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Sylvia Fernandes is an expert Immigration consultant having  14+  years experience in immigration industry & handled 1000s of successful cases for Australia, Canada and other countries, under Skilled, Business, PNP, Student and Visitor visas.







  • Get your Permanent Resident Visas IN 6-8 MONTHS TIME

  • Migrate to Canada under express entry

  • Permanent Resident Visas FOR Australia

  • Apply Canada PNP programs to get early invitation under Express entry

  • PNP ProgramS-Manitoba, Saskatchwan, Novascotia, New Brunswick, Ontario

  • Student admission and visa filing worldwide

  • Visitor visas-USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, Schengen, UAE and more

  • Free individual Counselling, truthful assessment


  • Processing application quickly and efficiently

  • GUARANTEED 100% CLIENT SATISFACTION and high success rate


  • Our associates are members of ICCRC & MARA


Benefits of applying under PR Visa: 

  • Healthcare & retirement benefits

  • Free Education for Children & highly subsidized university education

  • Live, Work and study in any state

  • Sponsor your relatives to join you

  • Visa free travel over 80 countries for Citizens



For more inforamtion call :

Sylvia Fernandes

Immigration Consultant since 2003

Phone:    00971 50-7855909  /  971-4-2234900

Email your CV to:    dubai@visaworldwide360.com 


DreamLine Management Consultancy

120, Mez Fl, C-9, Hamsah A Block,
Ansar Gallery Bldg, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE









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  • priya, hyderabad

    Fri, Sep 17 2021

    Thank you for sharing useful information about australia Visit visa consultants in hyderabad,good content.

  • laya, Hyderabad

    Mon, Jul 26 2021

    Thank you for sharing useful information about best us visa consultants in hyderabad,nice blog

  • laya, hyderabad

    Sat, Mar 06 2021

    Thank you for sharing useful information...nice blog

  • Ibraheem Afzal, Kasaragod ,Kerala ,india

    Wed, Dec 02 2020

    Hi my name is ibraheem afzal. I would like to get tourist visit visa to Australia. I have been trying many travel agents and most of them said for six month border is closed in Australia and difficult to get visa especially from india ,so you better go to dubai or try from there. One travel agent from punjab told me that they can help me to get visit visa also they can get travel permit to Australia . So as i can see you are expert in visa arrangement, so is it possible for me to get visis visa to Australia ?
    My case is also bit complicated that i am unemployed and my father has the moneu and properties and he is ready to help me as well.
    So can u please tell me if this is possible ?

  • Chris Fernandez, Bangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Nov 26 2020

    Sylvia is an incredible human being. She was real helpful in helping me to go study in Australia under student visa and later on the 485 temporary graduate visa. She answered a lot of queries that I had regarding about education and job searching. She processed my request so fast and replies with detailed answers. I wouldn't be in Australia without her help. Thank you so much.

  • Natalia Polegaeva, Russia/UAE/BC-Canada

    Tue, Mar 31 2020

    I would like to convey my gratitude to assisting in our case every stage and especially the documentation and getting our PR visas within 4 months’ time under express entry. Without your help, it was impossible to achieve our dream. One of our friends who done his PR visas and satisfied with your service highly recommended you and we convinced with your truthful initial counseling and started the process. Thank you so much, Sylvia, for your timely assistance in every stage of immigration. And I have recommended many of our friends.

  • Syed Asad, Pakistan/KSA/ Fredericton-New Brunswick-Canada

    Tue, Mar 31 2020

    Thanks, Sylvia for your excellent service. I came through one of my close friend who recommended to retain your service and although I haven't met you personally, it's worth it. Your continuous follow up through regular call, WhatsApp messages and emails and quick action at every stage are much appreciated. You are continuously following up with the PNP’s update and recommend us to file under the stream without any extra fees since it’s not easy to get under express entry steam where the points are higher. Our case was rejected twice and when we approached thereafter, you made it happen. Thanks for your support throughout the immigration process for me my family.

  • Marita Pereira, Mangalore/Sharjah/Toronto-Canada

    Tue, Mar 31 2020

    Hello Sylvia
    Thank you very much for your support throughout my approval of a student visa to Canada. I was planning to do my own, but some of the friend’s recommendations visited you and it was the right decision. With your thorough knowledge, professional and truthful service and quick service helped me to fulfill my dream to go to Canada. Thank you again and keep up the good work always 
    Marita Pereira

  • Mohamad Wahed, Egypt/Dubai-UAE

    Fri, Mar 06 2020

    Dear Sylvia Ma'm
    I appreciate your efforts to get my son's student visa to Canada college. You have searched for him the course he was interested and now he is studying in Fanshawe college since Jan 2020 with your timely help. I have forwarded my friends your number, please help them. Thank you again for your service for getting my son's study permit.

  • Marline Pinto, Padil/Mangalore/Dubai/Canada/Fredericton

    Fri, Mar 06 2020

    Thank you very much, Sylvia, for your help and guidance we have got the visa. It was impossible to without your assistance and thank you so much for making my dream and our wish come true and all the help that you have done for us to obtaining a PR visa for Canada under the PNP program.

  • nitin, kodagu

    Sat, Oct 19 2019

    I am working in Saudi as a administrative clerk with 12 years exp. i am 37. my spouse working at Saudi MOH hospital Govt with 8 years exp. am i eligible to get job in canada.

  • Mohd. Dastagir, Udupi, Karnataka,Indian nationality, Having UAE residence

    Fri, Jun 28 2019

    Good evening, this is mohammed Dastagir, basically i am working in UAE.
    My daughter is studing in Mangalore, Yenapoya Dental Collage, as BDS student.
    If she want to further studies MDS in abroad, any were in the world, like- europe, US, Canada, Australia, etc,
    What the further steps and how to approach, what is the further steps, kindly suggest us to proceed to further pls.

    I just want to know, how much cost and where is better and economically and financially good, etc kindly suggest us pls.

    Expecting ur positive response in this regard to proceed further.

    Mohammed Dastagir.
    00971 50 4554970.
    Dubai, UAE.

  • Janet Dsouza, Mangalore, Dubai

    Sun, Jun 16 2019

    Thanks a lot for helping us in getting our Tourist Visa for US and Nestors Student Visa for US. U have really given timely help and assistance in getting all the paper works done. And anytime i call you are always ready for my queries regarding Visa. I highly recommend Mrs Sylvia Fernandes, She is really honest and very helpful if you need any queries and to process the Visa applications to different countries. May God Bless You Sylvy.

  • Asif Hussain, Pakistan-UAE-Canada-Novascotia

    Thu, Jun 06 2019

    Hello Sylvia
    I take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and timely assistance to process my immigration application for Canadian PR visa. It was a new lease of life to get my immigration through without any hassles under the PNP program. I never thought I'll be able to clear my case due to a low score in IELTS and low score under express entry pool. But you have taken a proactive step as soon as PNP-Novascotia opened and tried to file my case and within 3 months I got the nomination certificate and finally the Canada PR visa. Thank you Sylvia. I have recommended some of my friends and will try to refer more to my home country also.

  • Sanam Noor, Karachi/Pakistan-Dubai-UAE

    Thu, Jun 06 2019

    Dear Madam Sylvia,
    Thank you so much for your excellent service. I really appreciate your service. You take a lot of care for your client's cases and let us know the exact documents required for immigration and assisted me to prepare my documents as per the requirements. Everything went smoothly due to your dedication and professionalism. I have recommended all my friends and office colleagues to you.I'm very happy that I have received the immigrant visas without any hassles. Thank you again for everything. Wish you all the best.

  • Johnson Lasrado, Mangalore-India/Doha-Qatar/South Australia

    Thu, Jun 06 2019

    Hello Sylvia,
    I'm really grateful to you to assist in my immigration and successful in getting the Australian PR visas. Now I'm happily working and happily settled in Australia. It's a big relief for me to getting my immigrant PR visas which made my dream come through. Thanks again for all your help and kind assistance in preparing my documents and achieving my dream.I'm always grateful for your professional and excellent service and continuous follow for my documents although I was very busy with my office work.

  • Gulnashin Irfan Quereshi, MP-India/Dubai-UAE/Canada

    Thu, Jun 06 2019

    I’m very impressed with your service Sylvia. Very satisfied and you are always there to solve my problem and quick to revert back through emails, calls and WhatsApp messages. Now we are happily settled in New Brunswick-Canada. Although our points were far less in the pool and never thought we will get through the immigration, you have helped us to file the case under PNP immediately when the province opened and today we are happily settled in Canada with my family. Thank again for all your help.

  • Murad Jahangir, Pakistan/Dubai-UAE/Australia

    Thu, Jun 06 2019

    Dear Sylvia,
    Thanks a lot for assisting my visa application for Australia and made my dream come true. I have applied with other agencies previously thrice but they couldn’t succeed and with your timely assistance, I was able to get my PR visas with my family. Thanks for your continuous follow, great customer service. All the best Sylvia for your success. God bless you always.

  • Samir Parey, Indore/UAE/Moncton-Canada

    Thu, Jun 06 2019

    Dear Sylvia,
    Thank so much for your committed service. I was amazed by your excellent follow-up and great customer service and trying our case to file under PNP. when I started the service, I never thought I’ll be getting the immigrant visas due to my age bar, but your hard work, you did it. I really appreciate your service for achieving me and the family dream finally migrating to Canada under the PNP program

  • Sana Iftikhar, Dubai-UAE/Canada

    Thu, Jun 06 2019

    Thanks a lot for all your support all the time. I will always remain thankful to you. God bless you. You are so great. I always tell this to everyone I recommend that you are incredibly good. I and my family received the Canada immigrant visas under the PNP program and it was impossible without your support and timely action you have taken to file the case under PNP before the program closes.

  • Shahid Ahmed, Udupi/Dubai-UAE/Toronto-Canada

    Fri, May 10 2019

    Dear Sylvia,

    I take this opportunity to thank you to getting my student visa permit for my MBA program in a reputed university in Canada.You assisted me all my documents and some were difficult to procure like funds but you guided me exactly and helped to prepare the case and I have received my student permit and currently I'm studying in Canada.Thank you so much for your professional guidance and it was not possible without your effort and documentation knowledge .All the best for you and your business.

  • Iftikhar Hussain, Karachi/Pakistan/Dubai-UAE

    Fri, May 10 2019

    Dear Ms. Sylvia,
    Thanks for your effort to make our case success. Although I tried in IELTS to score better for months, I couldn’t get the required score bands and my overall score was very less under express entry. And meanwhile, the PNP opened for a day and my occupation admin was in demand and you immediately taken initiative to intimate and submitted my assessment and my application was selected by PNP and within 2-3 months received the PNP nomination certificate and thereafter PR invitation and finally within no time I got the PPR and immigrant visa. I was ready to start the application with other agent, but one of my friend highly talking about you and your service and forced me to retain with you agents and its really worth it. Your prompt response to our communication including the whatsupp service and whenever we are out of station, still you try to send the messages is commendable. Thanks a lot for preparing the Canada immigration interview and build confidence with us to attend the interview at CE, Abu Dhabi. Although the interview was tough but you made it happen. I has recommended you many of my friends and some already retained with you. Thank you and God bless you always. Iftikhar and family

  • Darshak Shah, Gujarat/Mumbai/Dubai-UAE/Canada

    Fri, May 10 2019

    Hi Sylvia,
    I’m one of your happy clients. Thanks a lot for all your effort to make it happen for our Canada-PNP Visa for me and my family. Initial stage we were bit concerned about agents to get our work done since lot of bad remarks online and we couldn’t differentiate between you handling our case and other agents. We visited you through, one of your client’s referral and never thought we will get through without any hassles. Your constant reminder through whatsupp, email and calls to submit documents time to time as well as filling our application forms every stage and counseling each stage encouraged us to complete the documents within the time frame and made us feel positive in our case. I appreciate your immigration knowledge and professionalism to handle our case and wishing you all the best and won’t hesitate to recommend all my friends. Thanks again Sylvia

  • Shweta Srivastav, Gujarat/Dubai,UAE

    Mon, Mar 04 2019

    Dear Sylvia,
    We have been blessed to have you as our Visa agent. You have been so prompt with all the updates and feedback on the status of our papers. Also your guidance has taken us to this phase, which it ended so smoothly to get our Canadian PR Visa under PNP program without any hassles. We would like to thank you and your team for all the support and guidance in the entire journey.

  • Parmis Nadali, Iran/St.Kitts & Nevis/Dubai-UAE

    Mon, Feb 25 2019

    Dear Sylvia
    Thanks for assisting to getting my PR visa for Canada. I have informed many of my friends about your service as I was extremely satisfied about your professionalism. Your efforts are very much appreciated. You have been supportive in all stages of this process.

  • Roleston Dmello, Kundapura/Abu Dhabi

    Tue, Jul 31 2018

    Hi, Sylvia, Thank you for your prompt help and service, and due to which the Australia & Canada work visa was possible for my Son who are residing in Mysore.

  • Prathna Luthra, Mumbai-Dubai-UAE

    Thu, May 17 2018

    After studying abroad in US/UK, and well settled with job in a MNC Dubai, I was not very keen to immigrate initially, however some of my friends recommended me to meet you and you have given me different options and also informed why should we keep the 2nd option open due to uncertainty job market in the middle east and temporary resident visa. I have received my PR invitation and submitted my final application by 16th of Jan 2018 and by 15th of March Canadian immigration dept requested my passport to stamp the visa. Now I’m very happy to have my PR visas and plan to move permanently to Canada. I’m super happy for your professional efficient service. I have informed all my friends why the immigration is necessary and take decision whenever they are young like me to get more points.

  • Geroge Kuruvilla, Dubai-UAE-Canada

    Thu, May 17 2018

    Hey Sylvia, Many thanks for your professional advice, valuable advise you have given throughout my case till then getting PR visa within a short span of time just 2 months after completion of medicals under Canada Express entry stream. Due to my hectic work schedule I couldn’t respond the communication, however your regular follow ups not only calls, emails and whatsupp messages helped me a lot to complete my case without any hassles. I don’t have any hesitation to recommend my friends, although I have referred you many. Thanks once again for your great service!!!

  • abdul Hafeez, Karachi/Pakistan/Australia-Sydney

    Thu, May 17 2018

    Madam Sylvia, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me and my family obtain our Australian PR visa. You have assisted me to prepare my CDR, CPD and other related documents and it was impossible without your support. I have visited many consultants in Dubai, but not convince and I have spoken to your existing clients and they assured me that I’m in good hand and will the truthful assessment and take only qualified applicants and it is true that you have assisted me all the way to achieve my dream and I have moved recently to Australia with my family for Good. By the way I have referred some of my friends

  • Asha Wadhwa, New Delhi-Dubai-Canada

    Thu, May 17 2018

    Sylvia,I appreciate your prompt service, reviewing our case initial stage and thereafter constantly following up and finally we got the immigration thru PNP Program for Canada under New Brunswick, although we I had less bands in IELTS test and through PNP we received additional 600 points and got the nomination certificate and PR Visa. I've already referred you some and planning to more

  • shalini, udupi

    Fri, May 11 2018

    my daughter now studying Udupi MGM. after her study Austrialia or Canada or in any other country what she do.

    please tell me

  • Joel Saldanha, Dubai

    Wed, Apr 18 2018

    Dear Sylvia, Thank you for helping me get my PR for Canada. I appreciate your dedication and professionalism in every step of the way. I would recommend you to my friends and family. Regards.

  • Tania Hassan, Pakistan/Dubai/Toronto-Canada

    Sun, Jun 04 2017

    I have filed my case previously with other consultants but could not succeed.But you have guided with proper documents & professionally handled my case.Appreciate your service for getting me student visa ,my kids study visa & my husband work permit .Thank you for all your support & responding queries quickly

  • Muffakam Shareef, Hyderabad/India/Dubai/Canada Novascotia

    Sun, Jun 04 2017

    Hey Sylvia
    Thanks for filing my case under PNP Novascotia & assistance provided in my case to prepare the documents.Today I'm happily settled in Canada Novascotia.You have excellent service.Keep it up your good service.I have referred all my friends to you

  • Crystal JOYLINE D'soza, Keplagudde house,modankap post bantwal talum,Mamgalore

    Thu, Jun 01 2017

    I am a staff nurse..now working Saudi..many times I tried to go Canada but could not..all r asking fees..without that they'll not proceed for this my husband will not agree..I want to go either Canada,NZ or Australia..Pls help me..

  • Maria Venessa, Goa/Kuwait/Canada

    Fri, May 12 2017

    My student visa was rejected twice previously cos of improper documentation and no proper guidance from other agents in Kuwait. But without any problem and correct advice of documentation, I tried to get the student visa for Canada thru you. Thanks for making my dream come true and wishing you all the best Ms.Sylvia


    Fri, May 12 2017

    I have succeeded to obtain my Australia Visa because of you. Thank you for your kind help and success for your future endeavor. I have referred your name to some of my friends.

  • Nageshwara Rao, Hyderabad/Dubai/Australia

    Fri, May 12 2017

    Dear Sylvia Madam, I'm well settled in Sydney,Australia because of your assistance in my immigration trade category. Thank you very much.Keep in touch. I have also referred many of my friends to you who are interested in immigration.

  • Chris, Mangalore/Qatar

    Fri, May 12 2017

    Dear Sylvia, appreciate your timely help to get my visa without any problems.God Bless you.I have referred some my friends to your agency.

  • Alexander Gee Varghese, Kerala/Muscat

    Fri, May 12 2017

    Thank you so much for everything. We got multiple entry visas. God Bless you.I'll surely refer my friends for you Expert service.

  • Aleena Haider, Pakistan/Dubai/Canada

    Fri, May 12 2017

    I have approached reputed consultant in Dubai to process my visa earlier and could not succeed. But you have handled my case well with timely communication and appropriate documentation and got my family PR visa for Canada within 5 months time.Thank you for your kind support and wishing you all the successes in life.

  • Angeline Monteiro, Dubai/Canada

    Fri, May 12 2017

    I appreciate your excellent service for securing my Student visa for Canada without any hassles.Thanks for your good work.

  • Lawrance Pereira, Managalore/Qatar/Canada

    Fri, May 12 2017

    Hi, Sylvia, Thank you for your prompt help and service, and due to which the Canada visa was possible for my parents who are residing in Mangalore.

  • Ali Fayed, Lebanon/Dubai

    Fri, May 12 2017

    Dear Sylvia, Thank you so much for assisting me and my family to get the Canada Permanent Resident status within 6 months time.I appreciate your service and recommending many people to you.

  • Aknath Mishra, Jamshedpur/Abudhabi

    Fri, May 12 2017

    Thank you, Madam, for obtaining me and my family France visa.Excellent service.Keep it up the good work.

  • FRANCIS DSOUZA, Bangalore / Dubai

    Fri, May 12 2017

    I highly recommend Mrs Sylvia Fernandes. She was honest and professional in handling express visa application for Canada.

  • Lavina moras, Udupi.brahmavar.

    Fri, May 12 2017

    I want to go to canada.im a staff nurse in profession.at presant working in kmc manipal.20 years expiences.

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