Mangalore: Motherless and Rejected by Family, Little Shashi, Tanu Show Exemplary Courage

Mangalore: Motherless and Rejected by Family, Little Shashi, Tanu Show Exemplary Courage

Brijesh Garodi
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

Mangalore, Jun 13: Shashi and Tanu are two young boys, who, until a few months ago were like any other children. Their lives changed forever early this year, and now, motherless and without their father too, young Shashi has to look after his ailing little brother.

Ten-year-old Shashi and four-year-old Tanu are children of Nagaraj and Chandramma from Hosadurg in Chikmagalur, who worked there in a coffee estate. Theirs was an inter-caste marriage, resulting in the severing of ties with their families. However, it was not a happy marriage, and fight between the couple was a daily routine.

On January 17 this year, one of their usual fights turned into tragedy when, Nagaraj in a fit of anger pushed Chandramma on to a live electric wire. She died, while Tanu who was in her arms sustained burn injuries. Alarmed at his action, Nagaraj fled, and has been absconding ever since. Till date, his whereabouts are not known.

The children are now as good as orphans, with no one to look after them. They have relatives, but no has come to their help as their parents had married against their wishes. What's worse, Daijiworld has learnt that the grandparents had come to visit the children in the hospital, but far from showing compassion, they took away whatever little money the boys had, given to them by generous donors!

The children had only Prakash, the one who brought the boys from their native to work here. Prakash shifted the injured Tanu to Wenlock hospital in the city. Tanu is now recovering and Shashi too is with him. Prakash used to attend to the children and give the nurses money given to him by his boss, instructing them to give the children whatever they wanted.

Young Shashi, who could study only up till 2nd standard, is now in the hospital, day and night looking after his little brother, giving him mother's love and care and ensuring that he does not miss their parents. It is a heart-rending sight, a boy who is not even in his teens is forced to give up his education and his childhood, all owing to a drunkard father and the stereotyped attitudes of the family who have rejected them for no fault of theirs. When they should be in school and on playgrounds with friends, Shashi and Tanu are nursing their wounds, least of all physical ones, braving the storm all alone.

Also, Prakash who used to look after them has not turned up for the last one month. When Daijiworld tried to contact him, his number was out of network coverage.

The only silver lining in the little boys' lives right now is that the nurses at Wenlock are giving them loads of care and attention. They are friendly with the boys and very helpful. Shashi says that whenever he needs anything, he only has to ask the nurses and he gets it. Harini is their favourite nurse. Having attended school only up till 2nd standard, Shashi is keen to study further and confidently says that he wants to become a doctor.

Shashi is admirably mature for his small age. Gifted with the ability to percieve things and deal with situations, Shashi and Tanu deserve a better life, says the nurse looking after them, adding that they need support to pursue their education as well as financial help. Tanu's treatment, including medicines, is being done free of cost at Wenlock.

Nevertheless, as the children are minors and on their own, not much can be done for them financially. However, after getting discharged from Wenlock, they will be handed over to the child welfare committee, after which interested individuals or organizations may contact the committee and extend their help.

Speaking to Daijiworld, Asha Nayak of district child welfare committee said that once the children are handed over to the committee, a bank account will be opened in their name. The children cannot be adopted, but may be taken under foster care, provided that both the children are taken together, she said. Interested persons may contact her on 9886171837 between 9 am and 10.30 am and between 5 pm and 9.30 pm.

Editor's note: Though Shashi and Tanu are in need of help, it is advisable to wait until the children are under the care of the child welfare committee. Daijiworld will keep its readers updated and notify once they are handed over.


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  • puneeth, bangalore

    Wed, Sep 5 2012

    Could Daijiworld publish the latest on these kids? We would need the bank details of the welfare trust to make contributions & help them. Appreciate early action.

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  • abdul sathar habiballah, moolur/Jeddah

    Sat, Jun 16 2012

    God is Great He Will Lookafter all . further they expected human being with open heart will come forward to share their sorrows.

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  • Lancy Noronha, Bellore-Bendur-Dubai

    Fri, Jun 15 2012

    @Flavia D'mello-Kuwait...
    Nice question...& answer is...
    This is just beginning....
    AAZ DAIJI don chintellem thor edya mattak pavnchem naslem...
    na swaarth, na thor...
    needy for all....

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  • Angelina, coorg/uk

    Thu, Jun 14 2012

    Dear,Mr. Hemanth Hegde,Mr.Ronald Vas, and Ms Lydia Lobo, i am very greatful for ur kind advice and informations.......i am not asking this bcoz i can not adopt any children.....i am very touched by their dire need and great ambition to become a doctor,further more very touched by the way elder brother looking after his ill reminds me of my life in a different way....and i don't believe in donations....god knows where it goes,of course they are not orphans but what is the point of having greedy family members and useless father ? i do help directly to the needy don't expect anything back......hope with all ur wishes and blessings both of them will find a gods way to have a good future...thats what i wish to give them if god permits, thanks.

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  • Lydia Lobo, Kadri

    Thu, Jun 14 2012

    Geo, Agran,

    You may note that the CWC member said to be opening account in the children's name. However, the children will once-again be robbed by their grand parents of the collections as it happened before.

    If a person comes forward and offers foster-care, it would set an example. Perhaps our culture-torch-bearers will set an example ?

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  • Lydia Lobo, Kadri

    Thu, Jun 14 2012


    Your desire to adopt these children is too touching. You may note that the children are not d orphans, their father is on the run. That is why they are not open for adoption but foster care is possible which is obviously within India.

    To fulfill your wish, please google with 'International adoptions from India'. You will get leads to several adoption centers/methods.

    Good Luck.

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  • Geo Agrar, mangalore

    Thu, Jun 14 2012

    Dear daiji world team, kindly take note, your gesture of helping and appeal is excellent but Child welfare committee is wrong platform to monitor that fund. Any account need to be in the name of children itself with guardian on well wisher. Asha's intention may be good but she is again a puppet in the system.
    Adoption is not possible but definately someone can apply for foster care. CWC can approve. But For this in return please don't deposit any money under CWC or as joint signatory. There are several hawkers in the department for the same, who have eaten Anganwadi food.

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  • Ronald vas, Kuwait/kuntikanRonaldvas

    Thu, Jun 14 2012

    Go ahead Angelina.what type of support you need?keep up your spirit.all the best.

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  • Hemanth Hegde, Brahmavar/Dubai

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    @ Angelina good gesture appreciate. I dont think Indian law will permit this unless you go thru all documentation. Frankly even I dont recommend this, out of emotions or otherwise if you adopt you may need to provide a Guarantee to welfare association in Mangalore for next 18 years of these kids. Daiji should take initiative as some one rightly said with a charity fund will be good.

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  • angelina, coorg/uk

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    as i was an orphanage brought up myself........i can understand the need of family life, love and care.....god has blessed me all my life with good people around and with gods grace i have suceeded in my life to achieve so much to give peaceful life for my i am writing this to ask the concerned people about letting me adopt these two lovely children so i can give them everything in their life with the support of my family...without any donations......please reply.

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  • Melwyn Lewis , Dubai

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Its a high time Daiji Should start a Charitable fund, transparent, Audited by independent auditors and quarterly reports should be published in the Daiji website case by case. So donor will be comfortable to donate, many cases people may not be sure whether the dontations reach out to the core subject or misused. Whatever costs involved to maintain this fund should also be covered by the donations. I am sure if Daiji starts this noble cause with proper guidelines, i think we can reach almost all needy on priority basis.

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  • Anjali Shetty, Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Daijiworld's social concern makes them great media. My prayers with two young brothers

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  • Vishal, Managlore/Mumbai

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    It's a tragedy that in our society people talk big things but when it comes to reality no one, not even the close relatives come forward to help.This is a fitting case where people should help them irrespective of cast,creed,language.

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  • Christopher, Kundapur/Kuwait

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Well done Daiji and a great initiative by district child welfare commiittee

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  • ismail hail, puttur

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    jai ho daijiworld

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  • Flavia D'Mello, Kuwait

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    is is why is superior and different from others. May GOD bless you all

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  • Manohar Veigas, UDUPI

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    God's love is supreme. In spite of all closed doors in the lives of these orphaned brothers, the caring love by the Sisters of Wenlock Hospital, shows this not the end of life for these kids. Surely the Almighty will bestow the future of Shashi & Tanu in his own unique way through us.

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  • vincy, bangkok

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Very sad to know the painful reality of the young siblings. It is the duty of the child welfare department to see that no children left alone in a situation like this. We have seen hundreds of children in all cities combined of south kanara.Ms Asha Nayak are the in charge of the department and we really want to know what they do for the betterment of these children.
    I remember the same Ms. Asha Nayak was ready within an hour with her team and whip of her powers when some jobless rowdy teams of Mangalore invited her to take action against Lancelot of bejai for keeping orphan and poor children in his hostel.All he lacked is to produce the papers on time because the parents of the children were far away to sign such documents.
    We have so many organization in the city who now and then mushroomed in front of DC office or at public places but none of the news papers or magazines carried this news all these days.The incident is dated back to 17 Januray 2012 and not a single organizations in our state has the courage or intention to come forward and help the children. We have so many leaders to teach and preach about social morale but none of such leaders have time or intention to help these siblings.
    I really appreciate the courage of Daijiworld in bringing out this kind of heart felt stories. I have also seen the reports published on how the daijiworld readers donated generously to the causes. Also Very surprised to know that only daijiworld is doing this .

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    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Heart touching story, may god bless the doctors & nurses who has given love & care,may the showers of blessing will fall on them.I will try do something for this children.God bless them & keep them good.

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    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Appreciate DAIJI for publishing, These kind of news should be all major News Papers of Karnataka. Hello Politicians, instead buying MLA's ,ministers, MP, MLC to do more corruption thru your damn "OPERATION" please adopt these kids operation done by Doctors, may God ease by your sins. Great job by Asha Nayak n Team.

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  • ramesh, kadri, mangalore

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Daiji, you did the the good job.your concern to the society is appreciable. The boys get well soon

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  • Vinayak, Mangalore / Dubai

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    What an heart-breaking news ! Just cannot believe that these innocent kids are without parents care. And the grand parents... how could they grab the little money which the kids had ? How do their heart agrees to do such a thing ?

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  • Olin Lasrado, Padil

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Daiji Always makes the eyes of the reader wet... Hats off to Prakash.. May God belss you Mightly and Daiji please keep the good work going.....

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  • Nilesh, Mangalore

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Real thanks to the commitment and the love shown by the nurses towards the young children. Hats off to you people. May god bless you all. Thanks Daiji to bring up this news.

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  • Jerry Moras, MBA Operations, Canada

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Lot to learn from this real story.

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  • Joshila, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Good Job by Daiji and Wenlock tooo as their angels to care and love them.

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  • Ajith Lewis, Chikmagalur/ Dubai

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Compassion, Mercy and Love is what Lord Jesus taught and hope myself and every Daiji reader is filled with the same spirit

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  • vivian, dubai

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Tanu get well soon...Great Job done by daiji ... Hat's off to Wenlock staffs & child welfare committee for their care.. when i was small i used to go wenlock hospital for dental check up & now happy to see that wenlock hospital improved a lot..

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  • Lavin Noronha, Paladka/Bahrain

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    What a heart wrenching site. WHEN YOU THINK NO ONE CARES!!!… GOD CARES AND HE IS CONCERNED ABOUT YOU!!!. He sent nurses at Wenlock hospital as their angels to care and love them.

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  • Sachidanand Shetty, Mundkur/Dubai

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Superb Daiji, your social service now become worldwide famous. We have no words in our hearts to praise you for your media reporting aim to highlight the social issues like this. Like me many more will be ready to lend our help as much as possible for us. That’s why we call “God is Great” if any one door of human life is closed and he will open another one to survive

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    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Indeed heart touching story.There are so many elements in the society in which some are humane and some are not.What kind of these two children's grand parents?Are they heart less?Disgusting...Daijiworld's effort in bring this story @fore is highly appreciated.May god show his compassionate for these two unfortunate childrens.

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  • Bobby Saxena, Shirva-Manchkal/Ranchi

    Wed, Jun 13 2012

    Whatever it may be Prakash done his duty with perfect to give shelter to children's - with a hope henceforth somebody will take care of them. We proud some 'Samaritans' still exists in our midst - who think of other's rather than themselves.

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