Watch Video : Mubarak Al Rashed singing 'Mog Tuzo Kitlo...' Konkani song

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Video : Alban Dsouza


Kuwait, Sep 21: On Friday September 19 Konkani speaking musical lovers in Kuwait witnessed one of the most electrifying moment in history of Konkani, when a Kuwaiti citizen mesmerized the packed audience of 1,300 at the American International School auditorium, when he beautifully rendered the Konkani song 'Mog Tuzo Kitlo Axelom', a compsoition of Konkani legend Wilfy Rebimbus.

History was created, every soul present in the auditorium encouraged and applauded Mubarak Al Rashed Al Azmi who rendered the Konkani song with admirable fluency. It was heartening to see the entire audience give him a standing ovation when he successfully completed the song. The music hungry audience an encore in unison, and Murbarak gracefully obliged, but without music. This time, the audience too joined him in singing the song.

The beauty of the rendition was, Mubarak sang the latter part of the Konkani song in Arabic.

Mubarak, who is a great fan of Indian music, performed this song during semi-finals of Kuwait segment of 'Gulf Voice of Mangalore' Season 4.

Mubarak Al Rashed has an uncanny voice-resemblance to the timeless legend Kishore Kumar, which has won him the moniker ‘Kuwaiti Kishore Kumar’. In his own words, speaking in Hindi, he calls himself a 'saccha sangeet premi' (true music lover). "Although I deeply admire both Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi, I relate most to Kishore," says Mubarak, who not only sounds, but also has Kishore’s brand of playfulness.

Mubarak’s stage debut during SaReGaMa performance back in 2008 was an unexpected event. His enthusiastic cousin Abdullah secretly convinced two expatriates, Rehan and Saud of the organizing team, to give Mubarak a chance. “He just called me one evening and told me to dress up and drive to Qadsiya Stadium,” says Mubarak, as he recounts the episode that took him out of his Diwaniya and placed him in front of a live audience for the first time. “I didn’t realize what was happening until I heard my name being called…and then suddenly, I was on stage with the microphone in my hand. The first song I sang in public was ‘Mein Hoon Don’, but my memory of the whole experience is like a dream, very fantastic, and equally frightful.”

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  • nelson, mudigere

    Sun, Nov 2 2014


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  • Clarence D'Souza, Bardez/Amsterdam

    Wed, Oct 1 2014

    Monica Valdar, I am with you all the way. Let your critics perish.
    They are cutthroats.

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  • Sir Patrick J. Rodrigues-KGCHS-SPJ, Toronto - Canada

    Tue, Sep 30 2014

    Bravo! Rafiq Mubarak Ali Rashed you are just marvelous. God Bless you and best wishes.

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  • Aubb, Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 30 2014

    Mubarak Al Rashed took me down the memory lane.

    Excellent performance by a Kuwaiti amateur!!

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  • Meena Kadbet, Pangla, Canada

    Sat, Sep 27 2014

    Such a proud feeling to see an Arab singing a konkani song. Well sung Mr. Mubarak Al Rashed. This shows that Music knows no religion, caste or creed.You just enjoy music, and that is exactly what Mr Mubarak has done.Once again well sung and all the best for your future singing in any language that you are comfortable in.

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  • Jeffory John , Udupi/Kuwait

    Thu, Sep 25 2014

    comparison between success of Mubarak and rest of Konkani artist was uncalled for, immatured. you stirred trouble and Monica took the burnt of it. But Monica could have put it in a sober way. However, Monica is absolutely wrong for taking credit ' someone is following my footprints' This is he childish language to boast and widely mature too.

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  • Well Wisher, Bantwal/Kuwait

    Thu, Sep 25 2014

    Hi MV, can you comment on above super observation on you !. Be good and others will call you good.

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  • Well Wisher 2 , Kuwait

    Wed, Sep 24 2014

    Hie MV, after wilson now you have interfered and misunderstanding AG too. Now you are playing another standard playing comfort zone praising another Konkani artist and jiggling with discomfort zone to AG. AG knows as you referred 45 Konkani service of everyone. What he meant was a just way of expression about Mubarak and you picked a fight there too. You are diverting and bargaining from one case to another case..wilson to ag. As some one said just calm down in stead of digging someone's or scratching another's back.

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  • Monica Valdar , Dubai-UAE

    Wed, Sep 24 2014

    You well-wisher! Woww! Before you guide me what i have to do, please BE TRUE TO YOURSELF by showing your identitity! Hiding the name will only prove what you are! For your kind information, I know Adrian very well and he has played music for my singing in two occassions! If you are trying to 'meza voyle kele kadn fillyad zodchem…' I must tell you,… you or another 1000 comments against me will not affect me! Please keep them flowing in with fake names or whatever well wisher 3, 4, 5 100. I wanted to make my point clear, i have made it. Wilson knows me well too. So with your fake id you dont have to take the advantage of the situation to show how much you hate me for what I am. I dont have to change myself for people to like me! Right people will like me or love for what they find in me! Also, let me tell you i have no intention in blowing someones candle for i know, mine will not shine either. Please , i am better than you in my thinking, so please learn to be trueto yourself. I am not the girl to sit and cry over a few people writing against me!! If you wanna attack me publicly, show me your identitity and raise your hatred agaisnt me. Hope i am clear to you. Still, i wish the Best to you. May God guide you to the right path.

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  • Well Wisher, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Thu, Sep 25 2014

    Dear M.V.
    We are your well wishers. No doubt.
    What so ever we have nothing against you.
    Our only concern is that we would like advise you that you must hold a moderate view on AG 's comment like everyone of us held in the auditorium and must learn to walk into our footprints to encourage all views in this forum. Do not judge and you will not be judged. This is the whole story of well wishers.

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  • Reshma Lobo, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Wed, Sep 24 2014

    A big saluate to Mr. Mubarak Al Rashed. I am glad to watch you sing live. You have won the hearts of our Konkani community all thru the world...Ur singing in Konkani has touched each person and it will always b remembered... Special thanks to Wilson and the organizers of GVOM to make this happen.. U are indeed blessed by Allah .. All the best Mubarak and Alf Alf Mabrook..

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  • Monica Valdar , Dubai-Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 23 2014

    First of all, looks like you have locked yourself between 4 walls! So, I don’t blame you for what you have written against me.

    Get out of the 4 walls and get your facts right about Monica Valdar and Thushara kuruvitage when it comes to the ‘World of Music’ and ‘Promoting & Appreciating Others Talents’.

    My Marketing skills! Wow, I must appreciate your compliment to me!
    Now, Go to my facebook Profile, and search my videos on my TV Program ‘Desert Flowers’ and also a Link on Daijiworld I ‘m sure you would wish if you were Monica Valdar, as my Professionalism and what I have achieved in Music, speaks for itself. Hang on! Having said this, please do not forget to send me your profile of Achievements, I would like to know if you deserve to Judge me or not.

    Now, Let me tell you, you or anyone’s Jealousy on me will only help me to achieve and keep on promoting and nurturing other Talents in future too! Call it a Blessing in disguise! Get your facts and Stay in Peace my dear! Almighty God is by my side, nothing can harm me!

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  • Monica Valdar , Dubai-UAE

    Tue, Sep 23 2014

    My Reply is to Crystal Dsouza Kuwait's comments on my comment earlier!

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  • Lional Rayan, Ajekar/Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 23 2014

    Kudos to Mubarak Al Rasheed and also to Gulf voice of Mangalore for giving us an opportunity to witness this historic moment. He sang very nicely that we couldn’t make out even by accent as well. Hats off to Wilson Saldanha for introducing Mubarak to Konkani community.

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    Tue, Sep 23 2014

    Congratulation & a big salute to Mr. Mubarak Al Rashed Al Azmi.
    Indeed I do not need to watch the Video since I was present there and witnessed his singing. Being a Kuwaiti and singing a Konkani song was great, but apart from that he really made justice to the song singing it well half song in Konkani & half in Arabic. I would say that as to my knowledge until now I have never seen any Konkani Artist who has got such an applaud followed by a standing ovation from the full crowd / audience in the auditorium. Hats off to Mubarak Al Rashed Al Azmi & also the organizers who have approached him to sing in order to make this a history.

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  • Monica Valdar , Dubai - Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 23 2014

    “I would say that as to my knowledge until now I have never seen any Konkani Artist who has got such an applaud followed by a standing ovation from the full crowd / audience in the auditorium”
    Dear Adrian Gomes, I have never expected this from you. Is this a compliment???Sorry no offense meant! I have great regards on you for what you are!
    I like to be honest, with this comment of yours, don’t you think you have made that Kuwati (who sings sooo many Hindi songs and have also sung with my Sri Lankan Friends Band in Kuwait too ☺) bigger than our own Konkan Kogul Late Wilfy Rebimbus who gave 45 years of his life to konkani music...? You meant you never attended his shows and you have never seen such an applaud?
    Or don’t you think, you let all our Konkani Legends down? Or is that you do not attend Konkani shows? Recently I was in Oman and I heard someone saying that Kevin Misquith of Mangalore made everyone in the hall dance to his singing and left the audience asking for more during his last show there in Oman
    There are so many Konkani speaking people who contribute to konkani music consistently over the years, they have done so much towards Konkani they never get such backing, appreciation or support!! He sang eight lines and people fell for him!
    My dear fellow Konkani community people, by liking or disliking, nothing will change, instead of going on liking or disliking the comments, have some guts to fight for Konkani in a real sense!

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  • Thriza Preethi D Souza, Bantwal/Kuwait

    Wed, Sep 24 2014

    MV, I do not know what you meant but 'following your footprints' is utterly nonsense you should have avoided these wording while people enjoying, focusing on Mubarabk's singing and Wilson's effort to train him since almost past 3 months. All of a sudden, how dare you took the credit. I do not think so Wilson ever thought you and not need too while you mingle freely with other artist. About your desert flowers you deserve Kudos. No doubt at all. But in future too do not compare your success with some one else and discredit them although you did not intend do so intentionally. If you drawn or draw many Blessings from the Almighty, we say happily God is Great. As far as I know. You are really good human being thousand fold. Therefore, keep distance from every controversies.

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  • Monica Valdar , Dubai-UAE

    Fri, Sep 26 2014

    Following footprints, i meant, making a non-Mangalorean / non-Indian/ a foreigner sing in Konkani. I have done that 4 years ago my dear and still doing it. A Sri Lankan Musician that most of the Mangalorean knows, sings over 50 Konkani songs fluently and has also composed music for Konkani songs. You have not done that isn't it? Have you taught a line to sing in Konkani to any body a Non-Indian? I am sure no! But, Yes i did and i am doing that for the love that i have for Konkani. He knows every Mangalorean Musician, composer, singer and specially he is a greatest Fan of Late Wilfyaab. I am sorry if what i meant was too much! Yet i would say, Many Mangaloreans in the Gulf and India knows who is Thushara Kuruvitage is. He sings in Konkani , Tulu and Kannada! Now, go train a non-Indian and feel the pleasure when he/she sings in Konkani. I speak based on facts! Kudos to Wilson , he has done a great thing. I wish every one does that.. Konkani will reach worldwide!! Do you have anything to say my dear? Be Blessed.

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  • Well Wisher, , Kuwait

    Wed, Sep 24 2014

    Dear MV,

    Time to calm down. You have just brought down your 1000 credits to 0 level with whatever comments you have posted here. Give glory to God for your inborn talent but don't Glorify yourself and demean other artists like AG because you don't know what is stored for us next.

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  • Monica Valdar , Dubai-UAE

    Wed, Sep 24 2014

    Well-wisher , whoever you are, ! Dear, please know that I care for my credits only in the Account of Almighty God and not with a human being! I will stand ALONE if i have to say the right thing!! Who cares it is 0 or a million. Now you go and calm down please. You can no way shake my confidence! If you have the guts to speak the truth, have your name published!! Thank you. *SMILE*

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  • Annet Castelino, Pernal/Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 23 2014

    Excellent awesome singing by Mubarak... Wilson hard work really paid off...Kiran & team excellent music...This will be remembered always...

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  • Jennifer Pereira, Shakthinagar, Mangalore

    Tue, Sep 23 2014

    Mr. Mubarak. Your voice really touched my heart. God bless you.

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  • Wilfred J. Lewis, Matpady-Brahmavar/ New York, USA

    Tue, Sep 23 2014

    Excellent Konkani and Arabic singing, Mr. Mubarak Al Rashed of Kuwait. Perfect music, friendly audience in a well known Kuwait school auditorium and many fans all over the world are with you. It is not only me, my Arab friends here in New York also applaud your singing... Good Luck.

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  • Ivan Sequeira , Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 23 2014

    Great voice and a fantastic performance.

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  • Marina Veigas, Bajpe/Kuwait

    Tue, Sep 23 2014

    Congratulation to Mr.Mubarak Al Rashed. You really made all the Konkani speaking people proud. Awesome performance.

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  • Ronald D'Souza, Mulky/kuwait

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Congratulations mr. Mubarak al Rashid hats up you God bless you.

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  • Lucy Rodrigues, Moodubelle/Mumbai

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Great. I enjoyed his song. What a joy on his face!!! An Arab singing in Konkani !! Mubarak and thank you so much.

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  • Lavina, Kuwait

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Hats off to you, It was really amazing singing in Konkani with clear pronunciation, clarity, by Mubarak Al Rashed you are …simply superb, Waiting for the next live singing.
    Thanks for the clear video....

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  • Reshma, Mangalore/Dubai

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Congratulations and well done Mubarak. You have shown us that nothing is impossible. An Arabic person singing in Konkani is really unbelievable. We look forward to hearing more songs from you. Keep it up !!
    Congrats Wilson for your efforts in making this possible.

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  • Morvine, Barkur/Kuwait

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Grand Salute Sir. Feel like to hear you again and again. Congrats to Youth Recreation Centre for making history in Konkani.

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  • Wilson Mark, Udupi / Muscat

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Superb, good to see an Arab singing a Konkani song. Hats off to u Sir. Really enjoyed your singing, it was fantastic.

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  • Cedric D' Silva, Mangalore / Kuwait

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Fantastic singing by Kuwaiti Mubarak. We really enjoyed it live. Thanks to Wilson also for his idea for creating a history. Wilfy would have been very happy if he was alive !!!!!

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  • Orson Dsouza, Manipal/Kuwait

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    I must say that although I may have won the GVOM 2012 by winning the entire Qatari Mangalore an community, what he did is much bigger... winning almost the heart of the whole Konkani world.... a humble and hardworking person... and it truly it showed that night.... and if I have to invoke what Henry Sir told me... I would like to say this to Mubarak.... MUBARAK... YOU ARE AWESOME!

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  • RP ( Reshms Pereira), Bajpe . Bahrain 215122

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Great singing and good voice. This really remind me and take me some years back when I fall in love with my Hubby.
    Mog Tuzo Kitlo song always touch my heart .Some years back when I heard this song from Ashok I madly fall in love with him. Because of that song we are become forever together .
    Long life to wilfyab.
    My hubby is singing this whenever I broke down.

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  • Clara Fernandes, Bombay/Kuwait

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    I remember when I heard first time, while Mubarak singing a Hindi number of Kishore Kumar, at ICSK Carnival beginning of this year in Kuwait, our Indian crowd was hardly clapping for him. Poor chap was saying "think I am your Yo Yo Hani Singh and cheer me up". It was so heartening. It was just the other way around when he started singing at GVOM other day, it was just a whistle...whistle.... We love you and your voice Mubarak because you have sung a song in KONKANI and made us feel proud.

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  • Vinay Lewis, Uppoor

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Hi Mr. Mubarak Al Rashed Al Azmi. Hats off to you and the effort that you rendered in singing a Konkani song, that too with a pure Konkani accent. You simply overshadowed the show, the limelight was just on you. Could see people shouting and cheering at you. You were truly amazing....

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  • Veena Rebimbus Pais, Mangalore / Doha Qatar

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    A great and a touching tribute beyond our imagination. Great singing by Mr. Mubarak.Not an easy task for any Arabic speaker to sing in Konkani that too with almost perfect pronunciation. We were very much touched by this gesture of Youth Recreation Centre (Rising Stars) Kuwait, the founders of Historic Gulf Voice of Mangalore. You made Daddy a part of GVOM when it was initiated which was his last performance in the Gulf. Ever since, GVOM has become a part of our family too. You have never missed to pay tribute to him in every GVOM that followed his sad demise. Very Grateful to you for taking one of his most memorable composition to the Arabic world. Thanks Wilson for this great effort, sure it was not an easy one. Wish many many more historic events in Konkani initiates from you. Our Best wishes.
    Veena Rebimbus Pais
    On behalf of Rebimbus family

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  • Reshma D'Souza, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Mubarak, you are so handsome!You stole our hearts not just by your good looks but also by your beautiful singing. Hope to hear more Konkani signing from you in the future.

    I want to take you to Mangalore with me....:)

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  • rennie, kuwait

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Dear Walter Dentis
    Don't be too Surprise, we have given enough credits to Shaila and Morvin on live show as well as on media, in case if you have missed the link i have attached here below. So be good ...

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  • Walter Dantis, Mangalore/ Bahrain

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Call me a party spoiler, But I am bit Surprised about this over the top " hangama" about Mr. Rashed singing a Konkani song and in the process we have forgotten about the True winners of the show.
    Shaila and Morvin are the true hero's of the day and we should give them all the credit. I am absolutely thrilled to her a Kuwaiti singing Konkani song, but lets pause for a moment and give the due credit to our own singers.

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  • Praveen, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    What a melodious voice. He sung very nicely same as original singer PB Srinivas...

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  • Cheryl Dsouza, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    They say music breaks all barriers, and its so true and Mr. Mubarak has proved it.

    Our own konkani speaking folks are ashamed to teach their kids and to interact in the konkani language and look at this personality, even though he did not know ABCD of Konkani, he took it up to sing and entertain the crowd. Hats off to people like this who make the world a nicer place to live in and let mankind know that peace prevails irrespective of what culture, tradition etc.. Keep up the good work and god bless you abundantly Mubarak Al Rashed.

    The joy on his face while singing the song shows the love he has for people of the world. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO CAN LIGHT UP THE WORLD...

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  • Teresa Fernado, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Great attempt by Mubharak..
    Its interesting you gave good challenge to the compere at the end.. and he was speechless..!

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  • Lancy, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Kudos....This is really great, Mubarak has exerted immense efforts to present this song to the audience which is highly appreciated. This is the first time I am seeing this in my life. God Bless this Gentleman and may he more successful in all his future singing ventures.

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  • Crystal Dsouza, Kuwait

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Monica Valdar,

    I hope you are not trying to take the credit from Wilson, by saying that they are following your footsteps.
    When it is about art and talents, there should be no competition. An artist connects instantly to another with his talent. Hope the message reaches you and helps you appreciate others without connecting them to your marketing skills.

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  • vivek, herebile / abudhabi

    Wed, Sep 24 2014

    Rightly said...artist is he "who earn a place" by his talent not by anyone's force or introduction..when we talk about ..Mubarak Al Rashed singing..we don't want anyone's Comparison / Promotion..

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  • Sunita Tellis, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Wonderful singing couldn't get enough of it. I watched the video more than 3 times and thrilled every time i watch it.Thank you Mubarak for giving us this wonderful moment, God bless you.

    Kudos to the musicians and specially mc Doney for beautifully introducing Mubarak and allowing the crowd to sing with him for the second time. Appreciate your spontaneous creativity, and innovative style of compering. It was our pleasure to watch this whole video.

    Thanks Daiji for sharing this moment with us.

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  • vincent dsa, Shankerpura,Muscat

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Organizers,kindly call this gentleman to Muscat during finals.

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  • Sir Lancelot, Manglore

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Mabrook with high three claps Mubarak Al Rashid
    Good Voice Mashalla
    Next time please try ye ye Kathrina
    All the best.

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  • Preethi, mglore

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Mr. Mubarak seriously I am speechless.... It’s my favorite Konkani song. I am feeling like hearing once again from you. You have an amazing have performed awesome… as well as u are handsome……

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  • joe Gonsalves, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    I am indeed happy to read dear Henry's observations on my comments highly commending Mubarak Al Rashed's singing a konkani song.Henry... I am an accessable person. You are free to meet me any time wish to. May The Good Lord bless you abundantly.

    Joe Gonsalves

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  • vinay, mumbai

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    wow.. mazaa aa gaya..mubarak this is for you... "laut ke aana, hai yehi tumko, jaa rahe ho tum jaao meri jaan " .. maybe you were expecting this as a response in the end from wilson.. when you sang chand mera dil ...

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  • w.t.f, Mangalore

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Sooo melodious...

    A meaningful tribute to Legendary composer, lyricist, singer Late. Wilfy Rebimbus & original song singer Sri. PB Srinavas.

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  • sureshpai-permude-dubai, permude-dubai

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Congratulations Mr.Mubarak! Wonderful singing! It is my favourate konkani song! You made history in entire konkani community!Thanks everyone who are behind the scene who guided him.

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  • Mathew Valder, MRPL, Mangalore/Muscat

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Feel like hearing once again even after hearing for 3 times.

    Truly, it thrilled me. Unexplainable joy while hearing this song from Mr. Mubarak. Thanks a million saeed. Mabrook and may God bless you.

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  • Antony Cony D Souza, Karkala / Qatar

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Mabrouk to Mr. Mubarak !!

    Congratulations on your most ambitious goal to sing a Konkani Song that spirit which was instilled in you by Mr. Wilson Saldhanha, one of the team member of GVOM founders. You not only sang a Konkani song but you attempted to sing one of the most toughest Konkani song to sing ''Mog Tuzo Kitlo...'

    In my opinion, to sing a Konkani or any other song than our own mother tongue, a person needs to have the musical skills and breadth to develop an interpretation of a piece of foreign language, its accent, music and the communicative abilities, both verbal and physical, to bring that interpretation into life with the audience. With your most beautiful vocal tone and your body language, no doubt, you succeeded more than thousand fold Mr. Mubarak.

    As you repeated twice, no single element can ever succeed but a combined effort with Mr. Wilson and with other musicians that made you to succeed. You won the millions of hearts by your skills and talents, plus love for music and a lot of hard work, that made you to crate history being part of proud GVOM Kuwaiti team.

    For sure, you will not stop there nor you should stop there. All the best as you head toward your goal.

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    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    This song is 1 of my favorite, a masterpiece from Gr8 Wilfy, fabulously sung by late P.B.Srinivas. We will never get Wilfy & P.B.S. again, they were once in a life time entertainers.
    Here I would like to congratulate Mubarak WALLAH WAJEED ZAIN, MABROOK Mubarak Al-Rashed.

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  • clitus tauro, Doha Qatar

    Mon, Sep 22 2014

    Mr. Mubarak Al Rashed...Congratulations and Best of Luch...You won the millions of Konkani Speaking Community through out GCC and rest of the world....Amazing Voice...Awesome Performance...Mesmerized the hearts of Konkani Speaking Indians....Hip Hip Hurray..Hats Off.....I request all the GVOM events to give chance to the local country people to perform like Kuwaiti organisers did....Hats Off once again...

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  • Suleman Beary, Udupi

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Nice to hear an Arab singing in Konkani language. I appreciate his spirit and enjoyment. Well done.

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  • viola lobo, Bondel

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    ...........same person had sung hindi song in a baila show I Kuwait......wonderful..............gudliuck..........u r great

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  • Ajay Lobo, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Well done Mubarak. Great to see an arabic person singing Konkani song. Keep it up..This is a lesson for Mangalorean Konkani people who don't encourage their kids to talk Konkani. Jai Konkani..Mubarak is role model..

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  • Ronald D.F.D'Souza, Bondel/Bahrain

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Bravo, Mabrook, Mubarak Al Rasheed for singing evergreen konkani song "Mog tuzo kitlo ashelo". You really made a history in konkani being first Kuwaiti Arab sing such a beautiful song in konkani style. May God Bless you with good singing talent. Ronald D.F.D'Souza - Bahrain

    DisAgree [4] Agree [28] Reply Report Abuse

  • Roshan, bedra

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Mubarak...means congratulations.You really sung very well....very hard to pick few konkani words for some non konkani people but you sung very well keep it up.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [23] Reply Report Abuse

  • Clifford, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Fantastic. He has a melodies voice.
    Thanks Mubarak. Your efforts are highly appreciated.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [39] Reply Report Abuse

  • Prof.(Dr) J. Lancy D'Souza, Anjelore

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Mabrook Saieed Mubarak Al Rashid - Mabrook. You really made all the konkani speaking people proud. May you sail in a Ship of Ambition and Anchor in the harbour of Success.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [34] Reply Report Abuse

  • Monica Valdar , Dubai-UAE

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    This is an amazing feeling to see a Kuwaiti to sing in Konkani. Atleast someone out there is following my footprints to introduce other countries Artists to our Konkani Community. Kudos to the Kuwait team who took this bold step! I am happy Thushara Kuruvitage being a Sri Lankan has already won the hearts of Konkani community with his Konkani singing and Music playing for Konkani singing and Directing Konkani Shows like GVOM – Semi Final-Oman.

    Mubarak, Congratulations! Wanna hear more Konkani singing from you. Wilson Saldanha-Kuwait, Bravo!!Well-Done!

    DisAgree [75] Agree [31] Reply Report Abuse

  • Godwin Pradeep Dsa, Mangalore / Dubai

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Waaav..this is truly a great moment for our mother tongue Konkani. What a marvelous performance by Mubarak. Clear, neat and beautiful singing. He makes the listeners wonder if he has mastered our language at the fluency that he sings... Proud...

    As rightly and beautifully expressed by the mc, this is a well deserved tribute to the legend Wilfy Remimbus. Remimbus family should be proud of this moment.

    Thanks Daiji for making us a part of the history, though we missed the original moment, still we feel a part of it...thanks once again.

    DisAgree [3] Agree [29] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vijay D'Souza, Udupi/Doha

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Mashallah... Mr.Mubarak. You won the hearts of all Konkani people around the World.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [24] Reply Report Abuse

  • Mahesh Prabhu, Mangalore / Doha

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Fabulous ... absolutely fabulous! So, this was Wilson's special gift to Konkani music lovers :)

    DisAgree [5] Agree [22] Reply Report Abuse

  • Pramitha, Dubai

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Thank You nice video, very clear...keep it up

    DisAgree [3] Agree [15] Reply Report Abuse

  • Langoolacharya., Belman/Washington,DC.

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Great Voice Mubarak,

    Some day you will be great singer if you are not already one....

    Al Ajmi, Al Muteiri, Al Rasheeedi, are very prominent tribes in Kuwait..and perhaps in Saudi Arabia too...


    DisAgree [5] Agree [24] Reply Report Abuse

  • joe Gonsalves, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    My dear Mubarak Al Rasheed,

    I have never met you before - I have not known you but I am thrilled to hear you. May the voice that has made history be blessed. Sometime - somewhere I hope to see you and talk to you.

    You have given all konkani speaking people a sense of belonging. You have made all feel that we are all children of the same and just one MOTHER EARTH.

    Thank you and Allah bless you.

    These blessings and good wishes come to you from a ninety-three old person

    Joe Gonsalves

    DisAgree [7] Agree [65] Reply Report Abuse

  • Lancy Henry Moras (Lhm), Moushmi Creations, Bajjodi

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Dearest Joe Uncle,

    May God bless you and I pray that you live my golden age ERA too along with your blessed age.

    Love to meet you in person soon and get gifted your Heavenly blessings if God Willing.

    DisAgree [11] Agree [22] Reply Report Abuse

  • Frank, Tulu Nadu

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    And a great lesson for those konkans of modern world who are ashamed to speak in Konkani and instead speak in other languages such as English

    DisAgree [7] Agree [34] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Bettawfeeq Rashed, you sure have a bright future in Konkani music, keep going. All the best.

    DisAgree [5] Agree [28] Reply Report Abuse

  • Abdul Samad, Cm, Jeddah..Mangalore.

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    Wellsung Mubarak Al proved that music and art were beyond nation, religion, and creed.

    DisAgree [4] Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse

  • simple, bangalore

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    It was a great treat to watch Mr. Mubarak sing that Konkani song with elan.
    I congratulate him and request him to sing more Konkani songs and introduce same in his community too.
    Me and my family enjoyed your singing very much. Thank You.
    Three Cheers to Mr. Mubarak Al Rashed.

    DisAgree [11] Agree [32] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Sep 21 2014


    DisAgree [10] Agree [96] Reply Report Abuse

  • Lancy Henry Moras (Lhm), Moushmi Creations, Bajjodi

    Sun, Sep 21 2014

    You sang the most golden konkani song which is also my favorite ever.

    May Allah bless you.

    DisAgree [15] Agree [92] Reply Report Abuse


Title : Watch Video : Mubarak Al Rashed singing 'Mog Tuzo Kitlo...' Konkani song


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