Are you aware of the RISK in your equity investments?


There is a rush of money from investors into equity linked investments (like mutual funds, ULIP’s, stock and shares, IPOs etc). The reasons could be very good past performance of equity linked investments, lowering of FD rates and stagnation in real estate and Gold. There is no doubt a good portfolio of equity linked investments gives inflation beating returns over longer period of time. However, expecting to get high returns year on year without any risk would be very foolish on the part of the investor. Respect the line “Past performance is not an indicator of future”. 15% p.a. returns over 5 years from equity linked investments does not mean getting 15% returns every year. Returns are visible but Risk is invisible.

Without understanding the same and trusting someone blindly or by doing oneself, one can put his/her personal finances at greater risk than the financial product itself. We have always believed that the quality of financial advice received by an investor is dependent on the expertise, experience, regulatory compliance, compensation model and the level of disclosures done by the advisor.

Our approach has always been to put a client’s interest first by designing a portfolio based on the client’s goals/risk profile and not depending on the compensation received from the companies. We are also the only SEBI Registered Investment Advisors in the Mangalore region which makes us accountable, qualified and transparent in our advisory process.

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