10th Death Anniversary

Lucy D’Souza (88)

Wife of the late Benedict D’Souza
Bombayhithlu, Neerude

Born : 03-04-1923
Died : 16-11-2011


Dear Bai, it’s been ten years since you left us.  None can’t fill the void that was created.. If god asks us any favour, that will nothing but you back to us.  You were best mother, greatest grandmother, and most loving Bai to all of us.  Though it is hard to accept the god’s will, we find peace to know that you are in the arms of the Lord and interceding for us each moment of our lives. Miss you and love you Bai.



Yours most loving:

From Heaven: Jerald Dsouza, Florine Menezes, Melwin Menezes

From earth: Jessy, Brigette/Henry Correa, Rozario Menezes,
Nathalia/Jerome Mathias, Sr Alicia, Francis/Gladys, Denis/Celine

Grandchildren : Olwin/Sibil, Helen, Naveen/Suman, Jenifer/Dinil,
Jaison/Laveena, Rajesh/Preethi, Steven/Flavia, Kevin, Nicole & Rishal

Great grandchildren :  Shaun, Ashna, Cleon, Meghan, Johan, Evan, Davin, 
Joydan, Josna, Shallen, Ian and Annika