Bengaluru: Teachers up in arms against online teaching system

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Bengaluru, May 21: School and colleges in the state remain closed due to lockdown. The managements have resorted to online teaching to keep students engaged and get knowledge. But the teachers have by and large been facing problems in getting adjusted to this new system. Many teachers from all over the state have also been expressing themselves strongly against this system.

In addition to technical hitches, the fear of having to face ridicule from the parents of the students is discouraging teachers who are not ready to sacrifice their self-respect. It is said that a large number of teachers of private schools in the state have told the managements that they are not prepared to take online classes at any cost.

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When the online classes are on, many parents have the habit of sitting beside their children. They then pass comments like the teacher does not take lessons properly, her pronunciation is not clear, there are spelling mistakes, rough style of talking etc. The teachers who are frustrated by these comments want to stay away from such classes as they get embarrassed by such behaviour.

Even the scientists and paediatricians have opposed the behaviour of the parents and school managements and have been backing the teachers. A paediatrician confessed that when operating on the children of his doctor colleagues, they often express interest to come inside the operation theatres and watch the proceedings. "I refuse such requests. In spite of the amount of skill or experience you are having in your profession, it becomes difficult when someone is observing such things or it is viewed online. Even simple things cannot be executed with the ease and confidence one shows in normal course. The teachers face similar situation," he explains.

Psychiatrist Dr Annapoorna, says that the teachers are trained to teach in school environment inside the classrooms. They know how to handle students inside the classes. But for teachers, online classes are a totally different experience. Many teachers do not have training in this aspect. It is normal for them to get nervous when facing camera for the first time. Under such circumstances, the parents are not right in criticizing the teachers," she explains.

D Shashikumar, general secretary of the Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka, said that it has often been observed that the parents criticise teachers during online classes. "Such a behaviour cannot be tolerated. Online classes are a temporary measure to tide over the current issues. This is not a permanent solution which the parents should take note of," he mentioned.




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  • Dr Noor, Dammam

    Sat, May 23 2020

    I am basically from Bangalore n aware of teaching skill there n here, as my current residence is Dammam in KSA. Teachers job is beyond praises. Here at International Indian School at Dammam CBSE, online teaching is going on v smoothly n efficiently. Teachers n students both are equally involvedin their tasks. Wethe parents are also busy helping kids n getting back to the teachers for corrections of daily homework n classwork. Moreover for the Eid holidays kids have already received holiday assignments n activities which kids are involved n currently enjoying doing them. Its just a matter of little time, hopefully both teachers n students shd cope up. We shd adhere n get used to online teaching n learning because this Covid19 condition would take at least a few years to fade off. We shd learn n adapt to live our lives the new way which is better for everyone of us. I pray things get smooth and all of us understand "the need of the hour. " 🙂

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  • Manjeet, Secunderabad

    Fri, May 22 2020

    It's really sad to see the ungrateful side of most parents and their children are a replica of their parents. Do they even realise how much effort goes into researching and making ppts for every lesson. For every one hour of an online classes, the teachers are slogging for hours. I would request these parents to introspect a wee bit and check for themselves if they are in any position to pass comments.. Teaching sure is a thankless profession.

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  • Payel Chaudhury, Kolkata

    Fri, May 22 2020

    Adapt yourself with the changing system, children's life (yours too) is much more important than anything. There may be some listed rules for online classes to the students and parents from school. Teachers are also to be trained on this platform. By the way, there is an option to mute all participants by the host him/herself.

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  • Sunil K, Mangalore

    Fri, May 22 2020

    If you are competent at your job, you will adapt to anything instead of making excuses and complaining. There maybe some teachers who are shy looking into a camera lens instead of actual students and I understand their anxiety and hope they can learn and manage the new technology quickly.

    However there are also some teachers that know they are really weak in their subjects (say an English teacher not able to distinguish a verb from an adjective or a Math teacher unable to solve basic trigonometry equations) and will be found out (or caught out) during the live interaction. I guess this is a good time as any for the teachers to brush on their study material, keep up-to-date on latest information and seek help and guidance wherever necesaary. No shame in asking for help early on in the process.

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  • Stan, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Resistence to any new thing is common...instead of making an issue out of this, the Teachers need to be trained and parents need to show some patience... Things will definitely improve in the long run... This online trend will be a new normal hereon even if and when corona fade away.... This is really an opportunity for everybody really... Dividing schools between classroom and online can save transport issues, environmental issues, cut costs and many more....

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  • lyrical existence, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Considering the present corona virus situation online teaching is the best option,,,there s a high risk of virus infection to kids if we follow the old classroom techniques,,,so teachers must accept the online way of teaching,,,if they are uncomfortable with parents comments then it's time to improve their teaching skills,,,neccesity is the mother of invention,,for our kids safety and the education to continue , online teaching is the only way out,,if teachers don't accept this trend who else will? A teacher is a learner always,,,let them learn new things improve their online teaching and accept this new trend ,,they will surely enjoy it

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  • Seema, Bangalore

    Fri, May 22 2020

    For online classes to work efficiently, first of all parents should advice their wards to refrain from any deviations & also explain to them their harmful effects & dangers. Most of all, since this is something new happening, teachers or anybody for that matter will have a problem initially until it becomes a regular habit of conducting the online classes. So parents must keep a tab on their children during the classes but not interfere with the teaching process or not talk inbetween or converse with teachers or pass comments of any sort. Children must clear their doubts , if any , in the next class. Everyone must maintain their dignity & respect in this matter.

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  • Manoj, Kavoor

    Thu, May 21 2020

    It so disgusting to hear such negative comments from readers here. I am a college tchr and i am proud of my profession. I am handling online classes for the last one and half month and i am thoroughly enjoying the experience. It goes without saying that a new thing is always resisted until it u become used to. Same with tchrs, though not trained we r supposed to upgrade our skills that suit the ocassion. The biggest problem in Teaching in the present era is too much interference of parents in their childs education. Just think, did ur mom and dad get involved in ur studies as much as u as a parent getting involved. Did u succeed? Yes right!! A message for all tchrs: Upgrade your Skills, dont be left behind. We r because of our tchrs. So pls dont comment against a tchr, giv them some space to upgrade. Go well all.Go well all.

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  • Ruben Pinto, Mangalore/Australia

    Thu, May 21 2020

    The truth is, if this continues, it will become a trend and millions of teachers will be out of job.

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  • Langoolacharya., Belman / Washington, DC.

    Thu, May 21 2020


    We Indians are afraid to show our performance in public ...because of our own fear ...that we have not prepared well...

    In west this fear of exposure ,,,made everybody to prepare well and ready for exposure...When you know, your performance will be noted by everybody , you will prepare and perform it a teacher, singer, Legislator or Judge...

    If teachers are prepared well...they will be proud to take online class...not only they will get salutations from Students but by students , parents who watch these classes as well !!!...

    We have live TV in Parliament, we need to have Live TV in State Assemblies and all High Courts...So our Legislators and Judges quality will me this will make more difference you you think in long run...


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    Thu, May 21 2020

    It is cruel on the part of managements to compel the teachers who are not trained to face the cam.era. Let the managements take steps to train the teachers to face camera,public speaking and other required skills and then deploy them for online teaching.

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  • Imtiaz Ahmed, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    If the teachers cannot face the situation then they have personality issues. Teachers need to develop their personality.

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  • Mangalurian, Mangaluru

    Thu, May 21 2020


    People are funny. They are either LEARNERS or TEACHERS.

    Those who learn can't teach.
    Those who teach can't learn.

    Here the teachers are telling us that they have forgotten long time ago how to learn.

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  • Doctor, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    I am professor In an medical college. My students admire my teaching skills. During the lockdown I was asked to take class on webinar for students.. trust me it took away all my skills. It was totally a different platform. You experience it only when you go through it. And trust me, along with students everyday we learn new things and we are very much open for learning. This is my experience.

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  • Ajmal, Riyadh

    Thu, May 21 2020

    How would you like, when I give you a job and I stick my face around and see how u do your job.. it’s totally different.. to know about the shortcomings of the system, I guess you should take one session before commenting.. god bless.

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  • DMBangera, Mangalore/Mumbai

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Imtiaz Ahmed, Mangalore, Imagine a kid accompanied by his parents attending the online teaching session. Will the kid be able to focus on what the teacher is teaching when the parents are poking their noses in the whole process?
    Then some super skilled parents seem to have problem with the pronunciation of some of the teachers. If they are referring to English such parents may be oblivious to the reality that English is a language spoken almost all over the planet with pronunciation differing from country to country and region to region. Even within India English is pronounced in as many ways as there are states. Eg: If someone is pronouncing “yerly" actually he means "early". To satisfy teachers may have to be imported from UK. Finally your one line comment is too generic in nature without bothering to state what exactly you mean.

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  • Aysh, Karnataka

    Sat, May 23 2020

    My children attended online classes for a month and it went on smoothly. I sat along with them at a distance because the teachers themselves asked the parents to be with the kids. Being small children, their attention span is very less and they look here and there. Online classes have its own limitations. Teacher can't have personal attention on every child... some kids feel they are left out.

    Majority of parents do not poke their nose and criticize harshly . But it's normal for the parents to get frustrated when a language teacher has a very pathetic grasp of the language she teaches. Spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and wrong sentence structures.

    Only a very few parents expect teachers to talk like native speakers. Parents are happy, if a maths teacher can teach concepts in a simple way that the kids love the subject even more.

    There are English language teachers in the primary level who talk using past tense even when they refer events in the present and future. Teachers have to work really hard to improve their subject knowledge. No excuse on that. Parents pay huge fees and expect quality education in return. It's the management's responsibility to improve the skills of their teachers by giving adequate training. It can bd difficult to adjust to new mode of teaching, but not impossible.

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  • AD, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Online teaching is a different ball game together. The teachers have to face up to the evolution. Those who can adapt well can earn much more online. Those who cannot adapt will rue. Same thing is happening in other online and brick and mortar businesses. Those who can use both as hybrid will make the most out of it.

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  • AM, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Online teaching may be a temperory solution to complete the syllabus and in the long run it will be a disaster for both for students and teachers. Human mind does not accept interpearance from any foreign object or ideas while doing and concentrating in any logical work.

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  • Rakesh, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Even i'm notcomfortable in writing the exams when invigilators are around !!

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  • Raj, Karkala

    Thu, May 21 2020

    If Online teaching is so effective, why everyone is sending children to schools?

    Buy an app & tablet application for the class your child want to study & let him use it.
    Why to waste money on School fees?

    Corona will be there, until Vaccine is given, No idea when. Because Vaccine may come out 2021_jun.. But large scale production & factory setup will take time.

    Also, giving vaccine to everyone will take 5-10 yrs.

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  • Sahil, Mangaluru

    Thu, May 21 2020


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  • Narendra Kumar, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Virtual reality(sight and sound) of Covid-19 arena. Teaching is one of noble professions they say....So no parents should criticize nor question their(teachers) technological limitations because we are totally lacking the basic required infrastructure system and training both to the pupil and teachers at this stage. It's not a rocket science but will take time!. In India if we want to question now then question all those politicians who enjoy life with tax payers money including salary and various allownaces and pensions too for what service they actually do??? Even our judges should be questioned when they play around with delays and biased judgements our third grade(rotten or stinking) justice system.

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  • Kumar, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Whilst online teaching can be challenging for teachers, students and parents, it is important to understand that world is changing post COVID-19 pandemic. A combination of classroom and online learning may be the way forward. Hence it is important that students, teachers and parents prepare for and respond to this new situation in order to survive and emerge stronger. It may be essential to enhance teachers IT/ online teaching skills and parents got to help children to adapt to new methods of teaching . At the same time parents must realize that new ways of teaching will have its challenges in the beginning and not to discourage the teachers as they are also going through the learning curve. School management must take the initiative to re-skill the teachers in online teaching. I do not think parents would like to send their children to the school unless the school management and Governments demonstrate that the health and safety of our children are taken care of (mere assurance of " it is safe enough" is not adequate)

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  • Shetty, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    My wish, Your wish....nothing matters.

    Corona is ruling the air waves now. We need to be smart, flexible and keep our likes, dislikes aside for sometime to escape this.

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  • Mangalurian, Mangaluru

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Teachers can insult and humiliate the students.

    But the same teachers cannot put up with insults and humiliation - at any cost.

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  • Anit, Mlore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Teachers should be ready to face nd take up new challenges... If genuine faults are reported teachers should rectify.. Y feel insulted.. Y at once givebup on something... It shows teachers weakness... In life so many bullies... Teachers are strict they shout at kids but kids come to school with a brave face.

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  • Lawrence Lobo, Mangalore

    Thu, May 21 2020

    Yes. It is a tuff challenge for the teacher's

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Title : Bengaluru: Teachers up in arms against online teaching system


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