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Mangalore, Feb 19 : It is the dream of every parent that their children should grow healthy, excel in their curriculum and co-curricular activities, and reachgreat heights in life as good individuals. To achieve this, the children should grow in good health.  Healthy growth is not only confined to the body but also includes growth of the mind. Children should acquire good habits and give up unpleasant behavior. For the wholesome growth of a child,good parental care or healthy parentage is essential. Parentage is not an experiment, where parents perform trials to know what is good or bad for the child. Parents are expected to know that beforehand. If parents are not able to identify unpleasant mannerisms in their child and allow it to persist, it may develop into a bad habit as the child reaches adulthood and adversely affect the personality of the child.

If parents can inculcate good habits and rich values in their children, it becomes a routine and they grow as good individuals. To be aware of all this,  to the parents on how to take care of the physical as well as the psychological health of their children can be of immense help.  The book on ‘Child health and Care’ a highly informative and educative book by Dr. Edward Nazarethhas been brought out with that goal in mind and can be of great help to parents.

This book of 320 pages has 48 chapters in 9 sections. The initial chapters of the book deal with the care of the child as a baby and later the book narrates the different aspects of the growth of the child. The early chapters deal with the care of the child when it is still in its mothers’ womb.  In the first chapter itself the author narrates the effects of the feelings of the parents on the unborn child, what the relationship between spouses should be, how the mentality of the pregnant mother can affect the child etc.

The care of the baby in the initial days is important to many mothers. We have a lot of myths and beliefs-some of which can be detrimental for the health of the baby. The doctor deals with these issues when he explains what can be fed and what should not be, the role and benefits of breast feeding,when and what are the solids to be fed, how to wean from breast feeding and shift to the family meal—all of these are explained in a simple language. There are many hints on day today baby care like  baby bathing,  baby’s dress, toys etc. the details of which pediatricians may not be able to give during routine visits or when the baby is sick.  There is much desired information on baby’s routine like toilet training, sleep and related problems, temper tantrums, crying etc.

As the child grows, the child acquires both good and at times some unpleasant habits which worry the parents; the doctor explains the causes of these when he writes why a child can be mischievous, is ‘too good a child’ good, why some children tell lies, why some children steal and how these problems can be managed. Mobile phones and internet have become part and parcel of today’s generation-what should be allowed to the child and where the restriction ought to be. How sex education can be imparted to the children? Some of these worries of the modern parents are dealt by the author at length in the book.

The final chapters of the book are about common ailments of children like common cold, fever, cough, allergy, indigestion, loose stools etc. Obesity and childhood diabetes are also on the riseamongst children these days. The book explains about the care of children during illnesses and gives hints at preventing these problems.

The book on Child Health and care can be a useful hand book to all those who have growing children and to others who look after children. This book is not a book on pediatric health; rather it is a book on parenting. Dr. Edward has three children who have now grown into successful young adults and I am sure, Dr. Edward has shared his personal experience coupled with medical knowledge on child care in this book.



Over the years, Dr. Edward Nazareth has written several articles in periodicals on health and related issues and has published many books. His books are well accepted by the readers as they are in a simple language, easy to understand and his advice on health is practical. His column on health in Daijiworld is in its 11th year where he has been guiding and advising the visitor who has sent the question on how the problem can be solved. His answers are also useful to others who wish to gain knowledge on a particular issue, even though they may not have similar problems.

With his vast experience, Dr. Edward knows what the common people want to know regarding health and illness. His new book ‘Health Tips’ is a collection of 60 small articles on health and related issues. With a brief introduction to a particular problem, Dr. Edward gives tips on the related topic, all within two or three pages.

This book with 200 odd pages has two main sections- initial few articles are tips to maintain good health like healthy diet, drinking water, exercises, sleep etc. In the next section there are tips on health problems starting from common ailments like fever, common cold, cough, throat pain and then important problems like hypertension, diabetes, obesity etc.

The book is a hand book designed to not only gain health during illness but also a guide to maintain good health.

The books are now available in Jerosa Company and other book stalls in Mangalore.
Those who wish to have the copies by post or courier may contact Dr Edward Nazareth at