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Bangalore: Rural Service to be Made Mandatory for Fresh MBBS Graduates

Bangalore: Rural Service to be Made Mandatory for Fresh MBBS Graduates

From Our Special Correspondent
Daijiworld Media Network - Bangalore

Bangalore, Feb 6: Rural service is likely to be made mandatory for all fresh medical or MBBS graduates in future, Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda told the Karnataka Legislative Assembly on Monday.

He said the State Government was keen to ensure that the people in rural areas were provided with quality health service.

The Chief Minister pointed out that the government wanted to bring a legislation to make rural service mandatory for all fresh MBBS doctors.

He urged the opposition parties and general public to support the Government’s initiatives to ensure that its health centres in rural areas got qualified medical doctors.

On an average 2,500 candidates passed out from medical colleges in the State. But unfortunately, the Government was not able to post qualified doctors in its health hospitals in the rural areas as almost all the fresh doctors declined to take up postings in rural areas after recruitment.

Nearly 1200 doctors were appointed in the last two yeas but a good number of them quit the service. Many doctors posted in rural areas quit the jobs.

About 600 specialists would be appointed soon by evolving a new set of guidelines, he said.

Taluk level hospitals at Gudibande and Bagepalli in Chikballapur district would be upgraded to 100 bed hospitals and construction work of the buildings would be completed in the next two months.

More doctors and paramedical staff would be posted at both hospitals after completion of the construction work, he added.

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  • Swathi, Bangalore

    Fri, Mar 30 2012

    Let d POLITICIANS stay n work in rural ares for one year n then we medical students, will also be ready to do rural service..

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  • Rakshit, banglore

    Tue, Mar 20 2012

    "The government had recruited about 600 doctors with specialisation three years ago, most of whom shied away from rural areas. As many as 1,200 doctors recruited earlier failed to remain in village and taluk levels,"this is a statement quoted by one of the ministers in parliament. Can any one answer why this happened??
    Clearly there is some fault on  behlaf of government, u cant force someone to do what they dont want to.. there should be some incentive to make some one to work in rural areas. so the government came out with a cheaper idea to make fresh medical graduates to work in rural area as it failed to maintain the recruited staff.
    People dont realise the hardship faced by medical graduate. v r like have been studying for past 5-6 year and still dont have a secured future.. seeing in front v realise that still 7-8 years of study is remaining.. before v can even think of settling down. with a decent payment..
    above that government want us to work forcibly, so that there vote bank is maintain..
    thinking about all this shit..
    i remember a famous dialogue of movie.. stating
    a doctor need 10 yrs of study before he earns a repectable job.
    a enginner needs 6 yrs of study before he has a decent payment.
    a teacher needs 5 yrs of study before he starts teaching.
    and a politician need 5 yrs of criminal background.. before he can rule over all the other..

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  • Neville Fernandez, Mangalore/Antigua

    Wed, Feb 8 2012

    According to the article, every year on an average 2,500 candidates pass out from medical colleges in the State.

    Let us for a moment assume that the government decides to make rural service mandatory for all the fresh M.B.B.S. graduates for a period of one year only. If the doctor's salary is INR 10000/month, it will cost the exchequer INR 30,00,00,000 per annum in doctor's salaries alone. Naturally, this figure doubles if you make rural service mandatory for two years.

    As a doctor who graduated from a private medical college and has seen, first hand, the condition in the government health care institutions where I did my clinical rotations, I have only ONE question,


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  • Dr Kusuma Kumari G, Nellore/Kodyadkka

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    The goverment should make arrangements so that each medical college take care of at least 2 community cnetres and 5 pHCs in their area Karnataka has so many colleges and if they do that we will be covering majority of areas, Most colleges now have community dpet medicine departemnts and they should make arrangements to do this Then to soem extend teh problem wilbe solved

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  • Daniel, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    Idea is better if the Medical colleges are built in rural areas, district wise. Would be far better if regulation made compulsory that, ALL THE ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, GOVT. OFFICIALS AND POLITICAL LEADERS TO BE OBTAINED HEALTH SERVICES ONLY FROM ANY GOVERNMENT HOSPITALS. If they go to any other non govt. hospitals (say private & sophosticated hspitals) then not to be compensated or re-imbursed. Moral is- if this type crowd goes to Govt. hospitals then definetly the Govt. hospitals will be forced change and develop easily which will benefit the public. Is it possible? the way ExCM Sri.Yediyurappa is missing in the above pics...

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  • Louis, Kuwait

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    Mr. Kishore you are genius. Perfect answer with solution. Can't rely on fresh Graduates. Also they will go for PG course after completing degree. One more solution. Before appointing any Dr. At govt hospitals appoint only those who have worked atleast two yrs in govt. Service.

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  • vinay, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    You are hundred percent right

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  • Ruchir Agarwal, Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    How can the concerned MBBS doc. work free ? He or she has spent several lakhs on their education.At least a basic stipend of 5000/- plus stay /proper food must be provided

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  • Amin Bhoja, Patte / Riyadh

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    Health Care facilities and it's services in India to it's citizens is very very inadequate in generally.A well thought plan,with suffiecient funds in each budget,with more health care facilities in rural and urban areas is a welcome sign for every citizen of this country.Now DVS and his noble thought in this direction sure will give the benefits to the people who deprived mostly.A good scale with good benefits to the fresh doctors in all Govt. hospitals,sure give a good inspiration to them, to serve the patients in this nation all the way.

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  • Valerian Dalmaida, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    State Government is keen that the rural people are provided with quality health service. It is a wonderful idea. But can this be achieved only by making it mandatory for all fresh and MBBS graduates in future to work in rural area for a certain number of years? Where will they work? In Government hospitals or will they set up their own clinic? If Government Hospitals, will the salary be commensurate with the cost connected with it? What about the facilities in Government Hospitals? The medical equipments, labs, different specialised services etc? If they have to set up their own clinics, then what about the support services- roads, electricity, clean water, subsidised finance, nursing and other staff?

    Do not misunderstand me. There is nothing personal here. All I want to say that none of the parties involved should suffer. It is a great cause and this needs to be achived with proper planning, administration, communication, opinions and sharing. Impelementing just like that without proper planning, any good cause will fail. But, with planning and consensus from all concerned, the project shall be successful and Government will surely benefit.

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  • Pramod Suvarna, Derebail / Mangalore

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    Kishore, Kayamkulam.
    Very good views and perfectly said.

    This is a very bad move to make rural training compulsory. It is a big risk for villagers to get treated from no experienced doctors without any expert guidance , secondly jobless goons (under BJP rule) are ready everywhere to bash docotrs whenever they get a chance. so immagine the plight of trainee docots, i really pity them.

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  • Tony Crasta, Mangalore/Sydney

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    Very good move, but it will be proper for the Government to adequately compensate those Doctors who have to put in mandatory service in the rural areas by paying them proper salaries and remuneration. In Australia, for instance, the Government offers huge amount of salaries and remuneration to attract Doctors to work in the rural areas, for they virtually have to maintain two establishments, one in the city to take care of their children`s education and the other one in the rural area, where they actually have to work.

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  • R.J.Fernandes, Kallianpur/Goa/usa

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    Dear K.Fernandes. You have taken my view strictly on monetary grounds. I used that term only to aliminate the word 'FREE'.
    My concept is:
    A doctor's proffession involves lots of sacrifice,emotion & challenge. It is not a clerk or utive job.One has to spend millions of rupees to get admission & become a doc. So, its obvious they are from rich background & hardly know what is poverty.
    By giving their enetial services in a poor backward area, they will not only helping the poor but making themself aware what is poverty is. They will change their attitude towards their profession and humanity & make their future strong and worth.
    I know money is important in life but what is the point if it is not spent for good cause.?

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  • Agnes soza, Udupi/USA

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    Every doctors have to take a oath when they become doctors, and for a doctor, his patient comes first. So doctors have to be ready for their duties whether it is in rural or in remote areas.

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  • Kishore, Kayamkulam

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    The present idea of the Health Ministry of Government of India to extend MBBS course by one more year and post them in rural Health Centres for one year is hare-brained and least to say is stupid and absurd, for the following reasons.

    After completion of medical studies, no one is competent enough to practise without the help and supervision of senior doctors. At that junior most level, they do depend on a great deal of laboratory and medical imaging services to make proper diagnosis and treatment. These facilities are grossly inadequate at the rural level.

    All that the Government is achieving is to sacrifice the poor and ignorant villagers as “guinea pigs" for future medical practitioners and possibly as a population control measure.

    Furthermore, the young doctors are looking for more experience before they start on their own practise. It is the time for them to get married and enjoy life after five and half years of gruel and hard work and study to pass MBBS. It will be a sadistic policy for the Health Ministry to impose this punitive posting for these young budding doctors to be imposed on the ignorant and poor rural flocks.

    Will all the elected members of the Government at all levels, High Court and above Judiciary and all first class civil servants at all levels will be submitting themselves and their family for their medical care to these junior doctors and only junior doctors for their medical needs?

    As an alternative, viable, useful, more humanitarian, compassionate and effectual alternative is to appoint all those doctors, nurses and paramedical staff in service after they attain the age of fifty years to be posted to rural areas and allow them to be in service up to the age of 75 years.

    In today's lifespan, it is possible for one to work up to the age of 75 and almost all doctors do work to that age anyway. Give them 50% additional salary for rural postings.

    The rural people will have confidence in such experienced medical persons.

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  • K.Fernandes, Udupi

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    R.J.Fernandes, God Bless you too to proposing Stipend of RS 1000/- will you pls convert it in USD? Approx USD21.00/. In which century u live? By proposing stipend of Rs1000/ u had given the clue of your standard, even though u stay/do slavery in USA.
    Do you aware how the student struggle to get 1) Admission for MBBS? 2) How they struggle during the internship at the hands of senior doctor, PGs, staff nurses even ward boy/girls?. Only the parents of the students know their struggle. Pls think before you comment/propose.

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  • A. S. Mathew, U.S.A.

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    If the governemnt is enacting a
    mandatory law that all the fresh
    M.B.B.S. medical graduates must
    serve in the village, it has some
    legal complications attached to it.

    If the graduates are coming from
    private medical school, the government has no right to force
    them to serve the villages for a
    few years.

    Even those graduates coming from
    the government colleges, before
    they start medical schooling, the
    the government must get a signed
    consent from the students to
    serve in the villages.

    Serving the poor people of the village takes a special calling
    in life, only a very are called
    to do it. What the CM is trying to do is a great service for the
    poor villagers, but this issue is
    a complicated one.

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  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    Valerian Dalmaida, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Who is that fellow to tell teachers should be highest paid?
    It is not reel life to pay huge salary for teachers.

    Primary schools teachers are paid 7500 Rs monthly initially and goes on increasing. Out of 365 days, they work only for around 200 days. Their working hours is 10-5. They are just 12th 2 years TCH qualified. Will you give them in Lakhs? For each extra duty they do like election duty, census etc they are paid extra. They are not doing any free service. For a teacher with 5 years experience the salary will be around 11-12K. Is that not enough?

    Govt Doctors salary was 12K per month some 10 years back. Now may be it is 18-20K. In a village it is a very good salary. Apart from this they can have their own clinic after working hours..

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  • haneef, mali-africa

    Tue, Feb 7 2012

    Before 20 years the Local fund Hospital in shirva had X-ray ,seperate T.B ward,labour-theatre, general ward for men and women seperately,active out-patient dept and free food. Patients were getting good treatment day n night. Now it became govt primary hospital with new bldg and without a doctor or insufficient medical staff.
    olden days were golden days . India technologically developed but ethically going down every day .

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  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Mon, Feb 6 2012

    Valerian Dalmaida, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    You should stay in a remote village with your family for some time. You will understand the situation there.

    What personal choice? if everyone serves in city who will serve village people. Remember you are getting food because of rural village people. By the way CM is not telling them to serve rural village permanently. It is for certain minimum number of years.

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  • Anil, Mangalore / Bangalore

    Mon, Feb 6 2012

    Hello readers, Hello Mr.Dalmaida, Are you serious what are you talking about ? Do you know what is the doctor patient ratio in vilages ? It must be made at least 2 years mandatory village service.

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  • Valerian Dalmaida, Mangalore/Abu Dhabi

    Mon, Feb 6 2012

    What do you mean by mandatory for rural service? It is the personal decision of a doctor. In my opinion, the Government is stepping into the personal life of an individual. If this happens, then the democracy is in danger. This will work only if the Government appoints through interviews and pays good salary for the doctors according to the market. In the name of rural health, you can exploit another section of the Soceity. It might so happen that medical colleges will have no students as it is happening for Teacher Training (TCH)because of the low salary to the teachers and donkey work during census and elections. Amir Khan once said, Teacher should be the highest paid. Hope Government pays well so that the program becomes successful. Only the time will tell.

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  • Dinesh Poojary, Kundapura/Bengaluru

    Mon, Feb 6 2012

    Health care is an important aspect of the state/country's development. In many villages of our state, good doctors are not available which makes people not to visit govt hospitals and avail free medicines & health checkups.

    Very good decision taken by CM. Well thinking by DVS. His care towards rural villages is truly appreciable. This is called REAL LEADERSHIP, when you understand the people's problem and give a solution for it.

    Yeddy's ARAOGYA SHREE has become very popular in the state. In last 3 years the services at GOVT hospitals significantly improved.

    Last year I visited GOVT HOSPITAL in BYNDOOR after 5 years. Wah! I could not believe! Modern building (was inaugurated by Yeddi), more and well qualified staff, nice service, weekly health campaigns for mothers/pregnant-women/old-age people, good stock of all injections and more importantly patients in large numbers to take treatment.

    In last 60 years, congress party failed to provide at least a CROCIN/PARACETAMOL in govt hospitals most of the time. Hope they will learn at least now..

    (I had visited the same GOVT hospital few years back. Even for PARACETAMOL or CROCIN they used to give the prescription and ask us to buy outside..)

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  • R.J.Fernandes, Kallianpur/Goa/usa

    Mon, Feb 6 2012

    Excellent. God bless you sir for this noble cause.
    It should be atleast 6 months free service (stipend of Rs.1000)in the remote village. God will bless them tooo.

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