Joseph Raviraj D’Souza (48 yrs), 4-99B, Rozina Villa, Near Mulki Bridge, Hejamady, Udupi 574103

Joseph Raviraj D’Souza (48 yrs), is suffering from Metastatic Adenocarcinoma cancer that forms in mucus secreting glands. He was suffering from Periampullary Carcinoma earlier to it. He had to resign for his job in Mumbai and rush to native place for the treatment. He has to also support his old parents who are staying with him.

He is under treatment at Mangalore Institute of Oncology. The total cost of treatment is estimated at Rs five lacs. Without financial aid from philanthropists, the treatment looks impossible. Therefore, he has humbly requested for help from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 0613101039661
Name of the Account Holder: Joseph Raviraj D’Souza
Bank: Canara Bank,
Ammembal Subbarao Pai Road,
Panchamahal, Mulki 574154
Bank IFSC Code: CNRB0000613
Telephone No.: +91 99873 13079

Vazi D’Souza (54 yrs), Karnangeri, Madikeri Taluk, Makkandur, Kodagu 571201

Vazi D’Souza (54 yrs),is suffering from Cancer of the intestine. He underwent surgery and chemotherapy at Father Muller’s Hospital, Mangaluru last year. He developed severe pain in the stomach again a few months back. He could only be admitted in Apollo Hospital, Mysore in the general ward due to Covid restrictions. His condition is very bad at present. The doctor advised him to undergo another surgery.

As Vazi was the only earning member in the family, they are facing a financial crisis. His wife so far managed to borrow money from relatives and friends. She is left with no more money to spend for the treatment. The doctor has said that the treatment will cost Rs six lacs. Therefore, his wife has humbly requested to kindly help her financially and save the life of her husband.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 30468792692
Name of the Account Holder: Anitha Rosario
Bank: State Bank of India,
Sangeetha Complex,G T Road,
Opp KSRTC Depot, Madikeri 571201
Bank IFSC Code: SBIN0017853
Telephone No.: 9480084181

Albi (34 yrs),Mother Veronica Nivas, Halipad Road, Mary Hill, Mangaluru 575008

Albi (34 yrs),W/o Walter, is admitted to Fr Muller’s hospital to undergo a surgery. As the family is very poor, they are unable to bear the cost of the surgery and other hospital expenses. Therefore, they have requested for monetary help.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 520291000010664
Name of the Account Holder: Albi
Bank: Corporation Bank, 1st floor,
Fortune Plaza, Kuloor - Kavoor Road,
Opp Kuloor Bus stop, Mangaluru 575013
Bank IFSC Code: CORP0003140
Telephone No.: 9739757078

Richard D’Souza (52 yrs), 1-112, Addur Padpu House, Addur, Karnataka 574145

Richard D’Souza (52 yrs),is suffering from Lung Cancer. His treatment costs Rs 15 thousand per month.

His wife is working as a Ward Maid in Father Muller Hospital. The couple has two school going daughters. As they are very poor, they are finding it hard to spend on medical treatment and living expenses. Therefore, they have requested for monetary help from kind people and philanthropists to tide over the situation.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 298200101000245
Name of the Account Holder: Asha D’ Souza
Bank: Corporation Bank,
S S No. 51/9, Polali temple road,
Bantwal taluk, Karnataka 574219
Bank IFSC Code: CORP0002982
Telephone No.: +91 98443 87796

Rajesh Pai (48 yrs), Gurukripa 5-23, Katapady Post, Kote, Udupi 574105

Rajesh Pai (48 yrs), is suffering from chronic Kidney disease stage 5D, type2 diabetic mellitus, hypertension with Covid +ve (recovered) admitted under department of Nephrology at Kasturba Hospital Manipal on September 1.

He needs construction of AV fistula and lifelong dialysis. The approximate cost of treatment, medication and hospitalization is Rs five lacs. He has requested for donations from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists as he has no money to spend for the treatment.

Please send your kind remittances to his following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 520331001917867
Name of the Account Holder: K Rajesh Pai
Bank: Corporation Bank,
Shop No. 1, 2, 3, 4, Image Palace,
Main Road, Katapadi 574105
Bank IFSC Code: CORP0001709
Telephone No.: +91 99004 06133

Veena Juliet (61 yrs),1-71/23 Karmar House,Near Mahadevi Bajana Mandira, Alape,Padil,575007

Veena Juliet (61 yrs), W/o Madhava Kottary, suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis is diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. The cancer has spread to other parts of the body and she needs surgery as soon as possible. She is being treated in Father Muller Hospital, Kankanady, Mangaluru. She needs Iodine radiation and chemotherapy if necessary after the surgery.

The surgery will cost up to Rs 2,50,000. Juliet’s husband is retired. Among their two children one son is in search of a job and the other is employed in a BPO. They are finding it hard to spend for treatment with one person’s salary. Therefore, they have requested for monetary help from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 64150809024
Name of the Account Holder: Veena Yane Juliet
Bank: State Bank of India,
Sathyam Arcade, Bengaluru Mangaluru Road,
Pump Well, Mangaluru 575002
Bank IFSC Code: SBIN0040794
Telephone No.: +91 76758 84429

Ashel Rodrigues (14 yrs),Lenkinadka House, Kudalmarkala, Kasargod 671324

Ashel Rodrigues (14 yrs), D/o Everest Rodrigues,is suffering from Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, a disease in which the immune system is overactive and does not function properly.

Her family has already spent Rs 8 lacs for her treatment. Another Rs two lacs are required so that she may be completely cured of her sickness. The family has requested for donations from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists as they do not have any more money left for the treatment.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 0286053000005661
Name of the Account Holder: Anitha Monthero
Bank: South Indian Bank,
Siddique Complex, Pachambala,
Ichilagode post, Kasargod, Kerala 671324
Bank IFSC Code: SIBL0000286
Telephone No.: +91 95448 49384 / 81290 26469

Asha Shetty (44 yrs),1-30 Seetha Nivas,Kalathur Post,108 Kalthur, Kaup,Udupi, Karnataka 574106

Asha Shetty (44 yrs),is suffering from Pituitary Tumour. She is under treatment at Mangala Hospital, Mangaluru and requires Trans nasal endoscopy decompression of pituitary tumour. The estimated cost of the procedure and hospital stay is Rs four lacs.

As she is poor and unable to spend the amount on her own, she has requested donations from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists for her medical treatment.

Please send your kind remittances to her following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 84360100000554
Name of the Account Holder: Asha Shetty
Bank: Bank of Baroda, Kalathur, via Kaup,
Udupi district, Karnataka 574135
Telephone No.: +91 99001 44190

Vinay Kumar (56 yrs), Aranthodu House, Aranthodu post and village, Sullia 574314

Vinay Kumar (56 yrs), is staying in a rented house in acute poverty with his wife and 110 year old mother in law. He is suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney failure. He has no children.

He is the only earning member in the family but is unable to work due to his sickness. He needs medicines every day. He is unable to spend on medicines and for living due to poverty and lack of income. Therefore, he has requested for donations from Individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to his following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 106401012000120
Name of the Account Holder: Vinay Kumar
Bank: Vijaya Bank, Madapura Road,
Gaddehalla post, Suntikoppa,
Kodagu district 571237
Bank IFSC Code: VIJB0001064
Telephone No.: +91 94809 93251

Rajesh S M (19 yrs),Nilaya 4th Cross, Hosamane, Church Road, Shivamogga

Rajesh S M (19 yrs), S/o Karibasaveshwara Swamy, is suffering from blood cancer and is under treatment at Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bengaluru. He is planned for treatment with Chemotherapy followed by Bone Marrow transplant if HLA matched sibling donor is available.

The total approximate cost of Chemotherapy and Bone Marrow transplant is Rs 15 lacs in the absence of any complications. The family which is poor has already borrowed some money for part payment of the treatment. As they are unable to raise any more amounts, they have requested for donations from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 54009545296
Name of the Account Holder: Nagarathna B
Bank: State Bank of India, Post Box No. 59,
Shivamogga Bazar, Karnataka 577202
Bank IFSC Code: SBIN0040133
Telephone No.: 7411976927 and 7338229447

Sundari Sherigarthi (62 yrs), 3-68 A, Kalmanje, Manipura, Udupi 576120

Sundari Sherigarthi (62 yrs), is suffering from breast cancer. She is under treatment at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. The estimated expenditure for her treatment is Rs ten lacs.

She is unmarried. She has no house of her own. Christian people in her neighbourhood have constructed a temporary shelter for her. She has been working as a daily wage worker. Local villagers have donated Rs 75 thousand for her treatment but she is unable to collect the huge amount that is needed. Therefore, she has requested kind hearted individuals and philanthropists to help her with donations.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 01692200007658
Name of the Account Holder: Sundari Sherigarthi
Bank: Syndicate Bank, via Moodabelle,
Manipura, Udupi 576120
Bank IFSC Code: SYNB0000169
Telephone No.: 7975376700 and 8884367336


Pauline D’Souza (52 yrs), Hosa Kudru House, Permannur post, Mangaluru

Pauline D’ Souza (52 yrs), W/o Herald Monteiro,is suffering from Coronary Artery disease and has undergone angioplasty with stenting in Father Muller Hospital. The approximate cost of the procedure in the general ward is Rs 1,51,500.

She is very poor and unable to pay the charges. Therefore, she has requested monetary help from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists to help her spend for the treatment.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 20011839896
Name of the Account Holder: Herald Monteiro
Bank: State Bank of India,
Bantwal Cross Road, Jodumarga post,
Bantwal taluk 574219
Bank IFSC Code: SBIN0004608
Telephone No.: +91 87920 86452

Shalini (39 yrs), 5-92, Krishna Nagara, Aladi, Padushedde, Bondel – 575008

Shalini (39 yrs),is suffering from breast cancer. She has undergone Mastectomy and is currently undergoing chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy at Justice K S Hegde charitable hospital.

The family is unable to afford the treatment due to limited sources of income. Therefore, they have requested for monetary help from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 109801011000391
Name of the Account Holder: Bharathi Alva
Bank: Vijaya Bank,
No. 24/20/1610, Marnamikatte,
Jeppu, Mangaluru 575001
Bank IFSC Code: VIJB0001098
Telephone No.: 7026083442 and 8722827422

Anil D’Souza (36 yrs),8/115 A, Dambel House, Shediguri Dambel, Ashok Nagar, Mangaluru 575006

Anil D’Souza (36 yrs), had a slip and a fall from a height after which he sustained injury to the right side of the chest, right wrist and right shoulder. He sustained multiple rib fractures with hem pneumothorax of the right side of chest for which ICD was placed. He also has partial collapse of the right lung with contusion, liver laceration and multiple fractures in the vertebra.

He required multiple blood transfusions due to haemorrhage and ICU care and high end antibiotics for recovery. He will be planned for posterior stabilization when stable. As the cost of treatment is huge, and the family is unable to shoulder it, they have requested monetary help from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 1602101017404
Name of the Account Holder: Anil Sunil D’ Souza
Bank: Canara Bank,
Harsha Complex, Marigudi Road,
Urva Ashok Nagar, Mangaluru 575006
Bank IFSC Code: CNRB0001602
Telephone No.: +91 79968 04216


Monthu Lobo (85 yrs), 17-4-175/1, 2nd Cross Road, Jeppu Seminary, Jeppinamagaru, Mangaluru 575002

Monthu Lobo (85 yrs), has been working as an Auto driver since the last 64 years. He has been sincere and earnest in his work, careful in driving without meeting any accidents until now. He has been awarded Auto Raja at Mangaluru and received Sarathi No. 1 award in Bengaluru.

Now he has grown old and unable to drive due to his eye sight problem. He currently lives with his bedridden wife taking care of her and feeding her. He is in dire need of financial help.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 0652101034448
Name of the Account Holder: Monthu Lobo
Bank: Canara Bank, Menezes Building,
Fr Muller Hospital Road, Valencia,
Mangaluru 575002
Bank IFSC Code: CNRB0000652
Telephone No.: +91 98458 51193

Ida Louisa Saldanha (52 yrs), 4-197/27, Maria Kripa House, Anandanagar, Kavur, Mangaluru 575015

Ida Louisa Saldanha (52 yrs), had undergone surgery to the uterus in Father Muller Hospital on June 24. She had to undergo another surgery on July 10 as the previous surgery was unsuccessful.

Her husband who is a riksha driver is facing monetary problems due to coronavirus lockdown. He had borrowed loans for his wife’s surgeries. Therefore, he has requested for donations from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 01792250001160
Name of the Account Holder: Ida Louisa Saldanha
Bank: Syndicate Bank, Seema Complex,
Yeyyadi Padavu, Main Road, Mangaluru
Bank IFSC Code: SYNB0000179
Telephone No.: +91 99457 69089

Master Janen (8 yrs), residing at #25-14-1794/17, Jeppu Bappal, Yenepoya Clusters, Mangaluru 575002

Master Janen (8 yrs), S/o S N Muthaiya, is diagnosed with Multi Sutural Craniosynostosis since birth. He requires to undergo Monoblock Distraction Osteogenesis for correction of facial hypoplasia using External Distractors.

Two surgeries were done to him at KMC Jyothi spending about Rs ten lacs. Doctors have said that the final surgery will cost Rs 8.5 lacs. His father is only a line sales man and mother is a housewife. They have done the best for their child but are unable to afford the huge amount. Therefore, they have requested monetary help for the child.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 109801562000128
Name of the Account Holder: Master Janen
Bank: Vijaya Bank, 24/20/1610,
Marnamikatte, Jeppu, Mangaluru
Bank IFSC Code: VIJB0001098
Telephone No.: +91 94800 26050

Pavithra Mary (34),Site No. 463, MRPL Colony, Chelairu Post, Via Haleangady,

Pavithra Mary (34), W/o Gregory Fernandes,is admitted in KMC, Jyothi, Mangaluru due to need for liver transplantation. The surgery and treatment is expected to cost Rs 30 lacs.

The family has a six year old son and four year old daughter. The brother of Gregory, he is differently abled. Gregory, the only member earning in the family has lost his job due to Covid lockdown. The family has already spent Rs 75,000 on the treatment of Pavithra and is not left with any more amounts for the treatment. Therefore, they have requested for monetary help from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 01072010024849
Name of the Account Holder: Gregory Fernandes,
Bank: Syndicate Bank, Kulshekar branch, Mangaluru.
Bank IFSC Code: SYNB0000107
Telephone No.: +91 97318 61475

Shobha (50 yrs), 1-140/9, Maripalla, Nanya House, Pudu, Bantwal 574143

Shobha (50 yrs), is suffering from breast cancer. She received radiation treatment in December, 2013 and has been on oral hormonal therapy since then.

Though she is poor, she has been undergoing regular investigations, X-Ray and Ultrasound under payment. She is advised to continue hormonal therapy and be on regular follow up. The estimated cost of the treatment is Rs 2,00,000. She has requested for monetary help for the treatment as the family income is too low.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 520191026766368
Name of the Account Holder: Shobha
Bank: Corporation Bank,
A H Commercial Complex,
Main Road, Thumbe,Karnataka 574170
Bank IFSC Code: CORP0001088
Telephone No.: +91 79968 63702

Brijesh Shetty (36 yrs), 3-74/2, Devikripa, Kunjathabail, Mangaluru 575015

Brijesh Shetty (36 yrs),was employed as a car driver. He was driving the car on duty with police personnel of Kankanady police station on campaign to prevent the spread of Coronavirus when he suffered a heart attack and collapsed on April 2, 2020. He was admitted to Indiana private hospital for five days. As there was no improvement in his health, he was later shifted to KMC Attavar.

As the family is very poor, they could not settle the medical bill of Indiana hospital worth Rs 2,90,000. His wife is facing pressure from the hospital for its settlement. Brijesh was the only breadwinner in the family. As he is still under treatment, his wife had to borrow money for his treatment and living. She has pleaded for monetary help from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 01002210018057
Name of the Account Holder: Pramila P
Bank: Syndicate Bank, Post Box No. 57,
Light House Hill Road,
Hampankatta, Mangaluru 575001
Bank IFSC Code: SYNB0000100
Telephone No.: 9740475714

Philomena Almao (51 yrs), 5-82/L,Perla Guri Road, Padavinangady, Mangaluru 575015

Philomena Almao (51 yrs),suffered a stroke 14 years ago due to which she is unable to work and is staying at home. Her daughter is a student of second PUC in Padua College, Nanthoor.

Her husband has not stayed with them since the last ten years and is not supporting her or their daughter. Therefore, she has requested for monetary help for her daughter’s education and her medicines.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 6052500100749101
Name of the Account Holder: Philomena Almao
Bank: Karnataka Bank, Airport Road,
Padavinangady, Mangaluru 575015
Bank IFSC Code: KARB0000605
Telephone No.: 99458 47354

Smitha Anil Devrukhkar (54 yrs), Pedi Wadi, Merces, Tal Post, Vasai, Dist Thane, Vasai 401201

Smitha Anil Devrukhkar (54 yrs), is admitted in Cardinal Gracias Memorail Hospital as she is suffering from severe Anaemia and Abdomen tumour.

The cost of the surgery and hospital stay is expected to be Rs 3,00,000. The family is unable to spend that kind of money due to lack of financial resources. Therefore, her daughter has requested for monetary help for the treatment of her mother.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 020100100005092
Name of the Account Holder: Snehal Brazil Pereira
Bank: Bassein Catholic Cooperative Bank Limited,
Sahakar Bhavan, Madinaka, Merces,
Tal and post Vasai, Thane district 401201
Bank IFSC Code: BACB0000020
Telephone No. +91 88063 97219

Bras Francisco Rodrigues (64 yrs), Room No. 50, Floor 2, Madina Manzil, Parel Post, Mumbai 400012

Bras Francisco Rodrigues (64 yrs),is diagnosed with Recto Sigmoid Malignancy. He also has a large hernia and requires a Supra Major surgery. The cost for the same is estimated to be Rs 3,50,000 including medicines and hernia mesh. The cost might increase in case of complications. He will require post-operative Chemotherapy at additional cost during a span of six months to one year.

His wife suffering from breast cancer has spent Rs five lacs and on chemotherapy at extra cost. Their only son is suffering from Down Syndrome. As the family has no source of income, they have pleaded for donations from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 32274912698
Name of the Account Holder: Doris Rodrigues
Bank: State Bank of India,
Mitraden Coop,HSG Scy,
J B Road, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Bank IFSC Code: SBIN0001884
Telephone No.: +91 99300 08457, 916456257

Robert Lobo (62 yrs), 1-18N, Pilar Laxmi Compound, Kotekar, Mangaluru 575022

Robert Lobo (62 yrs), is diagnosed with Lung Cancer stage IV. He is on end stage cancer therapy. The cost of therapy is four lacs rupees.

Their only son who was doing carpentry work does not have work due to Coronavirus situation. The family has no money to spend for treatment. Therefore, they have requested for monetary help from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 71390100007040
Name of the Account Holder: Dora Lobo
Bank: Bank of Baroda 
Highland complex,

Main Road, Ullal, Mangaluru 575017
Telephone Nos: 9900436917 and 8904793656

Marcel Rodrigues (52 yrs), 3-35/3 (2) Near Nirashrithara Ashrama, Santhoshnagar, Thiruvalli, Vamanjo

Marcel Rodrigues (52 yrs), is admitted in Father Muller Hospital for chronic kidney ailment, hypertension and diabetes. He is being treated under dialysis.

He is an auto riksha driver His only daughter is teaching at a school. They have no much source of income and are struggling to settle the hospital bills. Therefore, the family has requested generous donors and philanthropists to extend a helping hand.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:
Bank Account No.: 520101012246162
Name of the Account Holder: Marcel J Rodrigues
Bank: Corporation Bank,
Lalith Narayan Arcade, Vamanjoor Junction,
Vamanjoor 575028
Bank IFSC Code: CORP0000796
Telephone No.:+91 80881 97661 / 98444 83752

Nancy B Sequeira (60 yrs), P -7, Shree Ganesh Co-op Housing SC Build, Mumbai 400025

Nancy B Sequeira (60 yrs),is diagnosed to have Ca right pyriform fossa cancer and is advised chemo-radiation treatment.

She is under treatment at Mangalore Institute of Oncology. The estimated cost of the treatment is approximately Rs 2,50,000. As she does not have the money for the treatment, she has requested for monetary help from kind hearted individuals and philanthropists.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 0812500103780801
Name of the Account Holder: Bonaventure Victor Sequeira
Bank: Karnataka Bank,
LIC Shopping Complex,
Jeevan Bima Nagar, Borivili West, Mumbai 400103
Bank IFSC Code: KARB0000081
Telephone No.: 91397 89132

Dolfi Gomes (50 yrs), 1-48 A Soniya, Kunjigudde, Adiudupi, Ambalpady Post, Udupi 576103,

Dolfi Gomes (50 yrs), is diagnosed with Cancer (CA Left Tonsil) and is planned for Chemo Radiation Therapy for six weeks. The cost of this therapy is Rs 2,60,060. The next treatment will be weekly / monthly follow-up and removal and reconstruct surgery and its cost is not known.

Dophi works at an electric shop in Udupi. He is unmarried and is residing at Adiudupi looking after his aged mother who is bedridden. His cancer has reached the fourth stage. He is the sole earner of the family and is running against time to save his life. As Chemotherapy is too expensive for him to afford, he has requested donors to help him for his treatment and medicines.

Please send your kind remittances to the following bank account:

Bank Account No.: 0634101206342
Name of the Account Holder: Lidwin Rita
Bank: Canara Bank, Post Box No. 6, 95,
Main Road, Surathkal, Karnataka 575014
Bank IFSC Code: CNRB0000634
Telephone No.: 7204877168, 8553260516

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    Thu, Jun 28 2018

    Dear well wishers,
    Thanks for all the financial help and the prayers given for Jeevan Sandesh Dsouza during implant surgery. he is better now and now he can just sit with holding support, we need your prayer for his speedy recovery, My sincere thanks to all the well wishers. May God always bless them.

    I also admire Dajiworld efforts in highlighting the needs of needy people. Thanks one all GOD bless your for your good work.

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    Dear well wishers,
    Thanks for all the financial help and the prayers given for baby Kianne Pinto's cochlear implant surgery. Her operation was successful and her implant is switched on. She is responding to sounds . By the grace of God she should be talking shortly. My sincere thanks to all the well wishers. May God always bless them. Do keep Kianne in your prayers.

    Suzana Pinto ( Kianne Pinto's mother)

  • Helping Hand, Mysuru / Bengaluru

    Wed, Nov 2 2016

    The Helping Hand Organization (registered at Mysuru) has sent a small amount to each one of the needy mentioned here except one person, due to defective IFS Code. We promise, ute and ensure – our donors, that the full amount of their donation reaches to the needy without deducting any administrative costs. We also gratefully acknowledge one of our Donors, a Cloistered Carmelite Convent, who (completely dedicate themselves to prayer and meditation, for the whole of their life, without coming out for any family/social needs) have contributed out of their own sacrifices. May the Almighty heal all these people ! - HELPING HAND (Mysore).


    Tue, Sep 27 2016

    I appreciate the work done by the Daijiworld for need of people through the charity column.
    And behalf of other i thanks all the donors for helping the needy at the time of their difficulties, may Almighty Allah bless the all with health & wealth.

    Its my humble request is Mohammed Basheer Khan is in critical conditions and he is in oxygen therapy since 8months in between i was in ventilator , also he has only one son and the son is also a physically handicapped (BOTH THE LEGS ARE INJURED RIGHT LEG HAS BEEN AMPUTATED BELOW KNEE) . So i am requesting the donors to help and support Mohammed Basheer his financial background is very weak.

    Thanks & regards
    Mohammed Shahezad

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    Mon, Sep 19 2016

    Its good.

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    We humbly request all the Daijiworld donars to help Vivian D'Souza cancer patient from Vikhroli Mumbai St. Joseph Church. Vivian was active boy in church activities, suddenly he was diagnosed with Cancer.

  • Nithesh, karkala

    Mon, Sep 12 2016

    Dear All ,This is regarding Gracian Veigas (14th june 2016), who is suffering from carcinoma of esophagus.He is undergoing treatment for this and he still needs treatment . Next chemotherapy is on 24th September.I kindly request all the people who can help in his treatment with whatever possible by them to the below mentioned bank details.Let us prays in his speedy recovery. Name: Gracian Veigas,
    Acnt no. 01562200070453, Syndicate bank, branch Punjalkatte, IFSC Code SYNB0000156

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    Thank you daijiworld and all donors. This is regarding Gracian Veigas (14th june 2016), who is suffering from carcinoma of esophagus. He had one major surgery, radiation treatment. Now chemotherapy treatment is going on. Till now the cost for his treatment is crossed 5 lacs. As told by doctor still 3 to 4 chemotherapy are required. For this and other treatments it will cost around 2 lacs. As it is difficult to bear all expenses for his family, please help him by giving financial support. Please give your kind remittances to below account:
    Name: Gracian Veigas,
    Acnt no. 01562200070453, Syndicate bank, branch Punjalkatte, IFSC Code SYNB0000156

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    Thu, Sep 1 2016

    Great support
    I pray for the entire donors and the patients may the almighty bless them all.
    It's my humble request for all the donor one of friends father is also in ICU and he is ventilation his details are given in the CHARITY coloum named 'MOHAMMED BASHEER KHAN' his son is an physically handicapped and he is only the breadwinner for his family so I request all to help him Allah give you the bestin the favour

    Thanking you

  • Prashant kumar, Mangalore

    Wed, Jul 6 2016

    Hi friends,
    This is regarding the case of Gracian veigas (14th June 2016). I would like to thank Daijiworld and all donors. Till now for his treatment family has spent 4-5 lacs. He had chemotherapy, radiation and a surgery. According to doctors still treatment is needed and which may cost 2-3 lacs. As his family has already spent lot of money, for further treatment its difficult to them to bear all the expenses.

    So kindly request to you my friends please help and support him and do your little sacrifice. Also please pray for him for his speedy recovery. Thank you.

  • Sophia Churchill , Australia

    Sat, Jul 2 2016

    I want to give kudos and great thanks to the AMEIR MILLER LOAN ORGANIZATION by saying Thanks to them for their kindness and generosity to many out there in financial difficulty and needs like i was before my story changed .Please forgive my manners , My name is Sophia Churchill from south wales in Australia and i am 45 years of age .Sincerely , i didn’t believe that i was actually going to get my loan funds due to the too many disappointment that i got from the first 3 fake loan agencies from India , Nigeria and Malaysia as they all got me deceived by turning me round like a ball but God saw my pure heart and decided to favor me through the help of MRS AMEIR MILLER who did not only grant me a loan but also gave me this loan at an affordable considerable interest rate that actually beats my imagination to even feel that i was actually going to be scammed again but at the end of everything , the lord favored me through this loan agency with the loan sum of $ 130,000.00 AUD without stress and without been told stories .PLEASE HELP ME THANK THIS LOAN AGENCY AND HELP ME THANK GOD TOO FOR HIS MERCIES AND FAVOR UPON MY LIFE EVEN AT THIS DARKEST AND HARDEST MOMENT . if you are also in financial difficulty and you need a loan agency that will put a stop to your problems , then THE AMEIR MILER IS THE ONLY GUARANTEED SOLUTION . OFFICE COMMUNICATION DETAILS . or , ..

  • Vincent Pinto, Managalore

    Sat, Jun 4 2016

    Thank you readers, for financial support to Arjun. He received the total amount for wheelchair. Once again thank you & God bless all. Arjun Adyanthaya

  • Ashma Andrade, Kinnikambla

    Thu, May 26 2016

    Dear nisha mam...
    Bank a/c number-007600101017377
    Name- Ashma Smitha Andrade
    Bank-corporation Bank, 215 ,Padavu Village,Padavu B Panchayat
    Mangalore 575005
    Bank IFSC code-CORP0000076
    If possible plzz call me....
    Sorry for late replay......

  • sahana, mangalore

    Wed, Apr 6 2016

    Kind readers of daijiworld.With regards to the add put up on 4-4-16 of Baby thirtha from shivamogha.I know the child & family, currently they are in a very bad financial state cause of which they cannot get the baby discharged for a temporary basis as they have no money to clear the hospital bills... hereby I kindly urge the readers to help this child's family please......god bless you .....

  • nisha, kuwait

    Mon, Apr 4 2016

    Dear Ashma Andrade,

    Please provide me account details I have lost it... May god bless Alvita and get long life....

    Will be remembered in all prayers..

  • Vincent Pinto and Family, Vikhroli, Mumbai

    Sun, Apr 3 2016

    Thanks Daijiworld team and well wishers, Sweden D'Souza received total sum of Rs.261,121.50 assistance from various well wishers. Once again thank you very much for your support and prayers. Risen Jesus Christ will shower you all with his blessings. We will keep you all in our prayers.

  • Sr.Asha,H.M.R., Lower bendur.Mangalore

    Fri, Mar 25 2016

    Thank you very much Daijiworld and donors,for your generosity.Parpethin has received 95000.May God bless you and he will reward you for your good will.And we expect the same good will in the future also.Thank you very much.

  • Ashma Andrade, Kinnikambla

    Thu, Mar 24 2016

    Dear Well wishers,

    This is Ashma Andrade who like to take some time to share on the miserable side of my life.My daughter named Alvita  was suffering from  life and death since the time of her birth with lever, pigment and platelets issues . She was hospitalized. When i thought my life is ended up here gods grace showered on me in form of hopes and helps so I would like to thank each one of you who stood with me during my difficult phase of life and saved my little child. With your great support i could able to overcome the biggest  trauma of my life. My special thanks to aunty Helen lobo, my mother Margarita ,doctors and nurses of Mangalore and Bangalore hospital ,people who helped by donating blood, financial assistance, parish people ,family members, people who showered their blessings on my child and also the ward members of the hospital.

    I Would also thank the daijiworld team for the cooperation they gave me by passing on the information to the public about my child's health issue and seeking for help . I had a great support from all of you which is unforgettable in my my child is recovering ... It will take time bt now she in out of danger... thank you all once again!!

    Always  You will be in our prayers
    Thank u

  • propetin desouza, BHATKAL

    Wed, Mar 23 2016

    i would like to thanks to Daijiworld mangalore..

  • Rayan Fernandes, Karkala

    Wed, Mar 9 2016

    Dear Daijiworld readers,

    Lets all help generously for the treatment of Mr. Pranesh, S/o Jagadish Acharya, 2-112, Uliya Alangar, Moodbidri - 574227, who is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease and his both kidneys are failed and on Haemo-dialysis which costs him Rs. 15,000/- per month.

    He is just 24 years old and was the only BREADWINNER of the 7 members family, as his 4 younger siblings still pursuing their education and his parents are after taking good care of him.

    He needs Kidney Transplant Surgery, cost of which is around Rs. 4 Lacs and Rs 15,000/- per month lifelong for maintenance.

    Hereby I request all readers, especially the Christian brothers and sisters, lets kindly help out brother Pranesh in this LENT SEASON generously for his Kidney Transplant surgery and treatment.

  • Vincent Pinto and Family, Neerude/Vikhroli Mumbai

    Tue, Mar 8 2016

    Once again thank you very much daijiworld and donors.

    Sweden has received sum of Rs. 224,606 help as of 04/03/2016 from well wishers.

    Daijiworld well wishers are once again humbly requested to keep her and all the need people in your prayers.

    God bless you all and give good health, prosperity and strength.

    Have a good day.


    Sat, Feb 27 2016

    Respected Readers,
    I liked the support you give to the needy, may the almighty bless you all by his grace.

    Khan Ameer B.
    I know this personally and his father is also a patient now his father is admitted In a private hospital in mangalore and Ameer is a handicap and he is only the breadwinner for his family
    So I request the readers to help Ameer and others


  • Vincent Pinto and Family, Neerude/Vikhroli Mumbai

    Thu, Feb 25 2016

    Thanks Daijiworld donors, as of 25.02.2016 Sweden has received sum of Rs. 208,600.

    God bless you all and daijiworld for your generosity.

    Please keep Sweden in your prayers.

  • Jenifer hila lewis, Paniyoor

    Mon, Feb 22 2016

    Hi everyone I am the daughter of J.J lewis
    Thank you all the well wishers for their blessings and financially supports to my dad.Till now we got Rs.30,000.He is now in coma stage.Doctor said that he may take 6 months to recover we took him to home as we are taking care of him now.His monthly expenses are about Rs.10000.We have no income to our home as my mom who was working is now taking care of my dad and we 2 children are we need some financial help for my dad's expenses and our study expenses.So it is my humble request to the well wishers to help us and bless us.

  • Vincent Pinto and Family, Neerude//Vikhroli Mumbai

    Wed, Feb 17 2016

    Thank you Daijiworld for your generosity and well wishers, Sweden has received amount totaling Rs. 153,100 as of 17/02/2016. You are requested to keep her in your prayers.

    God bless you all.

  • Vincent Pinto, Neerude/Mumbai

    Mon, Feb 15 2016

    Thank you donors, as of 14/02/2016 Sweden has received Rs. 110,100 from Daijiworld well wishers. Please keep her in your prayers.

    God bless you all.

  • Vincent Pinto and Family, Neerude/Mumbai

    Sun, Feb 7 2016

    Dear Donars,

    Please help Sweden D'Souza as they are badly need of financial assistance.

    God Bless you all.

  • Royson lewis, Paniyoor

    Thu, Jan 21 2016

    Dear donors,

    My name is Royson lewis I am the son of J.J. lewis, for whom our family requested the financial help for the treatment.
    It is my humble request to please donate the needed money for the treatment of my dad and save his life.

    Thank you

  • prabha nair, bangalore

    Wed, Jan 13 2016

    Thanks in one and all for your response to my request to help my new born baby son delivered on 14th September 2015 he was under treatment til date in NICU . he has been treated well in CMH hospital, blre. Now we are ready to discharge the baby has he is dng good, still bills are due but management has given time deadline to clear up the bill written commitment letter.till now the bill amt is 7,11,500/- now INGUINAL HERNIA operation has been pending and now he is getting ready for the operation .A help at the right time will be more worthy

    whole heartedly I thank all the donors n Daiji World media. may God bless all of u for your good will.

    with grateful heart
    prabha nair

  • Dr Prakash Harischandra, Surathkal/ Mangalore

    Fri, Jan 1 2016

    May God bless daiji for its sincere work in this field. I grateful and happy to say due to the generous help in the past one of my friends brother who sustained a head injury survived and is doing hale and healthy. Wish all the kind hearted donors who have been persisting in help that god bless them. Its hearty feeling to spend for a noble cause than to lavishly spend! A recent incident in my own life has made my conviction even more greater.

  • joseph, mumbai-55

    Fri, Jan 1 2016

    this is very much needed. shri walter i do believe that this will be done at the earliest-ASAP

  • Naveen, Bangalore

    Mon, Dec 28 2015

    Dear readers please help our friend New born baby(2 Months) S/o Vijay Kumar..he still in hospital .medical expenses raising day by day .please help him its almost 3.5 months in hospital ..need Hernia operation is pending and to stay in hospital for treatment... and please continue to pray for him speedy recovery.
    Thank you..

  • Help, Reshma

    Thu, Dec 10 2015

    Hi readers please pray for alvita monis she s shifted to st.johns hospital Bangalore for further treatment .please help her financially ..thank you al

  • Ashma Andrade, Kinnikambla

    Wed, Dec 9 2015

    Dear daijiworld readers,
    Our angle Alvita Monis she is my daughter.... She is shifted for further treatment to Bangalore ST.John's Medical Hospital, Koramangala . We know the treatment is very expensive. So we hope you all will co-operate with us as earlier and also the needful and please continue to pray for her speedy recovery.
    Thank you

  • Anita pinto , Mumbai/ udupi

    Fri, Dec 4 2015

    Dear Readers please help Marshal Cutina,he is my husband ,he is also taking care of our two daughters,I am going to give my kidney to him,but the cost of operation is high I am working as a maid
    Please help us
    Thank you kind donors

  • Avinash, Mumbai

    Thu, Dec 3 2015

    Hi All,

    Please help our little friend Alvita Monis & her family.As far as I know, her parents have to be with the little one 24X7 and they cannot go out to earn their daily bread.The cost of her treatment and medicines is very high.She is in the NICU from the last weeks. Kindly help in the further treatment of the child.

  • Fr Felix Monteiro, Mangalore

    Thu, Nov 26 2015


  • Help, Reshma

    Sat, Nov 21 2015

    Dear readers please help to baby alvita monis ..she still in hospital .medical expenses raising day by day .please help her more month to stay in hospital for cost high.thank you

  • anitha dsouza, badyar. belthangady

    Sun, Jul 5 2015

    Hi dear Daijiworld friends, this is anitha parish sister of ashok dsouza who died in road accident on 26 nov 2014, tmrw his birthday (July 6) you people helped us a lot, plz do me another favor, just pry for his soul. once again thank you so much may God bless you

  • Wilson, Belman

    Sat, Jun 27 2015

    I am trying to add prajoth dsouza account details in my bank account but the IFSC code shows incorrect. Can anyone help to get the correct IFSC code???????

  • Augustin K J, Kalasa

    Mon, Jun 15 2015

    excellent !! May be many more people will benefit from this column

  • Thanks giving , Anitha Dsouza

    Sat, May 30 2015

    I Anitha Dsouza hailing from Badyar parish sister of Ashok Dsouza, (who died in the massive bike accident on 26-11-14) cordially invite all of my daijiworld friends who supported my family to build a new house.
    On 25-05-2015, Monday at 9am our parish priest Fr. Felix Monteiro blessed our house.Am really very sorry Since I was unable to invite all of you before the house blessing.
    On behalf of my parents Mr.Alex and Mrs Nathaliya Dsouza here by I invite all of you who helped us financially to realize our dream of a new house as we had no decent house. you can visit our house any time you are always well come.
    Thanks a billion for your assistance and support

    N.B My family in front our newly built house -"ASHOK NIVAS"

    Sincerely yours,

  • Br. Fredrik pais , Balehonnur

    Fri, May 1 2015

    Thanks in million for your response to my request to help my mother dated on march 21st of this year. she has been treated well in AJ hospital, mlre. 8 limo injections n 29 days radiation therapy completed and now she is admitted to the hospital for 9th limo.

    I have received 37 thousand as help towards my mothers treatment. whole heartedly I thank all the donors n Daiji World media. may God bless all of u for your good will.

    may 12th is my ordination. pls do come n share my joy.

    with grateful heart
    Br. Fredy

  • HELPING HAND, Mysore

    Mon, Apr 20 2015

    THANKS for your compliments.

    Persons, like you - inspire us to work more


  • sunitha malekar,

    Sat, Apr 18 2015

    Till now we have recieved only 6 thousand for my sister medecation
    We had asked for 2 lakh of amount due to the lack of money we have stoped treatment pls help us
    My number is 9164686263 if u need any clarification plz call to above number im br praveen

  • sunitha malekar,

    Mon, Apr 6 2015

    Im praveen studying in a seminary for priesthood. My sister sunitha is suffering from jondice and tharoid we need money for her treatment so pls help us

  • sujith james noronha, Bendur / Mangalore

    Wed, Feb 25 2015

    Dear Walty and Praveen, Thanks for updating request news of Delsi mario. Request donors to please help.

  • Br. fredrik pais, balehonnur

    Thu, Feb 19 2015

    big thanks to daiji world team for this wonderful service which pleases Jesus Christ the most.

    I too have requested help from donors for my mothers treatment who is suffering from bladder Cancer and being treated in AJ hospital since Nov.1st.

  • Thanks Giving, anitha dsouza, badyar

    Mon, Jan 26 2015

    Dear Daijiworld friends,

    greetings from Mis.Anitha dsouza of Badyar parish sister of Mr.ashok dsouza (21yr) who died of road accident on 26-11-14 in belthangady.

     At the outset on behalf of my aged parents Mr.Alex dsouza & Nathaliya dsouza i want to thank the Daijiworld website for publishing our appeal for help in Daijiworld which gave us a good respond. I also received the amount sent through our "parish priest" to the medical aid fund.

    I want to thank all those daiji viewers who sent their donation & mite to my account, which we will using to build our house, the work is in progress, we will give you a details of the donation once our house is ready. Once again thank you and god bless you for your good will, assistance, and prayers god bless you with more health and prosperity in your life.

    Thank you.

    My contact number
    Kalengerody house
    padangady post & village
    belthangady taluk
    Dakshina Kannada

  • celine saldanha, Mangalore

    Tue, Dec 2 2014



  • Nithin, Neermarga

    Wed, Nov 12 2014

    This is regarding Sanvi ( 1.5 yrs old) , Poonkadai House, Neermarga suffering from retina blastoma (eye cancer) whose parents had appealed for help to the Daijiworld community in September.

    Many Many Many Thanks to the donors who have provided the much required donations , she has completed three chemotherapy sessions.
    Yesterday , surgery was done to remove the highly cancerous right eye and it is successful by the grace of god.
    In one month's time, there will be examination of the left eye which is slightly infected and expected to be saved so she will have partial vision at least. Please keep your prayers with us.

    Saanvi's family has expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful donors who have helped them in their time of difficulty with their generous donations. May God shine on them and their families with his blessings.

    Big thanks to DW for their yeoman service!


    Sun, Nov 9 2014


  • Thanks giving, sagar,shimogga

    Sat, Sep 6 2014

    i thank to Daijiworld group for helping for John and Geetha Rasquinha as they met with an accident.

    We got more than "1 lakh" of donation from different parts of our country as well as from abroad.

    We thank all the donors and you will be in our prayers.Thanks a lot "DW".....

  • Alban D'souza, Shirva / Kuwait

    Mon, Aug 25 2014

    DEAR all please help rocky rodrigues

  • Sr.Anita D'Mello, Belman, Uganda

    Thu, Aug 7 2014

    To love God means to love our needy brothern. Daiji is doing a really wonderful job providing a platform to love God by introducing the needy to the readers.
    among the needy i know Theresamma from kusalnagar very well. and she really suffers a lot. hope and pray God will send her generous people to meet her needs.

  • FR, Mangalore/KSA

    Wed, Aug 6 2014

    And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient: AL QURAN Verse (2:155) Chapter (2) sūrat Al-baqarah (The Cow)

  • rocky rodrigues, william

    Wed, Aug 6 2014

    DEAR all please as u people helped so many reading the charity rocky and his family also much as u can whom i belive that he is totaly fallen due to his illness and worries how to take care of his family.sickness is always related with the family tention and it is hard to cure when u have so many thing run in u r mind for the whole family .financial help will bring them a big releif .pray to god and please help may god cure him and bring peace to his entire family and strenth to deal with the dificulty.

  • Derick Machado, Mangalore/Bangalore

    Tue, Aug 5 2014

    I was just reading these cases. There are so many people around us suffering from different deceases. Every time before giving something to a poor or a begger, i used to think a lot. I was like, why i need to help them when nobody helps me! But after reading the above cases, i really felt bad and tears came from my eyes. I promise that once my education gets over, i would definitely visit this page and donate something or the other of my salary/Business to this charity page. i appreciate the Daijiworld team and my beloved Walter sir (though i don't call him sir) for doing this wonderful work on this page. May god bless you all!

  • Henry Lewis, Sastan/Kuwait

    Mon, Jul 28 2014

    I appreciate and wish daijiworld all goodness for taking initiative and helping the needy and less fortunate it is really touching that lot of people with different problems been helped May God bless Daiji world those who are part of it and those who involved in it

  • hylon rodrigues, mangalore/saklespur

    Sat, Jul 5 2014

    Mrs p k krupa was has appealed for help

    Is suffering from kidney failure and is undergoing self dialysis at home.her monthly medical expenses are about 40000 with medicine cost.she is waiting for her turn to get a donor at st johns hospital Bangalore.her father who is known to me has retired as a supervisor and still working in my neighboring estate to make the ends meet.p k krupa is staying in Bangalore at the following address
    ph 9535934822
    This is for your kind information.donors are requested to help.P K KRUPA's family has expressed their gratitude to donors who have helped them specially a donor from gulf has sent rs 50000 to them
    Thank you

  • Naveen D'Souza, Puttur

    Sun, May 11 2014

    Dear Daiji friends, please help my friend Roshan D'Souza and his family towards Roshan's medical bills. This is a genuine case. Please please please help my friend ROSHAN D'SOUZA of Kokkada Parish.

  • Administrator, Badyar.

    Mon, Apr 28 2014

    Dear Daijiworld friends,I know Mr.Roshan Disouza 24 year old from kokkada because he is getting admitted very often in our hospital as well as to Fr.Muller's hospital kankanady.In spite of their poverty his parents gave him the good education and after finishing his studies, he worked for one year in kwait and he met with an accident and got paralyzed.He has undergone surgeries.Whatever they had,they spent on him,he really deserves financial help.Dear friends please come foreword and help him financially,may god bless your generosity with hundredfold.


    Tue, Apr 22 2014

    Dear Daiji viewers, Thank you for helping the needy through daiji website. Daiji is the voice of the needy and sick. God bless all viewers.


  • Meena V., Mangalore

    Thu, Mar 27 2014

    How does one join the Helping Hands Trust?

  • Anilkumar, Mangalore

    Tue, Mar 25 2014

    In case of kidney failure, finding a donor in India is difficult because of law which allows only close relatives or accident cases allowed. But in countries like Filipines, the law allows donors with no relationship. This can be explored when someone faces difficulty in India.

  • vinaya, mangalore

    Mon, Mar 17 2014

    Dear Daiji team, as suggested by many people,i request you to open an account which will help the people to transfer the money from India/abroad and will be easier for you to distribute among the most needy people rather than every individual transferring funds.Also, as and when people feel that they have to do some charity, so they can send to this amount to this single account in DAIJIWORLD name.

  • Nrusinha charan padhy, Gajapati

    Mon, Mar 17 2014

    Please help/support to access charitable trust for truly helping in poor communities in rural areas.

  • Pamita Pinto, Mangalore/ Kuwait

    Tue, Feb 11 2014

    Dear Daiji Team, As requested by majority of the people, kindly open one single account to transfer money & distribute it according to ones needs. It will be a great support to people who wants to donate. Thank you.

  • Melwin, Mumbai

    Sun, Feb 9 2014

    Dear Editor,
    Excellent initiative taken to help the needy. I have gone through most of the comment. As most of them say to open a special account where money can be transferred and the needs of the needy can be met. If that is not possible.

    Request you to add a ticker on your website against each person’s so that the Donors can understand through that ticker if the need is being fulfilled. As when the donor transfer the amount he can mention his name and the amount transferred. Where at the Grand Total the Donors can understand if the need is being fulfilled.

    Just a example:
    Mr. ABC (30), Andheri, Mumbai –

    Ticker: Name ……………… Location ………… Amt Transferred…………. Grand Total (Amt Accumulated)……

  • Rita, Germany

    Tue, Nov 12 2013

    Dear Daiji Team, kindly arrange the incoming charity Money in a fund and someone to have a correct distributing equally System to the more needed one first. This is i am saying because today as I called someone who distributes for the Person told me that as soon as the help is published in Daiji, sometimes Money pours in for certain People more than needed and other People less. and difficult to manage. So please do in this direction who can deal with Money honestly. Thank you.

  • Mglor Y, Mglore/DXB

    Tue, Oct 29 2013

    Dear Daiji Team
    Humble Request : As suggested by many people Please open an Bank Account in Daijiworld name so that we can transfer some money as per our capacity whenever we want, instead of entering bank details of every individual who requires help since it take time for the process when it comes to online transfer.Keep up the good work

  • aparimith, KUWAIT

    Tue, Oct 22 2013

    Daijiworld - When are you going to take the initiative to set up the account which most of the readers have suggested ? I would be the one of the first to prepare a standing instruction to my bankers for a monthly transfer.

  • FR, Mangalore/KSA

    Sun, Oct 6 2013

    @ Fathima Safida. May Allah bless you with good heath....... "O Lord of the people, remove this pain and cure it, You are the one who cures and there is no one besides You who can cure, grant such a cure that no illness remains".

  • Ignatius, Shirva/AD

    Thu, Aug 8 2013

    i agree with jessy's sugession. because some people may get less amount what they required.Then it will not serve the purpose. you can appoint a reliable person to manage these funds. You can pay his salary from these funds


    Mon, Jul 29 2013

    Dear Editor in chief Walter Nandalike, we have been contributing towards the needs of needy. At times some genuine cases are overlooked since we do not know them. Kindly open a trust by the name of daijiworld and then distribute the money to the needy in time. The amount and the details of the person please publish along with the photograph of the needy. so that people may not doubt you.

  • stephan, mangalore/ksa

    Wed, Jun 12 2013

    good idea i will support u

  • Arun L, Mangalore

    Sun, May 12 2013

    Kidney transplantation if you do in a private hospital might cost 10 lakhs. There are very good govt hospitals in Karnataka. Please refer the below article published onto daijiworld

  • casilda Lobo, Mangalore

    Sun, Apr 14 2013

    Dear Friends,
    Mr. Simon Lobo is from a poor family and deserving person as I know the family very well. Doctors have advised to transplant the
    kidney,which costs Rs.10,00,000. So please help the family in this situation. Thanking you in anticipation for your kind help.

  • Mrs.Divya, Mangalore

    Mon, Apr 8 2013

    Miss. Mohini case is very genuine and i know her family verry well.This family is strugling a lot to earn thier daily bread so please help them..........

    Thank u all...

  • Rolita, Udupi

    Sun, Mar 24 2013

    Daiji world is doing a vry gud job by helping those poor nd needy patients who r in need of financial support... By publishing d peopl's prblms it has bcme a means throgh which those who wish to help can reach to d needy... Nw a days as i hav observd cancer, chronic kidney disease,heart disease r inceasng nd d treatmnt cost is also vry expensive... Plz help these patients who needs continues assistance... Remember them in your prayers...


    Tue, Mar 12 2013


  • Raghavendra G, Hiriadka/Manipal

    Wed, Feb 6 2013

    This column is more meaningful and well appreciated. Helps not only the needy but also creating an opportunity to the people for helping others. Congratulations

  • rajesh, mulki

    Sun, Jan 27 2013

    What has modern medicines and hospitals contributed to us..My own cousins are suffering from kidney problems and are undergoing dialysis from 5 or 6 years bearing so much pain and financial problems.looking at all these cases sometimes i feel that modern medicine has only prolonged our suffering ...and pain ...Hope all these people get well soon

  • Karthik,

    Thu, Dec 13 2012

    y its happening in poors life.they are nt able to face the situation .bkoz doesnt have a much money.god heal them.let this christmas brings happiness in their life.

  • Molly Lobo, Mangalore

    Wed, Dec 12 2012

    Dear Ben, what your right hand gives the left hand should not know.They also say that the more you give the more you would be blessed.

  • Allan Pinto, Mangalore

    Tue, Dec 11 2012

    Imagine if all of us could donate Rs 10/-each , how much of happiness we could have brought to these patients who are desperate.

  • Kind Hearts, Kuwait

    Fri, Dec 7 2012

    Daiji world is doing really a good thing to help the poor and needy we appreciate their initiative

  • ganapathi bhat, bejai, mangalore

    Sat, Oct 27 2012


  • Jack, Mlore Dubai

    Mon, Oct 8 2012

    Yes , very true. Daiji has done the needful now why does Daiji not set up a trust fund, employ retired personnel , philantropists who can identify , plan and disburse funds as needed. Where there is a (noble) will there is a way. Please Daiji, consider this ASAP.

  • Maria,

    Mon, Sep 17 2012

    Shivani,May blood of Jesus cleanse your brain tumor. blood of Jesus heal her and restore her life, please help her jesus mother marry and all heavenly host cure her.

  • Suleman, Udupi

    Sun, Sep 16 2012

    Stanley comments are well defined.
    In this modern time,it requires transperent,well balanced and trust worthy charity.

  • faheem tamboli, LATUR

    Wed, Sep 5 2012

    ALLAH will bless you with more health and wealth and prosparity in your life...
    u r dng very gud job....masha-allah....go ahead...! jazak allah..!

  • RONY CUTINHA, Kuwait

    Sat, Sep 1 2012

    I am very happy with Stanley(Mangalore)his comment...If Mr:Walty if you will go ahead for that.....we will support you for that..but Money has to go for right person

  • marie dsouza, mumbai

    Mon, Aug 27 2012

    good comment by Venus, i too have done the same and no acknowledgment from any body. Venus I am a goan - your comment said all mangaloreans - let this option of given be any body. Hindu, Muslim, Catholic. We are all one in the eyes of God.What ever good is done is done for our people ie our brother and sisters.


    Fri, Jul 20 2012

    I agree with Mabel Andrade's comments. Daijiworld should take initiative. Hats off to Helping Hand Trust. Please follow Ron of Karanatak's useful information. I pray to God to heal the above patients. May God bless all the patients for speedy recovery.

  • mabel andrade, udupi/kuwait

    Mon, Jul 9 2012

    Hats off to daiji for giving us news of the needy people. But i suggest daiji to open a bank account and whoever wants to help then can help to that account, since we do not know if the money we sent will be used for the real purpose.daiji can take initiative to find out if they are in need

  • Ron, Karnataka

    Tue, Jun 26 2012

    I feel the patients must be introduced to more Economical Medical Practitioners & Hospitals. I see & read here people quoting in lakhs for certain surgeries. But i understand Narayana Hrudayalaya at Bangalore performs such surgeries much cheaper. Why not do it there. Why folks always rush to most expensive ones , & ask for help, I wonder. Certain adjustments should be done if things are to happen.

  • Helping Hand Trust(mys), Mysore

    Fri, Feb 3 2012

    Helping Hand, is a public charitable trust - that helps people with genuine requests, within the available resources. We promise to every donor and ute that 100% of the donation will go to the needy without deducting any administrative costs. WE HAVE SENT (sent today)A SMALL AMOUNT TO EACH OF THESE PERSONS MENTIONED ABOVE.
    - 'Get well soon' wishes from all our collaborators. (Our collaborators belong to all communities). And THANKS to our donors.

  • William Dsouza, Uppinangady/Dubai

    Sun, Jan 1 2012

    Whilst I admire Daji's efforts in highlighting the needs of needy people, as an organisation perhaps Daiji is better placed to collect funds into a dedicated charity account and then disburse it. This way people like me will feel much assured that the remittances reach the needy on time and without any errors or misuse on the way....

  • stephan, mangalore/saudi arabia

    Mon, Nov 21 2011

    Dear friends i saw all of ur comments its realy great there is a good job from daijiworld
    but iam surprised because i juswt saw that people givng only ideas and suggestion nobody said i will help financialy to themwho need help
    one more thing iwant to tell my all freinds no need to paylacs of ruppes u just need to pay one indian rupee just imagine thereisa one crore people are there an u contribute one rupees per month u can collect one crore rupees per month and we can provide good health good education and other things those who are need
    iam ready to contribute can u ready can u support me
    just think only one rupees make different


    Sun, Nov 6 2011




  • Sheila, Mumbai/Dubai

    Tue, Nov 1 2011

    Dear Daijiworld,
    I have a small suggestion to make and if possible, maybe you shud start a fund/Bank Account wherein all Mangaloreans (rich or poor)contribute whatever they want. This way daijiworld can help the needy at the earliest as the money will be there in the so called fund/account.
    We can transmit either by cheques/drafts or transfer.

    I too have sent drafts in the past to some families thru the Money Exchange in Dubai but I do not know if these families have received my drafts as no acknowledgement recd. I used the addresses mentioned in Daijiworld.

    God Bless

  • Harsh Malhotra, Mangalore/New Delhi

    Tue, Oct 4 2011

    Good initiative taken by Daiji World..Well-done..Superb..May be many more people will benefit from this column by one or another way.

  • Simon Miranda, KiremBahrain

    Mon, Sep 26 2011

    Dear Daiji,
    Thank you for your kind gesture of having a charity column.
    I have a suggestion. In electronic money transfer, even if a spelling or a digit or space is wrong, I understand that money is not transferred.In the past I have sent money, but there is no way of knowing whether money is indeed received by the beneficiary or not, in which case, the the exchange thru which we send the money will be a big beneficiary. Could you please provide a tool, that atleast an acknowledgement is recd. thank you and God bless your works

  • Venus D'Souza, Mangalore/Dubai

    Thu, Sep 22 2011

    Dear Editor,
    Your initaitive to open the Charity column is highly appreciated. This will enable Mangaloreans worldwide to help their brothers and sisters in need. Please prioritise this column by featuring it in the Home page. It can be a 2 sentence for each case mentioning only the need and the progress. . This will motivate the donors to donate further when they realise that their funds have fulfilled the need of the afflicted.
    May God shower his bountiful blessings on the Daiji Family.
    Venus D'Souza

  • Ronald Prakash D Souza, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Wed, Sep 21 2011

    This is indeed a wise and good decision to have such a column like Charity, wherein the money sent directly goes to the concerned sick people only.
    Well done Daijiworld. Keep up the good work and if possible try to highlight the plight of such people by recycling time and again, because we people tend to forget such needy people.


    Thu, Sep 15 2011


  • Judith L, Mumbai

    Thu, Sep 8 2011

    I agree with Mr. Ben, each story for help should be repeated on the main page of Daiji website for atleast a week. Also, Daiji to inform us if the need of someone is fulfilled so that the money can be used for other beneificiary. Also, parishes to announce after mass the need for particular families so that funds can be generated with pay back facility when the needy can pay back after a period of time and the same money can be utilised for the need of other person, so that the cycle continues.

  • Ben, Mangalore

    Sun, Sep 4 2011

    Dear Editor

    You have done a good job by Opening a special column for help but trust me no one opens this column. Kindly publish their stories atleast one day on the main page for peoples attention so that the needy get some help. People come to you with great hope and if you can publish daily one story on the main page all people will get help

    Till few weeks back i Used to read the stories of needy and since then i was looking for the columns and finally found it. people like me must be still searching for it

    I know Mervin Delroy and his sickness. So far I Have helped him for more than RS 1 lac. He needs more.

    Kindly publish his story on first page. According to the doctor if he is not treated on time he might loose his life because his body is not producing blood. The boy and the parents know the risk to the life but they do not have money. All relatives are spending money since last 15 years

    My humble and sincere request to you and your good office to publish his request on the main page for a day and help save one precious life. God will bless you with more health and wealth and prosparity in your life

    My contact numbers are
    Email -

    For any further queries you can always get in touch with me. I want to be part of a life saving programme through you

    Thank you and God Bless



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