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Customs launches online guide for international passengers at Mangaluru airport

Pics: Dayanand Kukkaje
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangaluru (ANK)

Mangaluru Feb 17: With a view to help air passengers all over the world with regard to customs rules and regulations, Rajiv Bhushan Tiwari, chief commissioner of customs, Bengaluru zone, on Friday February 17 launched an online customs guide for international passengers at the office of Mangalore International Airport director here.

Addressing the gathering, Rajiv Bhushan Tiwari said, "This is a very good move by customs to ensure that information is available to the international passengers before they leave their country. We have two major international airports, in Bengaluru and in Mangaluru, which is an important airport as it is connected to the Gulf. For the past one decade, we have been emphasising introduction of digitalisation and electronic method of customs where it can reduce the interface between passengers and customs officers.

"Last year we made a study on international passengers to understand the process, transaction and behaviour of the passengers, and we came to know that 89% of the passengers are satisfied with the duty rendered by the customs officers.

"Most of the passengers want the data to be available on electronic platform to know the baggage rules and regulations. With this web portal, we can fulfill the requirement of the passengers. We are available on Twitter and Facebook where every 10 to 15 days frequent questions are asked and also addressed," Tiwari said.

"There has been a tremendous shift in the functioning of the department from what we were earlier to what we are today. There was a time when the rate of duty was 200%, where you could not bring anything into the country. And if you ask people who travelled during the 1970s and the 80s, they will tell you about that the harassment faced from the customs, but today I am happy to say that the number of complaints is virtually nil.

"There is a shortage of warehouses in Mangaluru airport. We have taken up the issue and it will be resolved at the earliest," he added.

Tiwari also unveiled a new scanner at the premises.

Airport director J T Radhakrishna said, "Mangaluru airport has grown ever since the airport became international in the year 2006. At that time, three flights were flying in a week and today the number has grown to 58 flights a week, which is enormous and an indication of continuous growth. Nearly 17 lac passengers flew in the year 2015-16 and we are expecting a 10% growth this year.

"International passengers in Mangaluru are in need of information and this is a very good move by the customs to introduce a web portal which will give them all necessary information and guidelines. Web portal is an important tool today as most passengers are internet savvy and therefore can clarify their doubts regarding rules and procedures," he added.

Mangaluru customs commissioner Subramanyam, customs additional commissioner Reena Shetty, deputy commissioner Pravin Vinod and others were present.

Online guide for customs: 



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  • Conrad John Tauro, Shirva/Udupi/Dubai

    Mon, Feb 20 2017

    True and Shining...

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  • bhavya, mangalore

    Mon, Feb 20 2017

    i have heard and also my friends have experienced first hand that the customs officers at mangaluru have recently started good new projects and are also giving helping hand to genuine passengers at airport. Everyone need to encourage such steps taken by central government. Way to go.

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  • Mahesh, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 20 2017

    Respected sir, I think people should see that customs mangalore are doing a balancing act between passenger facility and stopping anti social and smuggling activity. I believe that people should cooperate and encourage new initiative than spreading negativity. This new online facility is laudable. Keep it up.

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  • Sunil K, Mangalore

    Mon, Feb 20 2017

    The Customs website design lacks a professional approach. Website needs to be smart, professional and user friendly. Please don't design an operations manual. Also looks like the designer/developer decided to have fun and needlessly used all available colours from the palette.

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  • Rita, Germany

    Sun, Feb 19 2017

    A very good idea from customs.In 70-80s we experienced harassment in Bombay pur. had to pay taxes for my own worn gold ornaments when going back to Germany ,(had it on by coming,were only k.mani and four bangels )still horrible was women were taking out money from our bag and hiding in their blouse.when coming to India ,too was not a happy journey.Thank God now it has one end.In mangalore I had a bad experience last two years back By mistake we tookout others baggage,later we gave back and filledout the forms.Had to call next day ,but noone was taking the phone,for days.I think this type of things should be avoided,and someone should answer the calls ,inform the passengers.later we had a call from Bombay officers and cleared it,but not from mangalore.(we dont have any Int.facility in house in village,no Smrtphone)So in future such negligence shouldnt happen.otherwise I have no problem with Mlore.customs.

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  • Naveen, Bangalore

    Sat, Feb 18 2017

    Nice to a read document which is pretty transparent and elaborate. I have learnt a few new things too in the bargain. Keep up the good work. Mera Bharat Mahan.

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  • Sangeetha, Mangalore

    Sat, Feb 18 2017

    Thanks to Mangalore Customs for the online guide. It sure answers many passengers queries. It is recommended that all passengers flying in and out of Mangalore to check this site. Way to go.

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  • SMR, Karkala

    Sat, Feb 18 2017

    Dear Rajiv Bhushan Tiwar

    Sir, I would like to share my travel experience in Mangalore customs with you.

    I had been travelling back on business trip. Due to undue reason our baggage is been held back port of boarding. When we arrived customs asked us to fill declaration form. When I had filled the approximate value junior custom officer objected to the amount. He called the officer in charge and he told me 'even used clothes by passenger is liable to custom duty'?

    When I asked him to produce the customs circulation he pulled old copy look like antique excavated from the old ruins of monastery. I asked what is the date of amendment he has no answers.

    I am worldwide frequent traveller. I had never seen duty levied on old clothes. If business man can be fooled by this custom officers what will be the plight of others?

    Is this website has details how much foreign currency can passenger carry? What are the goods liable to customs? Why do every home bound passenger has pat check ?

    As per majority of passenger opinion Mangalore customs is only good for Gold findings. Even one aircraft landing average baggage handling takes an hours,which is absolutely unacceptable for the business passengers, emergency etc

    Jai Hind

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  • Abdul Rehaman K, Manipal / Dubai

    Sat, Feb 18 2017

    With due respect to Mr Subramanyam, the commissioner of Customs in Mangalore, who has high regards for his humbleness and professional approach, I want to bring a imp notice to the officials in airport.

    During my arrival at Mangalore airport last month, after completing customs formalities i was standing in the line for physical frisking before I reach collection belt. A officer shouting at the passengers who were in the line 'Put you mobile phone and purse in the bag' (This was during screening of handbags). I politely asked officer if i can use the plastic tray which were available in the desk to put my mobile phone and purse (since my hand bag was full, and I had problem in the bag zip to open). To my surprise, he did not allow me to use the tray and forced me to put my phone and purse in my bag. By doing so, he denied me the service given by government (tray) and imposed his own arrogant rule on me. I asked him "Why am I not allowed to use tray, I travel all over world almost every month, but never forced anywhere like this", for my this question, he asked my passport and started checking my stamps, and had a very arrogant look at me. Still he did not relax me to use the tray. I feel using tray at the airport is passenger's basic right, customs officials have no right to stop anyone.

    I wanted to bring this matter to the top officials, but since I visited just for two days, I could not do so. I feel this is appropriate forum to put forward my complain. I heard Mr Subramanyam is very humble gentleman who listens to the problem of people.

    My concern is, these kind of arrogant officers downgrade the standard of Mangalore International airport in front of foreign travelers. They treat every passengers as low grade and uneducated. They have no basis training i beleive. Otherwise they won't shout so loudly to put phone and purse into the bag, and despite of placing plastic trays to put you packet items arrogantly deny the facility.

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  • Wilson Dsouz, Muscat

    Sat, Feb 18 2017

    A agree with Mr Abdul, I too experienced same issue. It's pathetic to see some custom officers treating incoming passengers as school children and shouting at them to keep mobile phone inside the bag. We call this as international airport, but some officers treat passengers like KSRTC bus stand. Hope respected authorities will take this note and train the officers at MIA

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  • ramesh, mangalore

    Sun, Feb 19 2017

    Now a days airtravelling is like KSRTC bus as cost is already drastically reduced compare to last 10 to 15 years.Previously air travel takes as status symbol.Now it is no issue,travelling by air is common man job due to healthy competition and government policy.In mangalore airport signs are already provided to keep all the things in travellers bag before go for security check.

    It is the responsibility of the custom officer highlight these issue while travelers coming to these area.As stress builds up due to repeated mistakes by fellow passenger and duty takes pride and officer started announcing loud and makes it look like market yard.The issue should be addressed quickly to desipate such issues as i observed mangalore international airport and custiom department is one of the best served.If anybody travelled mumbai or new delhi airport then travellers will understand how different it is in those airport.

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  • Silvester Gomes, Mangaluru

    Sat, Feb 18 2017

    The customs officers in Mangalore airport have tremendously improved in their attitude since last couple of years. The drama which we saw in 2012 due to Export Declaration time is not seen now. Thanks to for thier bold journalism in bringing customs issues to the notice of higher authorities during that time. The booklet now published must reach every passenger who travel abroad. This is very good step. Recently we have seen many passengers caught in Kuwait, UAE and Saudi airports for taking banned medicines etc. Congrats to Mangalore Customs chief for maintaining very high standard and taking Mangalore airport into next level. Appreciation to Mangalore Airport director also.

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  • Roshan Dsouza, Moodferar/ Dubai

    Sat, Feb 18 2017

    Many of the gulf passengers expect VIP treatment by Customs officers in Mangalore airport. They want 5 bottles to be allowed to take home ! If you abide law, no one will harras you or trouble you, you can walk free. Also if you cross little limit in bringing some items from abroad, if you speak good or request they will allow you. But if passengers show arrogance, then officers have law in thier hand! So for the better environment, its better that you should abide law of land.

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  • Anil D Souza, Mangalore/Munich

    Sat, Feb 18 2017

    Important question : Where does all confiscated gold and items goes ? I would demand it should be used only for MIE development work. Any other opinions ?

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  • joe Gonsalves, Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 17 2017

    I have been traveling to U.S.A. for over three decades and I have no hesitation in stating that throughout I have received utmost courtesy from customs officers. If anything they have helped me and guided me. It is of course essential that passengers are honest and courteous too to the officers concerned because they work under stress.

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  • Anilkumar, Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 17 2017

    These customs personnel in Mangalore do not find big catch unlike in Mumbai or Delhi. Too many of them employed here for a small place and they find not sufficient income. The only way out is to harass the small timer passengers who come from Gulf with their life time saving converted in some household goods. That too these custom officials try to take away quoting some vague rules.
    There is no provision for appealing or disputing. As a result, the passengers end up paying whatever the customs person demands.
    Stop such eyewash meetings and seminars and spend time in providing justice to genuine passengers.

    DisAgree [11] Agree [36] Reply Report Abuse

  • ramesh, mangalore

    Fri, Feb 17 2017

    Dear Mr.Anil,

    I totally disagree with your coments regarding mangalore custom department.I have been travelling here from more than 10 years.I have never been harrassed or questioned.Officers are one of the polite and most customer orriented than other airports.You havenot aware of recent catches that has been conducted in respect to smuggling of gold and other foriegn currency.Request to take full knowledge before commenting to oneof the best department which is serving you for your convinience.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Fri, Feb 17 2017

    Why all this song & dance for Gulf passengers ...

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  • Subhash Chandra, Mangalore UAE

    Fri, Feb 17 2017

    Do i have to pay customs if i bring a used all in one Desktop Computer ? ( lost the bill )

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  • Ganesh, Mangalore

    Fri, Feb 17 2017

    To the best of my knowledge...
    A laptop is allowed dutyfree. Desktop is dutiable if value exceeds your customs allowance. If by sight it looks used then you may be able to get away without duty. However note that all flat monitors and TVs are dutiable even if value within your customs allowance.

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  • Lewis, udupi

    Sat, Feb 18 2017

    Buy a New one in India for a peace of mind..

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  • Lewis, udupi

    Sat, Feb 18 2017

    Buy a new one in India, instead of wasting your time in opening the baggage and than answering all the questions, again packing the things back and all the passengers stating at you thinking your smuggling...

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  • Haneef, Abu dhabi

    Fri, Feb 17 2017

    Looks like some kids developed this website . Very unprofessional. It would have been little professional as this will be used by many tourists. At first point this site represents professionalism of our country and our place.
    Secondly there should be an option for us to report any misbehaviours of officers in the site where we can report all unlawful requirements and harassments of customs officers. Till date the officers are not very straight forward they even make money through the bank counter which is next to it which was revealed by some social media video which gone viral few months back.

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