My presence in Mangalore has proved Congress wrong - Narendra Modi

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Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore (VM)

Mangalore, May 2: Prominent BJP politician and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi addressed a public gathering at Nehru Maidan here on Thursday May 2 as part of the election campaign and said that his presence in the city had proved Congress wrong.

Before beginning his address to the large gathering, he said he could have interacted better if had known Kannada. "I did not expect to see so many people here today," he added.

"The Congress leaders had challenged me to come here. They had said BJP does not have enough power to bring Modi here. But ultimately they have been proved wrong as I am here today," he said.

Going on to attack the Congress, he said, "It is the duty of any political party to give account of its work before asking people for votes, so that the voters can then decide whom to choose. But here the Congress is only pointing at us (BJP) and asking for our details, but not revealing its own. Senior Congress leaders should answer to this."

"Even the Prime Minister when he came to Karnataka did the same. He is a respectable man, but he should have given details of his government's work rather than pointing out at us," he added.

"Even 'Mr Golden Spoon' (Rahul Gandhi) came here and gave wrong messages wherever he went campaigning. Congress should show some good work first so that people can trust you (Congress). So far, the promises made to the people have not been fulfilled. Congress is scared to name its CM and candidate before the elections," he said.

"If this is condition now, then you can imagine how it will be after the elections," he mocked.

"People should judge the work done by the Congress and the BJP and then decide about the future and security of Karnataka," Modi said.

Drawing a comparison between Congress and BJP, he said, "Earlier there were several problems like communal violence and riots. Poor people in the city and neighbouring areas were suffering, but ever since BJP came to rule, problems have reduced and unity among the people has increased. Despite good rain previously, there was no agricultural growth in Karnataka, but under BJP's rule it has grown by 6 percent. I also thank BJP leaders here for announcing support price to arecanut growers."

"Congress believes in divide and rule policy and it has been dividing communities and playing politics of vote bank. Congress politics is dangerous. The election commission should seek answer from Congress about some of the statements given by their leaders - they say they will allow cow slaughter - how can they make such statements?" he demanded.

"Congress is known for taking wrong decisions. Animal population has decreased due to cattle slaughter. They said they will give transport allowance and subsidy in this regard too. Under the Congress regime, cattle smuggling has been taking place in the country. Cattle are being smuggled to Bangladesh and from there to other places, but Congress is silent. Do not allow Congress to enter Karnataka," he urged.

On Indian's prisoner Sarabjit Singh, who died in Pakistan following a brutal attack by Pakistan jail inmates, he said, "Pakistan is directly responsible for Sarabjit's death. It is a matter of extra-judicial killing. Whenever a person is put on death row, he is kept in an isolated cell and not allowed to talk to other inmates, then how can this attack on him take place? Congress had the chance to make its Indian embassy active and discuss with other countries to put pressure on Pakistan in this matter, but the UPA did not even make an attempt, which shows how weak the administration is. Congress is least bothered about the country."

About the incursion by Chinese forces at the border, he said, "Chinese have entered India but the UPA does not even know where they are, which is unfortunate. Various situations have cropped up where even small countries like Maldives, Bangladesh and Italy have not listened to India. Even in the marines issue with Italy, the Supreme Court had to intervene, which is really sad."

"The future is not safe under Congress. We should see to it that we have a Congress-free Karnataka and a Congress-free India," he declared, adding that if youngsters do not want problems like those faced by their parents during 50 years of Congress rule, they should opt for BJP.

Taking potshots at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, he said, "Golden spoon Rahul Gandhi says he is a follower of Mahatma Gandhi - does he know what was Mahatmas Gandhi's final wish? It was to close the Congress. When will you (Rahul) do that and how long will you take, as we are in a hurry."

He also commented on Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's recent speech at Hubli and said, "It is a good thing that the PM spoke as he hardly does so. He said BJP in Karnataka has not done anything about the problem of electricity. But when Congress was in power here there were various problems that were even worse than the present ones. The central government is not taking a decision on coal and other policies are also paralysed."

Giving an example of his state Gujarat he said, "When I came to power in 2001 there was problem of electricity in Gujarat. But now we are capable of producing surplus and giving to other states also.

"I have visited Mangalore earlier too, but today I am very happy about the quantum of development and especially the roads that I see in this city. Even when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the PM, more importance was given to roads and development projects," he said.

"People have lost hope in Congress. They did not do anything in the past 50 years. If people of Karnataka elect them then nothing will happen here too. UPA is not able to protect Delhi, then how can it protect the whole nation and especially Karnataka?"

"We are already in trouble having given the country to Congress. We will not give Karnataka now. Congress had promised employment to one crore youth - where is it? Don't trust the Congress which has made only false promises. How dare they ask for votes?" he lashed out.

"We have undertaken various development works in Mangalore, including coastal development project. But the UPA has failed to give priority to the coast, and the best example is the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack," he said.

"I am confident that we will win by majority. A few people were angry with the BJP about certain things and showed it in the urban local body elections. But this time it will not happen. I am sure people will give us full support and this rally proves it," Modi said.

"BJP will not misuse people's money. Congress should not point out things without any proof. Even if they do, BJP will only grow stronger," he said.

Nalin Kumar Kateel, Padmanabh Kottary, Uday Kumar Shetty, Sulochana GK Bhat, Kota Srinivas Poojary, MLC Monappa Bhandary, Pratap Sinha Nayak, Malika Prasad, Nagaraj Shetty, S Angara, Sanjeeva Matandoor, Umanath Kotian, Rajesh Nayak, Chandrahas Ullal, Sunil Kumar, Sudakar Shetty, Kishore Kumar, Krishna Palemar, MLC Capt Ganesh Karnik and Yogish Bhat were present.



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