Ever Loving Tribute to Sharon Alva 

Born : 08.11.1980
Married : 22.01.2012
Died : 12.03.2022 



It’s been a year since you left us dear Sharon, we are learning to live with the pain of your loss;
Your love is forever imprinted on our hearts, Your remembrance is an opportunity to celebrate your life and legacy.

We loved you from the time of your birth
We watched you soon growing up and learn, and we were very proud of you.
We have so much love for you, our precious, our precious little one;
You have left behind such sorrow now that you are sadly gone.
Now you sleep in heaven and the angles watch you play;
Our thoughts are always with you, but we miss you everyday.
Why were you taken early ?  it’s so terribly unfair;
The love you left behind lives on but the pain is still hard to bear.
Our heart is truly broken, your life was tragically cut so short;
But we will always be so grateful for the happiness you brought.


Words do not suffice to express the sorrow that we have been through with your loss
The day you left us feels like yesterday but the emptiness that it has left in us feels forever.
Your compassion, dedication, ethics, ideologies, love are something which we dream to inherit.Living by your values will be truly honoring you.
You served and kept your faith, a perfect gentlemen who left a mark on countless lives.
Your absence, a silent grief.  The loss still hurts, the pain has not faded;
We long to hold your hand and being with you,yet close at heart, till we meet never apart.May your guiding hand be on our shoulder forever..
You were our dearest and most precious gift, Pray for us from heaven and bless us dear Sharon..


We miss you every single day. Although you have left us physically, we have always felt your spirit guide us.  You touched so many lives and lived for others, with not a bone of selfishness in your body. How long you live is not important but how you live is important. You lived for the humanity and we are truly proud of you Sharon..


Our mind still talks to you. Our heart still looks for you. Our soul knows you are at peace. You had a heart that cared completely and a smile that brought so much happiness and pleasure. You gave us the love that brought joy beyond measure.


Your memory and all you did for us will be a shining light to everyone who knew you.
Although you have left this world, you will stay within our heart guiding us like an angel. Your legacy will always be there to light the way for us. We loved you and will love you forever Sharon.Thank you god, for giving us the privilege of being a part of Sharon’s life and for the wonderful gift of him in our lives. The sands of time will never wash away the love that we have for you Sharon. Your sweet memory will remain forever in our hearts..


Heavenly Father, it has pleased you to take Sharon away to your dwelling place. Please, do not forsake the seed he left behind here on earth. We look up to you dear God, to be our refuge and strength. Keep our Sharon always in your dwelling place in your loving arms..God grant your soul eternal rest and may perpetual light shine upon you always. 



Loving tribute from :

Your bereaved family members; Uncles, Aunts, cousins..