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Delhi Rape: Sorry Damini...

Delhi Rape: Sorry Damini...

By Dr Suhael Ahmed

(Dr Suhael Ahmed is a Maxillofacial surgeon from Mangalore. He can be reached at drsuhael@hotmail.com)

Dec 30: Every Indian, including the central and state governments and the Women’s Commission needs to say sorry today to Damini. Not only to the unfortunate Delhi rape victim, but also to the innumerable Daminis who have gone through the horrific and traumatizing experience of being raped in the past.

We have all woken up today because of the magnitude of this incident. A young educated woman, although accompanied by a male friend and not so late at night (9:30 pm) in the heart of the capital city of world’s largest Democracy was left to defend herself against 6 demons.

And then the blame game starts.

Delhi chief minister wanted the police commissioner to be sacked after the incident. She squarely put the blame on the area police who she says should take the responsibility.Couple of officers were sacked too just to pacify the angered public.

Now consider this. A couple boards a bus. Six men in the bus including the driver, who were on joy ride tease the girl. Her male friend objects. Scuffle breaks out. They hit the male with a iron rod. The girl puts up a fight, bites the hand of the main accused, Ram Singh. This agitates Ram singh who is already intoxicated. The 6 men rape her turn by turn, cause her severe injuries with the same iron rod which tears apart even her intestine.They completely undress both the girl and her male friend and push them out of the bus.

Now what could the police do here. How can the local area police be blamed completely. If anyone has to take blame, it has to be the chief minister herself. Being a woman herself, she should have taken cognizance of earlier numerous crimes in her city and made effort to bring about changes in the system. After all nobody has better access to worlds 10th most powerful person as she has.

The main accused Ram singh had once appeared on a TV programme, 'Aap Ki Kacheri' hosted by ex-IPS officer Kiran Bedi. Singh wanted compensation from bus owner for the injury caused during a bus accident. In the programme his employer had mentioned that he was a drunkard and a reckless driver. Eventually he did not get compensation. Even after such a background, his latest employer was a school. Everyday he picked and dropped school children by the bus. So no lessons learnt there.

We have ourselves to blame to a large extent.

Now that an innocent life is lost, all we can do is light candles and take a walk.

There should have been a change in the system earlier. Now, if at least this incident doesn’t bring about change, nothing else would.

The change has to start from within. We need to teach male children at home as well as in schools about how to behave with a woman. Also, our insensitive parliamentarians need to be taught how to talk about women in public.

Every state needs to have in their cities, at least one all-woman police station, so that women victims of harassment or any other crime can report and give statement to a woman police officer.

Women's Commission should have a separate dedicated cell for supporting victims of sexual abuse.

There is already lot of talk about fast track courts. Other than having speedy justice, the rape accused and convicts' names with pictures should be put up in every bus station and railway station of their respective cities. A small corner of the stations should be dedicated for this purpose.

Lets see how we improve ourselves from here on, or is this just a momentary outburst of emotions?

For now, lets silently pray for the departed soul and say “Sorry Damini”.



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  • Shana, Bhatpar

    Wed, Oct 5 2016

    What is this ye rape nam ke musibat khatm kab hogi roj roj 4 5 repe hote rahte h ek seher me ni balki har jagah ese karne se fayada kya are esa karna h to desh ki madad karo usase nam v honge bure kam ko q apnate h is wajah se ladkiyo pe prblms aarahi h wo khud kahi ja ni sakti ye rape nam ke dar se

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  • bhagat singh, village patna district shahdol state mp

    Thu, Apr 23 2015

    I want to say to India.first time correction Indian law.bcaz if any person doing wrong for exam. Rape murder and any bad crime.to dand use utna hi milna chahiye jitna ki ek adult person ko milata hai.na ki age ke anusar.air mere anusar to in 6 ko phhasi kind jagah umar kaid aur khana kam aur poor din kadi dhoop me hard work.jisase unko ahsas ho.

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    Sun, Jan 18 2015

    A se logo ko fasi miilni chahiye taki or koi yah gunah karne se pahle 100 bar soche

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  • arjun sahu, pithora

    Mon, Nov 17 2014

    Damini aapko jarur insaf milega

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  • Your well visher, Ajmer

    Thu, Sep 4 2014

    agar damini ke lye itna dukh hai to uske bad bhi aaj sudar q nhi aya
    aaj bhi q itne rape case samne a rhe hai q koi nhi rok pa rha in sab bato ko q koi nhi save kar pa rha kuch jindgi m sunkar bwal khda kiya ja sakta hai par andhi ko roka nhi ja sakta hai
    aaj koi kuch nhi sochta hai ki esa q hota hai

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    Fri, Jul 18 2014

    Dear All

    Wat Happened on 16 Dec 2012 was shameful for the CAPITAL of India. But the MORE SHAMEFUL is the JUSTICE DENIED. NOTHING WORSE happened to the CULPRITS ar per Wish of Indian Youths and Damini.




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  • vipin kumar tiwari, shahdol (mp)

    Fri, Jun 6 2014

    johua galat hua ab bas fanse hone ka intjar h............

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  • gitika, london

    Fri, Dec 27 2013

    i felt very sorry about this.i wish her soul live in peace.

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    Sun, Sep 22 2013

    Jo kuch bhi damini ke saath hya wo bahut hi haiwaniyat wali chij hai main use aaj bhi sochta hu to mujhe bahut duk hota hai aur jo kuch bhi un 6 logo ne is damini ke saath kiya use aaj bhi sochta hu to mujhe sach me bahut jaada rona aata hai aur mera dil dahal jata hai mai aaj is liye comment kar raha hu kyoki aaj mujhe khushi is baat ka hai ki in 4 logo ko phasi ka saja ho gaya hai aur damini ko apna insaaf mil gaya hai kaas agar aaj damini jinda hoti to ye saab kuch ko dekhti to aaj bahut khushi hoti. My name is Vikrant Bhardwaj

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  • mahi angel, india

    Wed, Mar 27 2013

    damini ke sath jo hua hai wo har ek ladki ke dil me dar paids kar gaya hai uska kya kasoor tha jo use zindagi hi nahi mili aisi haiwaniyat ke baad bhi sarkar ne kya kiya hai bas intezar kar rahi hia koi or damini ka,jab inki ma beheno ke sath ye sab hoga tab unnhe pata chalega ki dard kya hota hai,aisi haiwniyat to shayad janwar bhi nh krte hai.main allah se dua karunge ki allah damini ko proper justice de or uski ruh ko sukun mile,akhir kab tak ye har ladki ko chubega akhir sarkar kya karti hai bas taali hi bajati hai na bethkar ya phir damini bani har ladki ke paas aakar use wahi lecture deti hai,kash allah aise darindo ko khud saza de wo b aisi ki in haramkhoro ki sat pushte yaad rakhe.damini tum fikar mat karo tumhe justice milega or zarur milega,ye meri dua hai allah se, inshallah wo 6darinde apni zindagi ko kosenge,ameen.

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  • Jennet Prescilla, Mangalore Muscat

    Wed, Feb 20 2013

    The furore over the tragic death of the brave girl who fought against her rape has died /abated. Our judiciary is still vascillating over the punishment to be meted out to the culprits. This delay and lethargy on the part of the system to punish the criminals is encouraging more criminals to take advantage of our judiciary system. the punishment should be swift,severe so that it creates fear in the hearts of the culprits and deters indulging in such nefarious activities and at the sametime assures the safety of the citizens.

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  • Rahul raj, Rampur

    Tue, Feb 19 2013

    Damini tumhre sath jo hua bahut boora hua bhagvan na kare asa din kisi or ladki ke jindgi me aye. kasam se agar mere bas me un darindon ko saja dena hota to me unhe kadi se kadi saja deta ki salon ki ruh kamp jati...?

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  • gaurav , delhi

    Sun, Feb 17 2013

    mam sory but mai apke point se agreenahi karta .. because ye bat girlss ya boyss ki nahi hai, baat hai safty ki . aap delhi jo india ki rajdhani hai aap jab vha safe nahi hai to aap kisi or city se kya expect kar sakte hai ... suppose agar us rat koi lady docter hospital se aa rhi hoti ya koi bhi working girl job se aa rhi hoti to kya fir bhi apka yhi opinion hota ... thik about this ??? :(

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  • sorry damini, praveen kumar

    Tue, Feb 12 2013

    sorry damini
    Yah sirf damini ki kahani nahi h

    Hum aapke tyag or balidan ko jayr nahi hone denge

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  • Damini we r with u, bengaluru

    Sat, Feb 9 2013

    I have no words to describe my sorrow we are ashamed of ourself to bring justice and trying to get forcedly to court to give punishment to those culprits

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  • khampon wangpan, nagaland

    Mon, Jan 21 2013

    the six rapist must be punish by a women society in public and life imprisonment shud b award them for there inhuman act and der families members shud be sent out of india.today failing to tak this stern action da same case may arise on da other day..god bles Damini's family.

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  • roshi, colombo

    Thu, Jan 17 2013

     an Indian film industry an government must be be responsible for this case.....

    really i felt to deeply hurt hearing about u Damini.. i have so many words about...but how i say,,im getting angry an tears...really u as my sister an u may be rest in peace ,, i love u...

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  • vijay, noida

    Mon, Jan 14 2013

    ok dear thanks app ka comment bahut achha hai.

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  • sobu,

    Sun, Jan 13 2013

    rupali ji ne tou had kar di..aasaram bapu ki tarah...damini ko hi doshi thahra diya...usne tou skirt nahi balki overcoat pahna tha....gar aane me der kise nahi ho jaati...in logo ko sharm aani chahiye...

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  • yuvraj, indore

    Sun, Jan 13 2013

    sarkar ab tak kya kar rhi h

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  • Patricia, USA

    Sat, Jan 12 2013

    Its just a shame i watched the news from the Usa and had tears in my eyes this guys the should not just be hanged the government of india should turn them over to the Public so the can suffer the same pain she had i feel for her family oh my God its so sad I pray and hope for her family bless them and the people of India this has to change and only the people itself can do something about it.

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  • Sophie, Canada

    Sat, Jan 12 2013

    Society must blame themselves for not rallying together against all careless people in power. Power was always with the people. Women should have gathered for years and turned together on their abusers. The Age of Aquarius , since December 2012 is really here. The age of humanitarianism is here. Great understanding of who really has the power. Blame yourselves, who are stuck in tradition, fear, incapable of self change. Humans will not change unless someone becomes a martyr. this is a great event which only God could muster up. Indian women will finally become FREE. God knows how you work. What is takes to make you change. Look how far he had to go. We are lame, fearful, things.

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  • Dwaipayan, Kolkata

    Tue, Jan 8 2013

    The 6 guy Should be hang till death..........

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    Sat, Jan 5 2013


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  • rebecca, safdarjung NCC Gate

    Sat, Jan 5 2013

    Those 6 demons must be punished for what thay did. They must not be hang but burn alive, just as Damini wanted. Goverment must do something about it or else the public will.

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  • LICHA SARMA, Mangaldai(DARRANG,Assam)

    Thu, Jan 3 2013

    I totaly disagree with Rupali. From my point of view is that her fault was..she was a lady/a girl. Rest, she was an innocent girl of 23yr old.she was a bravehearted girl who tried bravely 2 save her and her friend. Bt as she was a girl,and a girl is always weaker than boy and that was the main reason of her lost. Her fault was :1. She was a lady .2. A lady weaker than boy & this weaknesses led her to sleep in rest forever away 4m the male dominance society

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  • yathish, mangalore

    Thu, Jan 3 2013

    well said ismail, thats thing we must do ................

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  • rupali, CG ,INDIA

    Thu, Jan 3 2013

    main manti hu ki un ladko ne jo kiya galat kiya .but aaj ladkiyon ko bhi apni taraf se savdhani baratni chahiye .hume nature ke against jake koi kaam nahi karna chahiye .sbhi ko unki pasand ke kapde pehen ne ka pura haq hai. but aaj kal hum paschmi (western)sabhyata ko bahut badhava de rahe hai.agar hum shots and skirts pehen ke ghumenge to zahir si baat ki boyz apni ankhen to band karenge nahi . aur kya zarurat hai ye sab pehnne ki.jeans kahin tak thik bhi hai. par ye sab boys ko attract karte hai.isliye hume unhe koi mouka nahi dena chahiye ki wo humari taraf attract ho.i m against the 6 boyz . damini is innocent.but.........
    kahin na kahin damini ki bhi galti thi.i m requesting u all girls that please jahan tak ho aap apne aap ko bhi control kijeye.

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  • sonu, sikar

    Wed, Jan 2 2013

    damini.........jab mai iss naam k baare me sochta hu to meri aankho me aansu bhar aate hai,,,,sochta hu ki ab uski family par kya bit rahi hongi......unhone to apni beti,bahan ko jaan se jyada chaha hoga,,unke bi kuch sapne honge naa,,,raksha bandhan k din bhai par kya bitegi,,,kise btayega wo apna ye dard,,,,kaha jaake apne aansu bahayega wo,.....maa k bi sapne honge ki ek din koi rajkumar aayega or meri ful si bitiya ko dholi me leke jayega......par maa ne ye thodi naa socha tha ki ek din aisa aayega ki meri gudiya dholi ki jagah arthi par jayegi....us maa par kya beti hogi jab beti ko safed kapde me lapeta hoga,,,,,,,,us time sabi ki aankhe nam hui hongi......bhai kisse ladega ab,,,papa kise pyar se gale lagayenge or mammy k sath ab kaam kon krega.....

    jab damini ko hi ilaaz k liye ''singapur'' bhaj diya gya tha to un darindo ko saja k liye ''arab'' kyo nhi bhejte.......i really disturbed.

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  • Ravinder kumar, Delhi

    Wed, Jan 2 2013

    Damini ke sath jo bhi hua galat hua.. Lekin damini ko aise itni raat gaye jana nahi chahiye tha agar jati to dosto ke sath jati damini se pehle bhi na jane kitne rape ke mamle samne aaye hai aur jaha tak mera andaza hai ye baat wo bhi janti hogi isliye damini ko sochna chahiye tha.. Aur rahi baat un darindo ki to unko fansi to bahut choti saza hai kyoki ye maut sabse asan saza hai unko pal pal maut ka dar rehna chahiye ya phir unko itna maro ke wo humse apni maut ki bhikh mange lekin unko maut bhi itni aasani se na mile..

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  • Manpreet Sngh, Jalandhar,Punjab

    Wed, Jan 2 2013

    they should b hanged till death..!

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  • Diana, Malaysia

    Wed, Jan 2 2013

    Dear Damini, may your soul lies with the loving ones in happy place up there, i strongly suggest for all women out there learnt how to protect ourself, learn martial art, teakwando to protect us and our girl sibling from being attack by these unexpected criminal minded. May Allah protect us all amen.

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  • Alok Sharma, Shahdra

    Wed, Jan 2 2013

    We all feel sorry for the departed soul and hope she rests in peace there. we all should unite together to get justice..... capital punishment is not enough to terrify the criminals, it would be like.....some or other day...one has to go....punishment should be in a way to make all the criminals terrified and would be a source of prohibiting such heinous crime. every criminal and buds of such world should think many times before committing such acts. those 6 men should be cut off with the vital organ, should be cutoff of the hands and then should be let alive.....let them feel the pain ....let them bear the pain...let every one should smack them...whenever come across.....let every girl spit on them....

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    Wed, Jan 2 2013

    give justice to damini ...culprits shud hang up

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  • Gita ghosh, Faridabad

    Wed, Jan 2 2013

    Dear Damini, you are my inspiration as well as for our country. Its our loss that we lost you, i wish you were alive, we would have celebrated 2013 with you. But now all we are just crying for you. I wish i could do anything for u Damini sis. You have gone to better place, where there is only god not those six evils who brutally tortured you. You will see. We will see and this world will see that those six living dead will die in hell, they are very proud for their f**king tool, we will do our best to make them na mard and if goverment do not hang them.. We will burn and hang them in public for sure. They have no rights to live after doing such a inhuman crime, they are evils.. They all we die soon. We are proud of you Damini, we will never forget a jewel like you.

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  • indian, india

    Wed, Jan 2 2013

    they say in our oath we r all brothers and sisters but do they follow no the six accused don't deserve 2 be an indian ................sorry damini

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  • bhavna, shahdara delhi

    Wed, Jan 2 2013

    my dearest sister damini i hv no words to say but many many tears in my eyes.tumhare dard ke bare me soch ke hi siher hati hu.un logo ko esi sazamilni chahiye ki unhi rah bhi kap uthe.fasi ki saza to bahut kam hai unke liye.unke bhi body parts usi tarah nikal dene chaiye.unhe bhi us dard ka ehsas karana chaiye.

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  • a.v.a, mlore

    Wed, Jan 2 2013

    Just like the food chain if we had a pyramid for an indecent society, this would be a case for study. We today see youngsters behaving very indecent, rude, unmannered and most of all Dadagiri is the rule of the day either in colleges or schools. The police themselves are mannerless, our politicians are shameless, our government officials are scrupulous, so this behaviour is the tip of the pyramid of our society today.

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  • himanshu basrani, jhalawar

    Tue, Jan 1 2013

    damini ke saath jo hua wo bohot bura hua hum sabhi desh wasi yahi chahte hai ki damini ke katilo ko saja mile
    agar aisa na hua to hum sabhi desh wasiyo ko ekjut ho kar un sabhi 6 darindo ko faansi dilani hi padegi ye kasam hai meri aur un sabhi bharat wasiyo ki jo nyay chahte hai
    damini ke liye aur desh ki maa beti bahu sabhi ke liye

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  • akhter, doha qatar

    Tue, Jan 1 2013

    Damini ke saath jaisa kiya gaya ye sab ko maloom hai uske saath uska boy friend tha usko ghayal kar ke uske saath 6 aadmi ne rape kiya aur o 6 aadmi abhi bhi jinda hai to mai janana chahta hun ki aakhir sarkar unke saath kya karna chahte hai unko ko to fanshi dena chahiye............

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  • vinod, sonepat/nalagarh

    Tue, Jan 1 2013

    Kya aisa possible hai ki Jis duniya me hum sab log paida huye hai use sabke rahne layak banane ki jimmedari hum sab log apne apne tarike se milkar uthayein ? Sabhi tarah ke logo ke liye (male-female ka bhedbhav kiye bina)iss duniya ko surakshit banabe me grassroot level se hi kuch system taiyar kare? Kyonki purana sanskarwan barhon ke niyantran wala samay shanhe: shanhe khatam ho raha hai aur ab society to ek naye system ki jarurat hai jo
    sabhya samaj ko jine ki savtanterta de. YE AAJKAL KE NAYE SAMAY KI TATKALIC MAANG HAI...

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  • chiranjib, kolkata

    Tue, Jan 1 2013

    sorry maa...damini.there is no language to explan.....sorry maaaa

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  • Nympha, Udupi/Australia

    Tue, Jan 1 2013

    Damini may your soul rest in peace.u wer not safe here but am pretty sure ur safe in gods hands there.ur story has jus melted me completly.i pray so that ur parents get strength to cope with this situation.

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  • Rinku, Hudkeshwer Nagpur

    Tue, Jan 1 2013

    Tume insaf zarur melega damini un logoko zarur saja milnihi chahiye ye duaa mangti hu god se

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  • A S Habiballah, Belapu/Jeddah/ Saudia

    Tue, Jan 1 2013

    Damini aap ko late rath me boy friend ke sath nahi jana tha is me khanoon ko doshi tehrana theek nahi hai kyonki ladki ko apne izzat ka khiyal khud karna chahiye agar thum ko jana hi tha tho 8-10 students milkar jana tha tab un darindo ko maloom ho jaatha ke ladki par hath uthane ki saza kiya hai, khair thum tho chali gayee aur ho sakta hai ALLAH thume us duniya me maaf kare kiyon ki thum is duniya me takleef uthai ho lekin un 6 darindo ko yahan bhi sazaa milegi zindagi bhar jail me sadenge ya phir fansi par latkae jaenge phir bhi ALLAH ke nazdeek inn darindon ki sazaa bahut hi sakht hogi kiyonki eh 6 darinde serial wise rapist hain. Mujhe umeed hai ki Bharath Sarkar Khas kar ke Shrimathi Sonia Gandhi aur Shriman Man Mohan Singh khanoon ko tarmeem me zour laengaye aur chief justice of India ko power dedenge ki inn darindon ke phansi se pahle us organ ko khatam kare jiss se innocent ladki ka rape hua tha.Namard karke koi faeda nahi us organ ko khatm hi karo to doosre ladko ko iss gandey kaam se pahle 10 martaba sochna pade ke khanoon ke hath lambe hain.

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  • Upendra Singh, Mumbai

    Tue, Jan 1 2013

    Ishwar Damini ke aatma ko shanti de aur uske family ko himmat de ye sab sehne ke liye,raha un haiwan ka unke liye faasi ek choti saza hogi unko bhi dard pata chalna chaiye isliye unka ek haath,ek per,ek kaan aur ek aakh kaat dena chaiye taaki unko dard pata chale taaki doubara koi rape ke naam se kaape

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  • Seema Iyyer, NZ

    Tue, Jan 1 2013

    Good article that hits the nail on the head. Most of these crimes arise from the inherent sexist attitudes as a result of lack of moral values. Human sensitivity should ensure that we don't turn a blind eye if even minor incidents occur in our presence. Each one of us have a responsibility to act.....only then can our country be safe.

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    Mon, Dec 31 2012


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  • Sneha, Banglore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    These 6 brutal animals should be hanged in front of the public

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  • prakash, pondicherry

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Every Indian wants the accused should be given exemplary punishment for the heinous crime committed by the rapists.what is use of setting up of farcial commission.will they servew any purpose. but in this issue will of people has to be respected otherwise the government should go. we know what to do.

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  • John Tauro, M'lore / Kwt

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Dear Dr. Suhael Ahmed, we do join you in saying sorry to Damini who suffered this ghastly tragedy. I also feel sad and sorry for all the likes of Damini, who had been among our sisters and daughters, whose sufferings have gone unnoticed or who had been denied justice owing to the passive and unscrupulous system prevailing in the country.

    Unfortunately even in this issue I see readers unnecessarily mentioning names of political parties which is not going serve any purpose other than arguments. The need of the hour is a strong government with a totally independent judicial system, uninfluenced by any political pressure or money power, with sincere, honest and dedicated law enforcement officials. The legislators must also honestly ensure that laws are uted and enforced effectively so that full justice is provided to all Daminis who have suffered or died at the hands of those monsters. At the sametime we should be grateful to Damini for awaking the nation and all of us should now ensure that her sacrifice does not go in vain.

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  • P.R.Vidyarthi, Fatehabad(Haryana)

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Only Inculcating cultural and moral values at home and schools and thus change of mind set will be a guarantee of good behaviour with females.First one should not forget one's connection with females at his very home.Secondly trials should be fast and fair so that no culprit is let off and no innocent is falsely implicated.It is the system which needs to be improved.My heart goes for and I am extremly sorry for Damini and other such sufferers.let us not forget the incident and our anger should not subside unless such crimes do not vanish..P.R.Vidyarthi

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  • Bharat, Dubai

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    No Indian should feel proud to be an Indian till the culprits are hanged to death. When the clock strikes 12 and we enter 2013, all the TV channels should go off air for a minute as a mark of respect for our SISTER/DAUGHTER DAMINI. We all should pray her soul rests in peace and God give enough courage to the family members to bear her absence in the coming years. There should be no New Year celebrations as there is nothing to feel great about after this shameful incident.

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    Mon, Dec 31 2012


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  • bharat,

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    I think you are right, first there should be change in our thinking and then only situation will change. Where there are strict laws there also these types of wrong acts are done but if we as a people decide that we'll unite and will never bear these kind of acts and oppose where we see anything wrong. Then we can surely have a better tomorrow. If we just thing the girls as our sister then we'll always take a right decision. May God bless us with purity.

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  • Ritu, jain

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Me chati hu gunahgaro ko saudi arabia jaise saza milne chaiye hamare sarkar ko un gunahgaro ke liye aise he saza deni chaiye jisse unhe pata chale un kamino ne damini ke sath kya kiya ha........and me sablogo se yahi khna chaungi ki hm indian ko is bar new year celebrate nhi karna chaiye.........kyuki yeh hamari he desh ki ladki ke sath hua ha.......n damini nhi hoke bhi hamare dil me hamesha rahegi n damini ko insaf tabhi milea jab un gunahgaro ko sarkar maut de de......

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  • ismailhail, puttur

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Punishment for Rape:
    1) UAE- Instant Death Penalty within 7 days hanging
    2) Iran- Instant Stoned to death/hanging with 24 hrs
    3) Afghanistan - Instant death by bullet on head within 4 days
    4) China - No Trial, Medical proved rape then Death Penalty
    5) Malaysia - Death Penalty
    6) Mangolia - Death as revenge by family
    7) Iraq - Death by stone till last breath Taliban - Limbs/ Legs/ Ba!!$ All Cut Off,&then stoned&then shot
    9) Poland - Death thrown to Pigs
    10) INDIA -..........................................!
    4 times gov food daily & 24*7 police security
    for 7-14 years..!!! funny but fact

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  • Rajesh Shah, Deoria

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Ab to government ko sochna bhi nhi chahiye, agar fasi ki saza nhi de skte to public ke hawale kr do.
    Damini hmare dil me thi aur hmesa rhegi............hm log sarhminda hai kuch nhi kr pye.

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  • rahul jangid, jaipur

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    this incident is not good for any living being.

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  • ismailhail, puttur

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    if the girl was sent singapore for 'better treatment'this rapists should be sent to saudi arabia for 'better justice'

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  • shuron, kolkata

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    it's vry hard 2 express ma feelings bt it's a shame 4 our country ....

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  • Daiwik Prajapati, Vadodara

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    un 6 logo ko aisi saja milni chahiye ki vo 6 log to kya dunia k sabhi koi bhi ladka ya koi bhi men kisi bhi ladki ke sath kuch bhi krne se 100 bar soche aur un logo ko to ladki k kpde pehna kar pure desh me ghumana chahiye fanshi dene se to vo ek hi din me mar jayenge

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  • abdul sattar habiballah, Belapu/Jeddah/ Saudia

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Rakesh Shetty first of all I want to say that May Allah let her (Damini) soul in peace and give strength to her parents to bear the loss of their beloved daughter who expected Doctor Degree and left them behind and gone to the house of peace. Secondly balaming to UPA is not enough u have to advice the sisters and all women not to wander here and there in late night, so we take care our self , scolding to the government
    is the job of like u people because of low education.

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    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    i am short of words to express my sorry, but can assure you that will keep on convincing the males of all age not to tolerate this kind of incident and fight it out to maintain the dignity of respectable women.

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  • Priya, Nepal

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    The criminals should be killed recklessly like they did with that pretty girl... They should be rammed by iron rod as they had done to that innocent girl... They should be killed mercilessly........

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  • Muhammad Rafiq, Karachi Pakistan

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Damini maine tmhare liye allah pak se duwah krta hu k woh tmhe jant main jaga dai ameen aur tmhare ghar walo ko sabar o tahamol ata karain aur tmhare Qatilo ko aesi saza dai jo aane wali generation k liye ebrat nak saza ho sum aameen

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  • Ravi S., Mangalore/Abu dhabi

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Famous quote by Napoleon-
    The world suffers a lot…Not because of the violence of bad people,
    But because of the silence of good people!”
    Its time to wake up guys.....

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    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    HUM SB BAHUT SHARMINDA H DELHI JO K RAJDHANI H VAHA ESA HO SAKTA H TO YE HADSA KISI BHI LADKI K SATH INDIA K KISI BHI KONE ME HO SAKTA H AJ DAMNI JB NI RAHI HAMARE BEECH TO SB LOG SAKT KANUN BANANE KI BT KAR RAHE H AGR ESA HI H TO FIR DOBARA ELHI ME BHI 1 RAPE HUYA TO AB WO KYO HUYA KYA BAN GAYA H SAKTH KANUN Damni ko insaf milna chahiye uski kurbani bekar ni jayegi hum sb sath h usk un darindo ko fasi pe latka k hi rahenge apna har kadam damini k liye age badhayengeq

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  • noopur, gujarat,bhavnagar

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Gunhegaro ko electric shock diya jaye..
    Bhagavan damini ki aatma ko shanti de..

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  • Maxim Rego, Adelaide/Australia

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Well written article Dr. Suhael Ahmed. India's bureacracy and corrupt political system should be blamed for all these rapes. How many rapes every year happening in India, why cant govt makes powerful laws to funish the culprits with permanent castration or death sentence. All six culprits should be castrated within 1month and then people can see the results.

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  • Yash Kawadkar, Betul

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Kill all of them 6 bloody.....Future me kabhi bhi kesi girl ke sath aysa na kiya ja sake

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  • Delhi rape, Rohit

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    me doshiko ko abishaap deta hou ki unhe fhasi ki saja ho. sorry damini

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  • pankaj, chandigarh

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    insaf to damini ko milna chahiye or jinohne ye ghinoni harkat ki hai unke liye fansi to bohat choti saja hai fansi main unhe us dard ka ehsas nhi hoga jo us bechari damini ne pichle kuch dino main saha hai. aise logon ko to bat se batar saja deni chahiye tadfa tadfa k taki aage se kabhi koi asi jallil harkat karne ki soche bhi na.....

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  • Mukhtar Ahmed, Okhla Delhi

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Damini Tumko insaaf zaruur milaga
    inshah allah aapki maut zaya nahin jayegi yeh desh insaaf karega

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    Mon, Dec 31 2012


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  • Anil Pinto, Mumbai/Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Apart from revisiting our laws an important step is to educate our children and youth in human behaviour. There is an animal in all of us and the only reason it doesn't surface in most of us is because of our upbrining, culture, our own wisdom and understanding and perhaps to some extend our spirituality. But there is a large void in our education system. In school we learn how to get the highest marks, admission in top colleges, high paying jobs, fabulous careers, basically all the ingredients required for surviving the rat race, but noone teaches us the basic rules how to live in society, how to mingle and respect members of the opposite sex, other religions, castes and cultures. Isn't an Education system supposed "TO EDUCATE" ? How can we call it education when deep down we are just two legged animals ? I've seen educated individuals having good jobs portraying very sexist attitudes and an inability to respect other religion and cultures. Then there are those who pretend to be very accomodating but under the cloak of respectibilty have a rotting mind. I am not an expert in this matter, but with my limited knowledge and understanding believe that "We grow up into what we are moulded into" and here lies the responsibilty of the elders and teachers to mould us into all round decent human beings. If we dont give our children the right values, chances are they will never give theirs and down the generations we will have a very dysfunctional society (which i think we already have) where money and power rule the roost - but empathy and compassion are in the dumps. Damini's case has brought out this harsh reality in front of us - that beneath the glamour and wealth of our Nation lies a medieval mindset, that inspite all our economic prowess we are still such a backward nation where men and women are not equal, where there is so much communal strife and poverty. Lets hope the sacrifice Damini made will not go in vain and will be the dawn of a new beginning.

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  • chinmay, ko,lkata

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    kill them.

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  • radhika, mangalore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Sorry Damini.Dr Suhael, Thanks for the article.Its a very touching article.I was really moved.I like the way you think. We need more secular people like you in society who are straight forward and have a very clear vision.

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  • Sumita Paul, Shalimar Garden, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    I am an Indian & as we all know that India got independent on 15th Aug 1947. Also accordingly we were given some facilities, rights to exercise. But I don't think so that we are actually independent. Even after 66 years from our independence, we are not able to enjoy any type of right which is given to us. So, I feel that there is no use of celebrating any kind of national festivals.
    Gang rape, robbery,etc many types of incidents are taking place frequently in India. Recently such a worse gang rape has taken place in India which has shaken our country but it seems that our government haven't took a lesson from this incident. I can surely say that a time is not too far when our brave freedom fighters will again come to give us real independence. They will change our constitution & will make India a better place to live in.

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    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Damini ke maut se mujha bahut dukh hua aur mai is saal new year nahi manauga. Un darindo ko fasi ki saja milni chahiye taki koi bhi ye galti dobaara na kare . Damini ki aatma ko santi mile iski mai god se fariyad karta hu . Uski yah maut hame sochne ko majbur kar rahi hai ki hamara samaj kitni asurakchit hai .

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  • Siva, Chennai

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Dear so called Govt authorities, as Damini was taken to Singapore for a better treatment, pls book a spl charted flight to Arab country for those 6 scoundrals.. Lets take them there for a speacial punishment.. Lets cut their body parts inch by inch in public and lets video tape it.. Nothing wring in playing this video tape in theaters b4 the movie begins.. lets instill fear in the minds of those barbarians..

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  • rahul, ranchi

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    mai ek student hu aur mai aapke sath hu agar gunehgaro ko saja ni mili to 26 ko mai bhi delhi aunga...

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  • ahmad khan, itarsi

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    damni ko insaf jabhi mile ga job ham kisi aor dami ka ye hal na hone de aor damni ke sath esa karne wale logo ko jina jaladiya jay har

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  • shresth sharma, alwar

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    damini sorry hum thume jete ji insafa na dila sake aapki death ki news sunker mene apna b'thday nahi banya and me new year bhe celebrate nahi karunga and i hope that hum thume insafa dilaynge me god se pry karta hu ki aapki aatma ko santi mile aapke family ko es dukh ko shena ki shakti de and guneghro ko saja a mout mile sarkar ye bolthi ki unke pas kohi khanoon nahi hai to unko janta ke pas shope and aapko nhaiya nahi mile to hum 26jan ko lal kile and india gate per koi nahi manne ayga sorry damini .................... we all miss u thume insaff milega hume apne des par srma aa rahi i say every MEN SAVE GIRL: ,,

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  • tia, delhi

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    plz cut dere legs n hands ....make them handicape....dard se tadap tadap k mar jayein wo ....bt i ll pray to god ki aise bhayanak soch logon k dimag se chali jaye.....pehle log janwar ya bhoot se darte the bt nw insaan se hi dar lag rha h ...kitne gande ho gye h log....bloody hell...m realy very upset.....india k law mein badlav aana chahiye ....logon k dil mein se dar hatt gya h khule aam log gandagi faila rhe h....realy its disappntng.

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  • Sarika , mangalore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Damini did die due to multiple organ failure
    organs which failed are
    1)Legal system failed
    2)police failed
    3)poltics failed
    4)inidan goverment failed
    5)worst goverment ever
    6) you failed
    7) I failed
    8) Our culture failed
    9) humanity failed
    10) so called leadres failed

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  • sagar, surat

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    in darindo ko petrol dal ke jala dena chahiye in darindo ko bhi pata chal na chahiye ki moat kaisi hoti hai fir koi nahi sochenga rape karne ka

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  • vimal, bangalore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    A 1000 times salute to boy who tried to save her fiancee. Govt should provide PM level security to him. So that he can tell more details in coming years.

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    Mon, Dec 31 2012


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  • A.K.Mittal, Lucknow

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    The true tribute to Damini will be ensure safety & protection of Maa the women for which the contribution is by each of our male citizen , not to tolerate such happenings to our Maa , we have to take pledge that we male citizens of our country will be resposible for any case if it happens & kill those circumstances on which it happens , Govt have to take neccessary Law amendmends to ensure death panelty for rapiest .We take pledge that we will not tolerate any such incidents in our life , we will act first to safe guard our womens.

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  • Rita, Kuwait

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Very nice article Doctor. Sometime we cannot blame the police for eevrything. Our corrupt political leaders eating our money. Increas the salary of Police department, becoz the salary which they get is not enough they take bribes from rich and political people. So poor people are not getting justice. We should wake up and teach lesson to this political leaders first...

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  • balinder shah, gujarat

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    may have peace in heaven, those rapist should get punishment infront of damini's parent through them into the dark jungle where wild animals are there with nude position so that all humans gets the lesson who have the wrong thinking against girls/women..balinder shah

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  • Samit, Samit Kumar

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Damini ke saath Rape aur Hatya karne walo ko usi dard ka ahsaas hona chahiye ho dard damni ne mahsus kiya hoga. usko usi tarah peet-2 kar maar dena chahiye.

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  • Jhansi, Bangalore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    True, death punishment is not enough for those b********s.they should die each minute with intolerable pain. The brave girl's soul shall rest in peace.

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    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    she was dead before !!! but scared govt. banned the media to tell public becoz of violence

    dats unfair

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  • Bobby, Antarctica

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Why are these comments so long? It's not like anyone is gonna sit there and read em all. Just saying. You guys obviously do it for likes.

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  • Rizwaan Shaikh, Ahmedabad

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Tumhe insaf zarur milega..
    Ye hamari dil se khuda se request hai...

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  • Pavithra, Mandya, Karnataka

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    only death sentence is not enough for those scoundrels,kick them inside the cage of cruel animals because they are not men. then only damini's soul will rest.

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  • swapna pradhan, boudh

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    kill them..............

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  • Melvin Mendonca, Tallur

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    It is the time to redifine and rewrite the laws and also amendment of costitutional laws long back written by Dr. B.R Ambedkar

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  • SARIKA , Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    One more surpressing thing about this no college students from mangalore except few medical colleges had protestd agaist this incident ..,
    but same pepole cryed including deans of from college conduted programes like arise mangalore
    its good if same pepole come forword and conduct a programe called ARISE INDIA...if not it proves thier double standarts..
    its sad to see that not even one organsation in mangalore had protested agaist this but few months back more than 50 organisation protesed ..shame an thier face if they really care for women let them come to the street & protesting ....

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  • Rameez, bangalore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    For better treatment they sent damini to singapore,for true justice send the rapists to saudi arabia

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  • s sapna, port blair

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    we are really sory 4 u damini we could not safe ur life but its indians promise that u will get justice soon........miss uuuu

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  • S.S.K, S.wadi

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Damini... We all miss you.
    Tumhe insaff milega.....
    Take care...

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  • Good Wisher , INDIA

    Mon, Dec 31 2012


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  • Rekha, Udupi

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Dr Suhael Ahmed, your earlier article about home stay attack - Delhi lady don't want sent her daughter to mangalore, now you tell me whether Mangalore is safe or Delhi is safe for ladies.

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  • Sahlin, Chennai

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    At everyone whose ping a tear for dis girl . Pls do knw , in Tamil Nadu , a young gawl who not even reached 18 , a child i may add was raped nd killed in d same week .... Y isn't dat in d big news?? Bcuz not all controversy catch our eye ...

    Lets make a cause.
    Teach a lesson
    Give ur voice against every rapist
    The most horror punishment nd humiliation in front of d public to all rapists

    It's our country , it's our responsibility to take control .. Nobody has d right to feel jus d pride nd never take d blame ..

    We need a start , a start dat Neva stops .
    A start tat puts a stop to all d criminals
    A start which provides a safer environment
    A start which all gender dnt have to b scared or feared .
    Depending on others , is not helpin ..
    Take a step, nd If ur ryt oders ll join u

    Put forward d most cruel punishment to d ppl who do crime

    Make a lesson of dem

    No one is excused , all r one..

    Simple, v shd not b scared to walk alone on d streets nd at nights ...
    D Oly one who should b scared are d criminals ..
    Scared of d govt's cruel punishment before even thinking of a crime

    Fear must wen u crime

    Sry if I had offended or said something very wrong , I dnt have experience in public posts .. I m jus a teenager who wants d safety of d opposite gender .

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  • Sonal, Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Media plz post the pictures of those rapists and also their name and history.Let public see those barbarians

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    Mon, Dec 31 2012


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  • Roshan Braganza, Mumbai / Udyavar

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    If say sorry , its not only damini , but every victims subjected to injustice. Male....female.....young...old....children....../// This case is been highly overhyped for TRP's by media.

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  • Shasima, Malaysia

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    May god bless you damini...i always pray for you DAMINI and hope you get peace in heaven.those rapist have to bring to justice and no need punish just kill them infront damini's family and public too.its give a lesson to others outside there with same motive.my opinion and request to indian government.im malaysian islam girl and my husband malaysian indian boy we so sad when we heard that.please send damini's family number i would like to say my condolences to them.thank you..

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  • Eric Coelho, Mangalore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    There were many damini's in India since independence who never got freedom from the clutches of their own men. Now Khap panchayat the male dominated self appointed rulers have objected to strict rape laws even to the extent of stopping castration and death penalty. They will feel that women folk will lodge false complaint. This itself shows the thinking of the Khap men. They need to be educated and for the politician they are a cream for votes. Time the broad and like minded people crush and destroy this khap panchayat completely till its roots.

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  • Minu, Jammu

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    I really have no words to describe my sorrow. I am an Indian by birth and now in Usa,I used to say with very proud how my society is, this and that.But now I am so ashamed of this that I can,t talk about Indianism at my work. I agree that I have suffered all these Eve teasing my self when I was in India,Why I kept quite? I will keep on asking this Question. But what this girl has gone through is irreparable and we should never forget her. It is our fault that we let this happen

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  • Clara G., Mangalore/Australia

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    First time in my life I feel unsafe to travel to my mother country even with my husband because of these devil/beasts who live in India. It makes us feel emabarrased that our own Indians do these coward act on us. First time I feel not to be Indian any more. I feel so secured and safe where I am now. Shame on those people make us feel this way. Many comments I have read blaming the people who travel or migrate overseas. People blame western countries for influencing sex before marriage or multiple partners/boyrfreinds because it's not India's culture. Now what about this gang rape committed by our own Indian to our own citizens? is this Indian culture? Everyday we get to read these gang rapes in the news papers makes us feel sick. I wish those men who have invloved in this incident must be tortured infornt of public not by just hanging, but ashamed infront of public before hanging by exposing them and slasshing their private parts with a sharp knife. They have to suffer the double pain and agony which they have caused tho this poor girl. This is what to be done to all the rapists in India.

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  • rubal, australia

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    This incident here made a big chaos.. People they are scared to go for a holiday in a country where we worship 100's of female goddess!!! Shame to my home country, I'm literally speechless... so, I hope the culprits get a severe punishment.

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  • Irene, Bangalore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Sometimes I wonder!! in which world are we living in? you have to think twice before you step out of your place!! These guys (Animals) should be TIED AND STONED TO DEATH in PUBLIC, the way they do it in the Middle East for the crime they have committed.

    May her soul rest in peace!! and i pray to god keep each and every woman safe in INDIA.

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  • Javid, Bangalore

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Damini, the symbol of bravery, will always remain alive in our hearts. How can a man do such heinous crimes. Why does not a thought comes to man at that time that she also is sister of someone. Why these beautiful creatures are not safe, should they live a life of this forever?. Shouldn't they have rights to walk and talk freely as we men? How can I (we) do such an act when I have my 4 own sisters. Why we treat them as a sex object? Are they not from the same planet as we are from..!!! The life of Damini is lost, burning candles would not get her back, but we men need to change our thinking and doings to the women folk, so that tomorrow there will no more Damini. Think, today it was Damini, tomorrow it could be our sister, mother, or wife. Oh, men you have to come a long way. May her soul rest in peace.

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  • Sunny, USA

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    This crime bears the hallmark of bad governance. Heads should role starting from the government at the very top down to the culprits that committed this barbaric crime. The aftermath of this crime is littered with political rhetoric yet, even after the death of the victim we can see little or no progress in the affirmation of justice from the government. As I see it, India is a lawless country where police accountability is a misnomer.
    Abuse of women in India is systematic of an environment created by the dowry system that asserts a burden on the parent of a girl child. Despite legislation to outlaw the dowry system, the negative sentiments associated with it remain that to this day serve only to strengthen the foundations of such bigotry.
    Whatever the government of India decides to do with rape legislation henceforth, it will be fruitless until the endemic pathological stigma against women is addressed at the social level starting in the schools. The whole issue is a function of education (or lack thereof) from one perspective and the abuse of power and/or wealth on the other. India needs to treat the disease not its symptoms.

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  • rasmiranjan sethy, bhubaneswar

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    we cannot sit with candles in our hands for this brave girl who has been become the representative of all the past raped ladies. we have to do something. the girl got raped and killed by those scoundrels will not be valueless. we must pray to our law that to give those demons the most dangerous punishment if it has. death is not suitable for them. i think to give permission to the military for shoot them openly on that particular bus at that time when she(damini) died. may your(Damini's) soul get peace and u will be born as an Indian.

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  • Nita, uk

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Death sentence for these sick men is not enough for them to suffer the way Damini did.

    In my opinion they should die in the way Damini did by having metal rods rupture there organs without medical attention!!! Thats what I call justice for Damini.

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  • Mo, Canada

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    If they rapist do not get death penalty. Castrate them so that they will never be able to rape again.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [19] Reply Report Abuse

  • Harish Baloor, Mangalore/Belfast

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    sometime back people of India was asking Indian government to interfere in Irish Govenments law, now this is the right time to fix your own law which is very very very important or else it is going to remain as joke. Maybe very soon we will find Billboards saying Beware Of Indians...

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  • antony arun d'souza, dubai

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    A beautiful flower of our country is no more.Hard to express some such sad feelings may it be with familymembers,relatives,friends,servants or anyother INDIAN.Let Damini's soul rest in peace.We citizens should'nt pardon these criminals involved untill they die after a long painful physical punishment.

    DisAgree [1] Agree [13] Reply Report Abuse

  • PRABHAT KUMAR, varanasi

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Really.. Jo bi damini ji k saath hua... Uske baare m kya kahe kuch samajh nhi aa rha hai... Apradhi ko aisa sabak mile ki koi bi crime krne se pehle uska anjaam soch le....

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  • Leslie fernandes, Brahmagiri, Udupi

    Mon, Dec 31 2012


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  • marie les, usa

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    I read the story on Damini early this morning and Im so angry I dont know what to do! She fought for her life suffering for what must have seemed like an eternity. For what? Because monsters wanted and FELT LIKE inflicting pain on her and DIDNT EVEN KNOW HER! NO. An example should be made out of these dogs to stop this foolishness once and for all!

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  • Tenzin r. Negi, Shimla

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Hang till to be death

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  • Mohammed Ilyas, Saudi Arabia

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    We won’t get justice until and unless we punish the culprits. Under Sharia (Islamic law) ution is the final verdict for rapists or murderers and four eye witnesses is enough to punish them and once it is proved at Sharia court ,then ution will take place immediately in the public place. Such kind of a punishment will minimize the crime in the society. Hence you will find rare rape cases in Saudi Arabia compared to other countries.

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  • Avinash Munory, mauritius

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    RIP.Hope that ur death will awake the conscience and bring a change in the mindset of the indians.

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  • Sabiya, Bishrampur chhatsgrh india

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Ek bar 6 kutte ja re te...bagal se ek kutiya ja ri ti akele. Wo darr gyi sehem gyi... Un kutto ne kaha- daro mat behen! Aram se jao! Hum insaan nai hain...!

    Shame on humans..!
    Ab to sudhar jao yar...!
    May god giv rest n peace to damini's soul...:((

    DisAgree [2] Agree [8] Reply Report Abuse


    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    shameless rapised......sry 2 say they r human.....but 1 thing Her soul will never rest in peace until the accused are HANGED to DEATH. Lets all fight for her..and we will not take our step back unless the government shows the demons scratched body to us...RESPECT 4 our damini(Chchaya Sharma)..

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  • Charu,

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    these demons should be given as brutal public punishment as possible so that in future no one can even think of doing this. Liquor shop should be closed.

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  • Kshitizmishra, Chunniganj

    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    Un sab ko maut se badtar saja milni chahiye aur saja kisi k liye bhi kam nahi honi chahiye phir vo balig ho ya na-balig. Damini didi ki aatma ko shaanti de bhagwaan aur un sab ko saja bhi aisi milni chahiye ki koi vyakti apne khayaal main bhi aisa karne ki na soch sake.

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    Mon, Dec 31 2012

    " Mother, I want to live"......that is the voice and only wish of India's daughter....she is still the voice of all young girls and women of Mother India! R.I.P.

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  • summon, rourkela

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    Hi friends we all are talking here about damini and about her rapists to be punished with several opinions,with all due respect I have 1 question for all of you,Do you think just giving death sentence to those culprits will bring justice to damini or other victims,its us who have to change our mentality and to give respect to women,if we do respect our mother in home then how can we disrespect women outside,it simply means we don't even respect our mother,its a shame for all of us,we always talk a lot and do nothing,its not only the govt who is responsible for this but its we the citizen of India who e equally responsible for all kind of crimes,we always think when something like this will happen with us then we will take action,but we always forget that if something like this can happen to all others it can happen with us as well,we are so busy and selfish with our lives that we dont even look towards the society,we always ignore whats happening in our society,then how can we blame just the govt or the judiciary,or the police,its we how have to take responsibility.let me ask you a q?we always talk about eve teasing,whenever we see these kind of thing do we even try to stop these thing,i dont think we all do tht,we just sit and talk about eve teasers but nobody try to stop it,so who is responsible we or the govt,if we can be strong enough to stop these little things in our society,college,area,then it might create an impact,coz friends we public are the strongest mass,no police no govt no one else is as strong as a mass,but no we cant unite together coz we have ego that why we should indulge in all these things,coz its the duty of the police person,i hv lot to say but in short its a huble request to all my civilized indian brothers and sisters that be responsible towards our society,only then we can change the society and then the country,about damini and all other who have sacrificed their lives have given us a message to get unite and to change the society,thanks

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  • Jaimini P.B., Manipal,Sharjah

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    Dear Doctor..I have been writing comments about Delhi Rape in Daiji column continuously and each time I targetted chief minister and Prime Minsiter. For that,I was treated as BJP supporter ! Even some readers complained that my comment was worth not a penny ! I am happy that your article will oepn their eyes and heart ..Thank you doctor..I am neither a BJP supporter nor Congress ! I target our corrupt system. India needs changes at the earliest.For that Mr.Moun Mohan Singh should break his Moun Vratha..

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  • Karani Mohamed, Doha/Shiruru

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    We need to request the media to keep updating or airing this issue until the judgement is passed against the culprits for their henious acts and the punishment is uted. This should not be another so called protest which was on TV for Black gold or kala phathar, 2G and many more scams which is not even spoken for a minute in any of the media. Let us not dig the hole and bury this issue. How can we keep this issue alive? How media will help the humanity?

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    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    Damini or Amanat, call her by any name, she is gone after having suffered a lot but her soul will rest in peace only when such heinous crimes will be eradicated from our society completely. Salute her for having fought bravely.

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  • lakhan singh, jhalawar

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    ye ghatna hamare desh aur deshwasiyon k liye bahut hi sharmindgi ki baat hai

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  • Jadabendu Sinha, Nalibari, Karimganj, Assam

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    There is no language to express grief on the inhuman attack on Damini by the six demons.Damini departed but left behind a great resolution for each and every Indian to save the dignity and prestige of women.

    Chchaya Sharma is not the first Damini in India. The country has witnessed several Daminis earlier & still such crime does not want to stop. The present inner voice in whole may bring a change in the society. We the common people should take a vital role with the Government to make a strong law preventing such inhuman crime as if no further can not appear.

    The six beasts who ruined the life of Damini should be awarded death sentence not in any secret room but in public place so that other demons could get a great lesson from Such ution.

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  • Rachna Bharti, Greater noida

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    change in the system

    DisAgree Agree [13] Reply Report Abuse

  • deepaksharma111125@gmail.com, deepaksharma111125@gmail.com

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    mera manna ye h ki agar sahi maine me damini ji ko insaaf dilana h to ladko ko faansi ne de isse to wo ek jhatke me mar jayenge or kai logo ko to yaad bhi nhi rahenge unn ladko ko namard bana ke dono hath kaat ke ek ankh fod ke chhod do jisse jo bhi dekhe pata chale ki rep karne ka anjaam kya hota h jo dard damini ne saha usska agar 75% bhi dard unn ladko ko mile to hi damini ji ko shanti milegi

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  • mona, hyderabad

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    i feel ashamed to be born in a country where there is no safety no law wch wrks apt ..... those ba****s shd be punished so badly tat they them selfs shd think of dying ..... i appreciate her soul where she has battled her lyf fr 13 dys ..... we will meet u soon .... in heaven

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  • Rahul, hudkeshwar nagpur

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    in darindo ko petrol dal ke jala dena chahiye in darindo ko bhi pata chal na chahiye ki moat kaisi hoti hai fir koi nahi sochenga rape karne ka

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  • Alwyn Crasta, neermarga, mangalore

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    i want ask parents to teach good lession. like giving respect to parents, respect teachers, respect religion, respect our friends, respect all who is elder than us.
    Question is do we follow above thinks.
    For example. When we travel in local bus if mother is carrying baby and standing. do we give our place to that mother? This is also type of rape. (if just watch her but we do live our place to sit that poor mother)
    These good thinks should come from our heart, it will come only if parents teach above good thinks in the childhood.
    Once again i want to request all brothers and sister pls. stop blaming each other. lets promise to our motherland we will give respect to our mother and our sister.

    DisAgree Agree [29] Reply Report Abuse

  • Rakesh shetty, mangalore

    Sun, Dec 30 2012


    DisAgree [41] Agree [6] Reply Report Abuse

  • sushil, narnaul haryana

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    ham sab log indian nahi hei kyonki ake sacha hindustani kabhi nahi seh sakta asi sharm this is a shem for all indians is repe nae mujhe nai puri hindustan ko hilaya hei jo bhi sacche hindustani honge ya sacche mard honge wo mafi nai mangenge wo ladenge uske liye jisne apne aap ko harakar apne ghar walo ko choda hei use dikhayenge ki we r figt for u we r with u justise for damini we can't stop aare aab to sudhar jao logo kal ka din kisne dekha kal ko hamari ma behno kei sath hoga jab bhi chup baith jana i can't do this i fight for her. damini ki atma ko shanti jabh hi milegi jaab ham uske liye ladenge prey karne ya mafi mangne sei kuch nai hota and last bharat mata ki jay i know all india wid me

    DisAgree Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse


    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    kill them...........................................................

    DisAgree [1] Agree [14] Reply Report Abuse

  • Vinodadiley, Korba chhttigarh

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    Damini ............ Tu sab kee dil me hai aurr rahe gi .....tu mere dil me hamesa rahe gayi

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  • Nadine Anederson, Vancouver Canada

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    So sorry Damini that this tragedy happened!! Wish they hadnt moved her to Singapore in the fist place!! hope something good can come out of such bad and that your in a better place. RIP.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • Murray, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    Dear Doctor,

    Daminis case is so outrageous, it has caused a lot of anger throughout the world. The Indian Governmet needs to answer fast and be brutal for the memory of this dear lady, and many that will suffer if no action is taken, the world felt for India when the Pakistan attack took place, but now India needs to hold its head in shame for this dear young lady, done by her own countrymen. Hang them, the bus driver and the Police that covered this all up. Disgraceful disgusting humans who make stray animals look like they are worthy.

    DisAgree Agree [37] Reply Report Abuse

  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Sun, Dec 30 2012

    First we need to kick out rapist congress from India. Then only india and indians will be safe. In other countries well educated, cultured and intellect are ruling. But in India rapist, under achiever, tragic figures, bar dancers are ruling.

    DisAgree [26] Agree [13] Reply Report Abuse

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