Hazel D’Souza

Pics by Kevin Coutinho

Frankfurt, Sep 18: And it’s that time of the year again...

For us the members of the Konkani community in Germany and our family and friends here, September is special. This month gifts us with the opportunity to come together to celebrate the birthday of mother Mary and as well as our community spirit.

This year’s celebration was hosted in Frankfurt on 13th September. At 11 am we sang praises to our Mother Mary and venerated her with flowers in the compound of the church. A procession into church followed thereafter, where we gave thanks to the Lord and our Lady at mass for all their blessings. The main celebrant Fr. Robert Jerald Rego along with Fr. Ronald Lawrence & Fr. Richard Lobo led us through a beautiful spiritual experience. The Bethany sisters prepared a meaningful liturgy and choir. During the offertory, vegetables grown by two of our community members were offered.

The spiritual celebration was followed by a social one in the church hall. Delicious lunch and vorn cooked by our own members was served buffet style. The afternoon was eventful; there was song and dance, music and merry, games and prizes, actors, their play and laughter, an auction of the vegetables and a thanks to all who helped to make the 11th year celebrations extra-ordinary.