75th Birthday

Valerian D'Almeida

DOB: 19 July 1946 


Dear brother Valerian, as you celebrate your joyous 75th birthday
Here’s a wish that we make for you
May you be surrounded by love and peace
And may you be blessed with happiness and good health.

No gifts in this world
Can match our love and respect for you
You are our dear dattu / baba
The best brother that we can have and for that we all love you

The things you’ve done for us is countless
You’ve been our teacher and our strength
How lucky we are to have you with us
An amazing brother, an incredible influence

Today as we celebrate your 75th birthday
We wish we could all be together with you
We wish you a Joyous Happy Platinum Birthday
May all your dreams come true
May god bless you abundantly.  


Best wishes from:

Juliet / George, William / Molly, Paul / Leena 
Donald / Rita

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