Mangalore: Cattle population declines in district, but trafficking not only reason

Shreyas H S
Daijiworld Media Network - Mangalore

Mangalore, Apr 27: With a sharp decline of 36 percent in the cattle population in the coastal district, according to the last survey conducted in the year 2012, the right-wing thinkers believe the role of cattle trafficking and licensed slaughtering is a key factor for the gradual decrease in the population of cattle. 

However, a holistic approach to the issue reveals that there are other prime reasons for the drastic decline in the population, and that the impact of cattle trafficking and licensed slaughtering over the years has in fact been only marginal.

According to the current data available with the district animal husbandry department, the population of cattle stands at 2,54,507 (as per 2012 survey), as against 3,96,609 in 2007 (previous survey). The population of buffaloes alone has hit the highest slump, witnessing a 76 percent decline. In the year 2007 there were as many as 15,000 buffaloes, but in 2012, figure has drastically decreased to a mere 3,570. 

"A large number of cattle were illegally transported, sometimes intentionally to hurt the sentiments of the majority community that has been demanding a ban on cattle meat," says Bajrang Dal leader Sharan Pumpwell. According to him, apart from the MCC-owned licensed slaughter house of DK located at Kudroli, there are other abattoirs illegally run by minorities where cattle are allegedly slaughtered. The data available with one of the goshala (cattle care center) Nandagokula  located at Kalladka, which is being looked after by convener of the goshala Jitendra Kottari, shows that the average number of cattle illegally transported falls around 100 to 150 per year. 

However, according to Dinesh Kini, who holds the designation of 'Go Raksha Pramukh' in Bajrang Dal, there are as many as five dedicated goshalas in the district, and the average number of cattle brought to these goshalas after being rescued from trafficking stands at around 600 to 700 per year. 

Change in lifestyle in the coastal district and vertical development of the city has had a huge impact in the decrease in the population of cattle. K V Halagappa, deputy director, department of animal husbandry opines that the decrease is obvious as a majority of the people in the district have moved away from cattle rearing and diverted to other lucrative jobs. "One can observe that people these days have less interest in agriculture as it has its own difficulties compared to white-collared jobs. This has hit agriculture badly, and as a result impacted cattle rearing," he says. 

The investment required for cattle rearing is also more compared to other sectors such as poultry farming and piggeries. The population of poultry and pigs has been on the increase, with people actively involving in the business. 

The data pertaining to 2012 reveals that there was a decline of 18 percent in the number of people taking up cattle rearing, as compared to the previous survey carried out in the year 2007. The figure clearly shows that people are turning their backs to this field considering the loss incurred in cattle rearing, Halagappa opined. 

The documentation of slaughter houses by environment engineer of MCC Madhu S Manohar says in a month an average of 125 cattle are slaughtered, or 1,500 cattle a year in the district. But slaughter houses are not permitted to kill cows as per the PCA (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Act. "The decline in the population indicates alteration in the mindset of the people who have rejected cattle rearing as an occupation," says Manohar. 

Meanwhile, he contended that the conditions are not quite suitable for rearing of buffaloes. He said paddy fields have been gradually vanishing from the coastal district, giving way to other forms of farming in the district. Over the years the population of buffaloes has slowed down with people unwilling to rear the animal.

"The average number of cattle trafficked including those traced by the police department could be up to 50-100 a year. The number in the district is far less compared to other districts that are notorious for illegal cattle transportation," says a police inspector in the district on condition of anonymity. This police inspector has handled many cases in connection to trafficking in which he found that the cattle were brought to the district from places like Shimoga, Sringeri, Udupi, Kalasa and others. He said the incidents of cattle thefts in the district are less compared to these places.

Around 2,225-3,500 cattle were killed, legally and illegally, in the district between 2003 and 2014. 
This means, on an average, decline in population of cattle due to killing had a share of only about 1.6 to 2.46 percent per year. This, therefore, contradicts the argument put forth by the right wing thinkers who see role of cattle trafficking and licensed slaughtering as a key factor for the gradual decrease in the population of cattle in the district. 

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  • dhananjaya, mangalore

    Mon, Nov 29 2021

    Rigveda (10/85/13) declares, “On the occasion of a girl’s marriage oxen and cows are slaughtered.” Fact: The mantra states that in winter, the rays of sun get weakened and then get strong again in spring. The word used for sun-rays in ‘Go’ which also means cow and hence the mantra can also be translated by making ‘cow’ and not ‘sun-rays’ as the subject. The word used for ‘weakened’ is ‘Hanyate’ which can also mean killing. But if that be so, why would the mantra go further and state in next line (which is deliberately not translated) that in spring, they start regaining their original form. How can a cow killed in winter regain its health in spring? This amply proves how people are referring to uneducated and ignorant scholar's translation of Vedas.

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  • vedaasthuthi, udupi

    Tue, Apr 29 2014

    Dear master mlore,
    On what basis you are assuming that whatever swami said is based on vedas,Then from your own conclusion even Swami dayananda saraswati said aboutin his work called 'Sathyartha prakash' on few of the worlds great books, You may be knowing his work too then, what say!
    kindly refer on verses of veda which is taken by Swami on his view.
    Also ,
    So if you know about the verse and the exact meaning then do post here with the full verse and source taken as well as the meaning of sanskrith words mentioned in it.
    I am aware of all the sources in which these verses are manipulated and for what purpose
    thank you

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  • vedaasthuthi, udupi

    Tue, Apr 29 2014

    Dear Truth ,udupi/dubai
    Good to see that people like to read vedas!
    Kindly post the each sanskrith word and its meaning with complete verse of Rigveda (10/85/13)& Rigveda (6/17/1)
    I see you have not completed the verse above also would like to know your source for it.

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  • master, mlore

    Tue, Apr 29 2014

    So you mean swami vivekananda also didnot interpret vedas properly so it made him give such statement on beef eating....??Dude dont say truth as false if it doesn't suit you....!!!

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  • Af, mangalore

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    Beef eating it is their personal choice.
    Beef prices are going high day by day
    it is bcos of non eaters started eating beef,
    with license nothing wrong in it.
    but the illegal route or Trafficking it should be punishable.
    if beef stops, then mutton prices will go to 1500 per kg,and the chicken almost to 300.

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  • Mohandas Kapikad, Mangaluru

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    Only solutions to this is
    -Bring Anti-Cow Slaughter Bill
    -its timely-speedy-effective implementation.
    -punishment to all illegal cow transporters, cattle theives, etc. if they are caught in act...may be heavy fine or imprisonment.
    -Cancellation of Driving Licence & Registration of all vehicles which are directly inovled in such illegal activity.
    -No compensation to such vehicles or person in case of accident, as they are involved in illegal activity.
    -Seizure of Assets of people who are directly involved in such activity.

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  • Mohammed, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    It is good that now the days you will not find cows gathering on the road & blocking the traffic, especially at the night time I met accident once in the night due to a cow, now people are scared to leave their animals on the road because of unauthorized slaughtering houses came-up

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  • JNB, Bejai

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    People are scared to graze their cows in the open yard fearing these goons, targeting them as cow-traders.
    Cow trading is not allowed.
    See in UP Bihar how cow trading is going on in fare/market.

    Very soon DK generally and Mangalore particularly only will survive with Milk Powder supplied by foreign companies...

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  • master, mlore

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    Millions of goats and chicken are slaughtered in country infact its population are increasing...Why this is limited to cow....Earlier there were no restriction on cow slaughtering, but there were lot of cows roaming in the streets....but as the so called fake cow protectors(they eat beef) increased their activity many of them avoided cow rearing bcos of fear created by this goon...more demand more supply it happens in goat and poultry....but ppl are scared to enter into Animal husbandry due to fear of these goons indirectly affecting the cattle population....

    I have seen many of cow protectors driving away cow when it comes to eat their own flower garden revealing hypocrisy....If you drive away your gomatha just for the reason it eats your flower garden this shows love towards cow...cow activism is just tokeinism...

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  • K. S. Mayya, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    This analysis has one and only one weakness viz., accuaracy of the data provided by Animal Husbandry.
    However, I agree that 5 years has seen a lot of changes and Cattle is last on the priority list. Cattle rearing is too much work and the balance sheet may go to red if all of the output is not well utilized/managed. If labour charges are also factored in, Cattle rearing loses big time. The price of cattle feed has grown manyfold, while price of fresh milk, ghee has to be priced competitively with Nandini.
    People have made more money by selling their land in these years. All in all, cattle rearing cannot be a main business anymore and could be a value add for people having huge agricultural land and they grow something there.
    Slaughter of cows is not a problem as there is a law providing provision for that. But stealing cows is not correct. I guess, as the police officer has it, considering the huge issue that it is for DK, these cows are now stolen from other districts for consumption in DK.

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  • Flavian, Mangalore/Kuwait

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    If cow/cattle slaughter to be banned, then the government needs to provide mutton on subsidized price to the public. Let all of us be happy.

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  • vinayak prabhu, mangalore

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    if we do sheep and goat farming in large scale..motton price will decrease automatically

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  • JNB, Bejai

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    There are lot FAKE (feku) cow prtectors are the in Mnagalore, dining in a Bar with sbjee,,,

    Why they're not growing cows and doing farming, instead of doing this all Now Tanki?
    See in Europe,Denmark,Holand,Netherland, they eat beef as a major part of their food, but their COW population is not declining to rather grow more day by day.
    We don't want anything Fake'

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  • jr,

    Mon, Apr 28 2014


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  • vinayak prabhu, mangalore

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    cow salaughter ban is must

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  • Shashi, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    Lack of powerful bull?

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  • Purifytheheart, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    If owning a cow could cost you, your life or charges of trafficking, that lands you in Jail. Nobody is going own a cow.

    Soon our kids and grandkids will have to go to the Zoo to see a real cow.

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  • Charles D'Mello, Pangala

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    If this news is projecting that because of slaughtering cattle population has decreased, then in Australia there can not be single cattle because of the amount of their export for meat only...!!!???

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Acchu, let us know the address of your Go Shala!! People can deliver their old cattle and live in peace! You and your Cow lover friends look after them with lots of love! Please feed them well until they are alive! Bhajarangis may abandon you without beef and spirit!!!!

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    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    Ronald D, Udupi, only address of Go Shala is not enough!!. At the time of People deliver their old cattle to the Go shala, Bajarangis will attack them!!!!!. So collect & delivery facility should be required.

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  • muhammad, mlore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    This is not limited to cattle...earlier we used to produce rice now we import rice ..we used to produce pulses, we import them from rest of karnataka....My mom used to say about producing paddy,pulses,oilgrams in field during their paddy field is occupied by arecanut...cattle require grass and paddy field to graze...Also earlier muslims used to rear cattle for milk now they dont due to risk of some of the community abonded it...some of the community are driven to other sort of plantation indirectly affecting cattle ...and finally urbanization another factor...

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  • Sir Lancelot, Manglore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014


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  • Truth, Udupi/Dubai

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Manusmriti (Chapter 5 / Verse 30) says, “It is not sinful to eat meat of eatable animals, for Brahma has created both the eaters and the eatables.”

    Maharishi Yagyavalkya says in Shatpath Brahmin (3/1/2/21) that, “I eat beef because it is very soft and delicious.”

    Apastamb Grihsutram (1/3/10) says, “The cow should be slaughtered on the arrival of a guest, on the occasion of ‘Shraddha’ of ancestors and on the occasion of a marriage.”
    Rigveda (10/85/13) s, “On the occasion of a girl’s marriage oxen and cows are slaughtered.”
    Rigveda (6/17/1) states that “Indra used to eat the meat of cow, calf, horse and buffalo.”
    Vashistha Dharmasutra (11/34) writes, “If a Brahmin refuses to eat the meat offered to him on the occasion of ‘Shraddha’ or worship, he goes to hell.”

    Hinduism’s greatest propagator Swami Vivekanand said thus: “You will be surprised to know that according to ancient Hindu rites and rituals, a man cannot be a good Hindu who does not eat beef”. (The Complete Works of Swami Vivekanand, vol.3, p. 536).

    Adi Shankaracharya’ commentary on Brihdaranyakopanishad 6/4/18 says : ‘Odan’ (rice) mixed with meat is called ‘Mansodan’. On being asked whose meat it should be, he answers ‘Uksha’. ‘Uksha’ is used for an ox, which is capable to produce semen.
    · The book ‘The History and Culture of the Indian People’, published by Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Bombay and edited by renowned historian R.C.Majumdar (Vol.2, page 578) says: “this is said in the Mahabharat that King Rantidev used to kill two thousand other animals in addition to two thousand cows daily in order to give their meat in charity”.

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  • sathish jm, Kumpala/Dubai

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Only 50-100 cattle are illegally transported in a year! The reporter should know the stats precisely before quoting them. It seems that this article has been tailored to encourage more cattle trafficking and slaughtering.
    Why so much analysis required. It is very simple that because of a decline in cattle population in the district illegal cattle trafficking has been increased considerably in these days.

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  • S.F.H, Indian

    Sun, Apr 27 2014


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  • HAM, Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    At present most of the cattle owners are above 45-50 years of age and the present younger generation of these people are educated and will not continue this cattle/dairy farms as they are looking for better jobs in India or abroad. So there will not be any caretakers for cattle in about 10 to 15 years. So don't be surprised if our cattle population comes down to a very low level or perhaps we can only count them with our fingers by the year 2025. The only solution at present to increase the cattle population is, instead of keeping a watch on cattle transportation, have your own cattles at home and take care of them till their natural death.

    Another reason for the decline in cattle population is because of the high cost of fodder/cattle feed, medicines etc. and unavailability of workers for this kind of job. Milking is a continuous job and can't take a break from that at all at any cost even for a family function/programmes. So, the present younger generation doesn't like such kind of problems in their life. So, in another 10 to 15 years, even cow dung cant be found anywhere or in other words its price can't be fixed.

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  • Ajith, Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Cow population has reduced due to hypocrites. Those who eat beef have two categories. On who say openly they eat beef, the other say they protect cows but relish on beef. Because they are stigmatized by their culture they cannot accept they eat beef.

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  • Mr. Mannan, Ixe/Jed.

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Dairy sector is day by day becomes horrible and expensive business because of lack of awareness about cattle management.Hence the farmers run away from this field. Why can't the milk union or KMMF or animal husbandry Dpt.donate good yielding milch animals to the unemployed cow lovers as well as the farmers with prior cattle management training and infrastructure facilities.If this system becomes successful,the Dakshina Kannada will become a Swiss or Anand.But our lazy Mangaloreans do not go for this, they only need issues and trouble.That is why formalin or peroxide mixed no fat milk from TN we drink in hotels with good taste.

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  • stan, dubai

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    When I was small our all houses used prepare kuswar . They used keep chickens for meat and cows for milk, etc. But now the world has changed. Now everything is available in bakeries i.e. chicken, eggs, milk, bread, kusware etc. The people are lazy now and they need not keep cattle for milk, chicken for meat etc. they just go to the market and buy. This is the reason cattle population is decreased.

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  • Mhussian, uae

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Beef is diet food for Adivasis, dalits, Muslims, christians and low caste hindus and poor in general. It is Majority of Indians. If it is banned it is Human rights violation

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  • Deepak Shetty, Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Once the cow stop giving milk we are selling it to slaughter houses for cash.
    This is our big mistake! We should feed cows after they stop giving milk. And respect cow.

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  • Shakeel, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    yes ur right, but people dont do this. My co- brother was a butcher, and when i was kid i myself have seen majority people selling their cows after it stops milk.

    There is no doubt they love it, but that love is selfish.

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  • Yusuf, ksa

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Still today the production of cows is in larger quantity in those states where slaughtering of cows is not practically banned in comparison to the states where slaughtering of cows is totally banned. If they really love cows and want to increase the productivity of cows, they will have to increase the use of cows in their day to day life, either by making out milk from cows or by slaughtering them for eating purposes.

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  • Refai ,

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    ಈಗ ನಮ್ಮಾ ಜಿಲ್ಲೆಯ ಕೆಲವು ಅಧಿಕಾರಿಗಳಿಗೆ ಜನರನ್ನ ಕಾಯೋದು ಬಿಟ್ಟು ದನವನ್ನ ಕಾಯುವ ಕೆಲಸ ..........

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  • Willy, mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Now the population of cattle is only 2, 54, 507 now it's better for sanga parivar to buy this all and keep in goshalas. The cattle problem will be solved no attack no fight., peace will come to the society at large.

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  • D.P.SHETTY, Bahrain

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    When you get a cheap milk in market, why you keep a costly cow at home?

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  • Ronald D, Udupi

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Bhajrangi and feke cow lovers might attribute to this decline. Alternatively, if farmers do not get a price on cattle and problems with aging cattle, naturally they will give up. With this cow population will never increase.

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  • Wilfred Fernandes, Vamadapadavu/Dubai

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Trafficking will stop only when corruption stops.Corruption will stop when greed will stop. And Greed will stop only when greedy leaves this earth.......Never ending problems....

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  • Joseph F. Gonslaves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    In our house in the year 1990 there were:

    1) One She-Bufellow (for Milk).
    2) Three cows (for Milk).
    3) One grown Cattle.
    4) Three Calf.

    Livestock of is not profitable unless one should have plenty of grass and straw for the rainy season. A little profitable is the cow-dung as manure for agriculture.

    We were not purchasing milk, but were having fresh milk for daily use. I was milking the cow.

    Now we have none.
    For daily use of milk we are buying Nandini Milk.

    The slaughtering of cow has been reduced considerably due to which meat prices are skyrocketed simultaneously meat consumers are also increased considerably.

    The article clearly says paddy fields are disappearing because there are no cultivators and the cost of labor has been increased. Presently, all wanted to educate well and earn monthly salary.

    Some are indulged in quick-bucks, real estate and in Sensex gambling business.

    May be 1-10 Gowda Sarswath Brahmins are in Agriculture. The rest of them are all in business.
    May be 1-10 Muslims are in Agriculture. The rest of them are all in Business.

    Most of the Christians, Poojaries, Gowdas, Naiks, Few Shetty’s, Few Brahmins are still in Agriculture. Cultivating paddy field has become costly and disappearing as the article says it correctly.

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  • Joseph F. Gonsalves, Bannur, Puttur / Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Corrected message:
    May be in the twin districts 1-10 Gowda Sarswath Brahmins are in Agriculture. Rest of them are all in business and may be 1-10 Muslims are in Agriculture. Rest of them are all in Business.

    (Before: In the twin districts was not included)

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  • Arun, Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    In western countries and Middle east countries cattle are raised mainly for beef products, but still they don't have any problem like decline in the buffalo population instead their cattle population increasing same time just compare those healthy cattle's of western countries with our Gov Sale Cow.If we put a total ban on cow slaughtering then who going show interest in caring ageing buffaloes.Muslims can survive without eating beef but what about those buffaloes will these Bajarangies ready to feed those buffaloes at their home? Are they ready to give the best price to farmers and take it to their home and feed it? Who going to get effected if cow slaughtering gets banned? Already mutton and chicken price reaching the sky then what will going to happen if beef eater turns to chicken and mutton?
    vaidikasahi Brahmins any way not going to get affected by but only non vegetarian people, Hindus, Muslim, Christians going to get affected by it

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  • Roshan Patrao, Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    The agricultural land has declined much more drastically than cattle, but does anyone care? We have our priorities misplaced: people are hell bent on protecting the cow from slaughter at any cost (of course, theft and illegal cattle slaughter should be severely punished-not by the self-proclaimed protectors of SAMSKRITI, but the police), but it does not matter if one day in the near future we have to kneel before some petty country for a kg of rice. Moreover, does Sharan Pumpwell – who is obsessed with love for the cow – ever care to wipe the tears of the innumerable wives of his own religion, who are living miserable lives because of their alcoholic husbands.

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  • Jossey Saldanha, Mumbai

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    I find thousands of such cattle abandoned on highways between Kundapur and Ankola...

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  • Achhu, Mlore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Cattle thieves only a main reason for the reduction of cattle in DK.

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  • MN, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    Ok sir

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  • Arshad Kadli, Bhatkal / Al Khobar

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    The sharp in bufallo population is alarming.
    The biggest slaughter house in India is Al Kabeer owned by Jain Community businessman in Medak (Telangana). Most of the Export Oriented Units in Ghaziabad next to capital is owned by upper caste Hindus. Unless these money making EOUs are shut down, the buffalo may become extinct and blame will come on Minorities.

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  • Achhu, Mlore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Please do not reflect location these cattle's available. Cattle thieves will plan for it.

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  • Wilson, Koppa/Riyadh

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    How many cattle u hav in ur home Mr.Sharan Pumpwell ?

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  • saihu, Udupi/Dubai

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    A few months back one of my neighbors brought a cow for milking purpose,after three days BD guys came and try to 'rescue' the cow from his home by force when he resisted, they beaten him to blue the neighbors gathered and there was fighting between BD guys and some muslim youths and BD complaint to police saying the intention of the guy( my neighbor) to slaughter and eat the cow where as he brought for milking purpose final police took the cow and gifted to goshala as they cannot keep the cow at the police station. The moral of the story is if you keep the cow and you are a muslim or chritian there are more likely chances of loosing the cow to the goshala.

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  • AMKU, mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    The cattle population declined due to new lifestyle...people are finding difficulties.

    Here in the report the birth rate of cattle is not mentioned. seems this is a report by BD .

    Also, please let us know what is happening with the cows taken to Goshalas.

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  • jacintha, middle east

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    1. All the cow-worshippers/lovers, are not rearing the cattle, but loitering around looking at opportunities for fame of few minutes.

    2.Cattle rearing is difficult,not only for fodder, but other aspects too. The veterinarian,for every visit to the home charges upward of rs. 200, even though they are paid. The injection administered doesn't work, at least 3 times. Getting a new calf sometimes works out to be a disgusting experience at the hands of the veterinarians. They have spoilt the show big time.

    3. Local breed, small size cattle is not available. For ordinary households, the local breed is the need,not the cross breed. Even veterinary docs bring injections of cross breeds, they themselves are not helpful.

    4. The safety /security of women who go out to pick fodder / soppu is in doubt, because there is a danger for a woman, outside her doorstep. There are greedy attackers for money and lust.

    Ensure that the environment is conducive and women will start rearing cattle again.

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  • Syed Mohiudin, Iruvail/Riyadh

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Beef consuming as food was larger quantities at the time of 2007 and its before.Now beef consuming is very less where as the cattle population is decreased.Un authorized slaughter houses are closed.So what is the reasons behind it?

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  • Lingappa, Kuppepadavu/Amsterdam

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    I think they need more privacy to breed.

    DisAgree [2] Agree [16] Reply Report Abuse

  • jagdish, Mumbai, UAE

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    When cow comes to the news most of the people thinks about BJP/RSS/VHP/BD etc. Some mocked even Cow is Diety and slaughtering is wicked act. Respect one's own view and beleif. In fact people are voiced against cow trafficting, If you see lot of people engaged in stealing the cows and transporting them in to different places illeagaly. In some parts people completely depends on cattle, farming and milk trading. So stealing the cattle means end of the bread winning for them. So guys please do think twice before passing any comments agasinst truth.

    DisAgree [20] Agree [10] Reply Report Abuse

  • khan, mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    If 1 Cow is slaughtered around 50% is digested by non u cannot blame only muslims involve in cow slaughtering ...

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  • RK, Doha/mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    And 25% goes to BAR for beef chilly

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  • Krishna, Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    These figures are only on paper and to mislead the public. Who has taken the count of cattle ?????

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    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Due to change of std living/life style and coupled with industrialization in twin districts also has its own impact.Cattle slaughter nowadays very rare and risky, so that illegal abattoir discouraged to be in the bossiness.A KG of beef cost 150 rupees and chicken is less than that comparatively.

    Illegal slaughterer and beef consumption among minority community is less comparatively to the yesteryear.There is no iota of truth in BD's allegation and Poojari's SALA MELA had more loans for cows where a foundation had been sowed for rearing of cattle en masse.

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    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Brother Ismail,
    According to BD,RSS,BJP & VHP beef-eating people are alone responsible for the decrease in the number of cows in India. For them the cow is a deity and slaughtering a cow is a sin and wicked act. The development of science and technology has made the barren land, which had been used as pastures for cattle, fertile and agriculturally useful. The population increase in villages and cities and the construction of new buildings and flats has also reduced and ruined the facilities for grazing. In this situation, it is difficult to look after and cater to the needs of animals and the cow is the major victim of it. Cattle owners are worried about where and where from they will feed their animals.

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  • hans, udupi

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Yes. It's true that the most important reason for the decline in cattle figures has been a change in lifestyle of the people. You won't find a single kid in today's school, in the coastal districts, who would say that he would like to become a farmer or rare cattle. In such circumstances, how can anyone except for an increase in cattle numbers?

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  • Sandy, Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 27 2014

    Sharan Pumpwell has become Cattle analyst these days.

    "Arre bhai kehna kya chahte ho??".

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