Mangaluru: Margaret Alva expresses concern about misuse of agencies

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Mangaluru Sep 12: Former governor of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand, Margaret Alva, spoke on the issue of 'An interface on the reminiscence of a political journey' here at St Aloysius College on Wednesday, September 11. The programme was organized by the department of political science of the college. 

Responding to queries raised during her interaction, Margaret Alva said," There have been a series of resignations from IAS cadre officers and judges, which poses a serious threat to our country. Unnecessarily the central government has been interfering in all aspects of administration. At the same time, there has been a considerable rise in resignations by government officers. There is unprecedented interference in the functioning of the enforcement directorate, income tax department and CBI in the country, which results in huge loss to our country as well as for the citizens,"



She also said, "There has been a steady stream of resignations by senior officers. The youth of the country are silent and even the social leaders are silent. They have chosen not to speak about such a serious issue. Central government is misusing IAS, IFS officers, CBI and RBI. The attitude of raising questions has been dead, or could it be that people who raise questions are getting killed?" she wondered. 

“There is no discussion in the parliament about the central government interfering with everything and everywhere, which can lead to serious repercussions. Without an active opposition, it is impossible for democracy to thrive. The country is facing a serious economic crisis that has hugely impacted the citizens. Elections are decided by electronic machines in which I have no faith. Even the people have no faith in them," Alva commented. 

She also said, "BJP is like a washing machine. Those who indulge in crime get clean chit once they are in BJP fold. Supreme Court is also silent. Case has been registered against Kanhaiya Kumar for protesting in the university seeking justice. Whenever we speak about democracy, we get labelled as anti nationals which is unfortunate." 

Principal of St Aloysius College, Dr Praveen Martis, president Fr Dionysius Vas and convener, Dr Rose Veera D Souza, were present.


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  • LAN.........,, Belman / Washington, DC.

    Thu, Sep 12 2019


    This woman is better than Poojary-Moily-Oscar....but crying for ticket for son along with late Jaffer Shareef is too silly...

    RV Desshpande she brought to CONgress ....its like feeding a snake....she realized that...and recorded it correctly in her auto-biography...

    She could advise those useless CONNgressmen who are sitting on the do something cleaning the road...


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  • Jossey Saldanha, Atlanta

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Why didn't she speak on Corruption in India ...

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  • John Tauro, M'luru

    Sat, Sep 14 2019

    ...... because speaking on corruption will include her party too.

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  • Joe Gonsalves, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Very well said Ms. Margaret Alva. I indeed share your views that Officials in the Civil and Police Departments should be allowed to function on their own without any interference from The Government

    If at all any changes need to be done the top officials concerned should be requested to look into the situation and take appropriate action as may be necessary.

    It is unfortunate that transfers are sometime done without the full assent from The Senior Officials concerned..

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  • Bhavya Baliga, Manipal/San Francisco

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Ok, anything else, Ma'am?

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  • Vishal, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    A reader here is trying his best to potray Margaret Alva as someone who was upset with the Congress for not having given her son a seat. We are not discussing about her or her past, what she did or what she failed to do. This article is about the allegations that the BJP is misusing the agencies for their political benefit. This article is about the lack of questioning in the parliament and this article is also about the hesitation the youth are showing in asking the government. She laments that this is not conducive for democracy. Discussions and questioning is the hallmark of a good democracy. The problem, however, is that the youth don't have the audacity to question the powers due to which the government is having a cakewalk. It is an open secret that this government does not like or entertain those who question them. That is precisely the reason for stalwarts like Adwani, Yashwant Sinha, M M Joshi and Arun Shourie to be sidelined. These were the people likely to question the administration and the first thing Modi did was to push them out. Have you heard the saying in Hindi - na rahega baans na rahega bansuri. That means if there is no bamboo in the first place, there won't be any noise of the flute. Democracy is dying a slow death.

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  • Krishna, Udupi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Dear Vishal,
    Am also telling same thing that she is misusing dias to blame BJP as instructed by her boss just to save from Action for Anti Party statement.

    If she is honest she would have fight against party for biggest scam happend with in home first. There too she blamed because she dnt like in party, now she dnt like BJP she is blaming BJP, Tomorrow she dnt like court / Army she will blame them too..

    We are not fool like blind gulams just to say yes madam to her.

    Every one including you came to know today that she accused ur party just because of personal enmity, and now silent.

    She proved with in party that she is not worth to trust.

    She blamed party both the time only when ticket denied to her son (2008 & 2018), its clearly reflects that she will oppose any one if no benifit. be it BJP or congress

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  • kumara, abu dhabi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    if the agencies do their job then problem for leaders, if they do not do their job then problem for Bharat and its citizens, so they better do their job.

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  • Krishna, Udupi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    reason behind all her allegation is here

    She accused Congress for cash-for-ticket during the Karnataka Assembly elections for denying the ticket for her son Nivedith Alva to contest from Khanapur Assembly segment.

    She made same allegation in 2008 Assembly election too....

    when she didnt get ticket for her son she accused her own party, now she dnt have power, off course she will blame opposition party.

    she was told by high command to give more and more statement against BJP where ever get mike for not taking disciplinary action against her for anti party statement.

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  • John Tauro, M'lore

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    If the issue of govt. misusing power is so serious then why is the opposition not questioning? why is your party silent about it? It is the duty of the opposition to put a check on misuse of powers.

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  • deepakkumar, mang/dxb

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Another congi agent trying to please her masters. She was blind when some seniors officers were murdered by her masters. Those who are resigning are the corrupts recruited by your masters who see investigations coming close to their designations. Sad to see youths participating in such anti-national events.

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  • VM, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Her talk is in the department of political science of the college.Your statement implies that people should be listening only to members of the BJP. Then why call India a democracy?.

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  • dk shetty, Mangalore/Udupi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Margaret Alvaji was one of the finest leaders from dakshina kannada & Karnataka region.
    She had the guts to raise lot of relevant questions in the parliament during her time.
    And no one till date has got the oratory skills of making speech.

    Lets appreciate her contribution rather than taking disrespectfully

    I am a BJP supporter however at present times I don't support them for all the missuse of govt assets / institutions they are indulging in.

    As citizens we should not take sides when ruling party does not live up to peoples expectation.
    What Mrs. Alva saying is true on BJP, and I agree with her.

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  • Krishna, Udupi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Dear DK Shetty,
    yes she was bold to question, she accused her own party for taking cash for assembly seat, but she is not same bold as fighting for justice, because she never ask for justice for deny ticket for her son.

    also, after party leader warned her, she told my statement twisted.

    And party told her talk against BJP for not taking action against her.

    now she is not talking because she is bold in question, instead just to survive from action against her.

    if she was bold she would not site quite after she was asked money for seat for her son which is biggest scam.

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  • John Tauro, M'luru

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    @ Mr. DK Shetty,
    Yes I agree with you. I too supported BJP because of late ABV, the founder of the party. I expected the govt. to fare better in their second tenure. But I am disappointed to see that they have still not given up issue of beef, Jai Shri Ram and Vande Mataram instead of focusing on genuine problems facing the country. On the one hand we talk of standing shoulder to shoulder with superpowers like the US and Russia and on the other hand the country is slowly following the footsteps of Pakistan, the dangerous path of fanaticism and extremism which will lead nowhere but towards destruction. It’s highly disheartening to see late Vajpayeeji’s BJP is moving towards a different destination.

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  • Krishna, Udupi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    did she spoke about scams of her party?
    A-Z she could have picked any letter to address the subject
    A for Adarsh
    B for Boforse
    C for Coal......

    by the way also she didnt spoke about same IAS officer killing under her own govt in karnataka..

    she also forgot that IAS officer Kannan resignation, he was accused Commission taking, while question he resigned just to get sympathy from congress who was master for commission

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  • Willie Menda, Bangalore

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    How long will you be harping on congress scams to hide your goof ups.
    The old stories
    The job was given to you.
    Tell about your stories
    You don't even know the word 'economy' how it sounds like !

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  • G R PRABHUJI, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Willie Menda. --Correct sir. I fully agree with you.

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  • U.Suresh, Udupi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Of course.why people tolerated 70 years and they thought of changing? They should have been slaves like before independence under family rule.What u say Mr.economy?

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  • Krishna, Udupi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Dear Willie Menda, Bangalore
    why she didnt raise question over Chandra Babu Naidus house arrest???
    she questioned Army as well as Central govt for House arrest of Farooq Abdulla while Army put them in House arrest to stop provocative statement from them against removal of Article 370,

    and Chandra Babu Naidu is in House arrest for protesting against Jagan Reddy.

    If u r unbaised, question both,

    Naidu and Farooq Abdulla both are ex CM, u r more concerned about Farooq, because its by ARMY, but not questiong Naidus arrest because its by Jagan.........

    its clear that Margaret Alva is just acting as per her high Command, not for people but for party

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  • Chetan, Mangalore

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    The courts have given a clean chit to the Congress Party on all the scams you have mentioned. The so called Coal scam and Telecom scam were cleared by courts in the last 3 years when the BJP was in power. If you have some incriminating evidence about these scams you are free to approach the courts. Get some education first before making allegations.

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  • Krishna, Udupi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Dear Chetan,
    "The courts have given a clean chit to " it means u believe court, and in other side u forgot that The same court send Chidu to jail, and DKS to custody, but this time u dnt believe Court.
    Also, Court never gave clean chit to Siddu, George & Meti. only ACB gave, and Siddu created ACB (All Clean chit Bhagya) just for issueing clean chit to himself

    Now, instead of crying in street by protesting, u should approach to same court saying they are (Chiddu and DKS) innocent by producing document.

    by the way thanks for believing in court. also dnt blame BJP when court order to send DKS to thihar to give company to chiddu.


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  • Ramesh, Udupi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Hey Krishna, accusations are different from convictions. An accused is not guilty unless proven. Stop braying.

    DisAgree [9] Agree [20] Reply Report Abuse

  • Krishna, Udupi

    Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Dear Ramesh,
    before talking yesturday what happend, talk about what happend day before yesturday

    u guys shouting every day that emergency Like sistuation in country, then just tell what is EMERGENCY

    also brief who applied emergency in country, and what was bad impact on country from Emergency, let them apology for emergency too...

    even today u r saying emergency is not bad (Just to support congress), it means by default u r agreeing emergency like situation (what u claim or today) is offcourse not bad too...

    also why she didnt question about illegal asset of DKS and chiddu? thats happening today....

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Title : Mangaluru: Margaret Alva expresses concern about misuse of agencies


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