will provide for all of your needs.”


    DisAgree [1] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • Langoolacharya., Belman / Washington, DC.

    Mon, Jun 01 2020


    Here you go...Phase two of Clinical trial on 600 people start for COVID-19 Vaccination...

    I am giving extract of article 'Wall Street Journal' ...which is considered most prestigious news paper in the world....


    "Moderna Announces First Participants in Each Age Cohort Dosed in Phase 2 Study of mRNA Vaccine (mRNA-1273) Against Novel Coronavirus

    May 29, 2020 4:57 pm ET

    Finalizing protocol for Phase 3 study, expected to begin in July 2020

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 2020--

    Moderna, Inc., (Nasdaq: MRNA) a clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics and vaccines to create a new generation of transformative medicines for patients, today announced that the first participants in each age cohort have been dosed in the Company's Phase 2 study of its mRNA vaccine candidate (mRNA-1273) against the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

    This Phase 2 study, being conducted by Moderna under its own Investigational New Drug (IND) application, will evaluate the safety, reactogenicity and immunogenicity of two vaccinations of mRNA-1273 given 28 days apart. The Company intends to enroll 600 healthy participants across two cohorts of adults ages 18-55 years (n=300) and older adults ages 55 years and above (n=300). Each participant will be assigned to receive placebo, a 50 g or a 100 g dose at both vaccinations. Participants will be followed through 12 months after the second vaccination. Given the 25 g and 100 g dose levels in the Phase 1 study showed neutralizing antibody titers at or above convalescent sera and were generally well tolerated, the Company has decided not to pursue the 250 g dose level in the Phase 2 study."

    On May 6, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) completed its review of the Company's Investigational New Drug (IND) application for mRNA-1273 and on May 12, the FDA granted it Fast Track designation.

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  • John Louis Cunha, Bondel / Bangalore

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    Infections from Sars-Cov-2 will rise in India. But the good news is 98% of infected people will recover. 85% of infected people won't even be aware of it. 13% of the remaining 15% will recover with mild to severe symptoms. 2% will die. Chances of vaccine is 50% because this is the seventh corona virus in the Human corona virus family and there are no vaccine to the earlier six which means only heard immunity is the solution. To achieve herd immunity quickly, protect the vulnerable and others should not think about this virus. Government should stop monitoring. Let there not be quarantine. How to manage the illness let it be an issue between patient and doctor. Let us start treating this as common cold which is having neither vaccine nor medicine. Most of the viruses which attack us have neither vaccine nor medicine. We successfully live with them because of our immunity.

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  • myna, mysuru

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    Informative article by Dr Nazareth. While handwash with soap for 20 seconds is suggested, will it help if the nostrils are washed with soap for 20 secs? Is it advisable to take bath by adding a table spoon of dettol to the water? Could you throw some light Doctor?

    DisAgree [1] Agree [1] Reply Report Abuse

  • J.F D SOUZA, Attavar, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    Its a good and very informative article which eeryone should know about Coronavirus because of the present position and situation. no of cases increasing day by day which means again the same will rise if buses, trains, Hotels etc are opened. Better this article is translated and published in other languages mainly kannada and konkani. Hope Dr. edward will do this for the information of the general public so that all be careful about the disease.

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  • Alwyn, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    Good article. The only suggestion is 60% alcohol hand sanitizers will not destroy any viruses and some bacteria too. It should be more than 72%. The hand washes with soap for 20seconds is 99.9% safe.

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  • Oswald Rodrigues, Bejai Mangalore

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Thank you doctor, this information usually we don't get from other sources. The importance of face mask and social distancing is well explained. Better to stay home stay safe.
    Oswald Rodrigues Bejai Mangalore

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  • Naveen, Mangalore

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Very informative and covers all the areas that is helpful to a common man. It is important to be aware of the precautionary measures and the effects. Although this virus has been prevalent in the past few months, it is important to continue taking precautions. I really liked that the article laid emphasis on the assymptomatic aspect. Mainly for all those people who argue saying - "I am healthy why should I wear a mask or follow a certain rule". Negligence from such people could cost the health of others who have a weak immune system. Hence it is important for all of us to be responsible and show solidarity by adhering to the precautionary measures.

    Thank you again for a good article.

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  • Cynthia, Kirem

    Sun, May 31 2020

    In this article, Dr. Edward explained each and every aspect pertaining to covid -19 very beautifully and in very simple english which can be understood by all... especially people like me who studied in kannada medium. Thank you so much Doctor. May god bless you abundantly. I understood many things today..... We need such articles to be published in every language for our people to educate too!! Keep going your good work in future too!! 🙏🙏🙏

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  • Langoolacharya., Belman / Washington, DC.

    Mon, Jun 01 2020


    Like you, I am also from Kannada medium School....Could you please translate this article to even I could understand this article well ....and visualize Corona Virus ???...

    Coronak shimti muni asa Ghee????...


    DisAgree [1] Agree [10] Reply Report Abuse

  • Cynthia, Kirem

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    Lan...Sir, you are lajawaab.... I can't compare myself with me.... You are professional like our Dr. Eddu....He is people's doctor....though he looks a bit serious friendly, jovial, humane. So, is his wife Dr. Nelly a good ophthalmologist... May god bless them and their family always...

    Now, coming to the point it's difficult to translate as I don't know what will be the exact fitting words will be in Kannada for many english medical terms. Whatever i understand I will share in my neighborhood/friend circle. Voi Voi.. Corona is round and it has so many spikes💀👿Those spikes poke nose, ears, throat, lungs and hands....taka shimti na....

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  • Cynthia, Kirem

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    Correction... please read as.. I can't compare yourself with me*

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  • Dev, Mangalore

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Very good information common common people need, it covers all the areas based on present knowledge about the virus & its infection capability.
    But 2 US doctors in this field have opposing view point based on science too-
    They say using masks might reduce a little spread of infection but not much help as the viruses pass through most masks used in the market. They might become breeding ground for other microbes & bacteria as it has ideal environment for them.
    Secondly they say using gloves or washing hands too many times is not ideal too as all viruses or bacteria are not bad- Human cells make up only 43% of the body's total cell count, while the rest are ... This includes bacteria, viruses, fungi and archaea (organisms originally ... the combination of our own DNA, plus the DNA of our gut microbes." ... It would be naive to think we carry around so much microbial material without it we won't be alive ... The more we touch & get them in the more fine tuned our immune system will be to face any more onslaughts.
    Thirdly no vaccine can be produced for viruses like corona as they have RNA, e.g., HIV has 36 year history & no vaccine was produced till today. Flu vaccines have failed every year as science at present can't predict how they mutate next year to be ready with new vaccine.
    Finally they want every person to get their immune boosted with methods known to humans from centuries & not to fear or panic as that itself will cause immune suppression. Yes vulnerable should be protected & not all should be confined as is done presently.

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  • Marcel, Mangalore

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Hello Sir,
    thank you sir for sharing the useful information

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  • Kiran, Mangalore

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Thanks for the valuable information explained in simple terms .What was also learnt from experts is that ,our own immune system create such a huge amount antibodies that they fail to attack the virus and replicate themselves as corona virus .This phenomenon is expected to occur in the lungs which is the first organ to receive the virus .
    Would be happy to get clarification on that .

    DisAgree [1] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dr. Edward Nazareth, Mangalore

    Sun, May 31 2020

    What you have mentioned is correct. Let me explain this in simple words.
    When a COVID 19 infected person exhales virus-laden droplets and someone else inhales them, the viruses enter the nose and throat of a new person. The viruses find a proper receptor in the nose and throat through which they enter the human cells. Once inside the human cells, the virus hijacks the cell’s machinery, making myriad copies of itself and invade new cells. It is something like terrorists from an enemy country brainwashing our own people and transforming them into terrorists.
    As the virus multiplies, an infected person may shed copious amounts of it, especially during the first week or so. Symptoms may be absent at this point. Or the person may develop fever, dry cough, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, or head and body aches.
    If the immune system fails to control the virus during the initial phase, the viruses then march down the windpipe to attack the lungs, where they can turn deadly. Front-line white blood cells (the defense system) release inflammatory molecules called cytokines, which target and kill virus-infected cells. Cytokines are the ammunition produced to kill the viruses.
    Some researchers suspect that a disastrous overreaction of the immune system known as a “cytokine storm,” is triggered. In a cytokine storm, certain cytokines act far beyond what’s needed, and attack the healthy tissues. Blood vessels leak, blood pressure drops, clots form, and catastrophic organ failure can ensue. (This may be compared where the ammunition store is blasts and destroys everything) This seems to be a disastrous phenomenon seen in COVID 19 infection.

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  • Kiran, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    Appreciate Dr for taking time out of busy schedule and making us to understand the aspects of cytokines , God bless you and all humanity .

    DisAgree Agree [4] Reply Report Abuse

  • Francis, Shirva/Uk

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Very informative and well explained article. Thank you Dr. Edward Nazareth.

    DisAgree Agree [21] Reply Report Abuse

  • Balakrishna Shetty, Shirva/ Mumbai

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Very good information. This will help people how to be careful and avoid infection. Thank you Doctor.

    DisAgree Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse

  • Anita rkp, Falnir, mangalore

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Thankyou doctor for your valuable information.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse

  • Francis, Shirva/Uk

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Much needed article of the hour, hope people will clear the doubts. Thank you Dr Nazareth.
    As per statistics ( Europe) healthy young children very less chances to get the virus.

    DisAgree Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Nishad TP, Kerala

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Great information for everyone this time period. COVID19 is not only affect the individual but concers everyone in this soceity. It could be terminated only each and every follow the rules and regulations laid by the officials.. Sir a great topic to awake the whole world. Every one have to empahasis this topic thoroughly

    DisAgree [1] Agree [18] Reply Report Abuse

  • Archibald Menezes, Mangalore

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Thank you Dr. Edward for a very informative article on the subject which is very relevant in the coming days.

    DisAgree Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • Langoolacharya., Belman / Washington, DC.

    Sun, May 31 2020


    Good article / information Doctor, ....wish you would have written a paragraph about possible treatment and Vaccinations in the pipeline....perhaps its too early for that...

    For those who don't know this doctor .... he is from Shirva and studied in St.Mary's Junior college and Mysore Medical College, currently Professor and Head of the Dept of Orthopedics at Fr Muller's Medical College , Mangalore...

    Being from Belman, ....whenever I see a person of my neighboring villages reach high positions by their sheer hard work and in spite, lack of basic infrastructure( in village Schools)..I feel good...

    Carry on Doctor...


    DisAgree [6] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse

  • J P Mendonca, Sooda/Bngalore

    Sun, May 31 2020

    very nicely explained.Anybody can understand the write up.The Doctor must have done extensive research on the subject.I have one small doubt- after the quarantine period the virus goes out of our body.We come out as normal people. how it is possible pl let me know

    DisAgree [2] Agree [30] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dr. Edward Nazareth, Mangalore

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Once the viruses enter human body, it produces antibodies specific to eliminate that viruses. The antibodies are produced through our inbuilt immune system. The antibodies can also be produced by taking an vaccine of a particular virus. The vaccines are normally prepared by using the same viruses which are attenuated so that they do not cause the disease. It is now believed that it takes about two weeks for the COVID 19 viruses to be eliminated by the antibodies. As there is no vaccine available so far, infected person's immune system has to produce the antibodies. However those who have poor immune system or those who are infected with massive load of viruses may manifest the symptoms of the disease. Most of these again recover if their organs are supported from the attack of the viruses and allow the system to produce antibodies. Once the viruses are eliminated the person doesn't infect others.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [34] Reply Report Abuse

  • Langoolacharya., Belman / Washington, DC.

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Wow, Corona Virus hit 'disagree' to Doctors response too...Very funny...

    ... Tak...Takk...

    DisAgree [4] Agree [27] Reply Report Abuse

  • Fernandes, Mangalore

    Mon, Jun 01 2020

    Those "Disagree" may be got insulted as they may be more dangerous virus "Covid19"

    DisAgree Agree [8] Report Abuse

  • sri_elder, Karkala

    Sun, May 31 2020

    Good information article 👍

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