Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Henry & Theresa D’Souza (Bajal, Mangalore)

28.04.1982 – 28.04.2022

(Celebrating 40 Years of Love!)

Everything fades away, even the beautiful faces of our loved ones,
But when two people share a bond of true love,
Their marriage becomes unfading and everlasting!

Love brought you together, trust kept you together,
And today on completing 40 years, it proves that,
You are made for each other!

Your love is still as young as forty years ago,
As red as a ruby, as red as the love you share,
Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary!

Lots of love and wishes:

Madhur - Meghan & Keon Pais (Doha, Qatar)
Dixon - Sheethal D’Souza (Pune, India)

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