A tribute of Love
To our dearly loved friend

Cyril Rocky D'Souza (66)
Who left us to abide with the Lord
0n 28th November 2021


Gone are the days, dear friend, we used to share
But in our hearts you will always be there
With our fond love and very deep regret
We, who love you, your friendship never forget

We shared several amiable happy moments
whilst you brought along so much of exuberance
With sunshine you brightened up our gloomy days
With all your loving & caring, thoughtful ways

You kept your heart's door open wide
To let the sunshine of love flow inside
That's the way you always cared and shared
The joy and happiness with people everywhere

In our hearts there dangled behind a bond
Until the end of our time, your memories keep it fond
Beautiful are your memories and also ever fresh
Oh! how much we miss you, we can never express

We cannot say... we will not say...
That you are no more, but you are just away
You left us dreaming how very fair
The joy of heaven, since you linger there

May you rest in peace eternally in Jesus' Embrace

Our comforting thoughts & heartfelt condolences to his wife: Cicil,
to his daughters: Chandani & Sujay Luis, Raisa & Loyan D'Souza,
To his grand children: Diya, Dylan, Lyanna.

A loving tribute offered by: Sharel, Evelyn & Michael Machado, Germany.


 OBITUARY : Cyril Rocky D'Souza (66), Angelore, Mangalore