Lok Sabha elections: In DK, it is BJP's Modi factor vs Congress' fresh face

Stany Bela
Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru

Mangaluru, Apr 16: With just a day to go for the Lok Sabha polls in the district, political party workers that are warring against each other and also battling the extreme heat seem to have put a break for their public campaign.

Now a silent campaign has begun to ensure maximum votes for their respective candidates. This will act as a final touch before voters head to polling booths. As per political analysts, in Dakshina Kannada, BJP and Congress have fought neck and neck for the the upcoming Lok Sabha campaign. Both parties have full confidence that they will emerge victorious.

Just before of Modi’s arrival to Mangaluru, Congress had a clear upper hand in its campaign strategy, with anti-incumbency weighing heavily against BJP candidate Nalin Kumar Kateel. It was even speculated that incomplete works, especially the long-pending Pumpwell flyover, would do him much damage. However, now after PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Mangaluru, the BJP camp has got a spring in its step. If the crowd at Modi rally was any indication, BJP has every reason to cheer about its prospects, Pumpwell flyover notwithstanding.

Earlier, BJP maintained suspense on the DK candidate up until the very last moment. There was a clear disagreement over fielding Nalin Kumar again. BJP workers were a bit confused on how to start the first round of campaign without the candidate being declared. A majority of them thought Nalin would not get the ticket and it would go to a fresh and young face. However, the BJP high command decided to go with him again, probably certain of the fact that the pro-Modi coastal district will vote for him anyway irrespective of the local candidate. The party leadership also gave clear indications to its district leadership and members to work for Nalin's victory. To wade over the dissatisfaction over Nalin’s candidature, BJP district committee directed the party workers to seek vote for Modi.

As per sources close to BJP, the party leadership is confident because in the final internal survey conducted by the party, it clearly predicts Nalin Kumar Kateel's victory. Despite the initial hurdles over Nalin’s candidature, the trend has now changed. By bringing in Modi, the party leadership has succeeded in uniting all party workers with the sole aim to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister once more. With Modi's 'Vijay Sankalp' rally, party workers have succeeded in diverting the issues and complaints from people over local development.

At the start of its election campaign, BJP was worried about Vijaya Bank merger and the disappointment of Billava community over ticket allotment. To overcome these issues, BJP planned alternative strategies. But after the arrival Modi, the party camp is confident that it has influenced the voters to choose Nalin Kumar Kateel simply to retain the Modi government in the centre. The party has teams of 7 members each for 10 houses, and they have already completed five rounds of visits to houses in their areas. Now they have been give the special responsibility on election day to visit houses where they have 50-50 possibilities. They plan to speak more about dynast politics of Congress and military operations against Pakistan and terrorists inside the country, sources close to BJP said.

Despite many challenges on social media for the last few days, BJP's IT cell has heavily engaged in wooing young voters in the name of Hindutva and Modi. It is learnt that the party’s high command has sent special guidelines to the state IT cells and urged them to give 70 percent publicity to Modi, 20 percent to state leadership and 10 percent to local candidates. But in the case of Dakshina Kannada, the campaign revolves 100 percent around Modi.

A few office-bearers of BJP district committee, when contacted, expressed complete satisfaction about their election campaign and confidence in Nalin's victory. As per them, people have already decided to vote for Modi. The six MLAs of BJP have put maximum efforts to increase majority votes from their respective constituencies. "I won MLA election by 16,000 votes, but now from my constituency, I will ensure a margin of 40,000 votes for Nalin Kumar," said Mangaluru South MLA Vedavyas Kamath. Umanath Kotian also is doing the same and he is confident that Nalin will get a majority of 40,000 votes in Moodbidri. It indicates that the party leadership has given a target to all party MLAs to ensure more than 20,000 votes in their respective constituencies.

When it comes to Congress camp there are high expectations and a new enthusiasm which was not seen in earlier elections. Congress also kept everyone guessing about its candidate till a day before the nomination filing. It was an open secret that the high command had decided the candidature of Mithun Rai weeks before nomination. But they took time to convince some senior leaders who were in the race. Once the nomination was declared, the local Congress leadership stood behind Mithun.

Congress started its campaign by highlighting local issues especially the merger of Vijaya Bank, privatisation of airport and sea port, incomplete Pumpwell and Thokkottu flyovers. But later, the party leadership realized that these issues only woo voters of Mangaluru city and its surroundings. Immediately they shifted their gear to soft Hindutva in Puttur, Sullia, Beltangady, Moodbidri constituencies and managed to maintain the rapport.

In contrast to last election, a large number of youth came out to support Mithun Rai. Youth Congress and NSUI took all responsibilities of field work and campaign on social media. They mainly focused on highlighting Mithun Rai’s education, his devotion to Hanuman, love for 'Gau Mata' and his dream projects for Dakshina Kannada. As per sources, the party leadership let their youth brigade campaign on the basis of Hindutva while senior leaders focused their campaign on the failure of Nalin Kumar. At the same time, however, Mithun Rai made it a point to win the hearts of people from all communities, and his speeches often dwelt on the importance of communal harmony in the district.

In social media too, Congress had an upper hand up till the arrival of Modi. They posted continuous trolls against Nalin Kumar. BJP's IT cell was even struggling to troll Mithun Rai and the district Congress. To challenge Congress IT cell, many times they dragged Rahul Gandhi into local issues. But after Modi's rally, the BJP IT cell was filled with new energy and they came with new retorts to Congress trollers.

There were huge expectations within the Congress over Rahul Gandhi’s or Priyanka Gandhi’s visit to Mangaluru. State leadership had even fixed Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the city, but was forced to cancel it at the eleventh hour due to technical reasons. Except for Shatrughan Sinha, no major national Congress face came to the city. Even with Shatrughan's visit, because of poor coordination, the city meet was cancelled and he went to Mudipu.

All said and done, it is up to the voters to decide who they think would represent their interest best at the national level. Nalin may win if people choose to have Modi as PM again, but if anti-incumbency factor kicks in, voters may choose the fresh, young and dynamic Mithun Rai to represent them.


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  • Praveen, Mangalorean

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    We need Developments ... not only Talks....

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  • Sandy, Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    It's BJP's Modi factor vs Congress' Manglore pappu factor!

    DisAgree [18] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • El En Tea, Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Change it when you say pappu factor
    Also bold enough to say Feku factor

    DisAgree [10] Agree [18] Reply Report Abuse

  • arun, Mangalore

    Tue, May 21 2019

    hahah.another 5 years of burnol. lovin it

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  • kp, udupi

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    whatever comments here that is not going to decide the result. But one thing is for sure that BJP is workers party having great unity under the able leadership of modi that will make sure the victory of any candidate.
    please write it on the wall all 3 coastal district BJP candidate is going to win this election again.

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  • ANU, dubai

    Wed, Apr 17 2019


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  • AD, Mangaluru

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Bjp had better choices of candidates like Captain Brijesh but in their disdain for the intellect of the Mangaloreans they have renominated Nalin. So my choice of Mithun is crystal clear for Mangalore.
    May Mangaloreans vote the best candidate to victory

    DisAgree [15] Agree [40] Reply Report Abuse

  • Lokesh Shetty, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Namaskara DK People, Please Think well before you vote tomorrow. DK District is known to be educated peoples district all over the world. in this era of science and technology do we need to vote for polarization of communal politics or support the infrastructure, Jobs, Social freedom and financial growth you deside. we cannot be fools to blindly follow one person who has done nothing to our District. we need to choose an educated MP to represent us in Indian Parliament who can raise the important issues like development of DK . choice is completely yours but make your choice wisely. Jai Hind.

    DisAgree [8] Agree [65] Reply Report Abuse

  • Af,,, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    All new voters will support to Mithun rai this time for a chance, if you vote same old candidate pumpwell thokkottu bridge will be opened in the year 2024. DK will goback another 10 years, decision is yours,

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  • Voter, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Modi had selectively chosen religious sensitive constituencies to Campaign

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  • AD, Mangaluru

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    This election is between
    One who most think is a fool, but is not.
    And one who thinks most of the citizens are fools and last time they were fooled.
    Hope better wisdom prevails this time.

    DisAgree [6] Agree [29] Reply Report Abuse

  • Chowkidar DK constuency, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    This time DK Mangalorean are lucky to have educated MP
    Tommrrow maximum fingures use their precious Hand on EVM

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  • Sachin, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Mangalore Pappu will loose badly.
    After May 23rd he go back to his Pub

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  • Shabeer Ahmed, Mangalore / Dubai

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Nakaam MP Vs Kaam Ka MP

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    I wonder if Narendra Modi can understand Tulu ...

    DisAgree [13] Agree [67] Reply Report Abuse

  • Sandesh, neermarga, hawai

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    MODI at least can understand tulu but nalin cannot speak hindi or English from past 10 yrs of MP above picture shows the truth

    DisAgree [4] Agree [22] Reply Report Abuse

  • sk, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Magadomme Modi, Tadnanthara Modi, Engoskara Modi

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  • Sri Chowkidar Tom Cat, Mangalore,

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Another one day more to know whether it is a wave or tsunami (destruction) for Modi / Nalin.

    DisAgree [12] Agree [25] Reply Report Abuse

  • Thousif, Manglore, Bolar

    Tue, Apr 16 2019

    Mithun only Mithun. Dnt want Pm who is uneducated and jumla .. BJP communal party.

    DisAgree [24] Agree [52] Reply Report Abuse

  • Deva, Pilar

    Tue, Apr 16 2019

    Bhago Nalin Bhago..Mithun .. Mithun and again Mithun.

    DisAgree [23] Agree [49] Reply Report Abuse

  • Santosh, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 16 2019

    If someone needs to see how educated people can be fooled easily by crooked leaders spewing hate, one needs to come to Karavali.

    DisAgree [14] Agree [83] Reply Report Abuse

  • Cynthia, Kirem

    Tue, Apr 16 2019

    In the above photograph, what nalinanna must be saying to Modiji ? "ಒಂದು ಲಕ್ಷದ ಮೂವತ್ತೆಂಟು ಲಕ್ಷ". If so then which language? Modiji is trying to recollect what he is saying.. Nalin knows very well, in that noise nothing can be heard.. He simply tried his level best 🙊🙊

    DisAgree [18] Agree [75] Reply Report Abuse

  • Imran, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 16 2019


    DisAgree [3] Agree [26] Reply Report Abuse

  • KRPrabhu, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Nalin may be telling about Butler anna to Modiji...😅

    DisAgree [1] Agree [1] Reply Report Abuse


    Tue, Apr 16 2019

    With Modi's 'Vijay Sankalp' rally, party workers have succeeded in diverting the issues/complaints from people over local development, including Vijaya Bank swallowed by Gujji bank.

    DisAgree [13] Agree [62] Reply Report Abuse

  • vasu, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    By your logic Hindustan lever is an Indian company.

    DisAgree [14] Agree [12] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mr India, Kudla

    Tue, Apr 16 2019

    Mithun Mithun Mithun !!!!

    DisAgree [29] Agree [85] Reply Report Abuse

  • ca girishkk, m'lore/dxb

    Tue, Apr 16 2019

    For once it is time for Coastal Karnataka people to prove themselves as they are - Not only hard working & highly intelligent but also WISDOM FULL....,

    The result will be for sure in favor of Shri Mithunji..., but for EVM...,

    DisAgree [26] Agree [68] Reply Report Abuse

  • anthony, Mangalore

    Tue, Apr 16 2019

    This is the track record of Modi. The crowds are stage managed by the RSS for his election meetings including getting people from across the border to prop up his image as a crowd puller. The people have seen through Modis Jhumlas for the last five years and his Governance has been a Disaster as can be seen below.

    "The Modi government has been a failure on all fronts and has inflicted pain and misery on the people through its reckless decisions of demonetisation and hasty imposition of a flawed GST, demonetization and GST disrupted the economy, trade and industry, led to closure of lakhs of factories and tens of millions of workers lost their jobs and livelihood. The unprecedented joblessness, agrarian crisis and distress of farmers and agricultural laborers are issues of grave national concern. The Modi government is guilty of monumental mismanagement of the Indian economy.

    No accountability at all for corruption during the last five years. Corruption has become rampant across the country. After the next Govt is formed all the skeletons in the BJP vast array of hidden cupboards will be exposed including the Rafale Scam.

    Modi Sarkar Ko Hatao. Desh Ko Bachao. They should be made accountable for over 100 deaths in ATM Ques after the Demoitisation.

    The use of Tele Prompters has blown the facade of Modi being an extempore speaker. This idea seems to have been borrowed from Obama who uses tele prompters for his union of state message to the US Congress. Such aids no other political leader uses to hide their weakness

    DisAgree [25] Agree [62] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rajesh, mangyshetty8@gmail.com

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Boss we vote Modi for Hindutva. India is the only Hindu Country and in the middle of totaltarian cultures who would one time in history want to sink our culture have to be thrawted. We do not much care for anything else. We would not want our next generation get killed like the Hazaras that get killed in Pakistan

    DisAgree [48] Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse

  • N.M, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    You are writing trash. India is a secular democratic republic and will continue to remain. Our strength lies in our diversity and Sanghi bigots will not be able to divide people in the name rule this country for long.

    DisAgree [9] Agree [11] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rajesh, mangyshetty8@gmail.com

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Dear, when demography changes even the existing flawed secularism may also go to dust bin.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [3] Report Abuse

  • JMC, Mangalore.

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    India is a Hindu majority country. The British, French, Portugese, Moghuls came to/invaded India, but even today in India Hindus are in majority.
    But after 2014 suddenly the Hindus are in danger even though the government is led by BJP, which expresses a commitment to Hindutva and which is backed by RSS.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [5] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rajesh, Mangalore

    Wed, Apr 17 2019

    Hope you know that India those time included present day Pakistan , Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

    DisAgree Agree [3] Report Abuse


    Tue, Apr 16 2019

    for mangalore only one able candidate that is mitun which ever party he may be . other parties not given right candidate.

    DisAgree [32] Agree [82] Reply Report Abuse

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