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Peter Lewis (84), husband of Stella Lewis, father of Fermine Pinto and Walter Pinto, Ignatious Lewis and Hilda Lewis, Jeetha D'Souza and George D'Souza, Sis Felsi Lewis, Gloria Fernandese and Vincent Fernandese, Sis. Wilma Lewis, Melwyn Lewis and Laweena Lewis, grandfather of Defna Pinto, Suzanna Pinto, Allen Pinto, Roshan Pinto, Sahana Pinto, Avinash Kevin Lewis, Jason Leslly Lewis, Valence Fernandese, Valten Fernandese, Varren Fernandese & Melron Lewis, passed away on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.

Funeral on Friday, October 26 at 10.00 am in St Anthony’s Church, Padukone.

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