Dulcine Cecelia Lobo

Passed away on : November 27, 2021


We miss you in so many ways,
We miss the things you used to say,
And when old times we do recall,
It's then we miss you most of all.

Those who mean the most to us
Are never really gone.
For in our thoughts and in our hearts
Their memory still lives on


Tribute of Love from :

Children :  Deena D'Souza, Reena D'Souza and Lovy D'Souza
Sons-in-law :  Varun  Rodrigues and Dhanusingh Praveen Kumar
Grandchildren :  Tiara, Evelyn and Elaina
Relatives & Friends


Requiem Mass will be offered in Virgin of the Poor Church, Mysore
at 6.30 am on Sunday, November 27, 2022.


Contact :  78990 24918  (Deena Juliet D'Souza)