Remigius  D'Souza

Founder President of KONKAN Bells Belthagady Varado Association

Happy 50th birthday!

Can you believe it's finally here?

Look at all that you've achieved:

Personally and Professionally

All of it is well-deserved.

Your efforts have come back tenfold.

Good luck with your next fifty years.

Be kind. Be joyful. Be bold

You're really still as young

as you believe yourself to be,

So embrace the fact you're 50

 and celebrate with glee

Wishes from:

Jyothi Janet Frank - Wife

Riva Jane D'Souza - Daughter

Riona Jasmine D'Souza - Daughter

Rian Emmanuel D'Souza - Son

Wishes also coming from:

KONKAN Bells Belthagady Varado Association