Udupi: I would Love to Learn Kannada - Singer Kailash Kher

Pics: Dayanand Kukkaje
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Sneha Kumari

Udupi, Mar 28: It was a rare opportunity indeed, being witness to a genius called Kailesh Kher rendering songs so soothing you want to melt into them, with that magical voice that uplifts the soul to great heights and transports one to a different world altogether. It was a perfect evening for music aficionados as Sufi sultan Kailash Kher and his band took the stage on Tuesday March 27 evening at the cultural event 'Revels' in Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT).

Rows of chairs filled with hundred of audience and music lovers. The audience sat enchanted by the Sufi and Bollywood songs. The crowd went into a frenzy as the man blew every listener's mind away with his superhits songs.

An exclusive interaction with Sufi Sultan by Daijiworld correspondent

How do you feel visiting Mangalore?

This is the first time I’m visiting Mangalore. It’s hot here but I liked the long journey and the scenery. It’s beautiful and soothing. Good to be here.

So far how has been your journey in Bollywood?

I just do music, music, and music. I sleep music, I eat music, I walk music, I talk music. I have been very fortunate and blessed that whatever I do I enjoy, and that's music. So far in Bollywood it’s been pretty good. They welcomed me with open arms as I’m a Sufi singer but never I restricted myself and experimented with other forms.

Which is your favorite genre of music?

Right now I’m in Bollywood but my all-time favourite is Sufi. It somewhere connects you with your soul and directly touches your heart.

How has been your experience working in Kannada film industry?

Kannada industry is devoted to music; they welcomed me and also appreciated my work, which gave me more confidence to work freely. I never considered language as barrier but went into deeper meaning and of course got support from the entire team of any production.

How do you manage to sing Kannada songs? Do you go into into meaning in detail?

Yes, for me meaning is more important than language. You should feel the lyrics and bond with music. But I would love to learn Kannada. It’s an endearing language and it will also help me to work more assertively in this industry.

Any dreams you still aim to achieve?

I think whatever I have achieved is through pure dedication and honesty. The kind of love I have got from people is mind-blowing. Tomorrow I don’t know whether I’ll be millionaire or beggar. Tomorrow is not in my control. I’m not afraid. I believe in one thing - one day we all have to go, that is the belief I have very strongly and that belief cannot vanish from my mind. I know the fact that no one lives forever. Just cherish every moment.

Your message to your fans and music enthusiasts?

Execute so much of love and positive energy that you mesmerize your listener in every rendition. Make such music that people would not be able to move... they would think twice about even going for other songs. Capture them, their imagination and emotions... only then can you win their hearts.