Florine Josephine Castelino

DOB: 23 April 1923  


In Kaprigudda, Mangalore,
Lived a woman loved and adored,
Mai, Nana, Granny, Aunty, Fullu bai,
Her kindness and love touched the sky. 

The flopping sound of her chappals,
Would always precede her into any room,
Her signature attire, a housecoat,
Made her look graceful in every nook. 

As she grew older and had fewer teeth,
She smiled and laughed, narrating tales beneath,
Of funny moments and memories from the past,
That made us laugh, and the moments last. 

She remembered birthdays and special days,
Wishing with a rose from her garden always,
Her love and warmth, we'll never forget,
And her legacy, we'll cherish and beget. 

On her would-be 100th birthday, we remember
Our cherished mother and grandmother,
A loving presence that touched our lives deeply,
Two years have passed, but her memory lives on, warming our hearts
with her wisdom, strength, and grace. 

Rest in peace, dear Mai, Nana, Granny, Aunty, Fullu bai,
Your memory lives on and will never die,
You touched our lives in ways we can't explain,
And in our hearts, you'll always remain.


A loving tribute from Florine's family