from Oswald Soares

Eva Vaz (85), former cabinet minister, state of Karnataka, daughter of the late Jerome Pereira and Margaret Lobo of Bajpe-Kuntalkambla origin, wife of the late Michael Vaz of Falnir-Mangalore origin, mother of Pam ( + Sheroy Sunawala), Dr Philomena ( + Oswald Soares, formerly of BankMuscat, Muscat, now in Dubai) and Penelope - 'Penny' ( + Dr Manohar C J Pereira, Muscat), grandmother of Kentelli Sunawala ( + J Mehra), RJ Darius Sunawala ( + Aarti),  Dr Arema Pereira ( + Rodney George - USA), Dr Tanya Pereira ( + Dr Allan Andrade - USA), Aaron Pereira - USA, and great grandmother of Kia Sunawala and Ava George, passed away in the early hours of Tuesday, March 11, 2008.

Funeral service in St Patrick Church, Bangalore at 3.00 pm on Wednesday, March 12.


Dr MCJ Pereira - Bangalore + 91 98455 83452

Eva Vaz held the cabinet minister's post in the Devaraj Urs cabinet from 1972 to 1977. Earlier, she was the only woman corporator of Bangalore city from 1969 to 1971.