Rev Fr Reginald D'Souza

(Diocese of Allahabad)

18. 06. 2021


“A man like you, a Christian with you and a priest for you.”

A whirlwind of love, compassion, dedication, enthusiasm, warmth and humour;

Fr Regi celebrating his Golden years of life…

Your 50 years of life, 21 years of priesthood

have embraced young and old, rich and poor, powerful and powerless

have witnessed your love, towards the sick and suffering,

administrative skills, crisis management and quick decision making;

That have taken Nazareth hospital to its zenith.

Jovial, sociable, singer and orator,

a bundle of talents, used for the Glory of God…

We your close-knit Souza family, thank God for your Golden years, spent in His service.

and remain grateful, to the maker for having richly blessed, with the wonderful gift of you to us.

May God continue, to work through you.

May His hand guide you as you march forward.

We greet you and pray for you.

Happy Golden Birthday dear Fr Regi.



Best and loving wishes from:

Your beloved Mamma - Theresa D'Souza,
brothers, sister, sisters-in-law, nephews and nieces