First Death Anniversary

Wilfred Herald Menezes

Born: 26 August 1968    Death: 20 July 2020

We’re missing you a little more

Each time we hear your name,

We’ve cried so many tears

Yet our heart’s broken just the same.

We miss our times together

Things in common we could share,

But nothing fills the emptiness

Now you’re no longer there.

We’ve so many precious memories

To last our whole life through,

Each one of them reminders

Of how much we’re missing you.


Those special memories of you

will always bring a smile

If only we could have you back

for just a little while

Then we could sit and talk again

just like we used to do

You always meant so very much

And always will do too

The fact that you’re no longer here

will always cause us pain

But you’re forever in our hearts

Until we meet again.


Loving Tribute from Menezes family members

@Blossom- Moodubelle/Bangalore/Dubai/Canada/USA