Vivian Jerald Pereira 

Born :  30.10.1967  
Married :  30.12.1993
Expired :  01.03.2021

Your Kindness, Love, Smile & Generosity will be dearly missed by all. 


Dearest Dad, It’s has been two years since you were snatched away by the cold hands of death and the wound is still fresh in our hearts. It is still a mystery as to how you left us so soon but we know God’s plan is far beyond our finite grasp.   Our heart refuses to accept the fact that you are no more. If we had another chance to be with you, we will do things differently.   We are missing you more than words can say, we shed our tears and it breaks our hearts into pieces every time. Dad, you may be gone physically but you will always remain in my heart. We loved you and will love you beyond all telling.

We will always remember you as one of the best fathers in the world, very caring, kind, gentle and firm. You were there for your children and gave us something beyond what money can buy. Thank you dad, for guiding and teaching us in the right way in life. What we are today, all because of your diligence in bringing us upright. Dad, we just want you to know that your efforts will not be in vain. You lived a balanced life and taught us to live the same way. Today, we remain full of gratitude to God for blessing us with the gift of a father like you. You left behind a trail of goodness for us to follow. Thank you for living a life worthy of emulation. You loved us unrelentingly and gave us all we needed to succeed in life.   You were a source of inspiration and a mentor to us.

Dear Vinnu, it was unfair for you to leave me here alone. On your death anniversary, I am sending you lots of love. Your presence around me was the most beautiful thing in my life. Losing you has been horrible and I can’t imagine spending any more of my days without you, yet I carry on because I know that’s what you would have wanted.   I miss basking in the warmth of your presence. Your love, care, generosity, kindness, and beauty are still embedded in my brain and my heart and I miss every inch of you dearly. As another year passes, I want you to know that you may have lost the difficult battle with life but are a hero in my eyes. You had touched countless lives in your life time, and even after your death, you live through your good deeds. Love you eternally and forever Vin, Rest in Peace.

Dear Lord, it has pleased you to take dad away to your dwelling place. Please, do not forsake the seed he left behind here on earth. We look up to you dear God, to be our refuge and strength. Oh God, please hold our dad in your loving arms and let him rest in eternal peace in your beautiful heaven. Also, let him know that we are all always keeping him in our prayers. Please God, let our dad sleep in your loving arms.