from Rolin Lewis

Mary Lewis (75), wife of later Gasper B Lewis,
Mother of :
late John B.Lewis / Thelma Lewis
Flavia Fernandes / Denzil Fernandes Dubai
Leena Fernandes / Edward  Fernandes
Avelin Lewis / Rose Marie Lewis,
Anjela Clotilda Colaco / Frederick Colaco,
Jean Colaco / Ronald Colaco Bangalore
Uday Lewis/ Lavita Lewis,

Grand mother of :  
1. Julius Lewis- Melbourne.
2.  Dexter/Aarthi Fernandes- Dubai.
3. Ashwin Fernandes- Bombay.
4. Karan Fernandes- Bombay.
5. Rolin Luis Shenoy-  AbuDhabi.
6. Ryan Luis Shenoy- Karkala.
7. Sharon Colaco- Bangalore.
8. Petula Colaco- Bangalore.
9. Nigel Colaco - Bangalore.
10. Randal Colaco- Bangalore.
11. Lenore Luis- Karkala.
12. Layton Luis- Karkala. 

Passed away on March 25, 2008 at Karkala in her residence due to sudden heart attack.                                          

Funeral cortege leaves 'Lewis Villa' on March 26, 2008 at 3.30pm to Christ King Church, Karkala.

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