From US with Love: Adarsh-Udaya Render Exemplary Service to Homeland

Deekshith D V
Daijiworld Media Network - Moodbidri
Pics: Manjunath Borgallugude

Moodbidri, Nov 29: In this day and age, when most people strive to live a life of comfort and luxury and probably dream of settling in the US, here is a couple, hailing from Mysore, who gave up a promising life in US and came back to their homeland, all because they wanted to do something meaningful for the lesser fortunate and for the environment.

Adarsh Rao and Udaya Kiran, natives of Mysore, left their lucrative jobs as software engineers in the USA and came down to their hometown to start 'Ek Sparsh' which manufactures eco-friendly products.

"When in the US, though we had every comfort, we felt something was missing. Materialist life did not mean much to us and we wanted to change our lifestyle," they said speaking to Daijiworld.

They joined several institutions and NGOs to help the needy, which led them to feel that their real service should be for their homeland. Armed with a determination and a will to do contribute positively and serve the deprived back here, they returned to India.

Udaya and Adarsh then founded 'EK Sparsh' through which they do their bit for the environment by manufacturing eco-friendly products from waste paper, discarded clothes, leaves of peepal tree, recycled paper and so on. Their range of items include colourful notepads, paper gift boxes, thread earrings, paper rings, bookmarks, jhola bags and cotton t-shirts.

These products are made by women in villages who are trained in preparing them. This way the women in remote areas have gain financial independence, being able to earn their livelihood and lead better lives.

Moreover, ‘EK Sparsh’ also provides opportunities to spastic children to prove their efficiency and talent in preparing attractive bookmarks.

Says Adarsh Rao, "It is the right time to use eco-friendly products. Man has exploited nature for his greedy needs. Service to society is our motto, we travel by public transportation and we don’t use refrigerator or air conditioner at home. We want to lead a simple life."

Great words indeed from a person who could have led a life of comfort, but still chose to shun luxuries for the sake of a better world, and more so, for a better life for those in their homeland.

The couple's 'Ek Sparsh' products were the center of attraction at Alva's Nudisiri cultural fest held earlier this month. People flocked their stall and lauded the achievements of Udaya Kiran and Adarsh Rao. The colourful products had many a buyer who appreciated their work and concern towards environment.

To conclude, this is what Adarsh says in their Ek Sparsh blog:

- We all need to be aware of the issues affecting the country, and participate in the social dialogue taking place in one form or the other.
- We need to think of ourselves as part of the development process initiated by various individuals and non-profits who strive everyday to make a difference to our society.
- Each one of us can make a positive impact.
- Each person has the power to make a significant contribution to society.

May their tribe increase.