Juliet Veronica Cutinho nee Machado

Born in Belman: 9.1.1955

Died in Muscat: 20.11.2021



My heart finds it very hard to believe
That you have gone and that I must grieve
I call out your name often, you answer me not
And I look for you in my heart, in every familiar spot


Everything seems so quick and surreal
I often ask myself, is it a dream or real
An angel came and took you by the hand
Your place was ready up in heaven's land


Like the Thorn bird so sweetly you sang
Piercing your heart against a thorn
At the cost of great pain, you gave all your best
God put His arms around you and lifted you to rest


You walked with Jesus hand-in-hand all life long
With the spirit of joy you sang your life song
In sunshine your eyes bathed, but feet walked in darkness
You hid your pain and suffering, that was your sweetness

Your sweet voice and grace, all admired, my sister dear
And your melodious songs once again we long to hear
We have shared joys and sorrows, the laughter and tears
You were my inspiration, as we grew up through the years


We think of you, dear Juliet, in silence and tears
As in our hearts your memory of love lingers
Rejoice in Heaven, God's Mercy and grace
And may you rest evermore at Jesus' Embrace




A loving tribute:

From her brother & family

Michael & Evelyn, Sharel Machado


From her Husband: Robert Cutinho


From her daughter & family

Reema & Gokee, Elijah, Cayleb Aurora


From her son: Rancy Cutinho